4 Levels of Mac and Cheese: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

  • Published on Feb 20, 2019
  • We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of macaroni and cheese. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which mac & cheese was the best?
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    4 Levels of Mac and Cheese: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious
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  • ladawn halsey
    ladawn halsey Hour ago

    to my agenda none of them made a good one i can do better hands down

  • Alex Da JaguarMan

    I'm going to be honest, the level 3 mac and cheese looks disgusting to me..

  • Dome W.
    Dome W. 2 hours ago

    "Level 4" the shittalker again can´t cook but keep talking.. booohh nobody cares what u say.. stfu and cook the perfect version... i rly hate the 4th "Level" thats just talking and that can evry single goofball..

  • Ruby Jiang
    Ruby Jiang 2 hours ago

    Level 2 has crazy eyes and rubs me the wrong way but I cant deny he makes a good mac n cheese

  • Rod Taco
    Rod Taco 3 hours ago

    Really, no one has mentioned the vine “that’s what good 🐈 sounds like” I’m ashamed of all of you

  • Lammy Bean
    Lammy Bean 3 hours ago

    Nobody made a roux what is going on 😦

  • Bimbim Studio
    Bimbim Studio 5 hours ago

    I use Colby jack and American
    Cheese for mine what about y’all

  • Bimbim Studio
    Bimbim Studio 5 hours ago

    Level 3 isn’t even macaroni and cheese it looks nasty

  • dcfox100
    dcfox100 6 hours ago

    Sugar in Mac 'n' cheese. Might as well just call it a cheesecake

  • Michael LDN
    Michael LDN 7 hours ago

    Italian Americans: i'M ITaLiAn, BeLiEVe mE i'M NoT YOuR rEgULAr olD WhiTe pErSON, hEY lOoK aT ME I hAVe CuLTurE, mY GrAnDMA lOveS oLive oiL AnD GArLiC!

  • Jim Mc Fadden
    Jim Mc Fadden 8 hours ago

    Non of these are old school like grandma used to make.

  • Amir Sezar
    Amir Sezar 9 hours ago

    michael High High

  • Иван Иванов
    Иван Иванов 9 hours ago

    Play with captions at 4:57 😬😬😬

    HEAVENSHOT3195 9 hours ago

    Theme: macaroni and cheese
    Using pasta..

  • Steph H
    Steph H 10 hours ago +1

    They lost me at not having Lorenzo on.

  • nykecon
    nykecon 10 hours ago

    I’m stoned,
    and everything looks so good my lord

  • Infires Man
    Infires Man 11 hours ago

    the level 2 chef gives a lot of amy santiago vibes

  • Monica XCVI
    Monica XCVI 12 hours ago

    level 3!? boii ew

  • cene
    cene 12 hours ago

    Ive watched this vid, I see it again in my recommended and see all these sound effect triggered comments 😂

  • Guillermo Cortes
    Guillermo Cortes 13 hours ago

    I want to see a Battle between Anthony and Lorenzo.

    Get the two to do the same recipe and have a level 4 Food Scientist grade them to see who wins.

  • raj sun
    raj sun 13 hours ago

    Micheal r u high

  • ColdCuts
    ColdCuts 15 hours ago

    Level 0: So what I have here is a nice box of Kraft Mac n Cheese and you're gonna want to follow the directions on the box to a T.

  • Riley Kingston
    Riley Kingston 15 hours ago

    I like the level 1 the best.

  • Ethan the Taco
    Ethan the Taco 15 hours ago

    Im michael and I'm a level 100 ingredient master

  • Tazz - Gaming
    Tazz - Gaming 15 hours ago

    And then there is Gordon Ramsey, level 4 chef.

  • Kailee Passow
    Kailee Passow 16 hours ago

    The second chef is staring into my soul

  • we'll carry on
    we'll carry on 16 hours ago

    Omg can the level three chef make me Mac and cheese plz. IT LOOKS SO GOOD

  • Axew 012
    Axew 012 17 hours ago

    Who bakes homemade Mac and cheese?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!!!!!?????

  • ladynikkie
    ladynikkie 18 hours ago

    My mom cooks like level 2 but she uses penne

  • Joe Ees
    Joe Ees 18 hours ago

    I'm curious what the level 3 version tastes like. Pity they don't provide recipes.

  • Matthew Arant
    Matthew Arant 18 hours ago

    The only one I would like is the third one. Cheese is good don't get me wrong. But more cheese does not equal better. I DO NOT understand these people who just literally sprinkle cheese on top of Mac n cheese. Like what are you doing it has enough cheese already holy crap.

  • Elena The Eggrøll
    Elena The Eggrøll 18 hours ago

    Why does Anthony Remind me of Hans from frozen ;-;

  • starsan
    starsan 19 hours ago

    Pretty much none of them make it right 😂

  • MajapahitMapper
    MajapahitMapper 19 hours ago

    Good thing emily isnt here because she would use ketchup as a topping

  • Daniel Tolentino
    Daniel Tolentino 19 hours ago

    Anthony stat faded haha.

  • Isaac Yanez
    Isaac Yanez 19 hours ago

    I think level 1 was the best

  • Jenny Miller
    Jenny Miller 19 hours ago

    Best way to ruin any food video: edit in sticky, moist noise. I am ill.

  • AM047
    AM047 19 hours ago

    Level 2 is such a dad, what a guy

  • Opal64
    Opal64 19 hours ago

    Top 10 anime betrayals involve putting graham crackers and sugar into the mac and cheese.

  • Isabelle Mangones
    Isabelle Mangones 20 hours ago

    I make the cheese sauce in the macaroni. Nothing gets left out...

    I want Mac and Cheese now

  • Egg Krab
    Egg Krab 20 hours ago

    Sjsomsksksk these crabs no im not gonna add 568 pounds of salt to my water why because i did this before and i almost cried to how salty my macaronies were

  • harpella
    harpella 22 hours ago

    Anyone catch the insane amoount of SSSSssst's in the Food Scientists speech. Headphone user... :P

  • keiliyn sariñana
    keiliyn sariñana 22 hours ago

    if Lorenzo isnt here its not a level 2 chef

  • OrochiLemon
    OrochiLemon 23 hours ago

    Why does the level 3 chef look high

  • MissDarleneRae
    MissDarleneRae 23 hours ago +1

    Level 2 looks the best. Level 1 looks dry. Level 3, I would have to try it before judging.

  • Kayleigh Right
    Kayleigh Right 23 hours ago

    Who thinks that the second chefs dish was the best and was really professional ❤️❤️

  • Dolev Pearl
    Dolev Pearl Day ago +1

    07:24 turn on english subtitles

    like if you got it

    • Dolev Pearl
      Dolev Pearl Day ago +1

      Jesus with a high moisture content

  • Joel Pakarinen
    Joel Pakarinen Day ago

    4 levels?

  • Nanashi87
    Nanashi87 Day ago

    I would try 3's Mac and cheese. Other than that I learned something new, and going to turn it up another notch like Emeril.

  • nimedhel09
    nimedhel09 Day ago

    Interesting. I feel like the level 2 chef is the one I'm the most inspired by. The level 3's sauce seems delicious too, but I don't like the crumbs with sugar and all that, totally not my thing.

  • NikkiJ336
    NikkiJ336 Day ago

    They should taste each other’s food

  • A H
    A H Day ago

    One our friends makes his family's recipe mac and cheese, with bacon bits, Philadelphia cheese, etc like the 3rd one on the video, it is always a hit at parties/pot luck.

  • HorribleGamer27
    HorribleGamer27 Day ago

    Mac and cheese is a sacred dish. Gotta be careful you can easily mess that up and no one will trust you again

  • Gabriel Gabor
    Gabriel Gabor Day ago

    Anthony, are you sure to be Italian? Because in my entire life I don't remember adding olive oil to the pot whatsoever

  • Venusplays 09
    Venusplays 09 Day ago

    Me after watching the video: welp now my tummy hurts because I am now very hungry -_-

  • cassie
    cassie Day ago

    I miss this food scientist lady :(

  • Labib Uchiha
    Labib Uchiha Day ago

    The girl tried her hardest to act like she knew what she was doing

  • Pink Lady
    Pink Lady Day ago +4

    Someone else should do the taste test. 🙋🏾‍♀️I volunteer.

  • Khaliq ABD & Co.

    I'm making f*in mac and cheese, and nobody can stop me!

  • MARS
    MARS Day ago

    No lie but I’d rather have the level 1 than level 3

  • The Goat
    The Goat Day ago +1

    That "food scientist" doesn't deserve level 4. She's not even cooking.

  • Fusion 69961
    Fusion 69961 Day ago

    An amateur would buy a mac and cheese packet.

  • Kaden Maguglin
    Kaden Maguglin Day ago

    Let me get Adas Instagram

  • Donn OMarr
    Donn OMarr Day ago

    clearly I been deprived all my life cause only level 1 look like MacNcheese to me.
    Level 3 can be an expert chef with 89 years of experience for all I care about, I’m Never putting sugar(s) and/or graham crackers in my macNcheese goddamnit

  • YeahOkBuddy
    YeahOkBuddy Day ago

    the first time where the level 1 chef is not an absolute tard

  • Shawn Apec oof
    Shawn Apec oof Day ago

    Gordon is dissapointed

  • Roan Buma
    Roan Buma Day ago

    Level 0: throw cheese, milk, butter, water, macaroni, salt and pepper in a pan of boiling water, boil and stir untill all the water is gone

  • Chungy Boi
    Chungy Boi Day ago

    To be honest I like my Mac and cheese Basic

  • Order of the True Force

    Lv.3 without the topping. Just the bacon bits. For Lv. 4 mac n cheese search this video on TheXvid: "The BEST Pasta in Los Angeles! Le Petit Paris"

  • GodSon
    GodSon Day ago

    Level 4 microwave Mac n cheese cups

  • Andriana Semeniuc

    Who here would rather have level 1's Mac n cheese

  • oookaypal
    oookaypal Day ago

    That girl made some dry mac and cheese

  • GenjiMain 69
    GenjiMain 69 Day ago

    What are gram crackers??

  • Destroyer of Souls

    Wow, I just cook the macaroni and add one type of grated cheese - don't even cook the cheese! Does that make me level 0?
    Oh well, there is some person in the comment section, who microwaves boxed mac and cheese.

  • Kevrolld
    Kevrolld Day ago +1

    Smell like the ocean?? Yea this a scam

  • Y L
    Y L Day ago

    I miss level 4 scientist. She is cool and sounds knowledgeable not like the new young one

  • carlos montoya
    carlos montoya Day ago

    I'd rather eat level 1 because she does it basic

    CHOCOLATE! Day ago

    Oh my God I hate the squishy noises

  • Sudarson Baskaran
    Sudarson Baskaran 2 days ago

    Italians: Let's make a sauce with few different stuff in it. Americans: what if you mix cheese with more cheese?

  • Hannah Barton
    Hannah Barton 2 days ago +1

    Said no one ever

  • Mtanica
    Mtanica 2 days ago

    Who raised Cook 2 and 3? Just stop....just...stop it with the foolishness. Graham crackers, crumb toppings. Cook 2 is too methodical. You make food with love and he..sigh. The third chefs roux lookled like clam chowder. Throw it all away..

  • Emily Jaber
    Emily Jaber 2 days ago +5

    Me buying boxed mac and cheese that gets ready in 5 minutes ...

  • Lamyah Mitchell
    Lamyah Mitchell 2 days ago +8

    The level three person was just to Extra

  • Deatrix
    Deatrix 2 days ago

    why doesn't the food scientist taste each one and say whose is the best? is it to prevent defamation of someone's skill/career or... because it'd be really fun to know

  • Brittany Pace
    Brittany Pace 2 days ago

    Those sound effects are so unbearable what the actual F

  • LunEkoYT
    LunEkoYT 2 days ago

    Those sound effects.....

  • Federica Lazzari
    Federica Lazzari 2 days ago

    I'm Italian and definitely gonna kill myself

  • david w
    david w 2 days ago

    This video is perfect for people who love mac and cheese and also want to cook them! Now we know how to make them using three different techniques. I think they are all great but since not everyone have access to high quality equipment, I think the level one and two chef are the most relatable. Regardless, nice content!

  • aditya raj
    aditya raj 2 days ago

    This is ultimate food porn

  • Arif Zamri
    Arif Zamri 2 days ago

    The title says 4 levels

  • Annisa Angie
    Annisa Angie 2 days ago +1

    Why im watching this when im fasting whyyy

  • PrettyPurpleful
    PrettyPurpleful 2 days ago +2

    My mac and cheese tastes is better than all three.

  • drama world
    drama world 2 days ago

    Level 3:(teaching chemistry)
    Me: what the hell is that language?

  • Theo reitter
    Theo reitter 2 days ago

    take a shot each time you hear "cheese" starting at 6:12

  • Saraphina The 1
    Saraphina The 1 2 days ago

    « It has to taste like the ocean » I’m dead

  • Edge9404
    Edge9404 2 days ago

    Fire the sound editor NOW.

  • Flugmorph
    Flugmorph 2 days ago +1

    wtf that was a lot of salt

  • Rubén Gabriel Valdivieso Machicao

    Honestly, Level 3 looks like a dessert, considering everything he added to his recipe.

  • Wingdings Master
    Wingdings Master 2 days ago +1


  • Alya Kurniawan
    Alya Kurniawan 2 days ago

    Oefff 3:41 asmr