Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - King K. Rool Reveal Trailer

  • Published on Aug 8, 2018
  • King K. Rool comes aboard to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!
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  • GamingGaming

Comments • 8 596

  • Twilight Jester
    Twilight Jester 2 hours ago

    man, hard to believe this guy has got an epic theme song.

  • Thoralmir
    Thoralmir 6 hours ago

    Savage, primal, jungle violence!

  • Susan Kornas
    Susan Kornas 11 hours ago

    Poor Dedede :(

  • 💚Peridot The Beardie💙

    Rool k king

  • Pikachu 2.0
    Pikachu 2.0 2 days ago

    Who else is just here for that epic punch scene?

  • Zane Wong
    Zane Wong 2 days ago

    Guh huh

  • Jane The Cat
    Jane The Cat 2 days ago +1

    1:30 King Kong Vs. Godzilla spoiler

  • Luke Renken
    Luke Renken 5 days ago

    Me: (looks at a fanmade roster for smash ultimate before it comes out)
    Me: K. Rool is in smash ultimate? No way.
    (When smash ultimate comes out)
    Me: (Plays as K. Rool every day)

  • TheSporehacker
    TheSporehacker 5 days ago

    K. Rool punched Dedede back to the previous game

  • name surname
    name surname 5 days ago

    1:35 Better than Injustice.

  • name surname
    name surname 5 days ago

    Now IMAGINE if King Dedede spoke here like he did in Right Back At Ya.

  • Ethan P
    Ethan P 5 days ago

    Dedede: pranks DK and Diddy
    K Rool: I diagnose you with dead

  • Infinite :v
    Infinite :v 6 days ago

    0:38 you tought I was king k rool, but it was I, Dio

  • Fwuffycodbunny
    Fwuffycodbunny 7 days ago

    I love how shocked Dk and dk look.

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 8 days ago

    He is the best, He is the strongest, He is the ㄒ卄丨匚匚乇丂ㄒ

  • World Of Godzilla
    World Of Godzilla 9 days ago +1

    Donkey Kong 64 At 1:23

  • FreddyVSGaming TM
    FreddyVSGaming TM 10 days ago

    1:34 Does no one realize DK and K Rool have boxing gloves on?

  • Viking raiders Rocks
    Viking raiders Rocks 10 days ago

    Long live King k rool

  • Herber Orellana
    Herber Orellana 11 days ago

    Is only me ? Or this scene clashing and that background music are just epic

  • velocitard
    velocitard 11 days ago

    1:36 brofist

  • Nemesis T-Type
    Nemesis T-Type 12 days ago

    1 year ago...

  • Gaby Shine1
    Gaby Shine1 12 days ago

    Y'all heard King K. Rool, now get ready for *BANJO-KAZOOIE*

  • Fullmetal Gamer
    Fullmetal Gamer 13 days ago

    This trailer > Banjo's trailer. K Rool's trailer worked so well since they showed off the main characters and their villains/rivals. Banjo, on the other hand, is not a villain or a rival, so it's out of place. He is a cool edition though, the trailer was just not exciting like The Hero.

  • BrayTheHuman PlaysGames

    Ridley - Best reactions
    Isabelle - Getting better
    King K Rool - Screaming
    Banjo And Kazooie - *OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

  • paolanimations
    paolanimations 13 days ago +1

    Uy king dedede valio pija.

  • Juan gamers
    Juan gamers 14 days ago

    I like the music of king k rool it a really good song

  • Karina Rios
    Karina Rios 14 days ago

    Awesome I like the part where King k rool donkey Kong and Diddy Kong both punched each other at the same time

  • Kale
    Kale 15 days ago

    The Sun punch was real good

  • Ahorpaz Gamer
    Ahorpaz Gamer 16 days ago +1

    0:56 here starts the music,I love it

  • Edmund Yu
    Edmund Yu 16 days ago

    Doctor Eggman for the next DLC?

  • _ Akiaranay
    _ Akiaranay 18 days ago +1

    this final... ow
    it was soo cooll

  • Ollies gaming chanel
    Ollies gaming chanel 18 days ago +2

    who else noticed that there's a dk painting from the arcade game

  • MagnifoFan199 22
    MagnifoFan199 22 20 days ago +1

    I wonder where Dedede went.. don’t say the heavens, please say off a cliff and crushed by a boulder.

  • Donuts
    Donuts 20 days ago +1

    man, i just can't get enough of that crocodile sprint

  • plecca
    plecca 21 day ago +1

    Yes the best smash character

  • Saliha Mazri
    Saliha Mazri 22 days ago

    Vegeta,Goku vs Jiren (1999 recolorized)

  • DusTV
    DusTV 23 days ago +1


  • Eliseo Abraham Rivera Garduño

    Well it's great to see to our villain favorite of donkey kong country is invited to smash bros, I hope Dixie Kong is invited too

  • J-Bane 2
    J-Bane 2 23 days ago +1

    The best reveal for smash ultimate in my opinion

  • Tanner Whitlock
    Tanner Whitlock 24 days ago +1

    I’m still fucking hyped!

  • Eduardo Dias
    Eduardo Dias 25 days ago +1

    Saw that last punch part so many times and it never gets old

  • MrMysteryZ
    MrMysteryZ 25 days ago +1

    0:38 *KONO DEDE DA*

  • Darysa Cruz
    Darysa Cruz 25 days ago +1

    The King 😆❤️

  • Gavin G
    Gavin G 26 days ago +1

    Can they put Dedede's voice from Right Back At Ya in this

  • John Merle
    John Merle 27 days ago +2

    Little did we know....

  • Ultimate Bonkioplayer
    Ultimate Bonkioplayer 27 days ago +2

    The strong villains club:
    King K Rool
    King ddd

  • Zilla rex
    Zilla rex 27 days ago +1

    And right after this trailer DK and K.Rool decided to chill out together lol

  • Vemomat !!
    Vemomat !! 27 days ago +1

    1:35 The pure energy of that punch man

  • 66out 8
    66out 8 27 days ago +1

    Every one came from banjo kazooie we all know

  • Mister Wuss
    Mister Wuss 28 days ago

    I don't care what anyone says, K Rool and Donkey Kong clashing fists with the music blaring is one of the coolest things to ever exist

  • Sean Minogue
    Sean Minogue 28 days ago

    0:55 they like.... oh just king k.r.. omg he’s here oh my my my my god

  • Gerardo Salas
    Gerardo Salas 28 days ago

    The music sounds very Banjoish

  • Rabbit •
    Rabbit • 29 days ago +1

    I like how people are commenting about banjo and kazooie when this is the King k rool trailer not banjo and kazooie trailer

  • OmegaChase1002
    OmegaChase1002 29 days ago +1

    i just now noticed the arcade donkey kong picture frame he has on his wall.

  • Felipe Carvalho
    Felipe Carvalho Month ago

    Funny how they did the exact same scene for Banjo but NO ONE DARED COMPLAIN. After all it was Banjo.

  • The Infinity Block
    The Infinity Block Month ago

    Why is his final smash the terrifying game over screen

  • Mason Hoffman
    Mason Hoffman Month ago


  • Patje Huitinga
    Patje Huitinga Month ago

    When its going beyond epic.

  • Arcticfox Gaming
    Arcticfox Gaming Month ago +3

    Dedede: "You ain't that dem Kerbeh, but I still gotcha good!

  • Michael Hurtado
    Michael Hurtado Month ago +4

    It’s confirmed that Duck Hunt Dog was only added in the game to pull off the sequel to this reveal. Amazing.

  • KevsTiburoDracón
    KevsTiburoDracón Month ago

    My third favorite character of Smash is King K. Rool, I'm happy to have him in Smash 😁😁

  • enCODed3
    enCODed3 Month ago

    If only they could put some more chonk on him... not big enough

  • Benito 7
    Benito 7 Month ago +2

    This and the Banjo reveal are the best trailers for Smash Ultimate!

  • Laughing Fuss R
    Laughing Fuss R Month ago

    King DDD reminds me of someone

  • Superstar Yoshi
    Superstar Yoshi Month ago +1

    Broke: Banjo Kazooie
    Woke: The King Himself

    (Both are cool, but this trailer did it first)


    Yeah but banjo

  • Stealphie
    Stealphie Month ago +1

    The Rareware bunch.
    *now funky*

  • chicken thing
    chicken thing Month ago +1

    ohhh 0:44 is what you all came for

  • Atomic Boy
    Atomic Boy Month ago +1

    Guess who just got buried under a rock!

  • TheMemerMan tm
    TheMemerMan tm Month ago +3

    1.10oh those are pretty cool banannas ajfjskajrjejskd

  • Jordan Boyd
    Jordan Boyd Month ago +3

    We all know why we’re here in 2019 watchin’ this!

  • x2_SupremeGoku
    x2_SupremeGoku Month ago

    Hey nintendo can you put naruto in smash bro umtimate

    • Victor Damázio
      Victor Damázio Month ago

      Only videogame characters are allowed in Smash Bros.
      Ask for another Ninja or Samurai, like Ryu Hayabusa or Takamaru.

  • Azyboy 9876
    Azyboy 9876 Month ago

    1:36 I can imagine Diddy Kong’s foot getting absolutely crushed between DK and K.Rool’s fists

  • Josh 64
    Josh 64 Month ago

    This trailer is waaaaay better than that Banjo trailer. Sakurai is such a lazy fuck recycling shit like nearly 100% of fucking Brawl’s assets. I hope he retires so someone else can do Smash justice from the grounds-up & not reusing Brawl, replace Bayonetta & Lucina with Dixie Kong, etc.

    • Josh 64
      Josh 64 Month ago

      Laura Torres Oh excuses me? Did I trigger a nerve or something?

    • Laura Torres
      Laura Torres Month ago

      Josh 64 so show to everyone how design a game Like this if sakurai is so lazy putting all characters of all the smash games, putting new characters that we love, now show us how you can do that

  • Eastern Orthodox Knight3

    0:54 If only my eyeballs were that strong.......

  • Praise to the Mother Land

    What is with Nintendo villains being kings,

    Bowser, King K. Rool, ganondorf, king dedede, King Boo, Like geez guys do you have something against sentient animal royalty? Before we know it we are gonna get the lion king in smash.

  • The Axolotl
    The Axolotl Month ago

    And then after banjo they should make another with waluigi. right?. RIGHT?!?! RIIIGGGHHHT??!!??!!

  • TheMarionick
    TheMarionick Month ago

    And here we thought thís was the best Smash Ultimate character reveal.

  • KimPopGaming
    KimPopGaming Month ago

    For those coming back to this trailer, I'm just here to point out that towards the end of the trailer, we see a cloud in the sky in the shape of Rayman's head. It's hard to see but @ 1:33 you can see the cloud in the top right corner. This is similar to how they teased Pac Man in the Greninja trailer back in Smash 4 and eventually Pac Man made his way into the roster. I'm hoping, not only for Rayman but for Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily as well. Most Characters currently have a rival character (ex. Mario and Bowser, Samus and Ridley.) This is why I could see a potential in all 3 characters making their way in.

  • Cream The rabbit
    Cream The rabbit Month ago

    Trailer like banjo kazooie but more funny 😂😂😂

  • Budanical
    Budanical Month ago

    When your trailer is that good
    It has a DLC

  • cecilia guardado
    cecilia guardado Month ago

    Pause at 0:11 damn

  • Ricardo Bustanante
    Ricardo Bustanante Month ago

    I can tell the future you will get a boulder on you because of a bear named banjo

  • The Legendary Nic
    The Legendary Nic Month ago +1

    What is with birds and trolling DK?

  • osking097 0
    osking097 0 Month ago

    Alguien que hable español que me pueda decir el nombre del soundtrack de el tráiler

  • Bryon Youngblood
    Bryon Youngblood Month ago +1

    King Dedede is the original troll king, and Duck Hunt just had to try to match his chops when it came to Banjo-Kazooie's time

  • Cyberjose1045 Ω
    Cyberjose1045 Ω Month ago

    Deja vu

  • Chris p
    Chris p Month ago +1

    The king dede part is probably one of the biggest trolls in gaming history.

  • Chris p
    Chris p Month ago +2

    Which was more hype. King k rool or banjo kazooie

  • Chris p
    Chris p Month ago +1

    ... who's here because of banjo kazooie

  • MoonMayham 83
    MoonMayham 83 Month ago

    K rool is hot

  • Yosh Boi
    Yosh Boi Month ago

    0:55 eyeballs of steel

  • Super Smash Revan
    Super Smash Revan Month ago

    Who's here after seeing the Banjo reveal?

  • Tu Tío Rid
    Tu Tío Rid Month ago

    Well, i'm here for banjo kazooie trailer

  • Hiago Leal
    Hiago Leal Month ago

    R.I.P king dedede ????-2019