The Craziest Laptop I've Ever Seen

  • Published on Jun 28, 2019
  • The Acer Predator Triton 900 is one of the coolest gaming laptops I've ever seen on Unbox Therapy. The Triton 900 features an unusual display hinge allowing the user to sit closer to the display. Gaming laptops can be uncomfortable to use but the Triton 900 with RTX 2080 graphics is the opposite.
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  • Safrose Nawas
    Safrose Nawas 22 hours ago


  • MD CYF
    MD CYF 2 days ago

    Next time use FH4 for test
    This one still can't run over 100 FPS heast graphics

  • Guillermo Sataray
    Guillermo Sataray 3 days ago

    I kinda like the track pad!!

  • 地雷
    地雷 4 days ago

    im asus rog user. don't put your juice on your right side

  • Bright Luc
    Bright Luc 5 days ago

    "are humans using the number pad?" He is no longer human...LIZARD

  • Tim Kopac
    Tim Kopac 5 days ago

    fuck jeah overwatch

  • jakal455
    jakal455 6 days ago

    reason for the speakers not being the best out there well at least I think. usually when gaming we tend to use headfones.

  • Xy Xy
    Xy Xy 6 days ago

    I see it
    I like it
    I want it
    I check the price

  • rachid khellaf
    rachid khellaf 6 days ago

    can you send me any laptop you don't need it

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 8 days ago +1

    Where is unbox therapy from? I hear an accent.

  • Tom Kevin
    Tom Kevin 9 days ago

    Am i d only one who doesnt mind fans on any Pc

  • 伸雪ジイー
    伸雪ジイー 9 days ago

    If its touch screen , then I can use a Pen on it for my Drawings too ?? 😳

    • ethan arroyo
      ethan arroyo 5 days ago

      Well if your serious, it'll not be pressure sensitive. Try drawing on your phone right now with a touch screen pen and see how fun it is. It'll also not be as accurate as other devices that do support it. (Surface and that Samsung one) they have a bunch of software and hardware in place to make it alot more usable.

    • 伸雪ジイー
      伸雪ジイー 5 days ago

      Would you mind explaining ?

    • ethan arroyo
      ethan arroyo 7 days ago


  • Muddasser Awan
    Muddasser Awan 9 days ago

    Big fan, great content, but can you please share any product that can help share my phone music during the call, please. I am not sure mobizen earphones work like that. this from an android user. thanks again

  • KG ajjahn hutchinson-baldwin

    That power brick is a got damn text book. Bro this shit could not fit in my bookbag with my college books. Holy crap.

  • Rejka states
    Rejka states 11 days ago

    hey man, do you ever unboxing some laptop with 3 screen? i need to see on you. you know? every videos on this channel, are satisfying, i love it!!😍😍

  • Pepe Banner
    Pepe Banner 12 days ago


  • MrChileno94
    MrChileno94 12 days ago

    Arma 3, number pad is a must

  • Rabin Timilsina
    Rabin Timilsina 12 days ago

    360° convertible laptop with a hinge like this and we are in a 4th dimension
    I so need this hinge in every laptop😊😃

  • BMA Entertainment
    BMA Entertainment 13 days ago

    I suggest you make anothe channel called Game Therapy

  • Zahir Rashdi
    Zahir Rashdi 13 days ago

    I love Otis

  • Esteban H
    Esteban H 14 days ago

    Why do you always try first audio.... i mean, its a computer for gaming! who the fuc play videogames with speakers? u use discord/teamspeak or something to comunicate and to particularly hear really well the game, u dont need the enviroment sound as it mixes with speakers.... pls stop doing those kind of useful observations, no offense, but it makes u look, like u are an idiot with money. So this kind of devices really deserves a good notation... Like for example, the serie of the nvidia Gforce that it has, it looks like it is really powerfull, but its truth power can be obtained with a really god motherboard that can support so much power, also the structure and its peak, other details, like its battery or energy comsumption, sometimes a device that powerfull consumes more energy so it may have a some settings.... u know, its boring always seeing ur great videos with great voice, nice images, video so flow, the content its good, but u always saying something: " u know, this computer is so big, but its sound is not that well, is weir because this is so power...." on what do you based to make a comment like that? make urself the question.- What is the purpose of this computer? why the creators make this powerful setup for, on what is it focused? And if you know that, then u will then understand: WHY STUPID VOLUME IS NOT A THING THAT MATTERS!!!!!!!

  • Ayiden Lightsky
    Ayiden Lightsky 15 days ago

    Test it with a more powerful game and talk about the specs, you talk a bit about phone specs

  • Spartnax 3600
    Spartnax 3600 15 days ago


  • GIVN Chewba
    GIVN Chewba 16 days ago

    Willy is really good with Pharah

  • Brett A. Smith
    Brett A. Smith 16 days ago +2

    3000$ for a laptop when I can buy a car with the same amount of money....nahh

  • Marcos Ramirez
    Marcos Ramirez 16 days ago

    i love i like i need

  • Uma Ramani
    Uma Ramani 16 days ago

    Make a video on vivo s1

  • Channel 69
    Channel 69 16 days ago

    You are a very noisy admin.

  • Edgar Renje
    Edgar Renje 18 days ago

    Asus used to sell a laptop with a display on each side....

    5:30 - 7:46 Why not just trap the cable under the hot laptop?

  • Galaxy dude
    Galaxy dude 19 days ago +1

    Me: Daddy can I buy it pleasse
    Daddy: no

    daddy: FINE don't tell ur mommy

  • Kanak Roy Chowdhury
    Kanak Roy Chowdhury 21 day ago

    Chines man who are you.

  • Kanak Roy Chowdhury
    Kanak Roy Chowdhury 21 day ago

    English man laptop give me.

  • Nishit Kashyap
    Nishit Kashyap 22 days ago

    Honestly, I don't walk that... am I the only one??

  • What's in The BOX
    What's in The BOX 23 days ago

    Really nice

  • choppa
    choppa 23 days ago +1

    That's not a laptop that's a mobile desktop

  • Roma Sendzyuk
    Roma Sendzyuk 24 days ago

    Start song pls?

  • godson joju iyenkeril
    godson joju iyenkeril 24 days ago

    great laptop

  • Ahmed Dlshad
    Ahmed Dlshad 24 days ago

    I just woke up I did not understood now I know it I’m not fool you hahaha you can do it on your own hahaha

  • TheRealBandito
    TheRealBandito 24 days ago

    Asians love their gags 😂

    MŸ STŸLE 25 days ago

    What? It was a good game dude lol

  • fagghuj yt
    fagghuj yt 25 days ago


  • Travis Graham
    Travis Graham 26 days ago

    Man that's a serious laptop u showed

  • Zdeněk Šmejkal
    Zdeněk Šmejkal 26 days ago +1

    About the number pad... in Czech keyboard layout, for example, the top row number line writes in default Czech characters with accents (ěščřžýáíé) so to type numbers you need to use shift and then number pad gets handy ;)

  • Kevin Thériault
    Kevin Thériault 28 days ago

    using num pad everyday

  • Danger Gamer
    Danger Gamer 28 days ago

    hey man unbox therapy can I have pc cuz I don't have I really want one

  • iValarie
    iValarie 29 days ago

    Im fckin scared if that monitor holder started to break

  • Vinardo Kie
    Vinardo Kie 29 days ago

    no pen support tho

  • terence w
    terence w Month ago

    will giggling like a lil girl

  • RaW Agent Gamer YT
    RaW Agent Gamer YT Month ago

    Brother im your big fan... I wish i have some gaming laptop so that i can make money from yt.

  • Pak Neger
    Pak Neger Month ago +1

    Funny he says its about respond time while playing a online game wifi is not gonna be 0ms

  • Shad0w_55
    Shad0w_55 Month ago

    You guys should always test VR games like Robo Recall on Rift S on these laptops

  • BenfyX Gaming
    BenfyX Gaming Month ago +1

    Better than Gaming PC!

  • Jitesh Jangid
    Jitesh Jangid Month ago

    Maybe he should have played fry cry instead of overwatch

  • Ajitesh Seth
    Ajitesh Seth Month ago

    Therapy where from you get this cool sufs

  • Michael Moya
    Michael Moya Month ago +1

    You can never put the link to a single fucking item you ever review can you?

  • mahan
    mahan Month ago +2

    man i will send you one of the super laptops that i stole from area 51 during the storm for you to review

  • Darius Davis
    Darius Davis Month ago

    Lew referenced No Limit Records. He’s officially invited to the barbecue.

  • Sajan Zafer
    Sajan Zafer Month ago

    Plz make a video of MSI GT76 titan fully equipped...

  • Mark Urban
    Mark Urban Month ago +2

    Can it be powered from USB-C ?
    Just joking :D

  • Juan Vasquez Aldana

    Está usando la misma música que usa Nicolás Fischman en sus videos de supradudas en suprapixel channel

  • roslolian11
    roslolian11 Month ago

    It's a great machine but wtf is that price. If they can offer a similar build but less powerful specs for less than half the price then this would be an easier sell to people imo

  • Khim Banjade
    Khim Banjade Month ago

    and here i am trying to play some games on my celeron laptop.

  • fendi fendy
    fendi fendy Month ago

    That's a dope laptop!

  • Soumya Bhuyan
    Soumya Bhuyan Month ago

    4:48 real gem. 😂

  • Shlok Patil
    Shlok Patil Month ago +1

    The extra USB port is for the pendrive

  • Oscar Roca Paz
    Oscar Roca Paz Month ago +2

    *HP Spectre Folio cries in the corner.*

  • TheEverlastingKingKirito [TEKK GAMERS]

    Where can I buy this online??? Somebody please tell me

  • Radu Coroi
    Radu Coroi Month ago +1

    "Do humans use Number Pad a lot?" Exactly my question! Don't put that shit on a gaming laptop! I never use it you already have those keys on your keyboard! On a laptop you can make more room for the other keys if you remove NumPad.

  • Radu Coroi
    Radu Coroi Month ago

    I was laughing at that gamin session haha

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez Month ago

    Stop using straws

  • Azlin Afiqah
    Azlin Afiqah Month ago

    I wish I have this laptop 😩

  • Jeehao
    Jeehao Month ago

    60 Hz really ruins it if you want to play fps games, it will feel sluggish compared to 100+ Hz.

    • Radu Coroi
      Radu Coroi Month ago +1

      That's why you need to get gud. Remember the days when monitors were 30 to 50hz? People still played fps games but didn't complain so much about refresh rate. If you're good at a game you're just good doesn't matter what setup you have. I invested money on a new PC, new monitor and Internet is fiber 100mb/s just to test out if I'm better at a game but I'm STILL avrege even though I have zero lag now. I play the same on my avrege gaming laptop. So PLEASE STFU with that bullshit. You're not a pro player in some league anyways. Sick of this. Rant over.

  • Arghya Sen
    Arghya Sen Month ago +1

    Thanks for the review. Another beautiful one from Acer. Just love the Preditor's.

  • Scrapper
    Scrapper Month ago

    Apple..back back orcs back to the drawing board we must do better in future innovations.

  • Lake Degroot
    Lake Degroot Month ago

    You get some crazy tech my man