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Cruz: Release of US prisoners is a 'major victory'

  • Published on May 10, 2018
  • Republican lawmaker from Texas says the release of the prisoners from North Korea is a result of American strength. On 'Fox & Friends,' Cruz discusses the ethanol mandate changes and withdrawing from the Iran deal.
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Comments • 490

  • Kevin Kennedy
    Kevin Kennedy 5 months ago

    Lyi.... I mean Truthful Ted Cruz!!!

  • paul sheehan
    paul sheehan 7 months ago

    Cruz is such a tool, for the orange clown. I`d have beaten anyone, that accused my father, of killing JFK, without a shred of proof. Your afraid of a demented old orange fool! Your a coward Ted. I bet your kids, and wife are ashamed of you. Does your father even talk to you? You can`t possibly have any self respect. Only in Texas, could you stand a chance of winning.

  • Steve Hunt
    Steve Hunt 10 months ago

    Lying Ted still lying lol

  • Loretta Harris
    Loretta Harris 10 months ago

    That is wonderful. Thank you President Trump and Kim Jong Un!!!!!!

  • lunabird89
    lunabird89 11 months ago

    peace through strength stands strong . GOD BLESS THE USA !

  • CAT
    CAT 11 months ago

    Boot Licker Cruz commends the guy that called his wife an Ugly Beast, what a coward,

  • Kel0390
    Kel0390 11 months ago

    Senator Cruz is one the best congressmen out of Texas. He makes me proud to be a Texan. Governor Abbott is also a great man. I'm so embarrassed when I see Texas Representatives like Sheila Jackson Lee making a fool out of herself on Capitol Hill. I hope Houston will do the right thing and vote her out of office.

  • John W.
    John W. 11 months ago

    you wana succeed in politics in America like this moron commit treason & obey israel. Trump besides being an idiot in chief was brainwashed growing up in New York by zionist jews who suck the blood of my country America (i know i live in New York) . you blood sucker worthless, israeli ass kisser corrupt U.S. politicians obey the murderer ugly face, ugly heart the terrorist in cheif Natanyahoo. America will be free only when it's free from israeli/zionists control of its politics, congress, banking, hollywood,...(even medical schools) in America. Shame on power hungry zionitst asskisser politicians and shitface anchors like Hanity and the many other opurtunists/brainwashed who are on the payroll of these zionist AIPAC lowlives.

  • B W
    B W 11 months ago

    I'm beginning to really like Senator Ted Cruz!! He also defended Diamond and Silk!

  • Amalgamated Potato Packing Pocatello

    Faith, Love, Hope. The three major themes of the New Testament.
    GREED, LUST, LIES, is TRUMP legacy.
    A sorry time when religion espouse sin. Sorry indeed.
    When Jesus Christ walked this world, there were many religious leaders that undercut him, both openly and behind his back. Ultimately leading to Jesus crucified on the cross. It was not the Roman governor Pontius Pilate, no. It was the self righteousness of the Church that crucified the SON OF GOD. Reflect on that and know your own foolishness.

  • Bunker Buster
    Bunker Buster 11 months ago

    No Stopping This Trump Train in November and 2020 !

  • mark tackett
    mark tackett 11 months ago

    Say what you will ,but Ted Cruz is to be admired for his devotion to the party. In spite of the things Trump Sid during their race, Cruz has put that in its proper place and moved on as a politician. This kind of professionalism is not seen today in either party. Hillary makes me sick,when she thought she was going to win she was going around making a big deal about how Trump should behave if he lost ,he was to be a true patriot and go away. Anything else according to her would have been like spitting on the American way of life. Why the 360 degree Hillary ,you have pouted and thrown a bigger tantrum than a baby over its pacifier. Go to hell and leave the rest of this country in piece. You lost simply because you were a shitty candidate. I know people that hadn’t voted in years and some never that made the effort to vote against you . The world knows your a liar and much,much worse, you were considered a threat to this country. You would have been more damaging to this country than Isis ,that’s your WHAT HAPPENED BI-CH.

  • Blue In red
    Blue In red 11 months ago


  • Gayle Elliott
    Gayle Elliott 11 months ago

    Probably a good thing you're praying for him. Jesus said, "No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and mammon (money)."
    Matthew 6: 24
    The most cursory glimpse at Donald J. Trump's life provides ample evidence that his god has always been material. So, by all means, keep the prayers coming. Maybe someday he'll erect a building that isn't gold-plated and topped with his own name.

  • Heart2HeartBooks
    Heart2HeartBooks 11 months ago

    The only leading from behind Obummer did was on Michael's ass!

  • Jessica
    Jessica 11 months ago

    They say everyone is talking about the stormy daniels thing as if it’s not a big deal. Trump could have broken campaign finance laws. He could have influenced the whole election. And he lied about it. It is a big deal and that’s why everyone is talking about it

  • Deb Peterson
    Deb Peterson 11 months ago

    Help Ted Cruz campaign win! Just takes Christians and conservatives showing up at polls!

  • Nennie C
    Nennie C 11 months ago

    Ted Cruz loves NickleBack!!!

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog 11 months ago

    leading from behind, is that how you conduct a camel drive?

  • SassyPants
    SassyPants 11 months ago

    Who wants to bet Trump promised Kim the Moon if he'd be a good boy through Trump's Presidency?
    I do!...

  • Genessa L
    Genessa L 11 months ago

    They need to rely on themselves and quit relying on the US to get them out of their own messes!! Stop taking advantage of the US!!

  • R S
    R S 11 months ago

    "Kim Jong Un was really amazing to these three people.." Leave it to the president to say some wierd ass shit like that. Yes I'm sure the NK dictator was just A-MAZ-ING to these prisoners..... Dumbass...

  • Baman Foster
    Baman Foster 11 months ago

    Cruz: “This man is a pathological liar”

  • hogdoc mrt
    hogdoc mrt 11 months ago

    continued winning for us thanx #45 for keeping american great

  • Sunshine8740
    Sunshine8740 11 months ago

    Our President is a freaking WINNER!

  • Mark Zembron
    Mark Zembron 11 months ago

    Success! Concentrate on success!

  • Mark Zembron
    Mark Zembron 11 months ago

    Make report wife coming people from Korea . Send reporters to theirs homes and play it over and over !

  • luuke luketer
    luuke luketer 11 months ago

    I'm not American and neither am I black nor advice to Americans.....put your trust in President Trump , he'll deliver...........You can see tangible results already......

  • StephenNu9
    StephenNu9 11 months ago

    The size of Iran's economy is a little bigger than Maryland's. All this European support for Iran is ridiculous.

  • MrQbenDanny
    MrQbenDanny 11 months ago

    I like TED!!! Vice President in 2024! Or PRESIDENT if PENCE decides not to run.

  • Ollian
    Ollian 11 months ago

    The Iranians are going to expose the whole shebang - get your popcorn and watch

  • Jimi Lee
    Jimi Lee 11 months ago +1

    Dam It! Bring Ted aboard!

  • Derick
    Derick 11 months ago

    Mr. Cruz is arguably the smartest person that can successfully articulate what is really going on. simple.

  • Magno Sullano
    Magno Sullano 11 months ago

    Blue collar workers will make Texas blue.

  • BO GIA
    BO GIA 11 months ago

    Ted Cruz all the sudden kissing President Trump's ass....lmao

  • Gaylene Wilson
    Gaylene Wilson 11 months ago

    omibus is once a year !!!! dont fall apart!!!

  • The open mind
    The open mind 11 months ago

    Just look at that Iranian gangster in the funny hat and straggly beard. How could you trust a reprobate like that?
    Incidentally, what is why should Russia not be able to export its products to its neighbours?
    Why should Germany buy energy from USA?

  • Light Dancing
    Light Dancing 11 months ago

    T.D.S. "Trump Derangement Syndrome" -- Well said Ted!

  • Patrik
    Patrik 11 months ago

    Russia isn't the enemy, US and Russia has a lot in common. Both hate the PC EU who wants to eradicate the European cultures with importing Islamic fundamentalist.

  • Eazy Street
    Eazy Street 11 months ago


  • DF USA
    DF USA 11 months ago

    I like Ted Cruz

  • Kid Goku
    Kid Goku 11 months ago

    Boy want to find a shit load of hateful troll comments, go to Fox news.

  • TrueLife-Solutions
    TrueLife-Solutions 11 months ago


  • Melody
    Melody 11 months ago

    be careful ted,Hollywood does come in and vote as they did to steal the Alabama election !

  • TrueLife-Solutions
    TrueLife-Solutions 11 months ago


  • Albert Andrews
    Albert Andrews 11 months ago

    Please listen carefully Iran deal is not Iran treaty It is NOT A TREATY it was penned in by the other guy.

  • Albert Andrews
    Albert Andrews 11 months ago

    Welcome aboard Senator Cruz

  • Stjepan Blagaj
    Stjepan Blagaj 11 months ago

    well done Trump show what USA says and means the same not just talking crap like Clintons and Obama scums

  • Ɲɛѵɛʀɱѳʀɛ
    Ɲɛѵɛʀɱѳʀɛ 11 months ago

    Ted Cruz is the best!!!

  • Geoff Gyro
    Geoff Gyro 11 months ago

    Didn’t Trump call his wife a pig?

  • Amanuel Reda
    Amanuel Reda 11 months ago

    During the presidential campaign, Trump said “Senator Ted Cruz’s father was one of the assassins of President Kennedy,” is that true claim? Fox should have asked

  • alva Øst
    alva Øst 11 months ago


  • jp spalburg
    jp spalburg 11 months ago

    "Lyin' Ted L.Y.I.N.' the bilble held high, he puts it down and then he lies!"

  • A horse with No Name
    A horse with No Name 11 months ago

    I didn’t think there would ever be a bigger idiot in Washington than Raphael Cruz...then along came Trump.

  • great outdoors
    great outdoors 11 months ago +1

    Cruz is such a patsy

  • Simple Cotton1
    Simple Cotton1 11 months ago

    They are taking down good men from decades ago, that to me is not do process! Fire Roenstein & Mueller

  • Simple Cotton1
    Simple Cotton1 11 months ago

    Love Sen. Cruz he still one of my favorites

  • Thomas Pick
    Thomas Pick 11 months ago

    I respect Cruz now. He has gotten on board, supportive of Trump. Glad to hear Trump listens to Cruz’s point of view. Let’s get things passed and done right. Save money, not spend when possible.

  • Kat New
    Kat New 11 months ago

    Cruz 2024 F Mercel she killed Germany

  • Dennis Dubois
    Dennis Dubois 11 months ago

    Cruz is showing his true colors supporting pres Trump. He’s a true American. MAGA

  • Kat New
    Kat New 11 months ago

    You would think this great thing would be all over the news, thank you Mr. President!!

  • Dennis Dubois
    Dennis Dubois 11 months ago

    The only thing obama got released while in office was hot air

  • Cary Revels
    Cary Revels 11 months ago

    Ted Cruz with the backing of Trump in 2024 would be our next President I think he would be awesome....

  • Alex Pilon
    Alex Pilon 11 months ago

    Haha, isn't Ted Cruz also a "radical religious zealot"?

  • Johny Tulanga
    Johny Tulanga 11 months ago

    Obama negociated the liberation of eleven prisoner! Eleven! WTF are you idiots talking about!

  • Goran Fatovic
    Goran Fatovic 11 months ago

    Renault and Siemens doing business with Iran

  • Anabela Asparrin
    Anabela Asparrin 11 months ago

    The Best President Donald Trump 2020!!!!!!

  • Round Robin
    Round Robin 11 months ago

    Freeing of the 3 hostages is a super good thing. Kim Jong Un grabbed these people to use them for negotiating. Now he lets them go to show good will, as he had planned. Trump gets NO credit for this. After the way Trump treated Cruz, he is a fool to say anything good about the most noxious prez we have ever had. Lyin' Ted and Lyin' Donnie!! What a team!!

  • gerard stafford
    gerard stafford 11 months ago

    There is a stormy coming soon ,
    Watch the swamp
    And we can all have a Daniels Jack that is with ICE

  • john smith
    john smith 11 months ago

    Think of all little boys and girls who can lose or have already lost their
    fathers ... God bless our troops! We are forever grateful! Home of the Brave.
    Support our Veterans! Please, repost if you like and don't forget to tag me!
    Follow the link. Veterans USA Funnylnst

  • xyn xyn
    xyn xyn 11 months ago

    After trump, pence will be President and then ted cruz. No democRATS pleaseeeee....

  • Rebel Yell
    Rebel Yell 11 months ago

    Cruz looks like an Dallas StateTrooper

  • Sophia
    Sophia 11 months ago

    God bless Ted Cruz 😊

  • Atlas King
    Atlas King 11 months ago

    Cruz for SCOTUS!

  • Christian Marino
    Christian Marino 11 months ago

    I like to know what union are these refinery members to ? because I would bet the union in question supported Clinton.

  • Jeremy Graves
    Jeremy Graves 11 months ago

    Thanks l'yin Ted, know your place

  • Eddy Coulson
    Eddy Coulson 11 months ago

    Obama had released 11 North Korean hostages and 3 from Iran without ANY photo call or publicity. Fox, didnt mention it back then. Also scumbag Ted Crusie just lied about it in the opening statement. Obama also took out Bin Laden. Also the host here lied that the other news channels were not reporting on it, they did. Fox is fake news and full of shit to feed to people that dont fact check. Sheep

  • Janice Leighton
    Janice Leighton 11 months ago

    It was Mike who did that got them free

  • Missy Norris
    Missy Norris 11 months ago

    Angela Merkel could not even form a government in Germany with her own party, she hardly has the chops to be speaking for the whole of Europe.

  • Al Tay
    Al Tay 11 months ago +1

    Notice theres no Democrats in here not used to real news in your face libtards

  • shahani sham
    shahani sham 11 months ago


  • shahani sham
    shahani sham 11 months ago


  • stanley steemer
    stanley steemer 11 months ago

    Leading from behind - the motto of every LOSER.

  • surferlaments
    surferlaments 11 months ago

    if she ever was ......merkel is no longer a friend of the united states. it is time and it is long overdue in having american military operating in and defending germany. bring our troops back home.

  • SoupSip Mason-OH
    SoupSip Mason-OH 11 months ago

    Thank you, senator Ted, for supported our president Trump

  • shaktar
    shaktar 11 months ago

    Does Trump no longer think lyin’ Ted’s wife is a hound?

  • J Wing
    J Wing 11 months ago

    That's great news raising $7 mil. This $7 million from the liberal left that doesn't have that much money to begin with. Its like robbing children. And they will still lose in Texas with the $7 mil. This means less money for the liberal Dems to do anything else. They might bankrupt their own constituents.

  • BLD Lightpainting
    BLD Lightpainting 11 months ago +1

    Passivity only breeds contempt and aggression by our enemies, while peace through strength is how America avoided attack by the USSR and others for many decades.

  • Louise Mae Brouder
    Louise Mae Brouder 11 months ago


  • KC T
    KC T 11 months ago

    Cruz sounds like a backbone of future american leadership!

  • Qinby 1
    Qinby 1 11 months ago

    Are we talking about the same deal???
    Blatant lies, it is that simple.
    If you do not want Iran to build a nuke follow the deal that prohibits them from doing just that. *IDIOT LIAR*

  • tree Climbing
    tree Climbing 11 months ago

    McConnel Must step down.

  • stargate905
    stargate905 11 months ago

    When Toronto went through Its VAN attack a few weeks ago , All the fake News networks were covering the FAKE Stormy Daniels story.
    But not FOX . Thank you Fox.

  • ken ken
    ken ken 11 months ago

    'Turning Cruz'

  • Louise Dumais
    Louise Dumais 11 months ago

    wow a oil snake salesman and the people love him yuck yuck yuck

  • Don't Bet on It
    Don't Bet on It 11 months ago

    Why to go just like Bill Clinton getting 2 Americans out for Obama in 2009 or Clapper in 2014. Or maybe even the one Denis Rodman got the release of.

  • Kwan Lek
    Kwan Lek 11 months ago

    Obama likes to lead from behind, behind a man’s asss that is

    FIRE ANGEL 11 months ago

    Senator Ted Cruz is such a great American...he fights for our Constitution & tells it like it is.....Fake news is lost....& this Senator knows & verifies it...pulling out of Iran ...exactly that... we CANCELLED the worse deal ever Iran!!!!

  • JC Mac
    JC Mac 11 months ago

    If anyone has a legitimate grudge against the president it’s Cruz. What a great example of the way “normal” folks, regardless of political affiliation, work in a bipartisan fashion to benefit ALL Americans.

  • talkisreallycheap
    talkisreallycheap 11 months ago +1

    The god emperor, DJT.