Dunkin' Donuts Secret Menu Hack: Donut Pie

  • Published on Sep 23, 2017
  • America runs on Dunkin' & we're running there now to make this this frozen Chocolate Mousse pie. Mythicalicious #52
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Comments • 93

  • Aaron Cruz
    Aaron Cruz 9 months ago


  • Kin 2x You
    Kin 2x You 11 months ago

    i love these parody of Tasty's video format

  • ann sarabia
    ann sarabia Year ago

    I don't understand the concept of these videos ?! It's a waste of food tbh

  • ann sarabia
    ann sarabia Year ago

    This is probably the worst video I have ever seen!

  • theacp127
    theacp127 Year ago +3

    I'd just eat all the donuts by themselves.

  • vexx80000
    vexx80000 Year ago

    OMG, I started working at a doughnut shop a few weeks ago.... I'm totally trying this!

  • Molly Amanda
    Molly Amanda Year ago

    the music reminds me of club penguin

    INDIVELOPE Year ago

    It's funny because donut holes don't contain any holes.

  • Jambo And Stuff
    Jambo And Stuff Year ago

    But the actual video was about how to make this along with other things

  • ragingfiip
    ragingfiip Year ago +1

    I bet it's so delicious, but soooo many calories!!

  • eastcoastartist
    eastcoastartist Year ago

    I would do that and put cream cheese frosting instead.

  • James
    James Year ago

    To simple (they fully explained how to make it in the episode) and to soon (this was from an episode last week) for this video.

  • Adrienne Patterson

    Jen why you make mess 😭

  • Ryan S
    Ryan S Year ago

    Ferb. I know what we’re gonna do today

  • Brandi Riggall
    Brandi Riggall Year ago

    Has anybody ever tried any of these recipes that they give us? Just wondering how easy they really are to make.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Year ago

    i expected this on this channel, too soon lmao

  • meximiliano
    meximiliano Year ago

    Am I the only one that can’t stand the obnoxiously loud chewing?

  • TLS Videos
    TLS Videos Year ago +1

    Not a true cooking tutorial without Link saying 'it's so weird!' At the end of it. πŸ˜‚

  • ennui.tv
    ennui.tv Year ago +1


  • Toaster Strooder
    Toaster Strooder Year ago +1

    If a Good Mythical Morning restaurant is ever opened and features these crazy concoctions on its menu, I am so going to make it a life goal of mine to go there and eat some of its food.

  • imapieface
    imapieface Year ago


  • aloisy a
    aloisy a Year ago


  • Carlotta Farnese
    Carlotta Farnese Year ago +1

    Question: if you are going to make doughnuts with holes in them and still sell the hole-filling separately, why not just make a whole doughnut without the hole?

    • Colby McDaniel
      Colby McDaniel Year ago

      Carlotta Farnese cause it's easy money and people like them

  • RawrAw Bg
    RawrAw Bg Year ago +1

    Need 😍

  • Dawn Frank
    Dawn Frank Year ago


  • clawiyDC4ever
    clawiyDC4ever Year ago

    I love how this Mythicalicious was so rough done

  • The Audience!
    The Audience! Year ago

    I am definitely making this

  • Ryan Pfeiffer
    Ryan Pfeiffer Year ago

    That's disgusting, it's just a pile of Dunkin Donuts.

    • Ash W
      Ash W Year ago

      Soggy Dunkin Donuts too...

  • TheMarked
    TheMarked Year ago

    Jen the hand model

  • Sean Robinson
    Sean Robinson Year ago

    What episode is this from?

  • CutePanda 1
    CutePanda 1 Year ago

    Will it pie

  • Skoll Iki
    Skoll Iki Year ago


  • Rosa Martinez
    Rosa Martinez Year ago +42

    "Freeze overnight" so we should bring a sleeping bag to Dunkin doughnuts??? Since rhett said we should make all these things at the actual restaurant πŸ˜…

    • Mc Blasto
      Mc Blasto Year ago

      i think they said 30 minutes on the show idk tho



  • Mak50
    Mak50 Year ago

    When I move to Hawaii I'm making this!

  • luufia
    luufia Year ago

    i thought the greasy overly sugary douhgnuts where a hollywood myth but you can actually buy these diabetes infected things? america u never fail to astound me!

  • Tobble Donkeys
    Tobble Donkeys Year ago

    This is obese. Uhh I mean obscene!

  • saad1996sa
    saad1996sa Year ago

    Will this also work with other brands such as Krispy Kreme? It may sound weird making it in front of my family at kitchen, but I’ll do it alone someday. Looks tasty tho. :b

    LOKAN Year ago

    Ian eating a donut

  • Leafy Card
    Leafy Card Year ago

    Well I alert I have something to look forward to today (this show)

  • Ella Grae
    Ella Grae Year ago


  • Chasity B.
    Chasity B. Year ago

    Intrigued, yet slightly disgusted πŸ˜‚

  • Michael Robinson
    Michael Robinson Year ago

    oh yea

  • Ansley Kate
    Ansley Kate Year ago


  • iea96
    iea96 Year ago +15

    What a mess

  • sophia chen
    sophia chen Year ago

    early merly that doesn't work i know

  • mep co.
    mep co. Year ago

    That must taste good

  • VlogStudios
    VlogStudios Year ago


  • charsi vines
    charsi vines Year ago

    How many likes can i get😊comeon guys make me happy

  • The Pie that the Cats Eat

    Today's my birthday, I had cake for breakfast. This now makes me hungry now........Thanks

    • TheAuraLucario
      TheAuraLucario Year ago

      Happy Birthday m8

    • ElliottM9
      ElliottM9 Year ago

      The Pie that the Cats Eat happy birthday πŸŽ‚πŸ¬πŸͺπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽ

    • A. W.
      A. W. Year ago

      Happy Birthday!

    • McKenna Williams
      McKenna Williams Year ago

      The Pie that the Cats Eat Happy Birthday!!!!!

  • yeh man
    yeh man Year ago +1


  • Anastasia Theys
    Anastasia Theys Year ago +1

    Under 20 comments

  • Jesh Vicky
    Jesh Vicky Year ago +2


  • Api Vlogs
    Api Vlogs Year ago +103

    One day I'm making this.

  • Perla Guerrero
    Perla Guerrero Year ago +74

    What was the point of this video if they already explained it on the show?

    • Nehan Degala
      Nehan Degala Year ago

      Perla Guerrero to show to awesomeness in full detail

    • goodman854
      goodman854 Year ago +1


    • goodman854
      goodman854 Year ago +1

      no stop talking

    • Retro Controller
      Retro Controller Year ago +5

      Makes things easier :D You can either scroll through the episode to figure the recipe out, or better yet just watch this

    • Cat
      Cat Year ago +6

      It’s quick and easy to share and follow!

  • Grace Kicak
    Grace Kicak Year ago +77

    I walked into Dunkin' Donuts and did everything that Rhett and Link told me to do to make this and I somehow got kicked out?! I wonder how..... πŸ€”

    • Xiomara Lanier
      Xiomara Lanier Year ago +3

      Grace Kicak Did you offer any to the employee and give anyone who looked at you funny a confident nod?

    • Heidelbeerchen
      Heidelbeerchen Year ago +3

      I wonder why, yesterday you told me about the blue blue sky...

  • rudolph agosti
    rudolph agosti Year ago +2


  • iCyan9
    iCyan9 Year ago +3


  • Jenny Lorelei
    Jenny Lorelei Year ago +11

    It does look really good

  • Bazooka Donuts
    Bazooka Donuts Year ago +4

    Hi crew

  • Brono 115
    Brono 115 Year ago +2


  • Zoop Zoop
    Zoop Zoop Year ago +5

    yay! food!

  • BreetheB
    BreetheB Year ago +3

    Fourth plz like

  • Molly Peckham
    Molly Peckham Year ago +3

    Hi I'm the first comment

  • Bazooka Donuts
    Bazooka Donuts Year ago +2


    • starless city
      starless city Year ago

      Nate Mitchell wow, what a great intellectual contribution to the comment section. you sure know how to give good feedback to videos.

  • Zap Richard
    Zap Richard Year ago +2


  • CoffeeGuy19
    CoffeeGuy19 Year ago +2