What If We Covered the Sahara With Solar Panels?

  • Published on Jul 8, 2021
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  •  ShortHax
     ShortHax 10 months ago +38224

    Amazing idea. Too bad it won’t happen and the panels will probably be in the sand a day after being installed

    • Top Kek
      Top Kek Month ago

      They would get stolen before the entire installation was complete

    • Dam Bam
      Dam Bam 2 months ago

      @zomdiehunter 115 tilt the panels and dump off the sand

    • Jovan Malic
      Jovan Malic 5 months ago

      This comment has 496 replies so I will just paste this reply 4 times so no one can reply anymore.

    • Erick Galvan
      Erick Galvan 5 months ago

      Easy power a mechanism to sweep every 30 min they are saying it’d build up excess energy why not use it for free

    • tankdstr58yr
      tankdstr58yr 5 months ago


  • Grace
    Grace 7 months ago +1117

    Let's remind everyone that a Sahara sized solar array would also become the greatest no fly zone for birds ever.

    • NI Media Presentations
      NI Media Presentations 3 days ago

      Better for birds than an Sahara sized wind farm...

    • pletskoo
      pletskoo 7 days ago

      @Aluminium Knight how about you do a quick 5 second search?

    • Aluminium Knight
      Aluminium Knight 11 days ago

      @The Pack name them.

    • The Pack
      The Pack 18 days ago +2

      @Heather LOL hopefully this is just sarcasm, and not something you think is true. There are 90 species of birds in the Sahara Deseret and they're all doing fine.

  • Rajiv LochanPanda
    Rajiv LochanPanda 7 months ago +287

    One of my professor posted a similar question in test where we had to calculate the area of panels needed to power the entire USA. The references I used showed me that the best solar panels in market produce electricity at about 20% efficiency, which is 10 times better than what nature has achieved by photosynthesis, but nowhere close to your assumption of 100% that you made in this video.

    • Blaž Winkler
      Blaž Winkler Hour ago

      @Stettafire There is a cool article called "solar cell efficiency" on wikipedia that nicely sumarizes the problem!

    • abed marachli
      abed marachli 8 days ago

      I think his words are true, but you did not understand the idea, that the efficiency of 20% is the amount of benefit from photosynthesis in kilowatts per square meter. The company calculated it and gave you the figure of 350 watts, and now they have reached 650 watts and more in some countries.
      What I want to say, if the benefit was 100%, I would have taken a kilowatt and more per square meter of land

    • Filipe Barroqueiro
      Filipe Barroqueiro 3 months ago +10

      I think people are misunderstanding what they mean by 100%, they mean 100% regarding their output, assuming they are cleaned frequently, etc...

    • Depressed Pxnda Pxnda
      Depressed Pxnda Pxnda 3 months ago +3

      The maximum for solar energy is about 33%, while we are already at 26%. So whoever was responsible for calculating this video did a terrible job, considering there was any

    • Stettafire
      Stettafire 6 months ago +28

      100% is nonescence regardless because of thermodynamics.

  • Evelynne Leanán
    Evelynne Leanán 7 months ago +160

    This is an amazing idea. A few problems I can see happening is if sand covered the solar panels, so they would have to be elevated very high. As well as a project of large scale would sky rocket the minerals and other materials needed, and would the intense heat damage them? As well as where would the waste after the solar panels exceed their useable lifespan? And would the amount of energy redirected into the atmosphere damage the ozone layer or escalate the climate crisis? The idea of covering a bit of the Sahara is still an amazing idea, and let’s be honest, has a lot less problems that we need to find solutions for then the issues surrounded oil and gas.

    • Stuart Parnell
      Stuart Parnell 2 days ago

      This is exactly what we are trying to do in Australia. I mean, it's dry it's a large continent, and we just swore in a new Government who knows this is an extremely viable investment. I cannot wait to see how it goes!

    • Imagine a World Where All Your Wishes Come True
      Imagine a World Where All Your Wishes Come True 15 days ago

      why energy got redirected to atmosphere? why more not less than from sand?

    • philip visma
      philip visma 5 months ago +1

      Thats wy they can have a motor to move to shacke of the sand and even something like the things on cars the washes the window

    • Mihail Parshin
      Mihail Parshin 7 months ago +6

      Not only this, but just think what will happen to the closest living places to Sahara(like South Europe, Middle Afrika and Middle East for example). Wouldn´t all this heat cause the whole climate in this regions to change a lot. Like making them all into some deserts after time or atleast increase the normal temperatures by 10 or more degrease. I don´t believe this thing can happen without damaging the nature and climate around.

  • PoptheBubble ChartLeaks
    PoptheBubble ChartLeaks 7 months ago +35

    It sounds like a huge fire risk. Will they have their own fire department? I like the thought experiment. It feels more workable to create a permaculture solution on the perimeters which include some solar panels. Then maybe we could expand the great green wall a bit. Also, given the wind in the Sahara, wouldn't it make sense to mix solar closer to towns with wind turbines that could reach above sand storms farther into the desert?

    • River Weems
      River Weems 5 months ago +1

      Well, it could have fans or liquid coolant system running through it

    • teleespantoso
      teleespantoso 5 months ago +5

      Desert burns much?

  • EckhartsLadder
    EckhartsLadder 10 months ago +16129

    African Solar Energy Superpower? Also, 60% of the world's GDP seems totally worth it for the energy.

    • Daniel Wright
      Daniel Wright 8 days ago

      The problem isn't the money, it's that we don't have enough metal's to make the solar panels. It's require a massive amount of mineral exploration and mining

    • Yinjoe Ng
      Yinjoe Ng 3 months ago

      tbh, its not like taking money away from everyone, actually it creates a huge demand for resources and labour etc. the world GDP will actually grow more

    • RaAhYaMa
      RaAhYaMa 5 months ago

      Popcorn 🍿

    • LightFlame
      LightFlame 5 months ago

      @Sam Rooney nuclear energi also takes big resources mind you. As fare at the impractical goes i am sure it can be done with some inavations like auto cleaning the solar cells and if big solar plans where made it would mean the price of solar cells would go down because of compation in making them.

  • Miguel Rivera
    Miguel Rivera 5 months ago +1

    What if we installed these panels with the environment in mind as well? For example: Install them at the same height as would a normal tree would be several tens of meters above the surface to as to create many canopies that could also provide shade for those native to the areas. Also, leave enough gap space between panel arrays to let some sun pass between them in the "off chance" it could be used for other purposes. Think about it. You could create an artificial "forest" of panels. even design them with the aesthetics in mind (leaf shaped and such). Just a thought.

  • John Snowshoe
    John Snowshoe 8 months ago +2

    One of the things to keep in mind is that yes, the solar panels are not 100% and may only be around 25-35%. However, considering they could supply additional energy and reduce the strain on the other energy sources...it's still a win.

  • Almighty YT Algorithm
    Almighty YT Algorithm 6 months ago +6

    Considering the lighter colour of the desert sand acts as a light reflector similar to ice caps (albeit sand absorbs a bit more sunlight than ice caps), if we covered all of it with darker panels meant to absorb the sunlight, then this would likely also affect global temperature considering how large the sahara is

  • R.E.D_Knight
    R.E.D_Knight 5 months ago +3

    Well actually if the cleaning is fully automatic it's actually possible, hear me out: if you put a sort of air duster over the solar panels, put a sensor over each solar panel so if sand blocks the solar panel, the system will detect it and will clean the solar panel if the machine bugs than just use manual labor to repair it.

  • John IV Ellis
    John IV Ellis 17 hours ago

    Very thought-provoking video. Thank you for all the effort. You might not spend anywhere close to the 60+ trillion you estimate for the NM-sized array IF you build a network of manufacturing and maintenance facilities locally. Of course, you raise many other good points to consider later in your analysis. Thanks again.

  • doja boja
    doja boja 7 months ago +3

    this is an amazing idea with great intent. how about we do this but in isolated places in cities of tropical countries? designing and building the panels as well as management will provide livelihood to many citizens. in the first few years after it finished development towards being an alternative source of energy, it will for sure be more expensive than the more common ones. however, it is a start, and if the idea of it expands, we could actually make something good from something that is already existing. too bad people who have enough money to start on the project are more often than not only thinking about how they can make money out of it.

  • End this Nonsense
    End this Nonsense 8 months ago +4

    I would certainly expect a currently unknown global environmental impact when we cover the entire Sahara with solar panels, or most rooftops for that matter, no question about that.

  • _nljh
    _nljh 6 months ago +3

    Might be a great green energy solution but still has an incredibly high impact. Requires manufactering at large scale (emissions), transporting (emissions) and placement (disrupting habitats at a large scale). If this three points can be solved, that would be the future. But an overall impact study on local habitats and species that ONLY live in sahara must be made. Also the impact on local people (remember that morocco invaded Occidental Sahara and still is at war).

  • Noah Bartlett
    Noah Bartlett 10 months ago +14503

    "lets assume the solar panels are 100% efficient" every engineer watching has a stroke

    • Oscar 999
      Oscar 999 Day ago

      @Orkun Yucel lift them up like 50ft?
      And fans maybe, or like window washers…

    • Mnty_GreensXD
      Mnty_GreensXD 3 days ago

      As a non-engineer, can an engineer explain this

    • iMati
      iMati 8 days ago

      Wdym? Why? Why can't they be 100% efficient? 🤨

    • codm_tayo
      codm_tayo 10 days ago


    • Sai Nair
      Sai Nair 17 days ago

      The most researched organic photovoltaics module has barely reached a power conversion efficiency of around ~20% with no long-term stability. The assumption in this video is way off the mark.

  • KenV
    KenV 5 months ago +1

    I hope they find a decent solution to implement this. Something like self-cleaning, efficient, effective design. This would make our species level up to the next level

  • Saithira
    Saithira 7 months ago +2

    There was an unaccounted for variable in this. You're covering a large area of land in dark materials.
    What is the plan for the excess heat? It would be large enough to have an effect on global temperatures.

  • How Not To
    How Not To 7 months ago +7

    can you please try too bring the rocket more in the air (with a spring or something) to see how the rocket will will do on a hire ground?

  • Jemme McCann
    Jemme McCann 5 months ago +1

    Definitely on the RLL Mount Rushmore. Your videos are so hard to wrap your brain around and I absolutely love it. More energy in 6 hours than the world will use in a year… simply makes my brain hurt trying to conceptualize.

  • Da Bush
    Da Bush 10 months ago +4518

    I still like the idea of just putting solar panels on every home. That space is already taken up

    • yrdy ekcy
      yrdy ekcy 14 days ago

      That's true. With accumulators one household could generate and store enough energy for itself. Electricities would be use just as a backup and for production.

    • Alek Stanton
      Alek Stanton 15 days ago

      Are solar panels on your home?

    • TheElusiveReality
      TheElusiveReality Month ago

      @Hileeeee northern europe isnt the only place w people or houses tho?

    • Climate Solution Center
      Climate Solution Center 4 months ago


    • SaintsRaeShire
      SaintsRaeShire 5 months ago

      indeed but its not sunny everyday all around the world

  • Francois Carvalho
    Francois Carvalho 5 months ago +1

    Great video. One thing you didn't account for though is what will we do with the solar panels after they break down. Also what would be the impact of mining and creating so many solar panels. Loved the idea though.

  • Ennovative
    Ennovative 8 months ago +7

    The biggest challenge of all would be to find a way to deal with the dust. The dunes are always shifting, meaning most of your work will become covered in sand long before you ever get any real progress done.

    • Alex Chene
      Alex Chene 5 months ago

      @Ennovative lmao

    • Ennovative
      Ennovative 5 months ago

      @Alex Chene I think you are a terminator send from the future to give me a massive panic attack that will somehow affect the course of our timeline to favor skynet.
      Not like a big, scary terminator, but like if Reddit was a terminator. Nerdy terminator.

    • Alex Chene
      Alex Chene 5 months ago

      @Ennovative I disrespectfully disagree

    • Ennovative
      Ennovative 5 months ago

      @Alex Chene Did you just say "I disagree" lol Its not an opinion my guy, its a fact.
      Oh did I say feet? I meant meters.
      I don't think you understand the landscape, and as always just like everyone else on the internet you're boinking your mouth around topics you do not know anything about but I'll break it down for you.
      The shifting sands of the Sahara can get up to and around about 1200 meters. Now, the thing is with these mobile tall bastards is they are every bit as wide as they are tall. The weight of the sand will absolutely crush anything unfortunate enough to be under that literal mountain of sand. 1200M is two Shanghai Tower's stacked on top of each other.
      The most irritating part is that there just isn't ONE mountain of sand blowing around being a nuisance, the entire desert is like this... just building random mountains of sand overnight without warning.

    • Alex Chene
      Alex Chene 5 months ago

      @Ennovative I disagree

  • St. Michael the Archangel
    St. Michael the Archangel 5 months ago +1

    That’s really interesting.
    These videos are really well edited, too!

  • Mr. M
    Mr. M 8 months ago +1

    That would be so awesome if it were pulled off. Imagine being able to power the whole world's energy needs without negatively impacting the environment from a source that's been providing us all this unused energy anyways. For once we'd actually be able to give to the world without the world getting screwed over.
    EDIT: Finished watching the video.........DAMNIT!!!! -_-

  • PhantomSavage
    PhantomSavage 9 months ago +2129

    Though it probably will happen at some point in our future, the very act of constructing infrastructure into the heart of the hottest zone in the Sahara would require the road and construction crews to be equipped with what would probably have to be formerly used NASA space suits and massive water trucks. The heat and direct sunlight in the Sahara is almost otherworldly, especially as temperatures and UV rays only get more and more intense with each passing year. Working in the hot zone of the Saraha will eventually feel more like the surface of mercury than it does the surface of earth, the workers will need thermal and UV shielding and continuous hydration to work under sustained conditions.
    Once the infrastructure is in place and the solar plant is operational, this would no longer be necessary, as workers could be flown in via helicopter or plane in regulated shifts like an oil rig (or you could construct a bullet train with all the power the plant produces), but the building of the infrastructure alone would be an incredible feat of human engineering, innovation, and endurance that would last many years and billions of dollars to accomplish.
    That being said... if we ever hope to one day build something like a Dyson Sphere or a massive Solar Sail.. the Sahara's hot zone would be an excellent place to test and innovate the technology.

    • Aluminium Knight
      Aluminium Knight 11 days ago

      So this is how it seems to you, yet there's humans living there, it's another planet at all

    • jeroh
      jeroh 2 months ago


    • Dylan B
      Dylan B 2 months ago

      @Curtis Webber 60 years to consume all solar panel material on earth? Got a source on that?

    • Dylan B
      Dylan B 2 months ago

      @The Huy maybe, dyson swarms seem very possible though.

    • Curtis Webber
      Curtis Webber 2 months ago

      every 20 years they have to be replaced. The material is not biodegradable and is toxic not to mention in 60 years the material needed to make these panels will no longer exist however the more we explained the use that time period could be only 40 years. Oh, and when you add electric Jets, cars, machines, trucks, ships, everything that currently runs on oil it will take more than 7 times the current use of electricity we currently use. Adding that to the equation oil the battery the supply for the material will deplete in 20 to 30 years. You people are ass clowns.

  • C.K.
    C.K. 7 months ago +1

    Utilizing many huge magnifying glass to harness the solar heat, I think is more efficient than solar panels, esp. in a desert with threatening sand storms and dusty environment.

  • Charles Mccallister
    Charles Mccallister 5 months ago +1

    If they were able to stop the winds from covering them up with sand then it might work. The other issue is that the Amazon Rainforest is South America would die off. It gets all it's nutrients from the wind coming from the Sahara.

  • CrazyCarnieCory
    CrazyCarnieCory 5 months ago +2

    I've always thought the best idea would be a Ring along the Equator that collects Solar Energy.

  • Niral Patel
    Niral Patel 7 months ago +68

    Not going to lie but imagine being the guy who has to dust each panel in the heat

    • Unamedzube7xb
      Unamedzube7xb 2 months ago

      Can't they make a wiper thingy like those things that cars have?

    • Sager A.B
      Sager A.B 4 months ago +1

      Heat tolerant Wipers , powerd by its Solar Panel.

    • Fattony6666
      Fattony6666 5 months ago +1

      why would you lie about that?

    • Kevin Liang
      Kevin Liang 7 months ago +8

      Needs to be automated because in front of a solar panel you're looking at 300-400° at least

  • Wyatt W
    Wyatt W 10 months ago +1736

    Cover the sun in solar panels. Imagine how much energy we’ll get!

    • Dhruv Mitna
      Dhruv Mitna 19 days ago

      Dyson swarm

    • Kingz Comparison
      Kingz Comparison 20 days ago


    • jessy simon
      jessy simon Month ago

      Yea.. Dyson Sphere

    • Mobile Task Force Epsilon 11
      Mobile Task Force Epsilon 11 3 months ago

      We just need a Dyson Sphere for it to work

    • John DoDo Doe
      John DoDo Doe 10 months ago

      @newbie The trick to a meaningful Dyson sphere-like system is to put the energy collection devices at an angle so they don't cast a shadow on the planets. The Sun is a giant ball of fire, most of its energy goes above or below the plane where we all live.

  • Afro_Sibling
    Afro_Sibling 7 months ago +1

    Great idea, and this could be an answer to a thousand problems already existing. This can be done , not all of Sahara
    1. since it's one part it wouldn't affect the Amazon
    2. by all means material can be found since it would benefit the entire world
    3. The panels can be fixed high up so that the green area under it can be used

  • Anurag Tumane
    Anurag Tumane 6 months ago +2

    Imagine if the Sahara was covered with solar panels, this would result in all the Earth having extremely a lot of energy.

  • Zee Yin
    Zee Yin 5 months ago +1

    You failed to cover the most important thing: turning such a huge area from yellow to black is going to significantly reduce the sunlight reflected to space, which will heat up the plant

  • Some One
    Some One 7 months ago

    Recently i was think about what would happen if every home had solar panels, for me it would be a great idea but the reflex of tu sun at this scale could cause any kind of problem? or it would be like you said making the surround areas hotter? well if this would be the case i think all home would also have AC, that it also would made the surrounding areas hotter (i guess that this is the case in Hong Kong about AC)

  • Ethan Brandt
    Ethan Brandt 10 months ago +791

    I like how he says "now you're probably wondering how solar panels work," as if he's going to explain it, then advertises his sponsor and leaves you in the dark

    • Top deck
      Top deck Month ago


    • Zylnex xd
      Zylnex xd 7 months ago

      @Andy Garcia idk man but that sounds like a u problem

    • banana
      banana 10 months ago

      @M. S. So, when you can't think of any arguments that make sense you just start calling people snowflakes? I see... however, if you aren't here to have a civilized discussion, then I think it would be better for both sides if you got out. I'm here to discuss this topic, and if you can't keep a discussion without calling the other side snowflakes each 5 minutes, then I don't think you can bring any benefits to our discussion.

  • Felix Umbra
    Felix Umbra 5 months ago +1

    What if we used vehicles like the Antarctic Snow Cruiser and pulled large trains of supplies into the desert?
    Make the Sand cruisers solar powered and you solve the energy issue.

  • phil marsh
    phil marsh 7 months ago +1

    What if we use massive solar panels to desalinate and transport ocean water to irrigate the Sahara?

  • Erik Emerölduson
    Erik Emerölduson 7 months ago +1

    I mean, engineers and geologists would have to be careful with the placement because there's probably a chance that sand will just cover the panels within a few weeks if not days.

  • Emmanuel Meyer
    Emmanuel Meyer 7 months ago +9

    just for reference: Costa Rica and Uruguay are already at +98% of renewable electricity in their supply so no, Marocco will not become a leading solar energy state.
    also, 2 GW of solar is something that pretty much any country has today: the UK has 12GW of solar, Italy is getting to about 18GW, Spain will exceed 30GW by 2030
    happy to help you fact check if you want

    • Emmanuel Meyer
      Emmanuel Meyer 7 months ago

      @Mohamed BEL KAID I hope it will be the case but I've been building/financing renewable energy plants since 2005 and Morocco has always been the upcoming market. It is always " 2 - 3 years and it will boom ". Export to Europe etc etc .
      I've been involved in Desertec and similar programs. All beautiful pipedreams until you hit the reality on the ground where nothing moves unless you are willing to bribe officials. And when you say no, then everything stops.

    • Mohamed BEL KAID
      Mohamed BEL KAID 7 months ago

      Hey I just happen to see your comment and thought it would be good to reply, i respect the fact that you tried to englobe the topic from all the angles but i think the numbers that you've mentionned can be a little bit misleading especially the fact that just because Uruguay has +98% of renewable energy that doesn't make it a leading country in solar power because its energy mostly come from the wind. Secondly I think the statement : "Morocco can be a leading state of solar power" concerns in the first place both the size of the country and the rate of its developpement in solar power since it started to invest heavily in the subject and is already getting good results and maybe if you want that can also be due to its strategic location as a part of sahara desert. So maybe in few years we can still see it as a leading solar power if it continues to develop at this rate ^^.

  • Rainbowhawk1993
    Rainbowhawk1993 10 months ago +2172

    I can see a solar punk story called “The Glass Continent” where several cities are made across the Sahara and everyone is insulated in glass domes with unlimited air conditioning. Utopia has arrived!

    • Lancaster Bristow
      Lancaster Bristow 10 months ago

      It's Wakanda...!

    • A. Rew
      A. Rew 10 months ago +1

      you've been watching the Simpsons movie again, haven't you.

    • RareCandy420
      RareCandy420 10 months ago

      Unlimited Air conditioning 🤤

    • Krik
      Krik 10 months ago

      @Danial Adzha what year do you think it is?

    • Wurm
      Wurm 10 months ago

      @Brupcat total recall but in africa. If ya dont pay the air conditioning bill they throw ya out to cook on the mirrors

  • ZaZa
    ZaZa 5 months ago +1

    I’d assume it would be covered over time by sand wich is an easy fix but for some reason was a bigger problem than we expected on mars

  • Krem Banana
    Krem Banana 7 months ago +46

    The desert isn't just empty land, it's a whole ecosystem of it's own and this would kill off so much animal life

    • Esraa Shreef
      Esraa Shreef 16 days ago

      egypt alone has 100 million people living there

    • Esraa Shreef
      Esraa Shreef 16 days ago

      yall do know we live there right?

    • Infinitea
      Infinitea Month ago

      @Yadira Camacho all the animals in the Sahara dying is well worth this type of energy

    • Yadira Camacho
      Yadira Camacho 2 months ago

      @Chik I'd rather have a nice place to live. Human progress is not worth it if we end up living in a wasteland.

    • Chik
      Chik 2 months ago

      Human progress is far more important than any animal.

  • urnutsout
    urnutsout 5 months ago

    So...any consideration to the sand covering the panels after its installation. Where and how the panels will be disposed of after it's efficiency starts dipping isn't discussed?
    Let alone who funds the project and who profits from it?
    So many more questions after seeing this

  • ByeGuys Sry
    ByeGuys Sry Month ago +1

    6:07 that was quite convenient indeed, fortunate that it worked out that way

  • Cheng Teoh
    Cheng Teoh 10 months ago +1091

    Imagine being that one guy who has to clean the sand off all those solar panels daily ... yikes.
    [ side note : I think there's an error in the name at 1:38 .. shouldn't it be the Ouarzazate instead of Quarzazate? ]

    • this crush is kind of crushing me
      this crush is kind of crushing me 5 months ago

      @BlacKcuD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Wiod
      Wiod 8 months ago

      @M V good idea

    • W1LlzA
      W1LlzA 9 months ago +1

      @Perez ML Official LOL all good man have a great day :)

    • Perez ML Official
      Perez ML Official 9 months ago

      @W1LlzA plot twist: I really wasn't expecting you to be the bigger man like that. Apologize if I was a bit crude as well, Nice Day to you sir. If this was Reddit, id give you that 'faith in humanity restored' award... Lol 👍

    • W1LlzA
      W1LlzA 9 months ago +1

      @Perez ML Official yeah you’re right idek why i said it sorry lol

  • Geffrei Maudeleyne
    Geffrei Maudeleyne 7 months ago +1

    What impact does this cause reflection of light into aircraft and satellites? I am all for it.

  • katalyst _2000
    katalyst _2000 5 months ago +1

    Really gives the phrase of "unlimted power" meaning into perspective lol

  • Andrew
    Andrew Day ago

    Considering the amazon predates the sahara by about 200 million years, I don't think it's lack of "fertile dust" is going to faze it much. Though, if the panels did manage to produce clouds and rain you would literally bankrupt the world for a self defeating project. Overcast skies over your solar farm, beautiful.

  • daniel_cade94
    daniel_cade94 8 months ago +2

    This video inspired my summer project and the video is on my channel.
    I come up with a city concept and power core building design. Unfortunately I'm not that good at science and engineering so it's likely just an idea.
    It would be more than big enough to store large quantities of electricity and should be able to generate a large amount and it is scalable by design.
    Hailee's Heart stands at a height of 2500 metres but there is no reason why it can't be 1250m 0r 5000m.

  • Darth Dingus
    Darth Dingus 10 months ago +3658

    "North Africa becomes fertile for farming"
    Yeah, but in order to farm the now green land, you have to remove the panels covering the land.

    • Adam Svensson
      Adam Svensson 15 days ago

      @bcvbb hyui bro it would fuck everything up

    • James Thomas
      James Thomas 29 days ago

      Or just install grow lights on the back side of the panels....the electric is right there....either way maintenance on all this would be crazy

    • tic
      tic 2 months ago

      that's exactly what i thought LMAO

    • Oii nah gii’us a durry brah chuck us a bunga lad
      Oii nah gii’us a durry brah chuck us a bunga lad 4 months ago

      @Music Account you should walk everywhere through fields, then. Who needs roads and societal cohesion, right?
      mUh tAxEs

    • Oii nah gii’us a durry brah chuck us a bunga lad
      Oii nah gii’us a durry brah chuck us a bunga lad 4 months ago

      @Bingus Chungus Why, because China and Korea pretend to be communist?
      There are plenty more capitalist oligarchies examples to show, than communist.
      Communism gives power to the working class and majority.
      Restrictive government which caters to a small group’s interests is authoritarian and historically always becomes so.
      Completely backwards.
      Anti-communist rhetoric is so exhaustively nonsensical far too often.

  • Miss Pat Van Driver Lady
    Miss Pat Van Driver Lady 3 months ago +1

    So basically, setting up small solar farms here and there around big deserts = good idea, provides lots of electricity. Covering the whole desert in solar farms = bad idea, totally changes Earth's weather patterns.

  • Russell Л.Н
    Russell Л.Н 7 months ago +3

    I think that's a brilliant idea because it can provide the energy with the less developed countries in West Africa and allow them to have chance to develop their own industry.

    • Vusumuzi Mntambo
      Vusumuzi Mntambo 5 months ago

      Yes the Europe is trying to take this energy why can't it be taken by country who do not have access to electricity?

  • Swithaph
    Swithaph 6 months ago

    You have answered a question I never even knew I wanted to ask! I ain’t even mad about it though, I love random things like this so thank you 😂

  • Caleb Benson
    Caleb Benson 5 months ago +1

    On top of all the negatives, it would be covered by sand in a few hours and would be a Giant problem on its own

  • Nora Ali
    Nora Ali 10 months ago +796

    One of the most challenging disadvantages is that the panels could be covered with sand easily and then they wouldn't work properly, so they need a big amount of workers to clean them regularly, and not to forget that a sandstorm can uproot them so they should be really well fixed, but at least I think we all agree that Morocco is handling all those challenges in a good way so far.

    • Ayedatsnemo- 04
      Ayedatsnemo- 04 10 months ago

      or just make them taller😕

    • NvS 1337
      NvS 1337 10 months ago

      Try watching the full video before leaving comments

    • Its not
      Its not 10 months ago

      @Jan Carlos Mañon Never said it was just sand so keep your bullshit stereotypes to yourself
      I am simply saying the sand over time will were away on the solar panel surface over time and it will loose effectiveness rather quickly as it becomes scratched and hazy

    • Qimchiy
      Qimchiy 10 months ago

      Let's not ignore the moving solar panel in Mars.

    • Minal Bachhav
      Minal Bachhav 10 months ago

      We could keep them in inclined position.

  • SnowHawk7
    SnowHawk7 8 months ago +10

    This is honestly an idea that I have thought about almost every day for close to two years now. I think it's honestly the single best way to limit pollution and climate change.

    • mason appalachiantrail
      mason appalachiantrail 7 months ago

      @MalWolf01 humans are bad for the environment, but we aren’t getting rid of them. We need batteries.

    • MalWolf01
      MalWolf01 7 months ago

      @mason appalachiantrail Universal income would be great as well, but batteries are bad for the enviroment.

    • SnowHawk7
      SnowHawk7 7 months ago

      @MalWolf01 Well over the last two years I've helped make thousands of parts for solar fields in Australia so I'd call that useful.

    • mason appalachiantrail
      mason appalachiantrail 7 months ago

      What we need is battery storage and efficient transmission of electricity. There are some good Ted talks on battery storage out there!

    • MalWolf01
      MalWolf01 7 months ago

      you should have dedicated all that worrying towards something that would actually work.

  • Bicentrick
    Bicentrick 7 months ago +9

    In the quran there's a verse that always confused me that by the end of times the sahara will turn green by the end of times, you made me realise how today.. thank you for the educational video

  • Nathan Wilson
    Nathan Wilson 2 months ago +6

    Can’t imagine the level of security and conflict this would cause though. So many nations would have to cooperate in perpetuity to build and maintain this. It would be the number one target for terrorism, rouge states, and warlords forever. Unfortunately i just don’t see humans ever being capable for coexisting to the extent that this would ever be viable for long.

  • O. O.
    O. O. 2 months ago

    The panels would have to be placed higher than most of the sand dunes in the Sahara otherwise the risk of burying them under sand exists.

  • your name is my name
    your name is my name 10 months ago +4005

    As a wise man once said: "easier said than done"

    • The F Key
      The F Key 7 months ago

      @Rafael Lima you really should have watched the video

    • Varun Kumar
      Varun Kumar 8 months ago

      Well gotta think somewhere, we can't just sit and consume all the shit having that mindset that everything is tough

    • Joshua Garcia
      Joshua Garcia 10 months ago +1

      @Sven Loncar I wont let you forget me

    • BmnGameBoy
      BmnGameBoy 10 months ago

      Someone will mag hard enough and it’ll happen, betting all my money on either Greta or Joe Biden

  • abdulali Mebarki
    abdulali Mebarki 7 months ago +26

    Fun fact: sahara actually means desert, so technically you were calling it desert desert XD

  • Efrain aguirre
    Efrain aguirre 7 months ago +1

    What about the fact that the Sahara fertilizes as far as the amazon rain forest. I'm sure these colossal farms blocking nature to do its course would have a huge amount of negative short and long term impact on our planet.

    • Peter MANOU
      Peter MANOU 4 months ago

      You didn't watch the full video, did you?

  • TimeFreak
    TimeFreak 4 months ago +1

    It would be an ecological disaster if we covered the Sahara with solar panels. Never mind that making a solar farm that large would require that we displace a large portion of wildlife that live in the desert in order to maintain a solar farm, but it would make the skies above the Sahara a deathtrap as solar panels reflect light. You'd be surprised how many birds and other creatures end up cooked to death because of solar farms.

  • Spun
    Spun 5 months ago

    Really glad I found your channel, this is great!

  • r12esh
    r12esh 10 months ago +836

    5:37 For those wondering why are they arranged in a sunflower pattern, its because the sunflower pattern follows Fibonacci sequence and the useful part is that arrangement doesn't allow the shadow of one panel to cast on other panel

    • CL46
      CL46 9 months ago

      @G Bogart Luckily, we are in the educational side of youtube

    • Kristina Mickwitz
      Kristina Mickwitz 10 months ago

      подсолнух природа умно создала

    • LurkingShrew
      LurkingShrew 10 months ago +10

      It’s the way all flower petals are naturally arranged, to maximize sunlight absorption. It’s really fascinating.

    • Danny Garcia
      Danny Garcia 10 months ago

      @Karosnikov ok lol I lost interest a long while ago I don't really care

  • LEL
    LEL 7 months ago +1

    Arent there 2 types of solar panels? The giant mirror who reflect the sunlight on a pipe with oil, heating the oil up and transforming the heat even during the night into electricity. And to transport this large amount of energy to Europe, you could electricize water(idk how that is called)

  • Valerij Mysnyk
    Valerij Mysnyk 8 months ago +1

    Well, let's remember that solar panels by themselves giving us nothing if we can't accumulate it ( energy that is) and regulate it fluency, and this probably would cause a lethal ecological issues, and of course get the cost of all of that system up like few times i guess

    SKULL KRUSHER 5 months ago

    Wouldn't solar thermal make a lot more sense in the Sahara than photovoltaics?

  • Abyssal Scion
    Abyssal Scion 7 months ago +1

    Alternative idea: Why not we build a giant elevator stretching all the way to space that can harvest solar power for the entire world?

    • Justin Y With Mustache Access
      Justin Y With Mustache Access 7 months ago +1

      That's probably even worse though. The cost of the elevator would just make the already expensive solar panel project even more ridiculously priced. There's also the issue of transporting the energy from the top of this elevator thing (so much transmission loss) the fact that the place underneath the thing would be completely shaded by a tower of solar panels the size of New Mexico during the day which would most likely change the locations weather, or the fact that regardless of where you place those panels, since you still need the same amount anyway you'll still be dealing with that much solar panel waste since pretty good solar panels only have a lifespan of 25 years, and most of the items solar panels are made of cannot be recycled.

  • Mohamed Abdale Abshir
    Mohamed Abdale Abshir 8 months ago +2312

    A man once said "Let us go to the sun" to his friend. His friend replied "Are you crazy? It is too hot, we will die!" The man then said "No you dummy, let us go at night".

    • No Thanks
      No Thanks 2 months ago

      @Boron and Chocolates You can’t be serious. If they went at night how would they be able to see where they’re going without the light from the sun 😂 It’s not like you can just attach headlights to the spaceship, they would just get sucked up by the space vacuum

    • Sunny Girl
      Sunny Girl 2 months ago

      @Boron and Chocolates lmao I hope you’re joking? it’s only night because the sun isn’t facing that side of the Earth so guess what 😧there is no night on th sun

    • Gaming with Lex
      Gaming with Lex 2 months ago

      @Boron and Chocolates It's day in Australia and night in the USA, there's not 2 suns. Only one sun.

    • Gaming with Lex
      Gaming with Lex 2 months ago

      @Boron and Chocolates The sun is always the same temperature, it just goes behind the earth.

    • Fi ish
      Fi ish 3 months ago

      @Boron and Chocolates yeah such a simple concept and i don't know why some people cannot wrap their head around it. Even when they literally see the sun set down in the sea. 🤦

  • T.A. Wier
    T.A. Wier 5 months ago +4

    The amount of light reflected by these solar panels would cook off the Earth's protective atmosphere and climate change would be further accelerated.

  • daniel schulter
    daniel schulter Day ago

    My biggest concern is obsolescence. Even if we assume that producers do not design the panels to fail or require unexpected maintenance, it's still the case that we'd be installing billions of panels likely to be made obsolete by future technology.

  • ArchetypeGotoh
    ArchetypeGotoh 5 months ago +1

    Can we ask how solar panels are made? Are they all just condensed Magic and Unicorn Tears, or are they made from minerals which are scarce, tricky to mine, and might have a tremendous environmental impact to make?

    • Okami-Azz
      Okami-Azz 2 months ago

      They get solar panels from uncommon chests

  • Best Lyrics
    Best Lyrics 7 months ago +15

    As an African, I wouldn't be happy if I lost land for someone's country.

  • Mr. Satyre
    Mr. Satyre 3 months ago +2

    The negative impact on global weather would be insane.

  • Open-Minded Skeptic
    Open-Minded Skeptic 5 months ago

    That would require digging up all of the sand and end up finding the rest of the ancient castles and temples that were buried over time.

  • Gabriel de Jesus Silva
    Gabriel de Jesus Silva 8 months ago

    The expiration date of solar panels, their maintenance and replacement costs make this plan quite impossible 😬

  • jj nix
    jj nix 5 months ago

    The problems are the high heat damaging the panels and the sand storms.

  • mason appalachiantrail
    mason appalachiantrail 10 months ago +1540

    You’ll need lots of silver. The project would require more than the entire mined supply for years. This would push the price up and also the cost. I suppose someone calculated this.

    • MonaHerSelf
      MonaHerSelf 17 days ago

      Time to propose this to Elon musk and give him TheXvid in return or smth.

    • mason appalachiantrail
      mason appalachiantrail 18 days ago

      @12shzarmai 55 if it comes to that, awesome, because it would require extremely high silver prices to be worthwhile to do that.

    • 12shzarmai 55
      12shzarmai 55 18 days ago

      Asteroid mining

    • Sandhorst
      Sandhorst 20 days ago

      Time to invest in silver!

    • Depressed Pxnda Pxnda
      Depressed Pxnda Pxnda 3 months ago

      @Peter B. that’s exactly the problem with those kind of projects

  • XxLightSpeedxX
    XxLightSpeedxX 6 months ago

    I believe the biggest problem with this giga project would be dust storms. How will we overcome that?

  • Filipe Isabelinho
    Filipe Isabelinho 5 months ago

    My guess would be a very fine coating of dust would reduce the efficiency of the panels immensely, reminding that no matter how high you build them like some people are suggesting, the wind will always blow the finest particles into the air, coating the panels over time.

    • Alex Chene
      Alex Chene 5 months ago

      Just install an automatic sweeper to move along the entire panel

  • riwm45
    riwm45 5 months ago

    The energy extracted in that area will surely be enormous..... I am curious about the increase of temperature within the vicinity.

  • mlgmeistro's
    mlgmeistro's 5 days ago

    So if we make a solar field, 4 times the size of New Mexico, still only a chunk of the total Sahara, we would have enough power to power the world 4 times. The scope of possibilities with that much energy is incredibly interesting.

  • Sylvo Totem
    Sylvo Totem 5 months ago

    It's unfeasible to create so many photovoltaic panels, but simple heat generators based on mirrors are quite feasible

  • Patrick Schleyer Vestergaard Gertz

    How about planting solar panels on the sea near Iceland? Where the sun shines 24/7

    WALLAROO 5 months ago +1

    Ultimately, it comes down to the physics of energy use in a bubble - if you take that energy away from one place where it exists without human interference, and through that influence use it somewhere else - it is going to change things in our environment.
    Take too much of any given source, and the changes become too radical for humans to easily readjust to. Too much solar or wind power use, is going to screw all kinds of things up if we aren't careful.

  • Redmond Peters
    Redmond Peters 5 months ago

    Now THAT'S using your noodle. The Sahara desert is an ideal location for power production. Putting solar plants in other deserts around the world would be a good idea too. Other deserts don't get as much sun as the Sahara but it's still useful right?

  • MaximusBacon
    MaximusBacon 10 months ago +262

    When thinking about having the whole world’s source of electricity in one spot I can’t help to think about how crucial security would have to be for it (Hackers, terrorists, etc.).

    • Not A Stone
      Not A Stone 10 months ago

      @dw4467 samsung makes military equipment for the korean military.. would not be suprised if they had their own security force since they do indeed make weapons

    • dw4467
      dw4467 10 months ago

      @XxKagarwaxX Samsung has their own military lol

    • Supernichtpatrick
      Supernichtpatrick 10 months ago

      @XxKagarwaxX I am aware of tax heavens, I think we need to combat them though. I assume you mean that countries don't have infrastructure and I think that is just wrong. Countries own most means of transportation (roads, rails, harbors, airports) which are used/rented by companies. Innovation is driven by state funded projects and not by companies (e.g. vaccine development). Companies just take stuff over afterwards because they have the means of production which lets them get a good deal for the patent. So a project funded by the country is then milked for profit by companies which don't even pay taxes.
      I don't think there is even a chance that companies will take the initiative on building large solar panel arrays without heavy state support at which point I would just say "pay them to build it, but it needs to be owned by countries or we will have a crisis soon after."

    • XxKagarwaxX
      XxKagarwaxX 10 months ago

      @Supernichtpatrick "they don't have military power" Please check my sources :) Banana republic.
      They pay barely any taxes. There are taxheavens in the world for companies like that.
      "And seriously, do you want some lucky billionairs to be the leaders of the world? "
      Did I say that? I just stated that it is 0% likely that a country would do it.
      If a country is getting vaccines for example. They make an offer to companies to provide them. A country doesn't have architecture etc. A company must be involved. They literally must be involved.
      At least you understood capitalism with your latest sentences. Can fully agree with that

    • Supernichtpatrick
      Supernichtpatrick 10 months ago

      @XxKagarwaxX last time I checked companies don't habe military power, companies don't have the means to sustain themselves without countries they are operating in, last time I checked they had to pay taxes in those countries (i mean, they hire armies of lawyers to avoid that shit, but in principle).
      And seriously, do you want some lucky billionairs to be the leaders of the world? That would be the dumbest position I can imagine, their riches are built on the back of people suffering under unhuman conditions (e.g. Amazon working conditions, Nestle making profit by taking away water from African villages).

  • Krios
    Krios 6 months ago

    We can use this in conjunction with other renewable energy and nuclear fission and hopefully fusion in order to solve our energy problems. It’s not about one solutions, it’s about combining all of our options to make a clean future.

    BOMBARDIER Month ago +1

    *we must figure out a way to protect and make solar panels strong enough to tackle sand storms as well as quantum tech in cells.... Morocco and Algeria have to be ordered to co-operate with funds going to them for their help...we must start that as soon as possible... potential is huge!*

  • Emily Silvers
    Emily Silvers 5 months ago

    This would be a great idea in theory, but in practice, the infrastructure issue makes it unfeasible :c

  • Yuri de Cheveigne
    Yuri de Cheveigne Month ago

    If this is crazy, imagine a Dyson sphere

  • jlehm 1982
    jlehm 1982 10 months ago +658

    Interesting synopsis, but you’re leaving out two of the most important aspects:
    1. What’s the environmental cost to produce all of those solar panels, and how long will they last?
    2. How would you keep the PV surface clean so they actually produce the max output they’re capable of?

    • Angelo Romano
      Angelo Romano 10 months ago

      @yessum15 yea ok now it can be more plausible. Btw I think that in the next century our world will be powered by nuclear fusion, at that point that would be way more efficient. The only problem is that we need decarbonization to happen now (before 2050 with current estimates to stop climate change), so we need to think how to face this problem with current tech.

    • yessum15
      yessum15 10 months ago

      @Sarah Zell There are already sand resistant solar cells that have been in use for a long time in desert environments. There are a bunch of sand protection technologies that are relatively cheap and easy to maintain. Sand in the desert is not nearly as abrasive as that being ejected from a sandblaster.

    • Ankit
      Ankit 10 months ago +1

      @Mickey Bitsko Please. Don't make this a stupid partisan issue. If the fan idea is too hard for you to understand, lets just replace the fan with a solar powered Roomba. Such Roomba-like machines already exist and you can buy them. Let them clean the solar panel tops and charge themselves, while the solar powers keep generating electricity without transfering it to the roomba.

    • yessum15
      yessum15 10 months ago

      @Alex North Alex, you're panicking. A solar farm releases very small amounts of heat. Particularly as compared to the traditional energy sources it replaces. Regional heat levels would drop as less efficient fossil fuels and wood, would plummet in use.
      These border communities are already in the process of being rendered uninhabitable by desertification and temperatures are already rising due to inefficient human harvesting of wood and other unsustainable resources. Replacing this pattern with a solar farm would stop the temperature rise and save these communities.
      And yes, the layout of the farm has a significant effect on the environmental impact. A thin strip of solar panels running the circumference of the Sahara desert placed 30 - 50 miles inland from the nearest communities would dissipate heat without ever being concentrated enough to impact the larger environment as severely as a solid block of panels might. The heat would simply be added to the global heat index, which itself would be going down due to the reduction of fossil fuel usage.
      This scheme balances the need for a nearby workforce with the preference of locating the panels in vacant areas.

  • D.J. Plays
    D.J. Plays 5 months ago +1

    Installing it would be almost impossible and it would be covered in sand quick!

  • Ramez Hachicho
    Ramez Hachicho 5 months ago

    There's also the question of the rare earths needed to make solar panels. Which in themselves are essential for space exploration AND a non renewable resource. This idea is great and all and I'm not trashing solar but it's not an answer to all our problems.

  • CruntTown
    CruntTown 5 months ago

    If we covered the entire Sahara in solar panels then we could build a death ray that could blow up any approaching meteors or asteroids

  • Tobi
    Tobi 7 months ago

    They should do this in a comic book. I'm sure someone in the Marvel and DC universe could pull this off.

  • China Superpower
    China Superpower 10 months ago +897

    To clean the sand off, each solar panel would need to be attached to a robot arm. The robot arm would need to flip the solar panels upside down regularly to shake the sand off. You would definitely need some robots to clean those panels. No human is going to work there.

    • Tig Ol' Bitties
      Tig Ol' Bitties 9 months ago

      @M4TR1X ! What's so racist about my comment!? You know I'm right..

    • M4TR1X !
      M4TR1X ! 9 months ago

      @Tig Ol' Bitties really dude racism everywhere

    • La Vh
      La Vh 9 months ago

      @Artists Aliens wow. Do they?! O_o

    • Conze
      Conze 10 months ago

      Windshield wipers

  • Buck Wildebeest
    Buck Wildebeest 5 months ago

    What if we pushed all the sand dunes to the edge of the continent?

  • Jonathan Schroeder
    Jonathan Schroeder 8 months ago

    What if we built a giant solar farm in space and somehow connect it to Earth?