Stray Kids "부작용(Side Effects)" M/V

  • Published on Jun 19, 2019
  • Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "부작용(Side Effects)" M/V
    Stray Kids SPECIAL ALBUM "Clé 2 : Yellow Wood"
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Comments • 86 923

  • Rin Irsyarasyid
    Rin Irsyarasyid 3 minutes ago

    being honest this is not a song i would listen with earphones or in commute, i might started dancing randomly

  • Sven Von Nebenan
    Sven Von Nebenan 16 minutes ago +1

    Felix's Voice is deeper than the mariana trench

  • my duck
    my duck 25 minutes ago

    ивангей фанат k pop? И после этого вы говорите что в нём ни капли голубизны

  • Celeste Stay
    Celeste Stay 33 minutes ago

    St££am for 30M go

  • woojin's chicken •
    woojin's chicken • 35 minutes ago +2

    keep str3aming! uruguayan stay here uwu

  • りりん
    りりん 37 minutes ago

    Oof did anyone notice that the beat is similar to psytrance music ;-;

    • océ
      océ 35 minutes ago

      It's psytrance music

  • han le know
    han le know 45 minutes ago

    the vi3ws stuck ?

  • Valeria Mukook
    Valeria Mukook Hour ago

    Me duele la cabeza ❤

  • jae bojing
    jae bojing Hour ago +1

    felix: i have a deep voice
    seungmin & bangchan: *i'm about to end these men's whole career*

  • Mary A.A
    Mary A.A 2 hours ago

    منو اجى هنا بعد حفلهم ب جده

  • HAN
    HAN 2 hours ago +2

    Thank you Stary Kids for the best show ever in saudi arabia love all and hope see again And (Stray Kids Everywhere all around the world 💛💛✨✨)..
    Thank You Soo much.

  • Trice Geline
    Trice Geline 2 hours ago +3

    Stays were so kind I’m so glad I’m a part of this fanbase 💕💕💕

  • monira ali
    monira ali 2 hours ago +1

    Its weird and I love it 🐥❤️❤️❤️

  • bts&army forever
    bts&army forever 2 hours ago +3

    wow,first time react to them,special powerful👍

  • Bang Chan skz
    Bang Chan skz 2 hours ago

    Plss if you can subscribe stray kids youtube channel

  • Nana
    Nana 3 hours ago +1

    You boys are so amazing. Really proud of you. Ahgase love STAY and YOU 💚💙

  • Manu Hong
    Manu Hong 3 hours ago


  • Larisa Fretes
    Larisa Fretes 3 hours ago

    Este grupo es cool :3

  • Olivia C
    Olivia C 3 hours ago +6

    It's middle of July and..
    What is their fandom name? And wellcome for me :v wkwkwkkw

  • Nor Nor
    Nor Nor 3 hours ago

    Ti amo stary kids♡

  • Mahreen Siddiqui
    Mahreen Siddiqui 3 hours ago

    why does this gimme billie eyelash vibes?

  • ᄌᄀᄌPearly
    ᄌᄀᄌPearly 4 hours ago +3

    Why is this always happened to me(PLES DON'T KICK ME FROM STAY FANDOM)
    when I listen to their song example: YAYAYA the lyric there will be BTS's song in bottom of it and AFTER watching this vid thet show me Boy with love AD focus on JK I am ARMY and STAY but it keeps doing it to me ;-;

    • ᄌᄀᄌPearly
      ᄌᄀᄌPearly 27 minutes ago

      @Rayya Mira yeaaa true

    • Rayya Mira
      Rayya Mira 38 minutes ago

      ᄌᄀᄌPearly. Lol they haunt me too... in a good way though :’). For now though let’s just try and give our attention to skz so they can get the win they deserve

    • ᄌᄀᄌPearly
      ᄌᄀᄌPearly 43 minutes ago

      @Rayya Mira but BTS keep haunting me ;-;

    • Rayya Mira
      Rayya Mira 49 minutes ago

      ᄌᄀᄌPearly. Aw it’s okay to be a multi Stan. U can be a fan of skz and bts don’t worry 🤗

  • unknown
    unknown 4 hours ago +1

    واواوااوووووااو 💜💜💜💜💜

  • Andiswa Biyela
    Andiswa Biyela 4 hours ago +1


  • Andiswa Biyela
    Andiswa Biyela 4 hours ago

    MY KILLER PART IS 01:08 - 0:12 AND -2:10 - 2:12 !!!!!!!! it literally kills...I don't know how many times I've paused and reversed to watch every individual person....I SEE THINGS YOOOOH...In Every Performance

  • Stay Forever
    Stay Forever 4 hours ago +2

    Стэи, вы тут? ❤

  • Bang Chan skz
    Bang Chan skz 5 hours ago +4

    Stay lets keep stre@ming

  • Nagisa StayXArmy
    Nagisa StayXArmy 5 hours ago +3

    Stayyyy !
    Fighting !

  • Karla Vazquez
    Karla Vazquez 5 hours ago +3

    Get the app IDOLCHAMP and vote for Stray kids

  • Karla Vazquez
    Karla Vazquez 5 hours ago +3

    Str34m . Today is the 16 for me and Side Effects mv will be a month old on the 19

  • Stray Kids OT9
    Stray Kids OT9 6 hours ago +5

    Let's 30M stay, hwaiting

  • ONCE jv
    ONCE jv 6 hours ago +7


    Stray Kids are currently at #1 at IDOLVOTE and the gap 600K. Vote harder and Lets get the gap more Biggger!
    Fighting STAYS~

    • Karla Vazquez
      Karla Vazquez 5 hours ago +1

      ONCE jv Str34m . Today is the 16 for me and Side Effects mv will be a month old on the 19

  • Urska
    Urska 6 hours ago +2

    ok i'm shook this is so lit. how did I not hear it before

  • cleo #
    cleo # 6 hours ago +3

    Top song 😍❤️

    • Karla Vazquez
      Karla Vazquez 5 hours ago

      cleo # Str34m . Today is the 16 for me and Side Effects mv will be a month old on the 19

  • Dino Dinosaur
    Dino Dinosaur 8 hours ago +2

    (What I heard)
    Side affects include nemesis, insaltyness, NASA, vegetation
    (And then that's really all I heard)

    • Karla Vazquez
      Karla Vazquez 5 hours ago

      Dino Dinosaur Str34m . Today is the 16 for me and Side Effects mv will be a month old on the 19

  • - Erika -
    - Erika - 8 hours ago +1

    Am I the only one who was actually kinda mad at Hyunjin for taking the camera off Seungmin at 1:50?? Idk I just felt bad for him because he looked kinda hurt afterwards...

    • Alice Hwang
      Alice Hwang 5 minutes ago

      If you watch the making video, they were laughing so much they had to redo that scene a couple of times. Hyunjin didn't even want to push Seungmin because he's "too cute." They're fine ajfndjsk

    • Rayya Mira
      Rayya Mira 36 minutes ago

      - Erika - it’s just acting lol

  • Vace YT
    Vace YT 8 hours ago


    • àhťä
      àhťä 6 hours ago +4

      you mean bop? yep its a bop

  • MaRiYa Milka
    MaRiYa Milka 8 hours ago

    Я одна здесь от ИванГая?!

  • Karla Vazquez
    Karla Vazquez 9 hours ago +2

    STAY love

  • Karla Vazquez
    Karla Vazquez 10 hours ago +2

    Love skz

  • fungsiginjal
    fungsiginjal 10 hours ago +1

    Ini gue aja apa emang v13w3rs nya jadi kurang?

    • Stray Kids OT9
      Stray Kids OT9 6 hours ago

      iya gua jg heran, kok vi3wsnya nggk nambh ya pdhl gua str3amng terus

    K-POP GIRL 10 hours ago


  • Ghuylli
    Ghuylli 11 hours ago +1

    Ser stay es lo mejor que me pasó uwu

  • Tae con T de trolo
    Tae con T de trolo 12 hours ago +4

    First impression: *what the fuck is this*
    Second listen: *I still do not like it*
    Third time: *Okay it's not so bad I think I like it*

  • Sophia Dixon
    Sophia Dixon 12 hours ago +1


  • vagurl84
    vagurl84 12 hours ago +1

    Omg that beat sounds just like another song. I can’t think of it. Rock song, maybe German.

  • Ashwag M
    Ashwag M 12 hours ago +3

    i’m an elf and i’ve been to the concert in Jeddah i really didn’t have time to check stray kids before the concert but i literally was amazed by their energy and personalities, they’re all so humble and cute. their live was pretty stable too. i know that they’re rookies but i really believe they have great potential! i fell in love with their songs from the concert and i’m streaming them nonstop 😂 good luck for them, hope they stay grounded and never forget the support they got from saudi stays and comeback again! 👍🏻

  • Bayolet Perez Choque
    Bayolet Perez Choque 13 hours ago +3

    Stray Kids ♡♡

  • FNCamilo
    FNCamilo 13 hours ago


    • Biaxinha Ama o SKZ
      Biaxinha Ama o SKZ 13 hours ago +1

      vai se fuder, eu falei pra vc dar view não pra xingar;_;

  • koya ssi
    koya ssi 13 hours ago +2

    I relate to this...

    *...and you do too*

  • bts-exo -got7
    bts-exo -got7 13 hours ago +2

    30m Watch👀
    1m like ❤

  • safitri Aulia
    safitri Aulia 14 hours ago +2

    Hyunjin pacarku

  • Stray Kids My Loves
    Stray Kids My Loves 14 hours ago +1

    Eu amo esses meninos demais. Fico maluca por eles.

  • Megs Deps
    Megs Deps 14 hours ago +2

    My head hurts because of theories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am I the only one here who have a theory??? (Yeah maybe I am.)

    • Jane M y M
      Jane M y M 6 hours ago

      Can I ask what is yours? I don't have one but I want to 😉

  • Asmae Me
    Asmae Me 14 hours ago +2

    I like it 😍😍😍

  • Melina Belhacini
    Melina Belhacini 15 hours ago +4


  • Ana Rojo García
    Ana Rojo García 15 hours ago +6

    Side effects: ART. Stray kids: ART.

  • jhosoft
    jhosoft 15 hours ago +1

    What is happening to me, the video gives me nausea

  • CyberInk
    CyberInk 15 hours ago +5

    Also please vote for Day6 on Idolchamp. It's sad but there is no chance of winning this week so we might as well help JYP fam out and vote for their brothers :)

  • CyberInk
    CyberInk 16 hours ago +3

    Hey Stays if you have time check out the recent video of K-Ville. It's a chart video where you can vote for your favourite songs from the last weeks. Side effect didn't made it to nr 1 yet so yeah it would be cool if you can vote for them :)

  • Marlene Fam
    Marlene Fam 16 hours ago +3

    Felix's face doesn't suit his lmao

    His face says, "i'M a cUtE LiTtLe sUnfLoWeR~"
    Meanwhile, his voice says, "Puberty hit me hard."

  • Watevz99
    Watevz99 16 hours ago +2

    This song would've fit right in on Teen Wolf lmao

  • Stray Kids My Loves
    Stray Kids My Loves 16 hours ago +5

    Can we reach 30 M?. Is so close.

    • Stray Kids My Loves
      Stray Kids My Loves 13 hours ago

      @Youtouchingmysausage Another big hug then. Nite nite cutie.

    • Youtouchingmysausage
      Youtouchingmysausage 13 hours ago

      Stray Kids My Loves uwu I love hugs (^ω^)

    • Stray Kids My Loves
      Stray Kids My Loves 13 hours ago +1

      @Youtouchingmysausage I stre@am 20 times per day or more If I have time.
      A big hug for you, sweetie.

    • Youtouchingmysausage
      Youtouchingmysausage 14 hours ago

      Stray Kids My Loves wow you are str3@ming A LOT. I wish all the stays watch’ this at least once a day but it doesnt seems like it.

  • Pain [Tendo]
    Pain [Tendo] 16 hours ago +2

    Time to stan another kpop boys band
    Can you tell me who are they?

    • one piece
      one piece 14 hours ago

      Pain [Tendo] 0:49 Bangchan: the leader Vocalist rapper lead dancer Aussie (1997)
      1:01 Lee know (Minho) : main dancer rapper Vocalist (1998)
      1:04 Jisung main rapper Vocalist (2000)
      1:25 Woojin main vocalist and the oldest (1997)
      1:56 Felix Lead dancer lead rapper and Aussie (2000)
      2:03 Changbin main rapper Vocalist (1999)
      2:28 I.N (Jeongin) Vocalist and maknae (2001)
      1:50 Seungmin Vocalist (2000)
      1:58 Hyunjin main dancer rapper (2000)
      Actually they can all sing, rap and dance . They are a selfproducing group . 3racha (Bangchan,Jisung,Changbin) produce their songs
      They are VERY talented and they don't have bad songs
      (Sorry for the short guide)
      (My English isn't the best either lol)

  • Stray Kids My Loves
    Stray Kids My Loves 16 hours ago +3

    Your dreams doesn't have an expiration date to fulfill them. Keep going. Make it a habit to tell people thank you. To express your appreciation, sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return. Truly appreciate those around you, and you’ll soon find many others around you. Truly appreciate life and you’ll find that you have more of it.

  • amelia koci
    amelia koci 16 hours ago +1

    I think stray kids will never disappoint us.

  • Too Savage
    Too Savage 16 hours ago +3

    This is lit

  • Emily G.
    Emily G. 17 hours ago +2

    Why does this give me Billie Eilish vibes lol

  • thebaddestfemale
    thebaddestfemale 17 hours ago +2


  • eunicorn eunice
    eunicorn eunice 18 hours ago +1

    just casually taking a picture LMFAO