Trying Dangerous Life Hacks 2

  • Published on Mar 28, 2019
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  • Tormon
    Tormon 7 hours ago

    Твои ролики очень крутые , продолжай делать такие смешные лайфхаки) hello from Russia))

  • Koffee Bat
    Koffee Bat 12 hours ago

    I think he needs an adult

  • Oaf Lodge
    Oaf Lodge Day ago

    So... who do we get mad at, who am I supposed to yell at?

  • Mack Dlite
    Mack Dlite Day ago +1

    How long do you plan on keeping this shit up? Your content sucks.

  • Memes On Piano
    Memes On Piano 2 days ago +1

    Michael acted as his son it's official

    William is Michael's dad

  • WingedFish 117
    WingedFish 117 2 days ago +1

    You really should have used tap water

  • Suicide 17
    Suicide 17 2 days ago

    no one:

    Lil Jon: 3:47

  • KnuckleHunkybuck
    KnuckleHunkybuck 3 days ago +1

    Life hack:
    1) Cover your car in hot glue.
    2) Peel it off.
    3) Second car!

  • Louie Friesen
    Louie Friesen 4 days ago

    put that hot glue spoon in the dishwasher

  • Louie Friesen
    Louie Friesen 4 days ago +1

    I know a guy who took a copper wire and stuck each end into an outlet (during science class)... He didn't get shocked, but the outlet blew up! The charred outlet is still there to this day at the MEI High School campus. The same guy was playing with Sodium and water one time...

  • Fire Bomb
    Fire Bomb 4 days ago

    I want every commercial to be that bomble doofison style from now on, it has the same energy as the lucidchart ads

  • Young Jun
    Young Jun 4 days ago

    Imagine making salt water into sodium water and chlorine

  • Dede
    Dede 5 days ago

    "What have I become..."

  • Brody Byers
    Brody Byers 5 days ago

    I did the hot glue thing in my technology class but with my I.D instead.

  • chaddy
    chaddy 6 days ago

    He looks like Jesse Pinkman

  • Henry Spradlin
    Henry Spradlin 7 days ago

    Anyone know y he has Michael's dumb hot glue gun

  • Tannner Holcomb
    Tannner Holcomb 8 days ago

    13:21 this looks like something Micheal Reeves would make

  • Dennis Andersson
    Dennis Andersson 8 days ago

    Your lisp just made me quit watching your videos. Goodbye.

  • Ryan Di Camillo
    Ryan Di Camillo 8 days ago +2

    Wait that was a copper knife, and he didn’t make it into a taserknife3000

  • Timothy Gunter
    Timothy Gunter 8 days ago

    peeling the hot glue off the spoon is what strep throat feels like

  • gjidghihlnsl f vjskvdyjk

    ok bomble doofusson

  • Flamin Mongrel
    Flamin Mongrel 9 days ago

    Okay jessie pinkman

  • Brett Rigby
    Brett Rigby 9 days ago

    its like watching a child build these hacks

  • Bionerfer
    Bionerfer 9 days ago

    But as far as I know you create chlorine gas when you use the razor kettel with saltwater so really really don't do it like they did

  • Super loser
    Super loser 10 days ago


  • Andrew D
    Andrew D 10 days ago

    Before this video I was thinking you are smart. Sorry. - my mistake.

  • This is BAXTER
    This is BAXTER 10 days ago

    We not gonna talk about how passive and okay with death he was as a child??? Lmaoo ok

  • Pigless Bacon Chips studios

    i think lifehack channels are actually just sponsered by hot glue companies. Have you noticed that basically all lifehacks use hot glue??

  • Rob Carson
    Rob Carson 10 days ago

    I feel like if I scroll through the comments I will find that I'm not the first person to tell you this...but you weren't boiling the water, you were dissolving the razer blades and electrolyzing the water...the bubbles were hydrogen and oxygen gases!

  • sqeezyyy
    sqeezyyy 11 days ago +1

    ohh someone couldn't get a Dashlane sponsorship

  • レタスビープ ビープ

    I think Michael Reeves looks at Will while he's doing these things is because he wants to see him die

  • Davis Fisher
    Davis Fisher 11 days ago

    wow, only one hack was useful.

  • Cactus Papi
    Cactus Papi 12 days ago

    thank you for having a little progress bar on the ad will

  • Munico
    Munico 12 days ago

    6:47 Tell me why he looks like every science and history teacher with his face

  • HACKER 3000
    HACKER 3000 13 days ago


  • Andreas Lucho Bermudez Aguilar

    Do you mean despoon

  • Felipe Alves
    Felipe Alves 14 days ago

    Just reminding you that he put salt on that tea...

  • anton i
    anton i 14 days ago

    Electrolysis ????

    SLIME RAIDER 14 days ago

    Some body has to make a meme of Michel

  • Hans Goldammer
    Hans Goldammer 14 days ago

    electrolysis does not boil water and is very toxic, the water and the steam is poisonous

  • i d o n t g o o u t s i d e

    MDF is a carcinogen xx

  • mariebenner
    mariebenner 15 days ago

    12:31 forging 100

  • Noah Wattel
    Noah Wattel 15 days ago +1


  • Chad Broski
    Chad Broski 15 days ago

    Life hack: do the fork in the garbage disposal!

  • Rasta
    Rasta 15 days ago

    wheres the caretaker hes drinking METAL

  • GiboThe
    GiboThe 16 days ago +1

    Well salt+water+steel makes a lot of rust xd

  • Adult Coloring Newbie
    Adult Coloring Newbie 17 days ago

    Какой симпатичный :)

  • Beefybeans ,
    Beefybeans , 17 days ago

    No they want to make money

  • i hate myself
    i hate myself 17 days ago


  • •Avery's Creations•

    It's called a death cable because if you touch the exposed ends, you die.

  • zombieki11er711
    zombieki11er711 18 days ago

    5:03 michael reeves

  • Jayden Silveira
    Jayden Silveira 18 days ago

    you realize that's copper in the water

  • Karol Król
    Karol Król 19 days ago

    13:40 the best part of my live:D

  • Neurofied Yamato
    Neurofied Yamato 19 days ago

    Please don't drink obviously unsafe water for a video.

  • brady crews
    brady crews 19 days ago

    why would someone have access to razer blades but not hot water in prison? lol

  • Victor Start
    Victor Start 19 days ago

    The forbidden tea

  • Robert Perly
    Robert Perly 20 days ago

    Clean the oil off the razor blades first

  • driz draz
    driz draz 20 days ago

    fun fact: thats what they do in prison to heat water.... the more you knoowwwwww!!!

  • MK Wraith
    MK Wraith 20 days ago

    What do you mean “was” sponsored?

  • CDDogg Games
    CDDogg Games 20 days ago

    Even William's fictional characters are homeless due to a house fire...