Hard MYSTERY Riddles to Test your Eyes

  • Published on Jun 12, 2019
  • Doing some more mystery crime riddles with our old pal, the famous Jay from the KubzScouts and of course me (gloom aka the mad genius :) Sub to 7 Second Riddles!: thexvid.com/channel/UCttFk8-Nysnyw59aNlWOWzw
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  • Paige Franklin
    Paige Franklin Hour ago

    It says after 15 weeks the owed eachother the same but at the end it says she worked 9 days and missed 6 days so wouldn't that mean that offer 15 days they owed eachother the same

  • Singing with Courtney solinger

    6:44 they didnt count the six if they did they would have gotten it
    Jay: 2: 2 4 6 8 10 12
    3: 3 6 9 12
    Me: 2: 2 4 6
    3: 3 6

  • Omar Herrera
    Omar Herrera 10 hours ago +1

    I think I ship Both of them

  • Marli C
    Marli C 11 hours ago

    The only reason why they say comment is because they don't know the answer either...☺️

  • Emily Bahena
    Emily Bahena 12 hours ago

    6 and 9

  • Angie Zepp
    Angie Zepp Day ago

    I love your vids so much😄

  • Diana Charles
    Diana Charles Day ago


  • Unicorn Natalie
    Unicorn Natalie Day ago

    I see #tomatojay

  • Brocky Vlogs
    Brocky Vlogs Day ago


  • Brocky Vlogs
    Brocky Vlogs Day ago


  • Scarlett Byrne
    Scarlett Byrne Day ago

    KaSsIe AnD uMmM I dOnT kNoW aRe BeSt FiReNd :) Oh NoW i ReMbEr ItS jAy

  • Isaiah Hernandez
    Isaiah Hernandez 2 days ago

    I like how Jay said testimony like he's in Phoenix Wright

  • shw1zz
    shw1zz 2 days ago

    HI Kassie I love you

  • LexiXPlays
    LexiXPlays 2 days ago +1

    jay: “alabama?” wow i live there and i don’t date my family 😂

  • Alayna Gonzalez
    Alayna Gonzalez 2 days ago

    That dude sent meeee

  • Chiara Yuisa Martinez

    Lol I love this video

  • The BANANA
    The BANANA 2 days ago +1


  • stupid bois
    stupid bois 3 days ago +1

    13:45 I'm scared. My last name is Gonzalez and my dad's is Perry

  • victor diaz
    victor diaz 3 days ago

    The dog’s a killer??!!

  • adalene alisa
    adalene alisa 3 days ago

    A riddle is that you are looking at a computer searching question up

  • adalene alisa
    adalene alisa 3 days ago

    What are you looking at

  • YouTube Family Gaming
    YouTube Family Gaming 4 days ago +1

    This is how many people love you 👇🏻👆🏻

  • Chris Garcia
    Chris Garcia 4 days ago

    7:41 what

  • Epic BunnieGames20
    Epic BunnieGames20 5 days ago

    I found a dead pool!!!! Lol not actually it's just somebody dead by a pool

  • Jami Abdelhamid
    Jami Abdelhamid 5 days ago

    He said can't he eat lipstick and whip it off.I THINK!!!!!!!

  • Zoe Janae DR
    Zoe Janae DR 6 days ago

    hehe you guys missed it when it said she worked for 15 weeks

  • Short And Moody
    Short And Moody 6 days ago

    13:16 - 😂

  • Yassin Tarek Is crazy

    Jay why is your face sooooo red

  • Jack Ster
    Jack Ster 6 days ago

    Made missed it 5 times

  • 123shortkarma ___
    123shortkarma ___ 7 days ago

    I'm amazed that I got 9 days work and 6 days missed
    But they got it wrong XD and I'm just a random kid

  • Kyle Allie
    Kyle Allie 7 days ago

    I love that juice I had one while I was watching this

  • Julian Diluca
    Julian Diluca 7 days ago

    He lost his saxophone
    Police come instantly
    Someone’s robbing a bank with a gun
    Waits while eating doughnuts outside of Aldi

  • Daily Kpop
    Daily Kpop 7 days ago

    *Jay x Kassie*


  • latora jones
    latora jones 7 days ago

    I h*ll NAW TO the NAW NAW naaw o h*ll to the naw

  • latora jones
    latora jones 7 days ago

    It,a summmer!

  • Delta Star
    Delta Star 7 days ago

    You did the math right, but you forgot that it was over the span of 15 weeks

  • Latoya Steward
    Latoya Steward 7 days ago


  • Happy Hazzie
    Happy Hazzie 7 days ago

    lol I love these

  • Yarianna Santiago
    Yarianna Santiago 8 days ago

    Hi can I get a shout-out

  • Michelle Miller
    Michelle Miller 8 days ago

    BABY SITTER she has a ruby necklace!!what is wrong with you!!

  • popcormnari 5132
    popcormnari 5132 8 days ago

    8:55 where

  • 21pilotsTBV
    21pilotsTBV 8 days ago

    I paused at 16:18 and XD

  • Dylan Ballard
    Dylan Ballard 8 days ago

    i got the FIRST riddle correct

  • MR.12
    MR.12 8 days ago +1

    Do be do bah do be do dah mr.peeerrrrryyyyy like if you get the joke

  • Jazlin Sadler
    Jazlin Sadler 8 days ago

    I honestly thought it was 4, too

  • Eftihia Spaulding
    Eftihia Spaulding 8 days ago

    I said Lailla

  • Eftihia Spaulding
    Eftihia Spaulding 8 days ago

    I new it

  • Naomi Johnson
    Naomi Johnson 8 days ago

    Mr. Finn is a famous musician in school of rock

  • Mxybe
    Mxybe 9 days ago

    My name is laila-

  • • gretaiskrazy •
    • gretaiskrazy • 9 days ago +3

    *Jay: I think SHE'S lying*
    *Cassie: I think SHE is too...*

    *me:WHO'S SHE?!*

  • Jairo Gutierrez
    Jairo Gutierrez 9 days ago

    These are fun

  • Stella Walker
    Stella Walker 9 days ago

    Why does jar always wear the same thing lol no hate tho

  • Gail Malbouef
    Gail Malbouef 9 days ago

    the lover is the beer at 9;15

  • Gail Malbouef
    Gail Malbouef 9 days ago

    never mind

  • Gail Malbouef
    Gail Malbouef 9 days ago

    jay the genius is here peeps

  • Raph's EveryDay
    Raph's EveryDay 9 days ago

    8:55 wat

  • Gãçhâ_ ØwØ
    Gãçhâ_ ØwØ 9 days ago

    IN THE first riddle the first lady siad she was married but had no ring

  • Sarah RobloxFan
    Sarah RobloxFan 9 days ago +1

    8:38 but my grandma has one breast! She got surgery bec she got cancer! ( At least she is alive! )

  • kannachangachaandanimelover 369

    3:15 I thought it was the poor girl cuz she's blushing

  • Raighne Kotrla
    Raighne Kotrla 9 days ago +1

    Cuz she’s a live-in maid!! I’m locked in!!

  • Mermar HOBDODMAN
    Mermar HOBDODMAN 9 days ago +1

    Mr Finn is lying because they said that he called in the morning

  • Marya Ashique
    Marya Ashique 9 days ago +3

    8:01, hope you didn't choke on your coconut juice there Jay!

  • Marya Ashique
    Marya Ashique 9 days ago +2

    8:01, hope you didn't choke on your coconut juice there Jay!

  • Tabitha Cooper
    Tabitha Cooper 10 days ago


  • Tabitha Cooper
    Tabitha Cooper 10 days ago +1


  • Da winner winner
    Da winner winner 10 days ago +1

    The person that maids work for always pay for cleaning stuff

  • Xxcookie SanchuxX
    Xxcookie SanchuxX 10 days ago

    I kinda ship you guys.

  • Jill Reid
    Jill Reid 10 days ago

    Are you guys boyfriend and girlfriend?

  • V Davis
    V Davis 10 days ago +1

    8:48 only the maids had to where the hat things and not the princess

  • GamingGymnast
    GamingGymnast 10 days ago


  • Kellyedsx
    Kellyedsx 10 days ago +2

    This is how you many times jay went red

  • Jackson Baltazor
    Jackson Baltazor 10 days ago


  • Love Venus
    Love Venus 10 days ago +1

    Whyyyy I want more of 7 riddles!

  • Maddie's entertaining vids and Gacha!!

    Its weird I get every riddle right if you get it wrong

  • Breyer horses Fan community


  • Mister Adder
    Mister Adder 10 days ago

    I got 6

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. 10 days ago +1

    Not a soul:
    Jay: ThIs *DuDe* WiTh ThE bIg StOmAcH cOuLd Be ThE *GiRl*

  • Isabela Guevara
    Isabela Guevara 10 days ago +1

    all the episodes with both of them are friendship goals!!!

  • Austin Lowe
    Austin Lowe 11 days ago +2

    Angry girl and guy both have green bracelets

  • Lily P
    Lily P 11 days ago +1

    Jay's laugh makes me start to giggle, which makes me chuckle, which makes me laugh 😄😆😂

  • Emily Bahena
    Emily Bahena 11 days ago


  • lorilynnmorgan
    lorilynnmorgan 11 days ago +1

    The lover is the middle one because she has earrings and the necklace

  • Enya Lin
    Enya Lin 11 days ago

    I really love it.

  • Galaxy world 10
    Galaxy world 10 12 days ago

    will you look at that this video send my name well that's why she know what she's doing science she's Brave and kind and give a big like for her and give her a big thumbs up😁😁😎😁

  • Meshell Eggleston
    Meshell Eggleston 12 days ago


  • Alexis Heller
    Alexis Heller 12 days ago

    There is a hand on the top of the cup its small 9:19

  • Abby Plays
    Abby Plays 12 days ago +2

    Jay and Kassie: *trying to work out the problem*
    me: 2x15=30 and then 3x10=30 so they owe 10 or 30 dollars
    7second riddles: 18

  • mindnight shadow
    mindnight shadow 12 days ago

    imam guess the maid is cheating w the husband because she has dept but is wearing a watch?

  • Abigail Carrier
    Abigail Carrier 13 days ago

    Jays blushing 🥰🥰🥰

  • Puma Gaming X
    Puma Gaming X 13 days ago

    My moms a self employed house cleaner, I go to work with her alot during the summer

  • Cayden Chambers
    Cayden Chambers 13 days ago

    That dude sent me

  • Ashley Dang
    Ashley Dang 13 days ago +1

    Jay cool 8/10 gloom cool 8/10

  • Jorge Mercado
    Jorge Mercado 13 days ago

    8:03 just the way Jay laughs make meh laugh even before he laughs

  • Alice Miracle
    Alice Miracle 13 days ago +3

    Dont you love it when Jay is normal then as soon as he starts laughing he turns into #TomatoJay

  • Chaeli Timbs
    Chaeli Timbs 13 days ago

    12:57 well I'm not surprised!!?? (Anyone else have Tik Tok??)

  • Matrix Mahuika
    Matrix Mahuika 14 days ago

    the cleaning girls easy! 2x3=6!!!!

  • Jenny Savage
    Jenny Savage 14 days ago


  • Stupid People 101
    Stupid People 101 14 days ago +6

    “Where is the lover?”
    Guy: “At the bar with Frank!”
    Me being me: Frank is the lover

  • Challengebro 249
    Challengebro 249 14 days ago

    The awnser is five

  • Cienna Larsen
    Cienna Larsen 14 days ago +1

    In the first one why doesn’t the detective be questioned because how did he get called