John McDonnell: Labour 'won’t work' with Boris Johnson on Brexit - BBC Newsnight

  • Published on Jul 23, 2019
  • “They cannot deliver and now under Boris Johnson all they’re interested in is really forcing through a no-deal Brexit,” Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, tells Newsnight.
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    The shadow chancellor sits down with Emily Maitlis to discuss calling no confidence votes, defeating Theresa May and dealing with anti-Semitism allegations within the Labour party.
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  • mc 007
    mc 007 Month ago +1

    There is not enough time in the world to hang on till labour can win anything.

  • Md Amir Subhan
    Md Amir Subhan 2 months ago

    Why John McDonell is giving interview to this lying b*tch!

  • Leave Now
    Leave Now 2 months ago

    Labour has betrayed all its Northern voters.
    They MP's in Leave constituents are not representing them.
    Burnley voted "Leave" over 66%. Julie Cooper "Burnley Labour MP" votes to remain in every EU vote.
    BBC Brussels Broadcasting Corporation

  • Charlie Brand
    Charlie Brand 3 months ago

    Tony Blair. Respect IS A word he doesn't know. As for McDonnell and Corbyn and mad Abbott heaven help up.

  • Micky B
    Micky B 3 months ago

    John Macdonel is a knob, Corbyn is a knob and anyone who supports them is a knob . Bring back a labour party that truly represents the working class and not a bunch of Latte loving Marxists from London.
    I'm so pissed off with politicians from all sides because its nothing but petty attempts at point scoring instead of doing what the people really want.
    Get out of the EU and then we can start holding these mugs in Westminster to account.

  • tignesboy
    tignesboy 3 months ago

    Labour Party coup is in planning

  • RabbidTheNabbit
    RabbidTheNabbit 4 months ago +1

    The eerie music in the background really sums up the difference in tone between John and Emily in this interview.

  • BrexitNow
    BrexitNow 4 months ago

    McDonnell is a piece of sh*t....He would sell this country down the river and allow Scotland to separate from the Union. The Antisemitist Party is completely off the rails and so is the wee Krankie Party. The last thing we need is both of these imbeciles anywhere near Government. The Antisemitist Party is always fishing in the gutter for votes...they lost their traditional membership through selling our jobs to migrants.

  • Django Marx
    Django Marx 4 months ago

    She doesn’t know what socialism is!?

  • Steve ThatsAllImSaying
    Steve ThatsAllImSaying 4 months ago +1

    These BBC twats are always biased in favour of tory scum. Only 2 minutes in and I'm already finding this woman incredibly irritating.

  • Imran Ali
    Imran Ali 4 months ago +1

    Does anyone actually believe that Corbyn hates jewish people? be serious..

  • Iazzaboyce
    Iazzaboyce 4 months ago

    A lot of lifelong Labour supporters will be voting for Boris to get Brexit done.

  • merlin the magician
    merlin the magician 4 months ago

    Listen to this cocky creature his party's got no chance it's got no leadership the labour front bench is hopeless,

  • F Khavand
    F Khavand 4 months ago

    The job of an interviewer is to scrutinise the politicians who are either totally deluded, immersed in their own dreamland, or intentionally falsifying and time wasting the interview. Emily is an skilled interviewer and her line of questioning clearly showed the incoherent and out-of-touch state of the Labour party. The general election will happen in Autumn and the choice is going to be between liars on the right and the deluded on the left.

  • ATH3X G
    ATH3X G 4 months ago

    Nobhead got put is in place, Labour wont win nothing, we are leaving this isnt the same Conservatives as before Labour is quaking in there boots.

  • gustacular
    gustacular 4 months ago

    OMG what a bias bitch!

  • james richards
    james richards 4 months ago

    john mcdonnell is wrong in not speaking with boris johnson, just as donald trump & jo swinson were wrong in not speaking with jeremy corbyn.
    personally, i would have spoken again with adolf hitler after germany allegedly invaded poland & with the israeli terrorist stern gang, who allegedly murdered many british soldiers in jerusalem in 1946; hardly cricket, old chaps!!
    in fact, i would speak to anyone first, rather than fight them.

  • Mao Zedong
    Mao Zedong 4 months ago

    Cancel your bbc license!

  • raskolnnikov
    raskolnnikov 4 months ago

    The right say the BBC are lefties, the left say the BBC are right wing. Well, one side is wrong or maybe both sides are wrong. That’s the problem now, everyone taking a side. Don’t. Think for yourself, be an individual. Don’t be loyal to any party, you can change your minds you know.

  • Chris H
    Chris H 4 months ago

    Labour 'won’t work' ...period. You can add the bbc to this list as well.

  • John Lindley
    John Lindley 4 months ago

    This horrible creep is in denial. They have betrayed the north and they have shit it.

  • Diego
    Diego 4 months ago

    If Emily Maitlis thinks Labout have been handed a 'dream scenario' over the last few years then she needs a psych evaluation

  • john ryan
    john ryan 4 months ago

    Yes DK you old Trotsky, it's really are even thicker than a Rhino's Foreskin

  • Ray Warman
    Ray Warman 4 months ago

    Labour will not work with McDonnell, Corbyn and Momentum!

  • Mother Mary
    Mother Mary 4 months ago

    Labour does not want the UK to leave the EU. When are the Politicians going to believe in Democracy.
    No confidence vote against a Prime Minister who has only just come to power? GIVE HIM A CHANCE.

  • Jim lee
    Jim lee 4 months ago

    Unless and until front-benchers like McDonnell admit to Labour's failings (especially in relation to Corbyn as a party liability), then they will struggle to keep the seats they already hold if it came to a GE. Until this changes, we are heading towards coalition governments for the foreseeable future (probably headed by LibDems).

  • The Watchful Hunter
    The Watchful Hunter 4 months ago

    Brexit with no deal is the will of the majority of the British people. Anyone attempting to undermine or circumvent this goal is a traitor to the UK and should be sacked by Scotland Yard.

  • Roy Batty
    Roy Batty 4 months ago

    *The only "racism" that the establishment react to is non-existent "antisemitism". There is no equivalent reaction to Islamophobia, or hatred of any other minority group.* No reaction to the murder of 80 brown people due to Liberal/Tory austerity, or *17,000 disabled/sick who died awaiting treatment, or thousands of disabled who committed suicide due to DWP cuts.* Instead they portray a tiny minority of 250,000 white Ashkenazim (who have 100 MPs to represent them in parliament) as a victimised group. They know full well that Corbyn will make them pay their taxes. They say NOTHING about *the powerful Israel Lobby which literally bribes MPs (Tom Watson) to push their genocidal agenda* (can you imagine if Russia did that?) without any reaction from permanently orange Maitlis, or her over-privileged colleagues. That said, I don't think Corbyn is best suited to be a leader, he is an activist at heart. *McDonnell has some steel in his blood, and doesn't take shit from the Biased Broadcasting Corp. should he be leader instead?* If Corbyn made one big mistake, its that he has a common weakness among politicians - he can't change his mind. Yes I know he gives lip service, but if he said "look I've always believe the EU to be a neoliberal behemoth, but things have changed in the last three years, polls show that the country, and the labour base want to remain, then I'll fight to deliver that or step down as leader" - he would wipe out the arrogant, neolib dems, and win the coming election, which will certainly be a defacto second referendum?

  • Michael Gregory
    Michael Gregory 4 months ago +1

    All the political programs on the BBC are hosted by right wing conservatives. Then you get morons claiming the BBC are left wing because they have to follow certain political correctness protocols.

  • mustang7845
    mustang7845 4 months ago

    these labour pratts need voting out of office

  • One Creator
    One Creator 4 months ago

    Mcdonnell.. There were only 500 people at that pathetic anti boris march in London. Labour are now a very weak party. The Panorama programme broke the camels back. Your brexit antics, with resistance in anyway possible has only embarrassment our country, and merely delayed the inevitable. Time to get behind our Prime Minister and look forward so not to exacerbate the damage...

  • William Babe
    William Babe 4 months ago

    Thankfully, a 31 October no deal BREXIT is all but certain. Labour is in complete disarray

  • Jim Goodwin
    Jim Goodwin 4 months ago +2

    Looking forward to the biased BBC having their license revoked........

  • Peter Nicho
    Peter Nicho 4 months ago

    He is deluded if he thinks he got rid of Mrs May, Labour are finished , Brexit will beat Labour.

  • alan peaco
    alan peaco 4 months ago

    Labour has no clue the only thing that they spout about is a general election, its rediculess.

  • Ver Coda
    Ver Coda 4 months ago

    Some other things that won’t work with Boris: facts, logic, reason, planet Earth...

  • Josh Veall
    Josh Veall 4 months ago +1

    labour are the biggest joke in Parliament/ politics so out of touch want the people want no clue and that’s why they’ll never be in power for the next 10-15 years

  • Picture This
    Picture This 4 months ago

    The Labour Party is a party for immmigrants as its only immigrants that support them or lower

  • gotsda
    gotsda 4 months ago

    Brilliant, this is exactly the problem with our current situation.
    Shit tier politicians who only have one interest: Personal power.
    If McDonnell was any sort of responsible politician, he would have said they would be willing to work if there could be compromise. Now actions speak louder than words, and that could all be the usual bluster, but an inability to compromise got us here and it won't get us out.
    It's misguided too, even if Labour do scrap a majority, or more likely the largest minority, how do they intend to carry out the radical reforms when they're likely being supported by centrist Lib Dems? Corbyn has probably had his apotheosis now and a repeat of 2017 is unlikely, especially since Labour have ditched the obvious lie they're some sort of centrist government in the waiting.

  • Custos Secretus
    Custos Secretus 4 months ago

    So it's a General Election then.
    One thing is for certain, The Brexit Party will be in shadow government, if not the government.

  • J Mills
    J Mills 4 months ago +1

    That awkward moment when the Conservative back benchers are more of a threat to the Conservative Party than Labour...

  • Soupie Campbell
    Soupie Campbell 4 months ago

    this bastard mcdonell doesn,t deserve air// cretin

  • Barry Ballsit
    Barry Ballsit 4 months ago +4

    More like combat than an interview: hectoring and rude interviewer with an agenda, unprofessional and incompetent

    • Micky B
      Micky B 3 months ago

      Typical of the BBC. Not just a labour thing.

    MrRRHHMM 4 months ago

    Labour... DOESN'T WORK... Full stop.... Vote BREXIT Party at the next GE... DRAIN THE SWAMP/CESSPIT,and rotten the the core 2 Party system...

  • mc 007
    mc 007 4 months ago +1

    Nice touch i thought to put him on a galows what a wonderful opportunity and as he can never keep his trap shut he will go down a treat.

  • dazzerstar
    dazzerstar 4 months ago

    Brexit is now unstoppable, these traitorous bastards can do nothing now.

  • matthew pounder
    matthew pounder 4 months ago

    Better dead than red

  • callisto8413
    callisto8413 4 months ago

    I wish more American newscasters were like HER!

  • cj maritz
    cj maritz 4 months ago

    This sucks.
    Decent Tories ripped at the seems by all corners of the House!! It's like everyone against the government to grab the holy grail, no respect or common decency for the top party. Politics is an ugly game with deep polarized binary referendum factions.

  • Ssebitaaba Wamala
    Ssebitaaba Wamala 4 months ago

    There you go....liberals taking the micky

  • Leonard Pattison
    Leonard Pattison 4 months ago +1

    Lab fought the last election on a leave mandate....they cant play that trick again.

  • Wat ching u
    Wat ching u 4 months ago +1

    Corbyn was popular until people found out he was just another lying Politician.
    Now that is gone. It will never come back.
    That's was what happened with me.

  • Wat ching u
    Wat ching u 4 months ago +1

    Betraying the Brexit vote.
    There aint gonna be no more "Oooooh Jeremy Corbyn"

  • SuperSeigerman
    SuperSeigerman 4 months ago

    I love how they call him on this guy's bullshit. I wish American journalists were like this.

  • richlondonrich
    richlondonrich 4 months ago

    Labour and the BBC's agenda is the destruction of the UK and maintaining mass Muslim immigration.

  • richlondonrich
    richlondonrich 4 months ago

    Good. Thank fucking God. Fuck Labour. Fuck the BBC.

  • Aragorn Strider
    Aragorn Strider 4 months ago +2

    I dont know the interviewer is, but she is REALLY bad.

  • Stewart Reid
    Stewart Reid 4 months ago

    What, he must be jesting, we don't have a Labour Party only a Blairite dominated party full of misfits!

  • Tim Hunt
    Tim Hunt 4 months ago

    All need to wake up and the majority to rebellion against the brexit madness it will come one way or the other.

  • Short Lipwig
    Short Lipwig 4 months ago

    Liebour who do they represent these days cause it ain’t the working class. What has become of this once great party with great ideals?

    • D K
      D K 4 months ago +1

      Lmao. What the fuck are you talking about? Labour is finally representing the working class after four decades of Reagan and Thatcherite neoliberalism that dipshit Blair imported into the Labour Party. What a stupid comment.