Skyblock: The Great Potato War

  • Published on Nov 13, 2019
  • absolutely obliterating my career by going on hiatus for a month just to ruin one guy's day specifically
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    & outro:
    "Comin Round the Mountain" by Kevin MacLeod (
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  • im a squid kid
    im a squid kid 23 days ago +56924


  • Badimations
    Badimations Hour ago


    Techno how could you

    *you have 69 XP levels*

  • nikkahn
    nikkahn 2 hours ago

    "So I left my alt in there" what a petty, beautiful move.

  • AvelgamerYT
    AvelgamerYT 3 hours ago

    the outro was a Christian song yay Jesus

  • PLIPPY The Frigid
    PLIPPY The Frigid 5 hours ago

    Moorrree jerreyysss

    -Evil Beth in the marriage therapy thing
    In Rick and north s2

  • Austin Xiao
    Austin Xiao 5 hours ago

    Squid kid posted the photo on the forums at 9/11...

  • Ieght the wizard
    Ieght the wizard 5 hours ago

    Ireland wants to know your location

  • Icey Dicey
    Icey Dicey 5 hours ago


  • Mrpotato Mrpotato_074
    Mrpotato Mrpotato_074 6 hours ago

    Give me potat now

  • titi tutu
    titi tutu 6 hours ago +1

    Get the reaper schyte

  • Daven Vlack
    Daven Vlack 7 hours ago +2

    Techno on his first skyblock video: "Food does not matter"
    Techno now: "Potato mastermind"

  • Peaceful
    Peaceful 12 hours ago

    Who said you had fans?.....😏

  • jaks hub
    jaks hub 13 hours ago

    could u spaer me some stuff? I need 1 shot zealots

  • XD C6H8O6
    XD C6H8O6 13 hours ago

    Techno :but sky block taught me that of u want anything the answer is slavery
    Me :What happed to madertory volunteers sry my spelling

  • Connies Curse
    Connies Curse 17 hours ago

    This is genuinely one of the best youtube videos I have ever seen.

    TEAMGAM3R 18 hours ago

    This has to be the best, and funniest video i have ever seen! awesome work techno, keep it up mate, RIP im_a_squid_kid

  • -Crazy-
    -Crazy- 20 hours ago +1

    t e c h n o b l a d e y o u t o o z t h i s m o n t h

  • Timurus 8
    Timurus 8 20 hours ago

    What minions' level you use to potato farm?

  • Matt. exe
    Matt. exe 23 hours ago

    *When your friend says he's better at farming*

  • Level 1 Dodo
    Level 1 Dodo 23 hours ago

    You're the type of man that not only destroys his adversary, but annihilates them at the very core of their person, you destroy the foundations of everything they believe in

  • Unsalted Doggo
    Unsalted Doggo Day ago

    *names noted*

  • CowIsBad
    CowIsBad Day ago


  • Ender Zone
    Ender Zone Day ago

    Wait, police on high pixel I'm sorry but I'm confused?

  • xav games
    xav games Day ago

    He made a vid about you techno

  • Sonic Destruction

    Jerry has learned...
    *a few minutes later*
    Jerry has learned...

  • Lego Boy
    Lego Boy Day ago

    "I've seen Irish Famines with more potatoes than this"
    *im wheezing help*

  • Ezgame
    Ezgame Day ago

    A month later:
    Jerry: "your potato rank #1 spot"
    Jerry: "is now MINE"

  • falko
    falko Day ago

    11:55 fortunately i had a couple XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy Day ago

    Everyone's going on about his potatoes, but the only thing this video surprised me about was the fact that he still has his tower of bookshelf's from that one joke in his other skyblock video

  • TheRealSoma
    TheRealSoma Day ago +2

    Like: Team Pig
    Comment: Team Squid

  • The_Random_Gamer

    dude this is one of the best videos ive ever seen

  • To Mour
    To Mour Day ago

    Technoblade is like the underdog that be in animes

  • Zooch
    Zooch 2 days ago

    He really trying to beat you again

  • DaCatDude
    DaCatDude 2 days ago

    Apparently, TheOdd1Sout enjoyed this video.

  • Preston Johnson
    Preston Johnson 2 days ago


  • Alex Molina
    Alex Molina 2 days ago

    Poor squid

  • Pikachu Truong
    Pikachu Truong 2 days ago +1

    The hypixel skyblock experience: Ain’t no one cares about farming

    The great potato war: Being the number one on potatoes

  • andrea Y
    andrea Y 2 days ago

    Is techno back to his old upload schedule

  • Ninja337
    Ninja337 2 days ago

    he had 69 defence when he showd of the catalist

  • Not Johnny
    Not Johnny 2 days ago


  • Tseries The second
    Tseries The second 2 days ago

    how did you make that whitelisted-bots

  • Medibird
    Medibird 2 days ago +3

    “ I would have to take his insanity and TRIPLE it “
    Foreshadowing to the Catalysts...

  • rip in pepperoni
    rip in pepperoni 2 days ago

    Ahh coming back to sky block in a year prob gonna see 50mill in my bank

  • Samuel Hautamäki
    Samuel Hautamäki 2 days ago

    Next: The great carrot war

  • synzee cracked
    synzee cracked 2 days ago +1

    Little did techno know that his little clip on Sun Tzu would mean I would make an entire website on Sun Tzu in my coding club
    Yeahhh I’m a nerd

  • vwada
    vwada 2 days ago

    and this is why I will subscribe to this channel now

  • mirci 25
    mirci 25 2 days ago

    I want unban

  • Mack Burwell
    Mack Burwell 2 days ago

    this killed me

  • noninvasive intruder

    The pototoboards

  • Dawncore1
    Dawncore1 2 days ago

    Technoblade is a pig but he likes potatos over carrots?

  • noninvasive intruder


  • Phitthawat Inthavong
    Phitthawat Inthavong 2 days ago +1

    Technoblade: i had a couple
    Me: WHAT THE FU-

  • Marcus Mason-Kinsey
    Marcus Mason-Kinsey 3 days ago

    *irish intensifies*

  • Santa But Is On Crack Cocaine

    *so all of this started by.....POTATOES?*

  • Shrek Wes
    Shrek Wes 3 days ago

    This is legendary

  • Ez
    Ez 3 days ago

    names noted

  • Kaiser Wilhelm
    Kaiser Wilhelm 3 days ago

    Ireland in polandball memes:

  • JhayCMusic
    JhayCMusic 3 days ago

    squid kid: you ruined my life

    Technoblade: LOL

  • Beumzy
    Beumzy 3 days ago


  • Jack Pankhurst
    Jack Pankhurst 3 days ago +1

    I wonder if some of the other number 1 spots saw this video and started improving their farms just in case