Drillin | Episode 2 | Original Series: SBTV

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • A Drama Series that follows a young drill artist about to blow but his current lifestyle is keeping him in deadly drama. Staring Taze, Khali Best, A1.2funny, Dantetheicon and more.
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Comments • 1 275

  • Thomas____:Palmer

    Waiting for episode 3 g

  • Omen
    Omen 3 days ago

    Song at 21:13 needs to be be dropped 🥶

  • Dave Blanco
    Dave Blanco 3 days ago

    Famm pt3??

  • CeeMajaa On The Beat
    CeeMajaa On The Beat 3 days ago +2

    Top boy season 4 will be out before the next episode watch😂😂

  • chubby bunny
    chubby bunny 4 days ago +5

    Cuz these episodes are taking forever to release, CAN'T STAND IT!

  • Sodaツ
    Sodaツ 5 days ago +6

    almost 2 months later...

  • Rico Lolo
    Rico Lolo 6 days ago +4

    Rah they taking piss to show episode 3 🤦🏽‍♂️😫

    • N10
      N10 5 days ago

      It's coming out in autumn

  • Goon 2020
    Goon 2020 7 days ago

    Who was waiting for it 3:00
    T talk on my name get touched
    carry on chattin
    splash i love it
    do it in public
    Spartan tug

    • Goon 2020
      Goon 2020 3 days ago

      Omen Loski Teddy Bruckshot

    • Omen
      Omen 3 days ago

      Song is that?

  • Cosmetic
    Cosmetic 10 days ago

    Why mums Mann the what did she do

  • Tolga Yuce
    Tolga Yuce 11 days ago +1

    Trippie redd is on tings

  • Sup Y0
    Sup Y0 12 days ago +1

    10:04 lowkey 2pac

  • Adeel Ahmed
    Adeel Ahmed 12 days ago +3

    How much longer till the next episode

    • L Frosty
      L Frosty 8 days ago +1

      Trust it's nearly been 2 months

  • Gareth Rodney
    Gareth Rodney 12 days ago

    If this was on Netflix I’d binge it everyday

  • clinton mcdermott
    clinton mcdermott 14 days ago

    When is episode 3 going to start it's they a date on it yet

  • Powerz Channel
    Powerz Channel 16 days ago

    Every Parent should watch this. This is real

  • Charlie KOURDOULOS
    Charlie KOURDOULOS 17 days ago

    26:49 The Song

  • Extra_Gamer_
    Extra_Gamer_ 17 days ago

    Anyone know what the first song is, lemme know

  • VaLzzFN
    VaLzzFN 17 days ago +1

    EPISODE 3 plz😈

  • Jesse Van Krimpen
    Jesse Van Krimpen 18 days ago +1

    Need episode 3 nowwww!

  • bright side
    bright side 19 days ago

    When is episode 3 out?

  • enriko lika
    enriko lika 20 days ago +1

    When is the nxt episode out

  • R-pax 3
    R-pax 3 22 days ago +2

    We need an episode 3

  • DeFaLt
    DeFaLt 22 days ago +1

    Mate the actor who plays Leon is the director still, mad 👌

  • dae-dae Da-costa
    dae-dae Da-costa 23 days ago

    This makes me sad fam

  • Courey Suspect
    Courey Suspect 23 days ago +1

    Next f-ing episode????????????????????????

  • K2 Savv
    K2 Savv 23 days ago

    Leon’s bit at the end was❄️

  • Proud Dacian
    Proud Dacian 24 days ago +1

    Wheres 3 blud

  • ReEpZ Lucaaa
    ReEpZ Lucaaa 24 days ago +2

    We neeeed the next episode😩

  • Cardiff Town
    Cardiff Town 25 days ago

    Rahhhh man like issca. Leon a savage

  • Craig_midastouch
    Craig_midastouch 25 days ago

    21:10 your welcome

  • Shotcoast
    Shotcoast 25 days ago

    Whos the girl in that first song

    • SS117 x
      SS117 x 24 days ago

      Paige Glass on ig

  • steven Donaldson
    steven Donaldson 26 days ago +2

    Drop part 3

  • Flowinhaze  Beats
    Flowinhaze Beats 26 days ago

    Bruh wheres ep 3??

  • Junaid Patarn
    Junaid Patarn 28 days ago

    What’s the song called with the guy with the belly and the other guy

  • sushii productions
    sushii productions 28 days ago +1

    its Moise Kean vs loftus cheek looooooolllll

  • LoadingJoshhh
    LoadingJoshhh 29 days ago

    8:24 my fav cast whats his insta

  • Just Dzino
    Just Dzino Month ago

    More pleaseeeee

  • Sam Windsor
    Sam Windsor Month ago +5

    What’s the first tune called on this if you ride in the back of whip with me

  • BK
    BK Month ago


  • Hxrlyn Reardon
    Hxrlyn Reardon Month ago

    yoo episode 3 wya

  • Lil drilla Techworld

    26:09 y did he do my mans mom like dat ??????

  • T.S fortnite beast
    T.S fortnite beast Month ago

    12:47 savagggge

  • _k 90
    _k 90 Month ago

    Naaa how could man throw acid in the guys mums face he was just doin his music there has to be a part 3🤦🏻‍♂️🙅🏾‍♂️🙅🏾‍♂️🙅🏾‍♂️🙅🏾‍♂️

  • The indigenous Hunter

    Still waiting for episode 3... Come on lads

  • Harvey 123
    Harvey 123 Month ago

    When the next one

    • SS117 x
      SS117 x Month ago +1

      Harvey 123 autumn g

  • Janosch ,
    Janosch , Month ago +1

    This is very good 👍🏻 Quality work guys keep this project up 👆🏻🙏🏻💯

  • L4ZORACE _
    L4ZORACE _ Month ago

    First song?

  • Reko FrmTheBlvd
    Reko FrmTheBlvd Month ago +2

    rahh is this what really goes down in the uk

    • Reko FrmTheBlvd
      Reko FrmTheBlvd Month ago

      SS117 x fam u dont need to say rahh to be in the uk n yes bro im mixed .. no disrespect but ur wrong about that my man

    • toby needham neild
      toby needham neild Month ago

      How do I know I ain't Jamaican but I say it on a daily bare man say it worldwide jus sayin it came from Jamaica

    • toby needham neild
      toby needham neild Month ago +1

      Uno rah ain't jus UK its Jamaican slang bagaman say it

    • toby needham neild
      toby needham neild Month ago

      Nah man all we do is drink tea n pay for dental work yana

  • Cam Dhillon
    Cam Dhillon Month ago

    How do you kisten to the track sin the songs are they on soundcloud

  • Paulo C
    Paulo C Month ago +1

    bad influence cold thing .

  • Ger
    Ger Month ago

    Name of the rappers ?

  • Ger
    Ger Month ago

    Whats the name of this trapper ?

  • Lamss
    Lamss Month ago


    S1: Ask Digga what happened

  • steez general
    steez general Month ago

    Just release all of the tracks

  • SlenderUce232
    SlenderUce232 Month ago +2

    That was too dope. Big ups from NZ you UK drillers are hectic, from the acting to the dialogue I was glued to my screen the whole time. Can’t wait to see more episodes 🙏🏼

  • Black and White Fitness

    very sad state of affairs

  • salman playz
    salman playz Month ago

    19:04 uk version of ynw melly 😂

  • Supreme_ UndercoverHD
    Supreme_ UndercoverHD Month ago +1

    Not gonna lie it's all true mandem welcome to the uk

  • Matt SM3
    Matt SM3 Month ago

    Everyone needs themselves a Jessica man.

  • A. Sav
    A. Sav Month ago

    Whens episode 3 landing 👀