Do You Really Understand Guns? | Colion Noir | GUNS | Rubin Report

  • Published on Aug 17, 2018
  • Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Colion Noir (attorney, gun rights activist) to discuss his work with guns and defending the 2nd amendment, everything he feels people should know about guns, the most common misconceptions surrounding gun laws, gun control and more.
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    Looking for more than pundits screaming talking points about US gun laws? Do you want to hear more nuanced arguments about the second amendment or gun control? America’s gun laws are a serious topic deserving intelligent conversation. Why did the founders write the 2nd amendment and what are the effects of it on modern day America?
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    Colion Noir
    Gun Rights Activist
    Colion on Twitter: MrColionNoir

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Comments • 2 322

  • Bullet Kin
    Bullet Kin Day ago

    Annoying thing with NICS (background check system) is that not everyone can use it. If every random person could use it, I'd be a lot happier about selling guns to random people.

  • Loddy Dotty
    Loddy Dotty Day ago

    Thank you for the explanation. It really helped me.

  • Michael Boyce
    Michael Boyce 2 days ago

    Guns are a simple issue they are ours and don't fuck with them ez olny dumbass leftist can't understand it

  • Scot Soares
    Scot Soares 4 days ago

    So wouldn't a possible solution to avoid the Universal Background check approach simply be to have all gun sales happen via a dealer? Yes, that would mean no more private sales between two people in a parking lot where the seller has to 'hope' the buyer isn't lying about their background. Just use the model he mentioned where the seller takes the gun they want to sell to a dealer and the buyer meets them there and the shop runs a background check on the buyer. Seems like a reasonable option to me that would help make sure owners have at least had a background check. Am I missing something here with why this approach wouldn't at least help prevent buyers who can't pass a background check from as easily getting firearms?

  • Impress Me
    Impress Me 4 days ago

    Guns are not scary unless you know nothing about them and you don't practice shooting with them. They use fear to try and make illegal policies. Having to pay to conceal is an infringement. Having all these rules to change guns you already have to be able to use them, is infringement.

  • Maddock fitzsimmins
    Maddock fitzsimmins 4 days ago

    When you said " you want to be able to defend yourself from white supremacists" what you meant to say was "criminals"

  • Ladd Colton
    Ladd Colton 4 days ago

    People like these two give me hope in a politically ignorant world like today.

  • Mike Fu
    Mike Fu 5 days ago

    Colin should just call everyone a Racist who disagrees with him on guns! Let the left get a Taste of their own bullshit.

  • Agrippa 2K
    Agrippa 2K 5 days ago

    The problem with discussing all of this is it is lazy to get into to the problems with new proposals, when talking to someone with no knowledge. It is often more effective to simply describe in detail the current situation. The revelation of their ignorance is usually more than enough. We already have 99% universal background checks. While convenient and economical, person to person sales do not add up to much, and does not add to the number of guns in circulation. Even fewer are buddy to buddy sales, vs local guy to local guy. In the majority of stranger to stranger sales (law abiding), gun store transfers are logical (even convenient).

  • Lynne Hood
    Lynne Hood 6 days ago

    Why Dave, do you have that crappy blue chair in your studio. It puts the head of your guest lower than yours and its an ergonomic nightmare.

  • Kerry Rodgers
    Kerry Rodgers 6 days ago

    An unbelievable fact. It doesn't matter what color you are. We all have a right to live. We are all people. We all have a right to defend ourselves and those we love from harm. Good people don't use things that can harm someone in a malicious way. Responsible people use things responsibly. If a bad person chooses to do harm, what will stop them, a law, a prohibition? I think good people resist doing evil, others do evil regardless to law. Should I just drop to my knees if perchance someone wants to do harm to me or that which I love? Should I crush my car if a terrorist uses a truck to drive over a group of people tomorrow? So many ways a person with bad intentions could harm us, should we ban them all. Your fork and knife could be in question, you still in?

  • Ernest Reichardt
    Ernest Reichardt 6 days ago

    If everyone carried Guns the Crime Rate And Mass Shootings would drop to 0 ! Why because criminals don’t want to be Shot and The Only Reason there are mass shootings is because the Mass Shooters Knows That They will be the only one there with a Weapon ! You will take note there are never Mass Shooters at Police Stations ! Why because the Police Have Guns To ! That’s Why ! Mass Shooters are Cowards ! If everyone was aloud to carry Weapons like I said in the beginning crime would drop to 0 ! There would not be any Mass Shooters !

  • phinfan1972
    phinfan1972 6 days ago +3

    Remember a police officer carries a gun for their defence, not yours.

  • Michael Doran
    Michael Doran 7 days ago

    Will 2 years ago always be 2 years ago?

  • John Sellers
    John Sellers 7 days ago

    I admit I paused this video to ask this question. But Colion said here in the beginning that as soon as he starts to answer the tweet is deleted,so I don't tweet I'm pretty new at this stuff. But who does the deleting?the big guys at Twitter or is it whoever started the original tweet?thanks for any help

  • TheDave159
    TheDave159 8 days ago

    How is this dude such a gun nut but still in with the NRA?

  • Brent Mouton
    Brent Mouton 8 days ago

    Beto and all the current democrat candidates have certainly laid this all on the table since this interview.

  • Angrage Macmuffins
    Angrage Macmuffins 8 days ago

    Dave Rubin, thank you for not being like every other liberal. I can respect anyone who is sincerely willing to listen to the other side.

  • Frieden Hiker
    Frieden Hiker 9 days ago

    Shall not be infringed. Why is that so hard for you to understand? Because you are a member of the Law Club of the Establishment. The very fact that you keep saying over and over that we have "Constitutional rights" instead of inalienable rights should be a red flag that even you do not understand the difference between rights and privileges, and the real problem with that showed in this video. You were caught saying Constitutional rights during a discussion about states' rights, and Constitutional rights were taken as Federal rights. No rights are given by any government, and you may claim to understand that, but this video made it clear that you don't. Even the background checks and permits we have now are unlawful infringements, and it's sad that you cannot see how those have been used to get us to the point where YOU now feel uncomfortable. You are trying to convince others to come out of their comfort zone for your rights, but you have no problem infringing on others so you can stay in your comfort zone ("sensible" gun laws, you called them.) Shall not be infringed. You're educated, and you were taught how to break it down word for word. You were also taught how to research case law and what formed those in the first place. Shall not be infringed. Stop worrying about perceived "feelings" or compromises. Shall not be infringed. Lawfully, broken down, what does that mean? Either you trust in freedom, in the Republic, or you don't. Your willingness to accept unlawful infringement is coming from the same fear as the people you are trying to reach now. What would this country look like if adults were allowed to be adults? What if inalienable rights were completely respected? How can a little bit of government stop evil, but total government cannot? Either it works as a human control tool, or it doesn't (even though that is not the intended role of a people-created government.) This is where the disconnect or push-back is coming from. You are claiming that the infringement on rights that we endure now is "sensible," but any more is too much. In other words, you are agreeing with violating inalienable rights, but you want compromise on the amount of unlawful tyranny, without considering or caring about people who have already been run over by the tyranny you were taught to accept. You know what you know, or think you do. I'm asking you to consider that you may not know everything. Because we cannot know everything, it is better to respect and follow the law of the land, not the Law Club of the Establishment. There are thousands of innocent, honest people who have either lost their lives or ability to protect themselves and their families because of the "sensible", unlawful infringement you support. You would probably care about them if you knew them, but your comfort zone is still okay, so you assume everyone is okay. The people who don't own guns are fine with a total ban, because they are okay without a firearm, so you should be too, just like you are fine with people being disarmed because they are disabled veterans, Social Security recipients, or children being "Baker Acted" for being the wrong-thinking kid in the classroom. There is no sensible level of tyranny. We are not being "unreasonable", as you called it, for demanding the removal of unconstitutional laws, politicians, judges, magistrates, and police; we simply see how these unlawful so-called authorities use infringements to terrorize and kill honest Americans. You cannot know everything, but you can respect the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and learn why they were created, even if part of it is not affecting YOU at this moment. If a group is complaining about something, find out why, instead of dismissing it with your own bias, just like you are complaining about of others. It would be great if you would learn and understand what is happening out here, but short of that, please stop making our lives worse. Thank you.

  • Utahskiing1
    Utahskiing1 9 days ago

    What if there was a setting that required people to watch the entire video before being able to comment on it?

  • Barry Starr
    Barry Starr 9 days ago

    Good point about the trickery from our news media in blasting out headlines that condemn folks and many don't read exactly what was said. I like your video on the gun store folks who hang around and then think they know all about certain guns. All guns have their strengths and weaknesses it is up to us as customers to know what we want and to do the research to enable a intelligent decision.

  • Alex Durdan
    Alex Durdan 10 days ago

    .50 bmg = THE GREAT EQUALIZER.

  • Vamp68BSB1975
    Vamp68BSB1975 10 days ago

    Correction to Assult weapon is that it has a mode selector from firing one round with each trigger pull to firing more than one round with each trigger pull. For example, (Original Manufactured by Arma Lite [AR]) AR-15, that has only a Safe and Semi-auto called Fire (one round for each trigger pull) the civilian version of the military M-16 that has three modes Safe, Semi-auto called Fire, and Burst (three rounds with each trigger pull) First assault weapon was the Sturmgewehr

  • blancjoker
    blancjoker 10 days ago

    The very first gun I bought, the dealer called the FBI, read out my info, then I got the ok.

  • Onikame
    Onikame 11 days ago

    I have guns to defend myself and my family for those who would do us harm. (and for target shooting, because it's fun) I have Bows so if they take my guns I can lob arrows at their asses.

  • Current Comentor
    Current Comentor 12 days ago

    Dont bring a gun to a knife fight under 10ft.

  • Current Comentor
    Current Comentor 12 days ago

    Something the uk has right is handguns are viewed as more dangerous than rifles. Which are more restricted by shotguns. Air rifles under 12ftIb are unrestricted. An airpistol can only be under 6ftIb.

  • Phillip Nunya
    Phillip Nunya 12 days ago

    I had more faith in people two years ago before I started looking into this stuff. I used to think people were generalizing or were just wrong when they said people are just too mentally lazy and didn't actually care about the truth. Sadly that is a common case. I am not following his logic on why a registry would be required to implement background checks at gunshows. I'm not antigun, but I do think that "gunshow loophole" is a good description. What's stopping the buyers from having to do the same process at a booth or something that a buyer would do at a gun shop? Can someone please explain that to me?

  • Alan Light
    Alan Light 13 days ago

    RE: state's rights. Under the original American conception of governance, inalienable individual rights such as the right and duty of self defense trump state's rights, and state's rights trump federal law. Government was intended to be with the consent of the governed, and natural law applies.

  • Mary
    Mary 13 days ago

    MSM’s job is to tell us how to think, and I believe those who watch them, believe them sadly. I can’t imagine what they will do if they ever have to report that the deep state has done all these crimes I’ve been watching for years...probably create a big distraction. Say Trump chlorine gassed his own people or something crazy. Maybe try & set off the Yellowstone volcano. I wonder what the anti gun people say when someone asks them, ‘What about the criminals who don’t care about laws and who buy their guns from the black market’? Gun Free Zones are Sitting Duck Zones.

  • Rhiannon Howard
    Rhiannon Howard 14 days ago +1

    When I hear "weapon of war," I think of bazookas and javelins 🤷

  • Alan Wong
    Alan Wong 14 days ago

    At 31:49 I totally disagree w/ him that the cost benefit is lost in owning a nuclear suitcase. He says something like: "How is that going up protect you?! That's silly; it's self annihilation." That is exactly what our nuclear policy & strategy against the Soviets was: guaranteed mutual annihilation. So that nobody would win; making it a non option.

  • Blackhawk MG
    Blackhawk MG 15 days ago

    Rubin.. cudos to you to have Colin on. You love the 1st amendment as do I.. and doubt either of us think it should be restricted to a quill pen right? The 2nd amendment protects and guarantees all the other rights. Id love to see you go to a range with Colin.. or me even. Go try to buy a gun for yourself and all. However, im really glad you had the guts to have him on.

  • kholt275
    kholt275 15 days ago

    love that Colion. He is the common sense in the debate.

  • kholt275
    kholt275 15 days ago

    All weapons are weapons of war.

  • David Carroll
    David Carroll 15 days ago

    I think the reports assume that there are dealers at the gun shows selling guns. No one can set up shop at a gun show and sell private guns. This would fall to an individual that brought a gun in hopes to trade it in or just using the show as a place to find a market that might be willing to pay a reasonable price for that gun or in most cases an inflated price due to demand and lack of that type of fire arms. However the media try paint the picture as every transaction is done with no back ground check. no one seems to make that point clear to any larger audiences.

  • David Carroll
    David Carroll 15 days ago

    What happens if or when the government goes out of business and is bankrupt, who would be left to defend our country from invaders or the controllers of the military equipment?

  • David Carroll
    David Carroll 15 days ago

    If guns are going to be used in any mass killings , the issue is not a particular type of gun, if ARs are banned the next mass shooting will be done by the next best tool for the job.

  • David Carroll
    David Carroll 15 days ago

    The Universal back ground check can be argued that anyone selling a gun can collect the gun permit that was given to them as the permission slip from the Sheriffs office or make a copy of the concealed carry license which in the state of North Carolina proves the person had a back ground check and underwent education and training to receive the permit and make a copy and keep on hand for a certain amount of time. otherwise we simply use a gun store to do the admin on a gun however that adds 20-50.00 to pay to the FLL dealer. But either way, we can never allow a gun register in the hands of the government. My bet is they secretly have done spying and created one but if this country is going to really be a free democratic state then we can not allow someone coming into power and have the power to break up the constitution.

  • David Carroll
    David Carroll 15 days ago

    So we need to make it clear , which most legal people know, we simply can take the gun permit, if they got approved for one or 5 , keep it on record or see a copy of the concealed permit which indicates a back ground check was done and its legal for this individual to own a gun.

  • Sophiebelle
    Sophiebelle 15 days ago

    Great interview. Mr Noir is the Attorney for the NRA? Where do I sign up???

  • Mike
    Mike 16 days ago

    Nice Rolex.

  • Frank Frankerson
    Frank Frankerson 16 days ago

    I'm glad that the berrett 50cal. isnt a semi auto, so they wont want to confiscate that lol

  • Frank Frankerson
    Frank Frankerson 16 days ago

    I carry a pistol every where I go, I dont care if it's a safe space or a bank that's where the criminals dwell and prey on vulnerable people

  • Здорово, пёс!

    Colin Noir + Candance Owence would be a sweet coupl3🤣

  • James Ingram
    James Ingram 16 days ago

    I was watching an old John Wayne movie and there is was, the old western movie bad guy selling guns to Indians and it hit me. That's gun control! They used gun control to round up, slaughter and imprison the native American population. A disarmed population is a one that is in serious danger.

  • G. Brooks
    G. Brooks 17 days ago

    Colin is the Man! Keep fighting the good (and Constitutional) fight brotha!

  • Marion Keepper
    Marion Keepper 17 days ago

    15 minutes in and I'm reminded of Dan Bongino's approach to defending one's position. "Don't worry so much about convincing an intractable opponent that you're right. Instead focus on making the most logical, fact-based argument that you can because there's likely someone outside the conversation who CAN be convinced. THAT'S the person you're making your argument to."

  • Brian Peck
    Brian Peck 17 days ago

    As far as State's rights vs Federal law, sure if we don't like the law we could move. I like this because States then become an isolated test ground for specific laws and their feasibility while the rest watch. But the constitutional umbrella is an important one. That's why a State can't now decide to introduce slavery or racial discrimination laws and if it does it will be successfully sued if need be in a higher court not beholden to any particular State. For those that don't know discrimination is still allowed and important to have. I discriminate against gangsta types whether White, Black, Brown, Yellow or Red. A pet peeve of mine no doubt but some think they are righteous about pulling the race card when it's not necessarily about that.

  • Brian Peck
    Brian Peck 17 days ago

    it's "the friend of my enemy must be my enemy" routine. Some Blacks- "Racist Whites are the enemy, racist Whites are and are friends with gun advocates, gun advocates are racist, gun advocates are enemies". me- I sleep with my gun every night and in the morning it's reloaded!

  • Dave Simpson
    Dave Simpson 17 days ago

    Common sense: Define criminal = an individual that defies/breaks a law(s). Therefore, by definition, a criminal will not obey any law they make. That is common sense!

  • Joshua Haydon
    Joshua Haydon 18 days ago

    I’m glad to see this guy getting his due. I remember watching his videos when I was contemplating which handgun caliber was right for me.

  • Philip Edelstein
    Philip Edelstein 18 days ago

    Its sounds like black people oppress themselves while blaming others for it ..

  • BlackDim100
    BlackDim100 19 days ago

    Colion Noir for POTUS!

  • Donna Wells
    Donna Wells 19 days ago

    I love you Colion,but you are confusing this guy even more.I think this could be explained in a simpler way. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Perditus Thornatus2
    Perditus Thornatus2 19 days ago

    This video should be shown to students in schools. This video is very informative and very fair. Gun ignorance does not equal gun safety.

  • Taylor McKee
    Taylor McKee 20 days ago

    Definitely don’t have as many mass shootings as Mexico

  • Stuart R
    Stuart R 21 day ago

    Colion's description of fully automatic should note that the firearm continues to cycle and fire with one press of the trigger until you release the trigger, both of his descriptions could be misunderstood by a layperson to mean that one press of the trigger automatically empties the magazine every time.

  • Touhou music
    Touhou music 21 day ago

    guns are just another form of freedom, and we all know what the left thinks about freedom

  • CodeOfficial
    CodeOfficial 21 day ago

    7:27 "i assume you have 8 guns on you at all times" kind of retarded assumption dude...then again your kind of uneducated so its cool...not trying to sound like a dick towards you but yeah.