• Published on Dec 9, 2019
  • FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, TOTGS Pack Opening, Squad Battles Top 100 Rewards,
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Comments • 202

  • Jack Douglas
    Jack Douglas Month ago

    1:07 who sniffed too

  • coleeg69
    coleeg69 Month ago

    SuperHuman Pre work-out by Alpha Lion is wayyyyyyy better than that game fuel crap. Doesn't work.

  • Flare Myst
    Flare Myst Month ago

    U were so toxic to the guy with elite

  • Regan T
    Regan T Month ago

    12:50 of course it says FIT on her card

  • Champions of England
    Champions of England Month ago +1

    I got elite 3 and I packed totgs son in squad battles

  • Mark
    Mark Month ago

    “Ooo look at that thing in the bottom right corner”

  • Matthew Robert
    Matthew Robert Month ago

    Love watching when he is one of these moods ha!!

  • TheFifa Fighter
    TheFifa Fighter Month ago

    Gfeul improves stamina

  • Abdullah H
    Abdullah H Month ago +1

    GFeul isn’t safe and can cause cancer according to the state of California

  • Dylan Mcginn
    Dylan Mcginn Month ago

    Why u complaining about Alfredo morelos huh he is the best player in the world

  • Danny vZsZ
    Danny vZsZ Month ago

    Discount code doesn’t work for me

  • Oli Dalton
    Oli Dalton Month ago

    Why nep so energetic all of a sudden
    Has he been watching Aa9s vids?

  • Fluxx-Vision 1
    Fluxx-Vision 1 Month ago

    Oh No not you to you finaly look like a gold digger right know-_- this is gonna be the last video i watch if the only thing i hear is gfuel gfuel omfg...

  • Bryan Pacheco
    Bryan Pacheco Month ago

    That card doesn’t upgrade

  • Roronoa Zoro
    Roronoa Zoro Month ago

    10:45,this guy is so lucky

  • Ewan Peek
    Ewan Peek Month ago

    G-fuel has lead in it

  • Dr Derplington
    Dr Derplington Month ago

    open my packs pls

  • Jake DeBoer
    Jake DeBoer Month ago

    Nep getting ppppppppaaaiiiiiiiid

  • Umar Aslam
    Umar Aslam Month ago

    Wtf...so I just got an ad for google before this vid and in the ad the woman said "hey google", then google on my phone came on.

  • Blondedmess
    Blondedmess Month ago

    GFuel has lead in it

  • Jason Santo
    Jason Santo Month ago

    It's actually scary how much ppl play this games when it's not even there job #yikesfc

  • Kieran Colby
    Kieran Colby Month ago

    Struggling to choose between 4231 or 41212(2) what would people say is better?

  • Black kid Taquan
    Black kid Taquan Month ago +1

    This shows nepenthez personality

  • SteelPulse415
    SteelPulse415 Month ago

    you packed inzaghi manager card so technically an icon

  • NuttyMan15
    NuttyMan15 Month ago

    Red Bull is better IMO

  • Jesper Hansen
    Jesper Hansen Month ago

    Gfuel….Laughing my ass of....are you serius???

  • Ersy V
    Ersy V Month ago

    but does it give you better fifa skills ? 🤨

  • Hazardinho
    Hazardinho Month ago

    just started watching the vid, but I wanna quote neppo... “Digne”

  • Sinue Reinoso
    Sinue Reinoso Month ago

    Wait so totgs cards don’t upgrade ?

  • Naema Ravat
    Naema Ravat Month ago

    Will pique go up during futmas

  • stephen orourke
    stephen orourke Month ago +1

    That was totally some subliminal BS but I totally smelled cotton candy there 🤣

  • E_M_E_T
    E_M_E_T Month ago

    you should give up on your fifa career and go straight to becoming a salesperson

  • ShortFall_OW
    ShortFall_OW Month ago +1

    Hello. Have a good day

  • Kevin Beach
    Kevin Beach Month ago

    “It smells genuinely fantastic, what is that? Cotton candy?”
    “You know what that smells like? Cotton candy.”
    Had me dying 😂 1:12

    • Beast Man
      Beast Man Month ago

      Kevin Beach how is that funny

  • Tom Johnson
    Tom Johnson Month ago +1

    The draft record at 5:44 how has he failed to win 50 drafts but only has 49 losses?

    • Aymen Haily
      Aymen Haily Month ago +1

      Thats because he was already doing one

  • philly bus wanker
    philly bus wanker Month ago

    Lol when people have played 1300 plus games and uve not even played 600 and u have a better team than them lmao and guaranteed I've spent less time on transfer market than they have playing.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣also they must be braindead to play so many games on this shit game

  • Sofus Felland
    Sofus Felland Month ago

    Nice title:)

  • Кирилл Юдин

    Got elite-1 squad battles this week first time. Lewandowski and Tolisso TOTGS from pack. Some nice pull. Last middle pull was Bale more than month ago.

  • Ayrts 11
    Ayrts 11 Month ago +1

    Best intro I've ever seen. Haha love you Nep

  • Enrique Cerros
    Enrique Cerros Month ago

    Loved the G Fuel announcement 😁

  • Charlie Mcmanus
    Charlie Mcmanus Month ago

    Salesman Nep sneaking some Sex vibes to his G fuel adverts.

  • Skeleton Fifa HD
    Skeleton Fifa HD Month ago


  • EDL England
    EDL England Month ago

    You’d be a great salesman

  • Harrison Spurdle
    Harrison Spurdle Month ago

    Nep I did a gold upgrade,got a blue Argentine I thought it was TOTGS Messi but it was a common blue Icardi. TROLLLL

  • Tyler Boreham
    Tyler Boreham Month ago

    I packed totgs Lewandowski out of a premium player pack

  • Philip Söderberg
    Philip Söderberg Month ago


  • CJEV
    CJEV Month ago

    Considering how many people will watch this taking a shit 1:03 might not be the best idea lol

  • Gustav Selin
    Gustav Selin Month ago +1

    Euuw the GFuel smells like my fart...

  • KreamyK
    KreamyK Month ago

    Nep: Yesss!!! A boards
    Nep: Ughhh a Boards

  • Mk U.K.
    Mk U.K. Month ago

    Mate red bull does the same as g fuel

  • Bradley Ager
    Bradley Ager Month ago

    Not just on the console 😂 had me dying

  • Alex Kavanagh
    Alex Kavanagh Month ago

    Draft token thats a guaranteed profittttt

  • MoGamingX
    MoGamingX Month ago

    The sense of humour is lethal ma man ❤️😂

  • Samuel Cornish
    Samuel Cornish Month ago +1

    Me : just had a baby. So happy! So proud of my partner


  • Amir Aziz
    Amir Aziz Month ago +2

    “What’s up girl” 🤣

  • BB Bill
    BB Bill Month ago +1

    I packed 87 Zola & Fabinho in my SB rewards. (Elite 1)

  • Juice Muck
    Juice Muck Month ago

    These cards dont upgrade

  • Cian O’Flaherty
    Cian O’Flaherty Month ago

    How many retards like me actually sniffed 😂

  • Taktic121
    Taktic121 Month ago

    I packed totgs kane an a reus in squad rewards, best Ive packed, lucky to get 70k for reus 🤔

  • raven
    raven Month ago

    I opened maybe 100 packs so far by playing the game. In a 100 packs never gotten anything as good as nephendez here opening,Just 3.
    EAs sleazy tactics are really sleazay. Buffing up the drop rate for popular streamers, so you think that packs will give you better cards than they actually do.