New Memoji in iOS 13!

  • Published on Jun 8, 2019
  • Excited for iOS 13 and the new Memoji features!
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  • Dylan Perrin
    Dylan Perrin 21 hour ago

    Anyone else wonder what phone Justine actually uses cuz she can’t use every one 😂

  • Annie Puff
    Annie Puff Day ago

    Memoji was on iPhone X too before iOS 13

  • ziana
    ziana 2 days ago

    My animoji didn't move when I was making it ajchjfnd

  • Vika Matevosyan
    Vika Matevosyan 3 days ago

    Guys iphone 11 or iphone XS??

  • ElixZoe
    ElixZoe 3 days ago

    memojis are ugly...xd

  • Billie Fan
    Billie Fan 3 days ago

    i am Getting iphone xr on Christmas, so exciting 😍

  • Camila’s Vlogs Vlogs forever lovvee

    Who else has the iPhone 6? 😂😭

    • Alli Palma
      Alli Palma 17 hours ago

      Camila’s Vlogs Vlogs forever lovvee 😔✊

  • Siva kumar
    Siva kumar 4 days ago

    You looks like a little bit Dani Daniels. 😁

  • Star HQ
    Star HQ 4 days ago

    I did this on snapchat 😂 the disappointing thing is that it doesn’t track the facial expressions

  • Maria jim
    Maria jim 4 days ago

    Well I have iPhone 7 Plus... I can create my own Memoji but it’s not moving like hers😭

  • Lee Mchanaji
    Lee Mchanaji 4 days ago +2

    How I wish my IPhone 7+ could do that🙂

  • Rania Paruk
    Rania Paruk 4 days ago

    I can’t get both the beauty spots on my face!!!! Uggghhhh!!!!

  • Furry Dareen
    Furry Dareen 4 days ago

    Xd that XR is the same color as mine😊

  • Sarah Sarran
    Sarah Sarran 5 days ago +44

    LOL….who saw the message that she sent to Jenna that said "I'm RECORDING don't say anything BAD"...LMAO

  • Gurosama Bltch
    Gurosama Bltch 5 days ago +5


  • Isabelle Weaver
    Isabelle Weaver 5 days ago +4

    Ijustine would be so Disappointed in me. I have an iPhone 4.... 5 years old.

  • How To: In Less Than 90 SEC !

    That’s how to save animoji video to camera roll:

  • RaptorM82
    RaptorM82 8 days ago

    Justine yeah baby stick your tongau out so i can put Mine penus on itbaby

  • luis fernando
    luis fernando 9 days ago

    Essa bosta n sai do declaro do whats

  • Katherine Huston
    Katherine Huston 9 days ago +2

    I have iOS 13 and I got Memoji and it wouldn’t let me have Animoji. Like ok bud

  • Mzshawty Litty
    Mzshawty Litty 10 days ago

    How can I edit my hair??

  • Eliana Portilla
    Eliana Portilla 11 days ago

    I laughed a lot more than I am able to admit.

  • Straitjacket Studios
    Straitjacket Studios 11 days ago +2


  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo 13 days ago +1

    I didn’t get
    The Memoji stickers and I have iOS 13 and an Xr

  • Joshua Gambol
    Joshua Gambol 13 days ago

    How sad I cannot update my iphone6

  • Leena Girl
    Leena Girl 14 days ago +1

    Now all we need is a Bigfoot emoji!!!!

  • LmaoToni
    LmaoToni 14 days ago

    Does it work for iphone 7 plss answer??

  • I’m not emo, I swear

    How do you make the camera work though

  • Matea Lerga
    Matea Lerga 14 days ago

    i have memoj but i cant record myself as memoj

  • A Mu
    A Mu 14 days ago +22

    Is she a voice actress? Because if not she totally should be. No? Just me?

  • Neža Korbar
    Neža Korbar 15 days ago

    I have an iphone 6s and i have ios 13.1.2 why dont i have this then?

  • Tilde Gammelgaard
    Tilde Gammelgaard 15 days ago

    How do you film your Animoji

  • Louisee Bitch
    Louisee Bitch 15 days ago

    Why would it work on mu face

  • ConnorJDVlogs
    ConnorJDVlogs 15 days ago

    I want that phone SO much

  • Star stable Sea river
    Star stable Sea river 15 days ago +1

    You can add piercings but on iphone7 you can’t move around on it

    • Mxars
      Mxars 13 days ago

      duh, only the iphones from x and up have the whole face recognition system.

  • WOW Game!
    WOW Game! 16 days ago


  • Xiomara Da Silva
    Xiomara Da Silva 16 days ago +1

    I kinda wish all phones could do it but other than that I like the update

  • Brandon Cho Productions

    *Legend says iOS 13 still lives in the dark*

  • Mirage Taylor
    Mirage Taylor 18 days ago

    ios 13 just added to my phonee✌🏽

  • AlanaRosaTv
    AlanaRosaTv 18 days ago

    I wish they animoji on iPhone 7

  • Eden
    Eden 18 days ago

    Does the new iPhones have memoji?

  • Lyca Nociete
    Lyca Nociete 18 days ago

    What app is that?

  • Asmaa A
    Asmaa A 19 days ago

    Whats the name of the app

  • Claudia -
    Claudia - 19 days ago +1

    How do you make the Memoji move like she’s doing in the video? :O

  • Myuser 5
    Myuser 5 19 days ago

    Where’s your iPhone XS?

  • JungkookDiana BTS
    JungkookDiana BTS 19 days ago

    6:11 куда она нажала???

  • Tasso Demo
    Tasso Demo 20 days ago +11

    Justine: *spams Jenna with stickers*
    Also Justine: “I’m recording, don’t say anything bad”
    Jenna: *blocks her* (she didn’t actually block her it’s a joke)

  • Ruby Rayne
    Ruby Rayne 20 days ago

    I had an iPhone 7 for the longest and I was fine with it. Just purchased the 11 for video work. Have to say the new features are definitely amusing. Thanks for the demo! :)

  • Adeel Raja
    Adeel Raja 21 day ago

    How do you get it?

  • etheralshroom -
    etheralshroom - 22 days ago

    I have public beta 4..

  • Boston Red Sox fan
    Boston Red Sox fan 23 days ago


  • Unknown User
    Unknown User 24 days ago

    does it work on iphone 8 plus?

  • Açaí Life
    Açaí Life 24 days ago

    How come it’s always the exspensive phone that has the memojis! The ones that are not the iPhone X or higher have memoji stickers I feel like it’s not fair😔😭

  • Khristel Hayes
    Khristel Hayes 24 days ago +37

    She's still using her Xr even though she has 11😭✊

    • Gurosama Bltch
      Gurosama Bltch 5 days ago +1

      Ashad Rizvi And still I'm pretty sure she was using it because she didn't want to install the beta on her main phone.

    • Ashad Rizvi
      Ashad Rizvi 19 days ago +3

      Khristel Hayes that was 3 months ago stupid

  • Shivani Mhatre
    Shivani Mhatre 24 days ago

    My emoji wont moving why ?

  • Alex MacDonald
    Alex MacDonald 25 days ago

    You don’t have a pointy chin, you have a strong jawline, which is actually an attractive feature.

  • Sherab Dema
    Sherab Dema 25 days ago +2

    U remind me of a footnote broadcaster

  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor 25 days ago

    I like the Memoji

  • Gboy Gamer
    Gboy Gamer 25 days ago

    me: WOAH!!!!!! its so freaking realistic who mad dis?
    baby sis:uhh apple

  • eunike veve
    eunike veve 26 days ago

    Do you think iPhone 7plus the memoji can be move?