We Got So LUCKY In Minecraft w/pewdiepie

  • Published on Aug 1, 2019
  • Jacksepticeye and PewDiePie in Minecraft. That's the whole thing
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  • Jack 701 uob
    Jack 701 uob 2 days ago

    Do you know that the best beginner house is a dirt house.

  • DrankstormFLMG
    DrankstormFLMG 6 days ago

    Jack: *puts wood planks in furnace*
    Task failed successfully

  • Chelsea Bonvillain
    Chelsea Bonvillain 7 days ago

    I ship!

  • Jon Pyronius
    Jon Pyronius 10 days ago +1

    Jack is not Scandinavian. He is Arstotzkan.

  • Anti adam
    Anti adam 11 days ago

    These fucking didi ads are annoying

  • nugget playz
    nugget playz 15 days ago +1

    it's me nugget nugget IS HERE!

  • Eva Lendio
    Eva Lendio 24 days ago +1

    Creeper,So way back in the mines got our pickaxe swingin from side to side side,side to side

  • mason bishop
    mason bishop 26 days ago

    News tomorrow morning: "2 strange men venture into forest and decimate sheep population by beating them all to death"

  • FlaminLion 12
    FlaminLion 12 29 days ago

    they sound like Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz this whole video!! XD

  • Strike Blast
    Strike Blast Month ago

    Are you playing java, vanilla or bedrock edition

  • Cayden Turner
    Cayden Turner Month ago

    hi jack

  • Logan Whitman
    Logan Whitman Month ago

    when jack and felix were talking about "jack wood" did anybody get dirty thoughts for no reason at all whatsoever?

  • Bean Pole
    Bean Pole Month ago

    This video was the first time I heard about Jack and I'm so happy I found him

  • Ivy Lisa
    Ivy Lisa Month ago +1

    The creepy sounds that you hear are from you being near a cave system. These are called cave sounds.

  • Isabella Solorio
    Isabella Solorio Month ago

    We are gifted a beautiful planet, make the most of it ganos thenie sorry if I spelt your name wrong

  • Peter Ng
    Peter Ng Month ago

    Jack you can furnacing wood with wood became charcoal

  • Surperior Knives
    Surperior Knives Month ago

    Help me get to 1000 subs and no videos plz

  • Captain Fantastic
    Captain Fantastic Month ago

    I'm giving replays

  • NoNameBoi 786
    NoNameBoi 786 Month ago

    0:53 didn't he mean "gomen"? wich actually means "sorry"

  • Ash Nox
    Ash Nox Month ago

    20:42 Jack:Cmon u dont want to share bed with me?
    Felix:Not in minecraft only real life.
    Me, reading comments: Bruh shut up, leave em alone y o u b u l l i e s

  • Millie Crittenden
    Millie Crittenden Month ago +1

    You walked past diamond you idiot

  • Carolann Macmillan
    Carolann Macmillan Month ago

    I'm gonna dunk on some baby's - jacksepticeye 2019

  • Glitched&Random
    Glitched&Random Month ago

    Are you gonna stop swearing now Jack?

  • Angell Martin
    Angell Martin Month ago

    Hey jack I found a skin for you

  • Penelopee Jimenez
    Penelopee Jimenez Month ago +1

    Jack almost died in the lava when he's mining coal at the shaft 😂😂😂😂

  • Shashank Katam
    Shashank Katam Month ago

    Did anybody notice that every thumbnail they make are the same it’s just there faces are switched on different sides or they have a different facial expression

  • Ava Briere
    Ava Briere Month ago

    seán and felix: bloop shep shep blosh bolsh

  • Bag Of chips
    Bag Of chips Month ago +1

    Q: Am I just gonna watch this video again but from Jacks perspective? A: Yes, yes I am.

  • Shady Pugsley
    Shady Pugsley Month ago

    I don’t remember if it’s a thing or not, but im pretty sure you can burn wood to make charcoal to also make torches with.

  • Ariel C Samdahl
    Ariel C Samdahl Month ago

    I'm totally not spending my whole weekend watching this duo (and just Jack) play Minecraft.. YOU ARE!

  • hogsund barnen
    hogsund barnen Month ago

    i like jacksepticeye

  • Kailey
    Kailey Month ago

    This is so amazing and funny!

  • char dal
    char dal Month ago

    it iron!!!

  • Catarino Owens
    Catarino Owens Month ago

    Felix:oh there's a sheep down here
    Jack:Let me see
    Me:That doesn't look like a sheep I think it a chicken Felix.XD

  • Creizer Kun
    Creizer Kun Month ago +1

    12:12 Best part

  • Danny Hills Official
    Danny Hills Official Month ago +1

    How do you name a pet please

  • A Golden Rune
    A Golden Rune Month ago +1

    Pewds/Felix: Oh you notice my eyes, thank you
    Jack/Sean: Yes, it's the first I see when I wake up in the morning
    Me: okay then

  • Sami White
    Sami White Month ago

    Omg, did anyone else see that flash in the cave at 3:07

  • Lexa N
    Lexa N Month ago


  • Nobody of Important
    Nobody of Important 2 months ago +1

    1:59 "we roomates"
    *and they were roomates*

  • Kiri Gami
    Kiri Gami 2 months ago +1

    This series of Sean & Felix together makes me want a co-op let's play of Papers Please. Most epic collab ever!

  • xSunakoAurax
    xSunakoAurax 2 months ago +2

    Jack : I do nothing to pig, he just explode and give me his flesh.
    Me : *sees explosion in cave in the background*

  • SAJA _ S
    SAJA _ S 2 months ago

    واو انته مضحك :-)

  • Zeggs World
    Zeggs World 2 months ago

    You've all heard of water sheep
    Now get ready for


  • Dijin Tivela
    Dijin Tivela 2 months ago

    Fuckin dorks.

  • PiickleRiick aka TiinyRiick

    Who thinks that jack and felix, should play Granny Simulator? 🤔😋

  • Alexander Taylor
    Alexander Taylor 2 months ago

    Did jack just do a minecraft meme in russian caveman??

  • Gay Duck
    Gay Duck 2 months ago

    iumop ap!sdn

  • Kitkylekifer Felipe
    Kitkylekifer Felipe 2 months ago


  • WackoM0de _
    WackoM0de _ 2 months ago

    5:50 I used the sheep to high-five the sheep

  • shaf fifi
    shaf fifi 2 months ago

    how to invite ur friend into ur world but both of u are in diff places with diff wifis?

  • Connor Wilton
    Connor Wilton 2 months ago

    Ok guys I'm going to say creeper aw man you guys have to reply in the correct lyrics ok? Good. Creeper awwww man....

  • Connor Wilton
    Connor Wilton 2 months ago

    Hey dad use shaders it makes your game look beautiful for survival

  • Ender_767
    Ender_767 2 months ago

    Whats the seed

  • Bricks and Pieces
    Bricks and Pieces 2 months ago +1

    12:09 pewds: there’s a sheep here what I s a sheep doing here
    Jack: what
    Pewds: there’s a whatta you call it... chicken

  • Bricks and Pieces
    Bricks and Pieces 2 months ago

    Not like this

  • Emeliy_Ch
    Emeliy_Ch 2 months ago


  • Wie-Zard
    Wie-Zard 2 months ago

    (Number) (Name) (Type) (Upgrade Route)
    (Original Game) (MAX)

  • Moon Hot Dog
    Moon Hot Dog 2 months ago

    3:03 That killed me!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Crisis & Zaniki
    Crisis & Zaniki 2 months ago

    Hey jack! If you drown a zombie while its wearing armor, it'll drop it all when it turns into a drowned.