Disney CANCELS Star Wars Movies

  • Published on Jun 21, 2018
  • So. About that Kenobi film...
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  • Sung Jin-Woo
    Sung Jin-Woo 6 months ago

    Oh no you mean I won't be able to see sjw disney add a lot more black people and women to star wars ooh nooooo the horror

  • The Vintage Kid
    The Vintage Kid 9 months ago

    Is episode 9 still happening?

  • Rhamsody Phage
    Rhamsody Phage 9 months ago

    Huh. This Disney streaming service isn't gonna have anything on it except DuckTales! Haha

  • carlo gambino
    carlo gambino 10 months ago

    Help me. I've done a great script for Star Wars its a proper movie no that bullshit. As a fan this is a movie the fans want and will love. But how the hell do i get somebody at Disney to read it. HELP

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy 10 months ago

    Where the hell are all the bad Solo reviews coming from?? Everyone who actually saw the movie mentions that they actually liked it. I loved it.

  • marc MONNAYE
    marc MONNAYE 10 months ago

    Nooooooo ! The plan was to ruin Disney and let K.K. and G.L. buy it back for a fistful of pesos. (Seriously is anybody so naïve to think someone could really be as stupid as K.K. seems to be ?)

  • mimisole
    mimisole 10 months ago +1

    For the people who say star wars is officially ruined because of this, let me explain some things. The main reason why they do this is because of you ANIMALS. TLJ comes out:The worst movie ever made!!!!! The prequels are so much better!!!!!. SOLO comes out:(quite the same thing). So disney is now TIRED of your bullshit. You say boycott disney and that they should stop making movies. Now they do exactly what you said and you're all like:Boycott disney!!!!!!! AGAIN. I think now you understand why they cancel the movies. Because you are ugrateful animals

  • Eternally Angelic
    Eternally Angelic 10 months ago

    What the whole SJW/FEminist pushes in the star wars films.. yea this is not tragic news.. This is very good news...

  • David Wainio
    David Wainio 10 months ago

    Disney has dumped huge dollars into the Star Wars park areas - they can't afford a set of fan hated Star Wars movies flooding out under experimental directors reshaping the franchise potentially alienating the park fans. Disney still makes a big pile of operating cash from the parks.

  • RIP Star Wars
    RIP Star Wars 10 months ago +1

    Throw a termal detonator to that damn mouse!
    and then there was great rejoicing....

  • ydcreed
    ydcreed 10 months ago

    Ha ha

  • darthdmun
    darthdmun 10 months ago +1

    they need to remake 7 and 8 before making 9...get rid of that god awful British women that cant act, that plays Rey with her god awful accent, and total lack of having Tits.

  • Seamus O'Neill
    Seamus O'Neill 10 months ago

    They need to leave a future Kenobi film to a company that knows what it's actually doing with the property.

  • MJPK
    MJPK 11 months ago

    Sad? but I'm glad that Star Wars is now DOA, in the hands of dumb cunts like Ruin Johnson and Darth Leen Cunty it sucks

  • jhon doe
    jhon doe 11 months ago

    no no no!!! i need disney to finish off star wars for more shitty projects

  • Johnathan Douglas
    Johnathan Douglas 11 months ago

    The sjw writing and casting totally sucked... Ruined the whole franchise... But keep going Disney you have plenty of money to waste....

  • Dean Gentry
    Dean Gentry 11 months ago

    can you two use closed captioning so we know what you're saying?

  • Huntsman
    Huntsman 11 months ago

    They were referring to Ruin Johnson, not Lord & Miller.

  • Jawwa 99
    Jawwa 99 11 months ago

    I’m not your space friend 👌

  • Christina MacFarlane
    Christina MacFarlane 11 months ago

    If you think their is an audience for these projects, you pay tens of millions of dollars to produce them. I'm sure Disney would accept your financing WhatCulture. Oh wait, you can't afford to loose that kind of money? Well who can? This is why I have never subscribed to this channel. If Solo is irrelevant what does it say about WhatCulture?

  • ryguy123
    ryguy123 11 months ago

    It’s probably because Kathleen Kennedy is a nut job who alienated 90%of her fan base. She should have never been given the reins and I’m personally thrilled she’s having this fall apart in her hands

  • One 7 Decimal 2 Eight
    One 7 Decimal 2 Eight 11 months ago

    Burn that striped shirt immediately.

  • Michael Simpson
    Michael Simpson 11 months ago

    They should. Disney has taken an iconic movie and totally destroyed it. Thanks Disney ; u suck

  • SushiKarasumori
    SushiKarasumori 11 months ago

    Get the Star Wars Reading Club guy to make the movies, he has studied Star Wars so much I wouldn't be surprised if his brain is a copy of George Lucas'. He has even talked about wanting to work on Star Wars movies. Here is his channel: thexvid.com/channel/UCGShEunFKvEhTYRKesRgakQ

  • ThePeoplesChamp
    ThePeoplesChamp 11 months ago

    There’s a lot of potential in a Yoda Anthology film. I hope the failure of Solo: A Star Wars Story does not deter Disney from making anthology films for Obi-Wan and Yoda. No one wanted a Han Solo movie so they can’t blame its failure on fans being disinterested. That decision was a bad judgment call by them.
    I long for a Yoda Anthology film every time I see the concept artwork of his younger self. I love his hair and the traditional decorations intertwined within.I can imagine a fantastically stylised film in a jungle world setting from this artwork alone!
    I hear the argument that Yoda is a mysterious character and he should be kept that way. I can respect the mystery around Yoda but I don’t think a movie about the missions he was tasked with as a younger Jedi Master would dishonour his character. It’s not like we’re expecting to be shown Yoda drinking blue milk I MEAN BREAST MILK* from his mother in their family home.

  • Creskey
    Creskey 11 months ago

    They have said that these rumors are fake

  • Phyllis Brooks
    Phyllis Brooks 11 months ago

    Since when did Disney even own Star Wars?

  • John Doe
    John Doe 11 months ago

    As a gay couple, you two must see that SJW Star Wars will never be successful. Ever. The fan base will not pay to see those movies. Disney realized it early enough to make a course correction.

    • Micah W.
      Micah W. 11 months ago

      how would anyone know if they stopped with that if they did not watch it

  • IgorVonE
    IgorVonE 11 months ago

    Tragic? thank FUCK!

  • Iron Man98
    Iron Man98 11 months ago

    Pfff, mostly meh. I mean Rogue one was good. Too much criticism surrounding the Solo movie. I hope they make episode 9 better than episode 8. One more thing......... *Dave filoni* I'm looking at you. Don't fail us! Make resistance great. And those "other" things that he hinted at. I'm sure someone will come up with a clever "hope" meme. Like "there's still hope"... that episode 9 will be good. And resistance will be great. Here's hoping guys. :)

  • Timothy K
    Timothy K 11 months ago

    StarWars is dead because they killed off the old characters and didn’t make the new ones even remotely interesting. That, and the SJW’s take didn’t help at all. What type of 4 billion dollar business model is that? That is crazy... good luck with all that winning

  • bunnykissme
    bunnykissme 11 months ago

    I want a Kylo Ren movie though

  • sven martin
    sven martin 11 months ago

    And Warner Brothers is laughing at Disney

  • EatTheRude
    EatTheRude 11 months ago

    I liked Solo. Saw it twice in fact.

  • 9some
    9some 11 months ago

    an obi-wan kenobi spinoff would be massive, totally mental!
    another point: the solo thing might have not 'worked' [i liked it] cus it did not explain almost nothing, how things came to be at the pint of the first trilogy, and that's it, it gave no [new] 'dark' areas for anything future [or almost anyways], plus it faced a new public that might've not been so eager for a movie about a person that they only seen once. these people have not grown on star wars, not like the people that saw the originals in the 70s, y'kno

  • EricKnight1528
    EricKnight1528 11 months ago


  • Ricvictors
    Ricvictors 11 months ago

    Stop treating rumors like true news. Thank you.

  • Navpreet Mehmi
    Navpreet Mehmi 11 months ago

    Somebody buy Disney and fire all the feminists.

  • antnye001
    antnye001 11 months ago

    Pathetic how Disney decided to act like the 5 year old child who trips during a talent show and screams, "I'M NEVER DANCING AGAIN!"
    Then stomps of the stage like an entitled brat to pout in the corner thinking that if they can't offend the masses by attacked their main consumer base, then they'll lock away all Start Wars rights in the"vault" with Snow White.

  • deanna b
    deanna b 11 months ago

    Jew own and run transgendered paedophilic Hollywood.

  • davescotts
    davescotts 11 months ago

    Oh no Joe, say it isn't so. I am sure all the SW unhappy movie goers and TheXvidrs who have nothing better to do than nitpick every word, scene, actor, plot and whatever else are pleased. Sorry, but I am afraid Disney will never give up a huge money maker like Star Wars. Hey guys, my advice, get a job instead of spewing bullshit.

  • PaladinGuy
    PaladinGuy 11 months ago

    I wanted a Boba Fett movie...T_T

  • Memento Mori
    Memento Mori 11 months ago

    I like your show, but we gotta get that boy a steak.

  • NJD314
    NJD314 11 months ago

    hahah soooo click bait.

  • 36Nick4Truth
    36Nick4Truth 11 months ago

    So when is the next marvel movie coming out?

  • JR Brittain
    JR Brittain 11 months ago

    wow boys
    clickbait its not been cancelled or it will be on star wars yt channel lol
    *reports for spam and misleading title

  • Douglas Dallaway
    Douglas Dallaway 11 months ago


  • milan bogdanovic
    milan bogdanovic 11 months ago

    soooo happy to hear this,finaly a stop to a total disaster

  • Keetin Talks movies
    Keetin Talks movies 11 months ago

    I’m sure every Star Wars fan asked for a kenobi movie.

  • Nina Kachina
    Nina Kachina 11 months ago

    Star wars fans saw episode 8 and told Disney to go f itself.

  • Mr508films
    Mr508films 11 months ago +1

    NOT TRUE, total Bullshit rumor. Disney confirmed that Anthology stand alone movies are still in the works.

  • Dragon Toons
    Dragon Toons 11 months ago


  • ellafitzpatrick2
    ellafitzpatrick2 11 months ago

    I was 100% excited for the kenobi film. So so sad the canceled it😱😱😭😭

  • loser name user name
    loser name user name 11 months ago

    Wish it was true and wish they would end ALL of the movies and put the series to rest after they already murdered it.

  • Hugh Mann
    Hugh Mann 11 months ago

    This is bullshit. Fuck you two wankers

  • Chris Clarke
    Chris Clarke 11 months ago

    This was out of date news before you even posted the video 😅 Disney cancelled exactly ONE movie. Everything else is still in production

  • Revolver_ Boy
    Revolver_ Boy 11 months ago


  • Nick Milligan
    Nick Milligan 11 months ago

    The issue is that the heads of Disney who have the final say on the Star Wars films don't care about what fans truly want, we didn't want nor need a Han Solo solo film yet they made it and the two films that fans truly want to see, Boba and Obi Wan standalone films which they were considering are now on pause because they don't think they will make there money back. Disappointing that they don't truly understand the audience in which the films are made for.

  • Ash Doodge
    Ash Doodge 11 months ago

    Solo lost 80 million dollars it was a piece of garbage. I don't think I will ever watch a Star Wars movie ever again.

  • patrick donakowski
    patrick donakowski 11 months ago +1

    People should've boycotted the "numbered" fims, NOT the stand alone films. I mean, Rogue One and Solo were the closest thing to the fun that was captured in the originals...

    • SicParvisMagna123
      SicParvisMagna123 11 months ago

      patrick donakowski The standalone films ARE canon too. I think you mean "numbered" films when you say canon.

  • Alex Meeson
    Alex Meeson 11 months ago

    So the maul cameo was wasted

  • Nicole White
    Nicole White 11 months ago

    I would be okay if they never made another star wars movie ever.... as long as they make that dicision AFTER releasing the Kenobi movie lol I just want a Kenobi movie!

  • Brian Jones
    Brian Jones 11 months ago

    Thank God! Fucking liberals ruin everything!

  • HenryRide
    HenryRide 11 months ago +1

    I'ma gonna say this shit again: They shouldn't have gone the episodic road, that shit was done. They should have made stand alone movies based on other stories within the Star Wars universe, something completely different. The Yuuzhan Vong is a greatly missed opportunity. And who knows if a certain movie did do good they could have made sequels to that. Instead they went the nostalgic and personal agenda route. If I am not mistaken Marvel is doing exactly this, they use more diverse source material and try to mix things up.

  • unmitigatedaudacity
    unmitigatedaudacity 11 months ago

    I’m relieved that they’ll have so many fewer films to utterly botch.

  • ed rosa
    ed rosa 11 months ago

    Solo’s failure wasn't due to Solo.

  • Adéla Čuláková
    Adéla Čuláková 11 months ago

    Yes, it is a clickbait, but I wouldn't be surprised if it actually happened.
    But it wouldn't be a fault of films like Solo. I enjoyed that film and even though it had actually nothing to contribute to the franchise with, at least the characters we know acted like themselves.
    On the other hand, in TFA they killed Han, a character we all love, just for Crylo Ren's "backstory", and in TLJ, they ruined Luke and his personality so badly I almost had to stop the film while watching it. Second-hand embarrassement at it's finest.
    And guess for what. Yeah, "backstory" strikes again.
    More, some of the characters are really terrible in the sequels. Not all of them, though.
    My favourite character is actually Hux, because (well now I'll be old-fashioned) he's a STAR WARS VILLAIN. The kind of villain I grew up with, like Tarkin and these fanatic imperials. And he doesn't cry.
    I like Finn, who's actually well written, has a great nemesis (I love Phasma, and because of her death, I hate TLJ even more) and, what is most important for me, his character didn't change.
    If you wonder what I mean, look what they did to Poe. In TFA, Finn and Poe were really great, from the beginning to the end, but in TLJ, they made Poe some kind of stupid misogynist.
    Rose was an unnecessary character and I don't like her, because her actions were absolutely unlogical.
    I hate Crylo Ren and I'm not even going to state my reasons (all I can say is that I like Adam Driver and I would like to apologize to him for this statement).
    And Rey, well, I really like her personality in the films, and her spirit and so on, but WHY did they make such a Mary Sue is still a mystery to me. Giving her a nice training before using the Force, like Luke had with Yoda, would have fixed everything. But when they do give her training, they ruin it too.
    But the absolutely worst thing is that first they built up some nice mystery I actually really liked in TFA and then in TLJ they blew it up with "Youre nothing, but not to me." Like, what.
    And these are the reasons, why people dislike the sequels, and therefore didn't go and watch Solo. Not racism.

  • Nuff Nuff
    Nuff Nuff 11 months ago

    The guy on the (screen) right looks like something from Star Wars

  • Rick P
    Rick P 11 months ago

    It is a good thing to put obi wan movie on ice until Disney can clean house better no movie then another bad one. Fire Rian Johnson, Kathleen Kennedy and Ram Bergman

  • VonMagXL
    VonMagXL 11 months ago

    Hey, if this means they finally green light Tron 3 I'm all for it.... Too much Star Wars (which wouldn't be bad if they didn't SUCK; these new films make Lucas' prequels look good by comparison!) and not enough other properties. Tron Legacy was a pleasant surprise (they didn't completely destroy the premise of the first film!), but come to think of it, they'd probably ruin the 3rd movie.... But hey, Disney will soon own most of the film studios! Extra high prices for all Blu-Rays and content and no 3D.... blech

  • Lizafoot For5
    Lizafoot For5 11 months ago

    So it's over then

  • Marcel Zachary
    Marcel Zachary 11 months ago

    Star Wars is overrated anyway.I hope Disney don't buy Fox studios I don't want them to ruin Planet of the Apes and Alien.Please Comcast trying to outbid them again.

  • First Name
    First Name 11 months ago

    Please buy me a robe so I can hang my self please

  • Kevin Qualls
    Kevin Qualls 11 months ago

    Star Wars is dead...who cares!

  • Envious Gaming
    Envious Gaming 11 months ago

    it looks like the guy on the right had been cryinf right beofre
    it could just be me but it seems his eyes are all red and irritated

  • Glyn Taylor
    Glyn Taylor 11 months ago

    U guys talk massive shit. And it's not even true

  • Glyn Taylor
    Glyn Taylor 11 months ago

    Half the time u made no sense. Were u speaking English?

  • Rene Mortensen
    Rene Mortensen 11 months ago

    Another bs clickbait...movies not cancelled only put on hold

  • 8psydefex
    8psydefex 11 months ago

    1. Empire strikes back
    2. Force awakens
    3. Last jedi
    4. Return of The jedi
    5. Rougue one
    6. New hope
    7. Revenge of the Sith
    8. Phantom menace
    9. Clone wars

    • 8psydefex
      8psydefex 11 months ago

      James why Did you dislike 7 and 8? I thought they Were really well done...

    • James
      James 11 months ago

      force awakens and last jedi were terrible. What are you smoking. Rogue one was not bad. You put those crap before the original ones? rofl wtf

  • Cole Andrews
    Cole Andrews 11 months ago


  • Tenzou Nickson
    Tenzou Nickson 11 months ago

    Hey they didn’t die! They becum wan width de FORCE.

  • Spunky Brewster
    Spunky Brewster 11 months ago

    Disney is scared as shit they've lost their audience. And for good reason: The Last Jedi and blaming fans for its failure.

  • Llywylln Gryffyn
    Llywylln Gryffyn 11 months ago

    In the epic saga that is Star Wars, Disney gets one bump in the raid and they pull over and quit. The House of Mouse has no balls.

  • R joseph
    R joseph 11 months ago

    What in the name of all GOD could you possibly make a Kenobi movie about??!! He appears in EP 1 as a young man and is in the fucking saga, 'til he DIES an old man in EP 4. WTF are you gonna base a movie on, his exile on Tattooine?? Yeah that's fuckin' exciting!!! 20 years of exile in a desert! WOO HOO!!! Get the tent ready, so I can sleep outside the theater for 3 weeks, before it's released!! Jesus H Christ just put the saga out of it's misery already...AND US TOO!!!

  • Disgusting Gravy
    Disgusting Gravy 11 months ago

    Great clickbait. I just clicked I hope your happy for making a few cents.

  • Ham Fingers
    Ham Fingers 11 months ago +1

    Is that a mouse wearing a tshirt?

  • P. D.
    P. D. 11 months ago

    People don't like the SJW version of Star Wars. That's the bottom line.

  • Premier Prep
    Premier Prep 11 months ago

    Solo was AWESOME though!!! Neck and neck with Rogue One!

  • guitarboyjeff
    guitarboyjeff 11 months ago

    Take it to Disney trying to milk all the $ outta the Star Wars beauty!!!! >:0

  • Scott Justice
    Scott Justice 11 months ago

    Disney Star Wars sucks balls.

  • KCS 2016
    KCS 2016 11 months ago

    Is this really a tragedy though?

  • fib notnow
    fib notnow 11 months ago

    Oh, thank god!!!

  • Kitten Mommy
    Kitten Mommy 11 months ago

    This is the best news I've heard in a long time! Too bad they aren't nuking Ep. IX.

  • Crystal Pepsi
    Crystal Pepsi 11 months ago

    I don't like the new Star Wars movies....
    I hope the next one doesn't suck assballs.

  • rainsnaker gaming
    rainsnaker gaming 11 months ago

    good they have done enough damage

  • kickbuttme
    kickbuttme 11 months ago

    good. they are bad.

  • Tacoman Tony
    Tacoman Tony 11 months ago +1

    Shut up

  • Tacoman Tony
    Tacoman Tony 11 months ago +1


  • 0
    0 11 months ago

    Thank God.

  • owenstarr68
    owenstarr68 11 months ago