We Tried 7 Days of Meditation

  • Published on Jul 27, 2018
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  Year ago +159

    GOOD MORNING FRIENDS!! This has been a highly requested video on my channel for MONTHS, and I hope you love it!!! :) What did y'all think?!

    • its amber jack smith
      its amber jack smith 9 months ago

      Wow, im impressed can u another part?

    • Natalia Pérez
      Natalia Pérez Year ago

      Thank you for doing it! It helped a lot :)

    • luna K. G.
      luna K. G. Year ago

      Love this, meditation can truly change a person for the better ❤️

    • Mickey Joseph
      Mickey Joseph Year ago

      Michelle Khare you should try Cross fit next!!!

    • shywolf4
      shywolf4 Year ago

      Michelle Khare PLEASE be careful with essential oils in or out of diffusers if either of you have pets. Many are very toxic to pets, not only if ingested, but in the air. They can cause organ damage and very often by the time the owners notice symptoms, the damage is irreversible. Many vets are trying to get this info out to animal lovers. There are pet safe essential oils but they are few and far between so do research before using them in a home with any animals.

  • Aggeliki Mp
    Aggeliki Mp 2 months ago

    THIS IS DEMONIC. MEDITATION, YOGA ETC IS DEMONIC WHAT ARE U DOING? BE CAREFUL❤ I LOVE U BUT THIS IS DEMONIC❤ (I'm orthodox Christian) and if u read books of saint Paisios u will understand ❤ it's another religious with connect us with the devil😭 and we want the good and not the bad things❤

  • Ujandja Veii
    Ujandja Veii 3 months ago

    Please do some real research before opening yourself up to this. When you chant and empty your mind during meditation you open yourself up to some creepy spiritual stuff but don't take my word for it do your research you'll find out I'm right

  • Nur Isha Qaisara
    Nur Isha Qaisara 3 months ago

    Okay im gonna meditate for a week and see my posture because i look like an old lady

  • Piotr Remiszewski
    Piotr Remiszewski 3 months ago

    You should try to learn a new language in one week!

  • indigo child
    indigo child 3 months ago

    What is the song you used around 6:00 minutes?

  • becky smith
    becky smith 4 months ago

    Omg her bangles clinking and the sound of her mouth moving when she’s talking is fucking triggering

  • menassie samuel
    menassie samuel 5 months ago

    i love your channel how you keep so busy

  • Badia
    Badia 5 months ago

    I use several ways of Meditation: breathing meditation and walking meditation as instructed by my Mentor Thich Nhat Hanh. And if I need a little bit of support tuning in: the Headspace App!! Both sources are incredibly valuable 😉

  • Keylin Vids
    Keylin Vids 7 months ago +1

    Her teeth are so white 🤩

  • Eashita Saxena
    Eashita Saxena 9 months ago

    What to do, when while meditating you fall asleep for a few seconds?

  • Grand Diamond
    Grand Diamond 9 months ago

    I love the concept of meditation and yoga but I'm concerned about conflicting belief systems and energies in the purely spiritual and religious aspects. Guided meditation looks nice though...

  • Once Upon a Mountain Time

    Take 10days vipassana challenge , but u won’t be able to shoot it

  • Prachita
    Prachita 9 months ago

    She looks like Shailene woodley

  • mega silvia Budaya
    mega silvia Budaya 9 months ago +1

    please do more videos about self-healing things like this ❤️❤️❤️

  • Teodora Mitroi
    Teodora Mitroi 10 months ago

    I learned so much indeed! Very informative and inspirational video 😊

  • hai dai
    hai dai 10 months ago

    *Love you Michelleeeeeeee ❤️*

  • treeoflife 2015
    treeoflife 2015 10 months ago

    Maybe you could try to be a massage therapist for a day :))

  • Traci Stumpf
    Traci Stumpf 10 months ago

    Any idea on where to find those pads/chairs the yoga teacher had that folds? Those look amazing!

  • 7 22
    7 22 11 months ago

    I meditate every morning ( I wake up at 5 AM yeah I'm a morning person LOL! ) just to start my day with a positive and unstressed mind!

    • 7 22
      7 22 10 months ago

      @Emily Martin girl everyone is different and thats how it works for me it gives me a unstressed and positive mindset which I love, it may not work on you sooo idc

    • Emily Martin
      Emily Martin 10 months ago

      You are already practicing incorrectly if you think meditation gives you a positive and stress free mind

  • cultofrommani
    cultofrommani Year ago

    Rich Roll and Osho have been really inspirational to me for creating a balance between the western world with consciousness inspired by eastern teachings, my meditation practice really improved my life

  • Tanaya Kumar
    Tanaya Kumar Year ago

    her and matttt 😭❤️❤️ i always shipped them since the time she posted that appreciation post on her insta

  • Krista Sharpe
    Krista Sharpe Year ago

    Try Headspace. It's amazing

  • Sarah Likes Tacos

    Try CBD for a month

  • Ms. Shrub
    Ms. Shrub Year ago

    My best friend started Instagram page focused on fitness. I recommended your page to her for inspiration. I’ve been watching you since buzzfeed. Love your videos. Keep it up!!

  • Salamander_ Django

    If i meditate i fucking sleep 😂😂😂

  • Eleri Paimla
    Eleri Paimla Year ago

    Hiiii, Michelle!!! Are you still doing videos about trying diets and workouts? If so I was wondering if you could try out carb cycling
    Love you ❤️

  • Laura Yanniis
    Laura Yanniis Year ago +1

    What if you try to work like a ballet dancer for a few weeks! I really enjoy allll of your videos!

  • Alex Giroux
    Alex Giroux Year ago +1

    wow! Thank you so much to talk about mental health!

  • Keri McCaffrey
    Keri McCaffrey Year ago +3

    You need to try pole fitness/dancing and aerial hammock and silks or Lyra!!!

  • Sunset ASMR
    Sunset ASMR Year ago

    You should do a video with ASMR!

  • MrParkerman6
    MrParkerman6 Year ago


  • chocolate cookie
    chocolate cookie Year ago

    Do you still work for BuzzFeed

  • Utsav Kumar
    Utsav Kumar Year ago

    you are very beautiful....

  • Captain Gimpy
    Captain Gimpy Year ago

    Great video! It reminded me that when it comes to anxiety and negative self-talk, our brains can be a bit like poorly calibrated VR equipment that just needs some help refocusing. Also, Congrats on the funding goal! I've got my eye on that bulldog goodness

  • Allison Gette
    Allison Gette Year ago

    Omg that discount though... also I've been starting to meditate everyday! Such a great habit.

  • RedTieAgent
    RedTieAgent Year ago

    There’s no way i can sit still that long unless i’m having a beer after i have a beer.

  • Joe Morado
    Joe Morado Year ago

    I don't like being alone with my thoughts they scare my

  • Idk man
    Idk man Year ago

    I lowkey fancy this girl ngl

  • Heather Clark
    Heather Clark Year ago

    My problem is my thoughts slow and fade away, and then I'm asleep lol

  • Pamela Bailey
    Pamela Bailey Year ago

    This is who I listen to all the time. Awesome channel. Here’s a new one for busy people. 🙏🏻🙌🏻👌🏻✌🏻

  • anasua pal
    anasua pal Year ago

    Hi Michelle, as always you are amazing. I just wanted to say that try asudarshan kriya at the art of living. I dont know how it works, do you need sponsorship for trying things? even if you dont make a video out of it, just give it a try. you will learn to meditate on your own at home, without apps. and its a powerful breathing technique. Just for yourself, I earnestly request you to give it a try. It changed my life, and I hope it transforms yours too. (again no promotion, not asking for you to make a video, its just a request from an ardent fan.)

  • boomfyer89
    boomfyer89 Year ago +1

    You should do a Brazilian Jiu jitsu video

  • Sydni Penalver
    Sydni Penalver Year ago

    John looks like an actual angel 😭

  • Hayley Smith
    Hayley Smith Year ago

    OMG where is Sky's first dress from? I'm in love. Also, great video I might give the unplug app a go!

  • Bàrbara Sanchez
    Bàrbara Sanchez Year ago

    I loved this video!!! You gave me a whole new perspective on meditation and I’m so grateful for that🙏🏻🙏🏻 Already installed the Unplug app since I am in Barcelona, Spain right now, and was wondering.. do you have a coupon code for us followers? Thank you so much for what you do!

  • Ellie kendall
    Ellie kendall Year ago

    Loved this video!! I have been slack with my meditation aswell and thought that if I didn't slot it in I wont do it so I was disregarding it on busy days. I like the tip of taking 2 minutes or 3 minutes across the day and making sure that you are meditating when stressed because I know that the last thing I want to do is meditate but now I am going to make myself do it. Keep up the good work!

  • Haley Breslin
    Haley Breslin Year ago

    I really enjoyed this video! I've watched more of your videos recently and I really enjoy following your life. You're a very inspiring person and i'm glad that you have the ability to create your content in such great amounts and quality. Thank you!

  • Andrea La Blanc
    Andrea La Blanc Year ago +9

    do a month of freerunning/parkour

  • awesome asssdsdlsfdgddf

    .Its not just about not having a phone ...

  • Lesley van der Laar

    Nice video - I kind of wished you would have gone into the science of it a bit more. Meditation is one of four things that have scientific evidence backing them for improving your life (along with sleep, nutrition and exercise). Six weeks of meditating at least 20 minutes has the same effect on depressed people as antidepressants. After the same six weeks, parts of your brains have changed and that's visible under a scanner.
    I suppose that also means that to really feel any difference your experiment may need to be a bit longer!

  • Kayla E
    Kayla E Year ago

    I’m loving this video. Meditation/Mindfulness is so cool. And it’s becoming a really well researched method of reducing anxiety and helping with a lot of mental health problems

  • Galaxii chef
    Galaxii chef Year ago

    This "super calm Michelle" is probably my favorite Michelle.

  • Madison B
    Madison B Year ago

    I have started meditating. It’s helps a lot.

  • Kory Walsh
    Kory Walsh Year ago

    How does a breathtakingly beautiful woman make a video that is informative and smart video? Oh here's one! Amazing again! 2 thumbs up!!!

  • Emerald
    Emerald Year ago +11

    Not to take away from the efficacy of the sponsorship (glad you're getting great partners, Michelle!) but in case anyone is interested, I'm really fond of the Headspace app and you can access their 10-day basic series (I just repeat it over and over) for free without upgrading to the paid version of the app (which I will once I can afford it). It's really amazing and super helpful, and their little video clips with helpful metaphors/thought exercises are really enlightening and make the whole process much easier! Meditating makes a huge difference in mental health and there's tons of good evidence out there about it, everyone really should make it a practice.

  • Hoodxo Calum
    Hoodxo Calum Year ago

    I need to meditate 😭

  • DarkSky Plague
    DarkSky Plague Year ago +4

    God is all you need

  • Ruffdogg21
    Ruffdogg21 Year ago

    Even tho she has dude shoulders-I still want her to sit on my face;)

  • Zou !
    Zou ! Year ago

    I really really liked this video Michelle!!! You made me want to try meditating when it never tempted me before... even during the lunch break to lower my anxiety during the day ! So thank you !