• Published on Nov 8, 2016
    Hey! Thank you so much for checking out my daily videos! I am a blacksmith from Norwich in the UK. I teach classes here at my shop as well as forging tools for lovely people like you!
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    Music by
    Alec Steele Blacksmith 2016
    Norwich, UK
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  • Alexandre Souza
    Alexandre Souza 8 days ago

    Man, you're a god. I'm REALLY amazed. O_O This is one of the most increditble things I've ever seen.

  • Sojjer
    Sojjer Month ago

    now that hes her you think he’s goin to do something with it

  • TheJollyHellHound
    TheJollyHellHound Month ago

    TEXAS! That's my state, I saw the flag in the back

  • Mitchell Meyers
    Mitchell Meyers 2 months ago


  • Fisher Of Men
    Fisher Of Men 2 months ago


  • Austin Jones
    Austin Jones 3 months ago


  • احمد الششتاوى

    from Egypt

  • احمد الششتاوى

    Great hard work. Greetings to you

  • Benjamin Carlson
    Benjamin Carlson 3 months ago

    Bad ass bad ass

  • AADHARSH1094
    AADHARSH1094 3 months ago

    last day of 2k18

  • AADHARSH1094
    AADHARSH1094 3 months ago

    any body from dec 31 2018

  • James Goddard
    James Goddard 3 months ago

    It's not Damascus steel. It's pattern welded. The former is very different stuff

  • Dil Bahadur Gurung
    Dil Bahadur Gurung 4 months ago

    I'm fan of Damascus blade , will you please make Damascus khukuri

  • sylvain chatard
    sylvain chatard 4 months ago

    Un portefeuille en cuir avec une fine couche métallique de ce drapeaux.
    Un porte cigarette

  • msft ora
    msft ora 4 months ago

    Alec how much i pay you if i buy this kind of knife from you

  • Shawn Moore
    Shawn Moore 4 months ago

    MAGA baby!!!!
    Come onboard to the Trump train y’all!
    It’s waaaay more tolerant and accepting than the scumbags on the left.
    You were right Alec. It was a very important election and thank god the right person won!

  • binajwaad
    binajwaad 5 months ago

    Orospu çocuğu çok yetenekli.

  • Bearded Welder
    Bearded Welder 5 months ago

    I'm thinking it might be time to make another flag at the new shop!

  • The Jimmy Rig
    The Jimmy Rig 5 months ago

    miss these simple videos!

  • Subscribe To Pewdiepie
    Subscribe To Pewdiepie 5 months ago

    AN AXE

  • Jacob Lee
    Jacob Lee 6 months ago

    US cavalry saber

  • Tom Ahoks
    Tom Ahoks 6 months ago

    Just under two years, where is this masterpiece nowadays?

  • Gabriel Pereira
    Gabriel Pereira 6 months ago

    Oooh, that Gadsden flag though

  • Bob Hays
    Bob Hays 6 months ago

    A nice bowie knife would be awesome

  • DJ S
    DJ S 6 months ago

    5LBs of commie flag.

  • Philip Picard
    Philip Picard 7 months ago


  • Keith Gaming
    Keith Gaming 7 months ago

    Sadly I'm seeing this after you made your UK and US flag belt buckles where you said it was the last of this particular design. That being said I'd love to see you make another billet and make a US Army Cavalry sword with that pattern repeating down the blade. I'm a disabled veteran of the 11th Armor Cavalry Regiment 1/221st Battalion.

  • darkenedsibtig
    darkenedsibtig 7 months ago

    I feel mildly offended by the music choices

  • Spencer Fennel
    Spencer Fennel 7 months ago

    Should make me a damascus steel yanagiba. Or sashimi knife. Or at least make a video of yourself making a really nice one

  • Cary Brown
    Cary Brown 7 months ago

    A belt buckle would be great,if you will wear it proudly(not because you made it,because it's the U.S.of A.!)keep up the great work! I'm afraid you will be the cause of me going to TheXvid rehab,for I am addicted to your videos!

  • Lupine Dangerously
    Lupine Dangerously 7 months ago

    An axe head

  • Terry Herrera
    Terry Herrera 7 months ago

    LOVE the TeXaS FLAG !!!
    Great work !!

  • Ally Straus
    Ally Straus 7 months ago

    Belt buckles! It's like you read my mind!

  • The Encyclopedia Speaks

    Like the Texas flag alec

  • Kinuyo 05
    Kinuyo 05 8 months ago


  • D Lennon
    D Lennon 8 months ago

    Just found this video after looking at a few of your others. Not only did you get the number of stripes right (I couldn't really count the stars). But you also injected positivity for the US election *without trying to urge people to vote one way or the other*. Your videos are already interesting to watch, but that bit of personal attention and positivity has earned you my subscription. I look forward to binging a lot more of your videos!

  • Kalybre Roberts
    Kalybre Roberts 8 months ago

    A stars and stripes tomahawk would be awesome.

  • Paul Deahl
    Paul Deahl 8 months ago

    Wow. You obviously have very high skill levels. Much respect and admiration.
    My question for you is a general question. My brother told me about a knife maker who could actually forge “words” into the steel billet. Is this possible or perhaps my brother is mistaken?

  • RazgrizRevenge
    RazgrizRevenge 8 months ago

    why don't you hot cut more

  • Brian DuCette
    Brian DuCette 8 months ago

    ‘Merica love it

  • Quinn Landon
    Quinn Landon 8 months ago

    I thought u were in Texas?

  • ieat caribou
    ieat caribou 9 months ago

    Wow, how did he do that?!

  • Ismail Muhammad
    Ismail Muhammad 9 months ago

    Alec please give for me your Damascus knife

  • MrCthieke
    MrCthieke 9 months ago

    You are a truly gifted artist. Thank you for sharing with the rest of the world.

  • rif
    rif 9 months ago

    Did you ever decide what to do?

  • Ryan Anthony
    Ryan Anthony 9 months ago

    I need analec usa belt buckle!!!! Do it for dale

  • Titus Wilson
    Titus Wilson 9 months ago


  • Tuddleston
    Tuddleston 9 months ago +1

    Should have made it yesterday

  • Ray Pimienta
    Ray Pimienta 9 months ago


  • erick escobar
    erick escobar 9 months ago


  • covert axe and tool
    covert axe and tool 9 months ago

    Hand guard for a saber sword

    BORIS JUMAEV 9 months ago

    красиво молодец чувак

  • Funny Arunachal TV
    Funny Arunachal TV 9 months ago

    Can you make Dpadam sword (Tibet sword) ???

  • Andrew Paddock
    Andrew Paddock 10 months ago

    Good goin buddy!I love to see true patriotism!!!

  • Bobby Hempel
    Bobby Hempel 10 months ago

    Hellz yeah

  • John Jones
    John Jones 10 months ago

    Beer bottle opener ... I'll buy a 1/16" slice. A beer bottle opener is way more practical to me and would definitely get a lot more use than a belt buckle. Great work, thank you..!!! If you ever get out to Venice, California ... I'm buying the beers.. for you and for whoever the hell else you bring with you. Cheers..!!

  • thesparrowfromawake
    thesparrowfromawake 10 months ago

    This is a beauty, absolutely astonishing! I enjoy watching you work turning lumps of raw steel and shaping it into a beautiful piece. It’s always a pleasure to watch your videos!

  • moe riou
    moe riou 10 months ago

    Make an ar-15

  • royce bacon
    royce bacon 10 months ago

    If you can stretch it out cut in up and make a bunch of belt buckles with it

  • babolduc
    babolduc 11 months ago

    Alec. Great stuff! I don't see the actual songs listed on epidemic sound. Do you have a listing of the tracks used? The guitar in this video is fantastic.
    When are you going to do another production run of something we can get in on?

  • Casey M
    Casey M 11 months ago

    turn the metal I'm to a hammer

  • Figment One
    Figment One 11 months ago


  • Raymond Connolly
    Raymond Connolly 11 months ago

    It would be so cool to see the American flag streched out on a Bowie fighting knife blade. Is that possible ?

  • Raymond Connolly
    Raymond Connolly 11 months ago

    Cool, could you possibly make a united states confederate flag ?/

  • Jeff Madison
    Jeff Madison 11 months ago

    Gun parts Bowie knife bracelet doesn't matter to me just shut up and take my money

  • The Original ONION
    The Original ONION 11 months ago

    Yep belt buckles

  • The Original ONION
    The Original ONION 11 months ago


  • Peter Navarette
    Peter Navarette 11 months ago

    Challenge coins would be awesome!

  • Kris Onorati
    Kris Onorati 11 months ago

    A Side note. I really don't know much about working steel. I enjoy the videos and Love stuff like this but I don't know the history on the steel your using. The pieces you started with where did they come from? Did you make them previously? Why does Damascus steel look like that when finished? Like why do u have to work the steel? Why do you have to keep pounding it out? You keep having to weld layers together and I'm having a hard time trying to keep up with how many! Updates would be Cool so people like me can know what your doing as you do it.

  • Kris Onorati
    Kris Onorati 11 months ago

    I Love Watching! But, sometimes when I'm watching I don't know what's going on. little side notes while your working on the screen would greatly help. like how many layers your working with. when you jump to the next screen and it looks like a different piece of steel a brief recap of what you did would help. Also when you were making the Damascus steel blade it said a million layers. I didn't really understand as the process went on with what all you had done.

  • Noah Barker
    Noah Barker 11 months ago

    Grip Scales for a Colt 1911 pistol.

  • Carla Jackson
    Carla Jackson 11 months ago

    You should give us the option if we can buy some of your domestic still

  • Ungha Bungha
    Ungha Bungha 11 months ago

    Would make a pretty sweet hatchet blade. Would love to see a Japanese 'rising sun' flag in damascus steel.

  • RenzitoARG
    RenzitoARG 11 months ago

    Blacksmiths around my area make fences... You're a frikking artist man.

  • Ozzie Carrero
    Ozzie Carrero Year ago

    ‘Merica!!!! Great work!!

  • Lee Boyden
    Lee Boyden Year ago

    Are these available for sale?

  • Mohammad Wassef
    Mohammad Wassef Year ago

    You are painting steel man , 👍🏻

  • Ryan Houghton
    Ryan Houghton Year ago

    Dude, completely bad ass! Love it.

  • Mike Puorro
    Mike Puorro Year ago

    Make a chess board with US Flag and Union Jack!

  • Demon girl
    Demon girl Year ago

    Awwww Just beautiful

  • whiskymylove
    whiskymylove Year ago

    Hey is there a chance you still have some of that USA flag that you could sell?

  • Larry Fetters
    Larry Fetters Year ago

    You are amazing. How the heck is that even possible.

  • Glenn Martin
    Glenn Martin Year ago

    Alec Steele for president.

  • Edwina Lee
    Edwina Lee Year ago

    100 points for the ultimate irony.

  • RAT427
    RAT427 Year ago

    I'd like to purchase a slice off that u.s billet

  • Adam Spivey
    Adam Spivey Year ago


  • HighTechRedNeck82

    So where are you located? I see all the Texas and USA flags everywhere.

  • Mike Builds
    Mike Builds Year ago

    Now that is down right impressive

  • Jeff Christopher
    Jeff Christopher Year ago

    Murica hahaha. That’s just awesome.

  • m matt
    m matt Year ago

    I bet this kid gets ALL the trim.

  • conexant51
    conexant51 Year ago

    Should slice them up and make belt buckles out of them. Muricans would pay top dollar for that shi'et.

  • Protein
    Protein Year ago

    WHY! Why is everything so American in your videos! EXPLAAAAAIN pls

  • Cs Simões
    Cs Simões Year ago

    Amigo você é de mais

  • Go Vans
    Go Vans Year ago

    Well, that was time well spent!! Loved watching a few of these. Creativity and passion, sir. Well played o/

  • Trae Herren
    Trae Herren Year ago

    Amazing Smith! I'd love a damascus Arkansas Toothpick from you

  • William French
    William French Year ago

    Did you ever make anything with it?

  • Golden Touch
    Golden Touch Year ago

    A gun handle

  • Sennen Dourado
    Sennen Dourado Year ago

    Awesome work here, Sennen Antonio Dourado Milwaukee Wisconsin India Mumbai

  • Black Creek News North Carolina

    Hey you should turn that into a belt buckle

  • Gabriel Criscuolo

    Pattern welding god