Conor McGregor - Legendary 2019 HD

  • Published on Mar 14, 2018
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    Welshly Arms - Legendary
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  • Wan Zaty
    Wan Zaty 2 hours ago

    Conor not legen

  • Aladin Aladin
    Aladin Aladin 7 hours ago

    Shit man.

  • Expressing MMA
    Expressing MMA 18 hours ago

    I've Just Love His Style.The style is the only thing he got better than others...

  • Alwin Jones
    Alwin Jones Day ago

    Song name and single????

  • marjinal joker
    marjinal joker 3 days ago


  • Владимир Суздальцев

    Задорьшь Хабиба

  • asadbek obidov
    asadbek obidov 5 days ago

    anyone who's from 2019 ?

  • Ayub Shaikh
    Ayub Shaikh 5 days ago +1

    Respect you

  • MaZai
    MaZai 5 days ago


  • madematheasy4you
    madematheasy4you 8 days ago

    You guys call Tape machine legendary shame on you

  • Trending Meme
    Trending Meme 8 days ago

    ❤️ conor McGregor

  • Yash Chakravarty
    Yash Chakravarty 8 days ago

    I'm just addicted to this video . I hear this song every day after coming across this video and watch the video too pretty much everyday

  • Kevin Oneil
    Kevin Oneil 8 days ago

    He’s the truth loses don’t make him a bad fighter he didn’t quit and cry like rousey did? She’s a joke looses and cries and runs away Connor is a warrior he keeps going THATS HEART THATS GREATNESS Irish pride all day every fucking day

  • Casper Sat
    Casper Sat 10 days ago +3

    This is legendary fighter... 🇷🇺

  • Aminul Siddquee
    Aminul Siddquee 10 days ago

    Rat conor

  • TesteMatteNapoli 1926
    TesteMatteNapoli 1926 10 days ago

    Un mito, Grande Conor McGregor

  • Ivan Gorodnichev
    Ivan Gorodnichev 13 days ago

  • Franco Vich
    Franco Vich 14 days ago

    eh tio la semana q viene ando por Irlanda y nos vemos!

  • LeClezio
    LeClezio 15 days ago

    McGregor v Holloway 2 at 155 would be sweet.

  • Hurshid Hurshid
    Hurshid Hurshid 17 days ago

    Маладес Конор

  • akash sonar
    akash sonar 17 days ago

    one king cm rest are peanuts

  • s z
    s z 18 days ago

    conor fans still think he can do shit lol

  • kumarniranjan358
    kumarniranjan358 20 days ago

    There is no matter of khabib win against CM.because every buddy know CM is always king and the notorious

  • Mohit Upadhyay
    Mohit Upadhyay 21 day ago +3

    The most honest comment section that too after the khabib fiasco. Much love mystic from india❤️

  • prashant mahanti
    prashant mahanti 22 days ago

    Pussies who think khabib had him wait for the last laugh.

  • imthiyaz Ali
    imthiyaz Ali 23 days ago

    I think he is still not dared to fight or mess with khabib ...coz khabib has taught him a damn good lesson...poor boy tapped out

  • TaiSai tai
    TaiSai tai 24 days ago

    🇮🇪👍👍👍🖒❤ SV🇷🇺🖓👎😛🇷🇺🇷🇺🖓👎👎

  • Abhishek Vaidya
    Abhishek Vaidya 24 days ago

    Extreme motivation

  • Данил Шилов
    Данил Шилов 27 days ago


  • Alihan Haçat
    Alihan Haçat 28 days ago


  • Tomáš
    Tomáš Month ago

    The King is coming back.

  • samyog subedi
    samyog subedi Month ago

    Ladies and Gentlemen.....The real BMF of UFC !! And i am drinking proper 12 at the same time !! You all fookin' know i am hyped up....This man is a fuckin legend ,mma is nothing without him....Fuck you all haters !!!!

  • alisiq dimitrova
    alisiq dimitrova Month ago

    този човек е най-якия 😍💖😘

  • CorporateRaider97
    CorporateRaider97 Month ago

    Before Khabib

  • thenotoriousmma
    thenotoriousmma Month ago


  • the eagle
    the eagle Month ago

    Best of the Best.

  • uhqqow
    uhqqow Month ago

    jebac mcgregora pajaca

  • S Dad
    S Dad Month ago +4

    What's legendary about this mctapout , Nate smashed him , made him tap out , Khabib out jab him and mould him down in the ground and chocked him
    Khabib along was enough to to over the whole of mctapout team
    So please

  • Khaled Aldaja
    Khaled Aldaja Month ago

    You are Chicken

  • venky rakoti
    venky rakoti Month ago

    King conor

  • Jeobirth Shira
    Jeobirth Shira Month ago

    Still my favorite fighter of ufc

  • Jose calixto Alvarado Celis

    The best in the world

  • Kevin Oneil
    Kevin Oneil Month ago +1

    Hate him or love him he’s a beast honestly I’m a fan for life people make mistakes fck you haters Irish pride world wide

  • Luis Francisco Hernandez Mendez

    Nate diaz 👌

  • Nikku Deula
    Nikku Deula Month ago +12

    My all time legends. No matter if they lose:
    1. Valentino Rossi 46 - MotoGP
    2. Lionel Messi 10 - Soccer
    3. Iron Mike Tyson - Boxing
    4. Conor Mc Gregor - UFC
    Included omly my fav sports.

    • Matt Evans
      Matt Evans 23 days ago

      Messis left foot & mcgregors left hand 🔥🔥

    • Shahil Deori
      Shahil Deori 25 days ago

      These legends are my favorite too

  • Keiichiro DPS
    Keiichiro DPS Month ago

    This video and song have power cause this have great actions McGregor do and song how be to greatest, to champions. It will motivated user like me too to be great in how i do!! Really thanks guys for this content! Feel great with this.

  • Wahit wahit
    Wahit wahit Month ago


  • Álvaro Villalobos García

    🇪🇸 🎩 💪🏽

  • Марик Абрамов

    Уважаю этого бойца

  • Eduardo Rodríguez
    Eduardo Rodríguez Month ago

    Connor MC gregor eres mi inspiración para entrenar cada día mas inteso en el gym 🏋️🚴💪👈 éxito.....

  • Mohamed Khoualed
    Mohamed Khoualed Month ago


  • Mabood Khan
    Mabood Khan Month ago

    Bhaag bhosadi k khabib ne gand maar di thi

  • Akeel Mohammed
    Akeel Mohammed Month ago +1

    Khabib the ‘eagle’ is the true legend!

  • Antoine Griezmann
    Antoine Griezmann 2 months ago +1

    The name of the music is legendary

  • Francisco Cajigal
    Francisco Cajigal 2 months ago


  • Cruzito Tovar
    Cruzito Tovar 2 months ago


  • Nick Lin
    Nick Lin 2 months ago

    if bruce lee fight with conor i think conor will win

  • Рахман Бабаев
    Рахман Бабаев 2 months ago +4

    The guy who promoted ufc

  • Lukasz Z G.D.W.A
    Lukasz Z G.D.W.A 2 months ago +1

    He made a legend of himself when he beat that old guy at the bar buahahahahaha!!!

  • Gamer Kemal
    Gamer Kemal 2 months ago

    No ufc fighter after fame money are humble or disiplined its hard to find fighter that never lose their disipline and faith.mcgregor was perfect but things changed along the line he lost the look in his eye adasanya is the same as well he started talking trash after wittacker fight he cant punish jon jones,jon jones will doninate him in everyway no matter what.........if you know anything about ufc you will agree with me or if you even disagree plz comment below...