Feeding a City in Need

  • Published on Apr 5, 2021
  • THIS IS MY FAVORITE VIDEO EVER! Thank you so much for watching this channel and allowing us to grow this charity! :)
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  • Kareem Ashraf
    Kareem Ashraf 10 minutes ago

    hi jimmy

  • Naz :]
    Naz :] 12 minutes ago

    mr beasts favorite words: “and now”

  • Yassraf Guindo
    Yassraf Guindo 12 minutes ago

    I love you Mr. Beast! Fan from Philippines.

  • JessenLH
    JessenLH 14 minutes ago +1


  • TEST YouTube
    TEST YouTube 20 minutes ago

    Jimmy is a angel without wings

  • Emma Beavan
    Emma Beavan 35 minutes ago

    thats amazing wat u did

  • Le Bron
    Le Bron 36 minutes ago

    Name a TheXvidr that is better than this Man, if you thinkin somebody you're an Idiot.

  • English pug Pro
    English pug Pro Hour ago


  • Jorie Mae Esperanza

    God bless

  • Jorie Mae Esperanza

    Hope that you can help us here in the Philippines as well !!

  • Sweety Ayake Derscus

    Mr beast is the best hero for our world

  • Watchy Neyney
    Watchy Neyney Hour ago +1

    Mr Beast, you are extremely the best. You make us believe that the unbelievable is believable. I'm your biggest superfan from the Philippines. I'm also an aspiring new vlogger for fun. Hope you'll notice me. ❤️❤️❤️

  • yeet gacha
    yeet gacha Hour ago

    Let people order groceries online and deliver it for free

  • Divyansh Pharkya
    Divyansh Pharkya Hour ago

    I just hope he gets more than a 20 mil views on every vid

  • Leon
    Leon Hour ago

    Its great you are helping peapole out! Love from Brawl Stars

  • Pranav Chitnis
    Pranav Chitnis Hour ago

    I bet your going to be the first billionaire TheXvidr Jimmy.

  • Alisha Roy Choudhary

    A LEGEND HAS BORN IN EARTH Namely Mr. Beast.

  • A pink worm with a crown.

    *I just wanna drown the people who disliked this in a bucket of boiling water and repeat it every hour.*

  • Person
    Person 2 hours ago +1

    Okay who the heck would dislike this?

  • XplaneLeon plus
    XplaneLeon plus 2 hours ago

    MrBeast is probably holding the world record of the fastest to get verified by TheXvid

  • pblgrb
    pblgrb 2 hours ago

    Go at the Philippines next they need help

  • Durar 2008
    Durar 2008 3 hours ago +1

    Jimmy is seriously the nicest person in this world 💕🥺

  • SimonKOTW
    SimonKOTW 3 hours ago +1

    MrBeast is the best TheXvidr
    Change my mind

  • Ford youd
    Ford youd 3 hours ago

    Everyone tell me please it fake or not

    • whoosh me
      whoosh me 2 hours ago

      this is real. you can checkout his main channel for confirmation. Channel name is mr beast

  • Sudipto Halder
    Sudipto Halder 3 hours ago

    Hey, Mr Beast try delivering Indian food sometime.

  • Adarsh gupta
    Adarsh gupta 3 hours ago

    Mr beast is always winning.AND I loose every subscribers every day and atlast my only subscriber is Me only

  • feleciano barro
    feleciano barro 3 hours ago

    Yuor a legend 😇😇😇

  • Twitch KEKL
    Twitch KEKL 4 hours ago

    Yo, jimmy you promised me to help my channel grow!

  • Jeffrey McCardle
    Jeffrey McCardle 4 hours ago

    I love you MrBeast 💖

    PRIYA R KRISHNAN 4 hours ago

    Everyone is a legend😂😂

  • koala is First
    koala is First 4 hours ago


  • Jez neel
    Jez neel 4 hours ago

    mr beast is amazing!!

  • Samrat Bhattacharya
    Samrat Bhattacharya 4 hours ago

    Love your work

  • XQ_Beamer
    XQ_Beamer 4 hours ago

    can we plz play some fortnite one day

  • Reddi
    Reddi 4 hours ago

    Not surprised if in 2024 he’s going to be president

  • Jonelson
    Jonelson 4 hours ago +1

    Whats wore neyme l m yo

  • Kyle Athan Calara
    Kyle Athan Calara 5 hours ago

    Mr beast in 20 years: I destroy mars and giving another planet

  • Ethan KAIN
    Ethan KAIN 5 hours ago

    Why is there a single dislike
    MrBeast is using his money to help people in need I wish I could subscribe a million times

  • Winston Clarke
    Winston Clarke 5 hours ago +1

    Lol when he says who reads newspapers

  • WinterRoll125
    WinterRoll125 5 hours ago

    I need more videos like this!
    Oh wait... *WE* need more videos like this!

  • Haphazardhero
    Haphazardhero 5 hours ago

    I think this is going to be my new favorite channel.

  • Poppy Zaiger
    Poppy Zaiger 5 hours ago


  • Poppy Zaiger
    Poppy Zaiger 5 hours ago

    Jimmy needs to get 100M on this channel and his main channel!

  • tim timmy
    tim timmy 5 hours ago

    Positive comment for the TheXvid algorithm!

  • Robin Vincent Bejarin
    Robin Vincent Bejarin 5 hours ago

    he's gonna be a major topic in history in 2100

  • Lucy Sarfo
    Lucy Sarfo 5 hours ago

    God bless you for your kind work😍

  • Ahmed Elsaidy
    Ahmed Elsaidy 6 hours ago

    Mr beast is the best 💜

    THORx THEGAMER 6 hours ago

    We need bill merch!

  • Isaac Warmerdam
    Isaac Warmerdam 6 hours ago

    i can drive a fork lift hire me next time

  • Jouga
    Jouga 6 hours ago

    I love this guy

  • Shearin metta
    Shearin metta 6 hours ago

    ❤️ MrBeast

  • SnowBlossoms
    SnowBlossoms 7 hours ago

    Darren: I 💞love💞 pickles!
    Chandler: I see, so you are my new enemy.

  • SnowBlossoms
    SnowBlossoms 7 hours ago

    One day, MrBeast will be able to do this stuff on different other countries. 💖

  • Zaya Manlai
    Zaya Manlai 7 hours ago

    Not mrbeast
    Its bill

  • Mr.Salt69
    Mr.Salt69 7 hours ago

    Good job

  • Hannah Worley
    Hannah Worley 7 hours ago +1

    Those posters on the wall there at 0:51 are actually pretty inspirational.

  • Holly Wojtysiak
    Holly Wojtysiak 7 hours ago

    did anyone notice at the begining he said "giving away 28,000 meals" and then towards the end of the video it said meals giuven away: 29,000 and then went down to 28,000

  • Bala Chandar
    Bala Chandar 7 hours ago

    Mr beast pls give shoutout to this channel in every video u make pls many people still do not know that this channel exist

  • Bairy SMP
    Bairy SMP 7 hours ago

    Hi bill

  • Allanah Simpson
    Allanah Simpson 8 hours ago

    MR BEAST I'm 31 and have a younger brother who has been homeless for the past several years. I have no resources to help. If you are ever looking to give help in Lubbock, TX the homeless are in great need as resources are limited. The homeless shelter here consists of tents basically :-(

  • Sarah Bomar
    Sarah Bomar 8 hours ago

    You are the best keep doing what you’re doing love you you are helping so many people!

  • Joseph Ronquillo
    Joseph Ronquillo 8 hours ago

    I can’t believe 1.7k people disliked this video. What’s wrong with y’all?

  • Jayden Murphy
    Jayden Murphy 8 hours ago


  • Aidan Tucker
    Aidan Tucker 8 hours ago +1

    He should plug this channel from his main channel more often

  • Ethan Bui
    Ethan Bui 8 hours ago

    i how do you not get in det

  • Matt Stevens
    Matt Stevens 9 hours ago

    Man, that's what's up. I'm from right around 313, thank you for supporting them. Real cool.

  • yerie haryadi
    yerie haryadi 9 hours ago

    Feels like I wanna work with you😍

  • kingezo
    kingezo 9 hours ago

    Actually brought a tear to my eye damn, im watching all the ads and vids now 😭

  • Alex Zheng
    Alex Zheng 9 hours ago

    oo a upload from this channel

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