We Hired a Real Hypnotherapist to Analyze Our Darkest Dreams

  • Hypnotherapy is the art of mental suggestion. This isn't the stage entertainment variety of hypnosis. This is real therapy to help people get in touch with what's bothering them deep inside.
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    Memento Mori.
    Unus Annus.

Comments • 80

  • Fallen
    Fallen 19 minutes ago +1

    It's scary to think that ALL THIS will be G O N E. :o

  • XxAnime Funchanxx
    XxAnime Funchanxx 48 minutes ago

    I truly felt when Ethan talked about low self esteem and also when Mark said his younger self wasn't good enough cause i feel that way about myself too much and me knowing others feel that too make me feel less alone

  • Doolarse
    Doolarse Hour ago

    bro what she was saying legitimately made me tired

  • The KAS Girls
    The KAS Girls Hour ago

    I rarely tear up/cry because of videos and this is one of them that made me tear up because honestly.. I can relate to both of them. I try so hard to make everyone so happy but I’m so.. not confident in myself

  • RandomlyMe
    RandomlyMe Hour ago +1

    this video has me wheezing at 3 am

  • RandomlyMe
    RandomlyMe Hour ago +1

    *what does it taste like?* _lemons_

  • Insi Whinsy
    Insi Whinsy 2 hours ago +1

    10:00 is too funny

  • ahmed alnajdi
    ahmed alnajdi 2 hours ago

    what if there was on best you

  • Embook
    Embook 3 hours ago

    Everyone in the comment section making jokes and I'm over here genuinely calmed by the lemon story thing

  • Rebecca Gaskin
    Rebecca Gaskin 3 hours ago

    You can tell mark got hurt cos he wasn’t the Center if attention 👉👈

  • Jae Unique
    Jae Unique 3 hours ago +1


  • HeroSquwad
    HeroSquwad 3 hours ago

    Woah, mark is a thrower in track? I throw too!

  • CreepyWinner81 .
    CreepyWinner81 . 3 hours ago

    I had to pause the video for a minute because her talking about Lemons was making my brain go SuperSayian

  • Hana Wadlow
    Hana Wadlow 3 hours ago

    Wait I’m confused can someone explain why they are deleting all their videos after this year (read the description) Pleaseeeeee explain

  • W1LD B34TZ
    W1LD B34TZ 3 hours ago

    i was doing it with them then when ethan started talking about self confidence i was like "toooooo personal"

  • milkshake gacha
    milkshake gacha 3 hours ago

    Im mark-
    Omg yes i forgot ur here!

  • Malissa Rivera
    Malissa Rivera 4 hours ago

    She mad confusing

  • RøseBøy
    RøseBøy 4 hours ago

    I feel dizzy.... Is that okay?

  • Gabriell Tripp
    Gabriell Tripp 4 hours ago

    I could actually do the lemon thing

  • Overlord
    Overlord 5 hours ago +1

    It’s like Ethan getting hypnotized while mark gets ignored

  • Aidelle Jhadine
    Aidelle Jhadine 6 hours ago

    He looks like Asa Butterfield

  • Sky an Kayla forever
    Sky an Kayla forever 6 hours ago

    If u subscribed like this if u haven't what is wrong with you it's not like it gunna kill you to subscribe

  • Lynn. Me
    Lynn. Me 6 hours ago

    Hypnotherapist: lemons, lemons, lemons
    Me: wHeN LifE GiVeS YoU LemOnS

  • XL Exo
    XL Exo 6 hours ago

    This made me cry

  • Velard_Impaler
    Velard_Impaler 6 hours ago

    All you have to do is realize is no spoon

  • Garpu Geming
    Garpu Geming 6 hours ago

    Is it me or am i confused about what the timer on the start of their videos?

  • Jess Lee
    Jess Lee 7 hours ago

    Marks channel is never leaving its prime

  • Ashlyn Hanson
    Ashlyn Hanson 10 hours ago

    Like what my mom says when life gives you Lemons! ;) 0o0

  • ElementalGaming 59
    ElementalGaming 59 10 hours ago

    Category: Comedy

    Are you sure about that TheXvid?

  • Faye Wiggins
    Faye Wiggins 11 hours ago

    I felt so uncomfortable the whole video

  • SAvAG3 HuNt3R09
    SAvAG3 HuNt3R09 11 hours ago +1

    Who else tried this and got really freaked out when you actually smelt the lemon

  • Karthanok
    Karthanok 11 hours ago

    snakes you can escape, but how will you escape death. there is no escape to death, but ask a real muslim and he or she will say they are not afraid of death but only the last day of judgement.

  • SauceyRed
    SauceyRed 12 hours ago

    On the snake and phobia part, since I have arachnophobia I would ONE HUNDRED PERCENT either freeze or leave the room immediately if I was told there was one in that office, like for real, if I know there’s a spider or any other arachnids in the room I’m in I’m out of there faster than light can travel

  • I Put The Fun In Dysfunctional

    Wasn’t expecting to cry today

  • Sara Domingues
    Sara Domingues 13 hours ago

    shit i just learned that im quite confident but i have ZERO self-esteem

  • sadderdaze
    sadderdaze 14 hours ago

    so when someone says that i'm gonna die, imma just get up and leave

  • mfw MissedMLGwaterbucket
    mfw MissedMLGwaterbucket 14 hours ago +2

    9:50 "down, around your lips..."
    9:52 *mark smacks lips*
    9:54 *lady glances over at Mark*

  • mfw MissedMLGwaterbucket
    mfw MissedMLGwaterbucket 14 hours ago +1

    Mark sitting awkwardly thru 9-10 minutes freaking killed me
    Barefoot lemon Lady talking to Ethan: "--aware of the chair that's been supporting your weight this entire time"
    Mark: *sitting on floor, scrunching his face up*

  • Steven Pinnella
    Steven Pinnella 14 hours ago

    I believe Jesus Christ will save us from death you just have to believe in him!

  • Miina Ehleiter
    Miina Ehleiter 14 hours ago +1

    I'm scared of this lady

  • Yna Calderon
    Yna Calderon 15 hours ago +1

    mark's just making it difficult

  • ForlornFrog
    ForlornFrog 16 hours ago

    Bruh I have ophidiophobia so whenever someone says they have a snake I immediately like freeze up

  • Snazzy McSnazaroo
    Snazzy McSnazaroo 16 hours ago

    I know this might sound really deep and super unrelated to the actual video but what do y'all think the clock at the beginning and end of the video counting down to? its got me thinking stuff-

  • Flora Gunn
    Flora Gunn 17 hours ago +1

    No one:
    Not one soul:
    No one on the earth:
    Therapist : LeMOnS

  • Vine Nerd
    Vine Nerd 21 hour ago

    Istg when Mark said "he wasn't good enough" that made my heart hurt. He said it like it defeated him to say it.

  • Orangeflavoredhotsauce

    I did the lemon thing...but i currently have no lemons. What explanation is there for that

  • Dean
    Dean 21 hour ago

    That was excellent. I went on that journey with ethan and i cried when she talked about my younger self. I think i might seek hypnosis for myself

  • EnderSorcerer
    EnderSorcerer 22 hours ago

    I followed it and when she said smell i smellee oranges

  • Marion _Elise
    Marion _Elise 22 hours ago


  • Jinx Lyn
    Jinx Lyn 22 hours ago

    I feel like I really need to do something like this...I can’t get myself motivated for long on anything, no matter how much I like it or how good I am. I just...can’t. Even if I know I can physically go do it right at this very moment a part of me always says “Well, if you can do it. Then you can do it later.” Consciously I know I won’t be able to do it in time anymore if I wait, but I simply can’t seem to go do it anymore.
    Problem is I’m typing this and watching these videos right now instead of doing the paper I’ve been given a few weeks to do, I have barely even opened it to work on it.
    Then again it would probably be easier to work on if it wasn’t centered on what I’m going to do after high school, which I’m graduating this year and still have no clue what to do. Each time I try to start working I almost go into a panic attack thinking about it.

  • Lilith Ruetz
    Lilith Ruetz 22 hours ago


    *I'm very confident*

  • Ella Scott
    Ella Scott 23 hours ago

    I tried it.. i didn't taste the lemon;.. ;-;

  • Hazmat in a Gas Mask
    Hazmat in a Gas Mask 23 hours ago

    You know she's good when she messes with the cameraman a bit.

  • Angela Wolfe
    Angela Wolfe 23 hours ago

    Man this lady sounds better than my Psychologist. Big applause!

  • E Jones
    E Jones Day ago

    Ethan:i dont wanna be baby anymore, I want POWER

  • Enzho The Omega
    Enzho The Omega Day ago +1

    I love how _Mark is just the third wheel of this entire episode._

  • hi imbored
    hi imbored Day ago

    23:30 ...your welcome

  • Elijah Matthews
    Elijah Matthews Day ago

    Unus annus

  • Raven Storm
    Raven Storm Day ago

    I feel for both Mark and Ethan. I suffer from both of their issues, but only when I have my bad depressed days. Low self esteem, and like I need to push myself.

  • Angus Mckenzie
    Angus Mckenzie Day ago

    i think she meant 2 million

  • ItZ Noah
    ItZ Noah Day ago

    Bru 3:50

  • 2 Cutie Pies
    2 Cutie Pies Day ago +2

    That lady reminds me of my grandma. I hate my grandma.

  • The LEGO Doctor
    The LEGO Doctor Day ago

    10:00 I LOVE this.

    BALASTERS 21 Day ago

    Mark looks like a GTA V character in the thumbnail 😂

  • Taylor Brown
    Taylor Brown Day ago +2

    My friend: gets attention
    Me:slowly moves away like mark moved the oillow

  • Dark Howler
    Dark Howler Day ago

    Mark looks so neglected 😂

  • Kraken 05
    Kraken 05 Day ago

    Liza: what does it tastes like?
    Ethan: *lemons*

  • Captain Keyes
    Captain Keyes Day ago


  • Moon Child
    Moon Child Day ago +1

    Lol i cried the entire time for idk why 😭😭

  • Pedro Henrique
    Pedro Henrique Day ago

    This video IS memento mori

    KSJAAY Day ago

    mark: hE thiNks i’M a MaSochiSt

  • Hailey willock
    Hailey willock Day ago

    Aw guys.. we love you so much and we appreciate you guys, so many of us would not be here without you you bring us so much happiness, hope and comfort and so much more💖 Thank you so much.

  • I Eat Meat Jake
    I Eat Meat Jake Day ago

    Is she a fucking therapist

  • Hockey Lover
    Hockey Lover Day ago

    Someone: You can't do that

    Me: BET MF

  • Tobias John
    Tobias John Day ago

    Mind Over Matter. LOl

  • Gooby Games
    Gooby Games Day ago +1

    Her: what does it taste like?
    Ethan: l e m o n s

    I’m 💀

  • Austin French
    Austin French Day ago

    "Keep the best, dump the rest" is something I will try to remind myself every day.

  • Bruce Johnson
    Bruce Johnson Day ago

    I get Leslie Nielsen vibes from this woman

  • Retrosteampunker

    I tried to follow through and when she asked do you have shoes on I was like ah shit no

  • Dragon Lover
    Dragon Lover Day ago +1

    I’m not afraid of death I think I’ll be my own death both inside and out