I made my OWN 2080Ti Waterblock and the results are INSANE!

  • Published on Sep 27, 2018
  • This is what happens when you get tired of waiting for custom waterblocks for RTX cards... you make your own out of scraps!
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Comments • 1 886

  • Sean Edora
    Sean Edora Day ago

    Binned AF

  • rustiscool
    rustiscool Day ago

    Make your custom gpu upgrades xd

  • The Fox
    The Fox Day ago

    Take a shot every time he says "VRM"

  • rickythetube
    rickythetube Day ago

    I don;t like water cooling system, it needs maintainers. anything won't wrong, its dead.

  • Cyber Locc
    Cyber Locc Day ago

    www.3dmark.com/spy/6676616 - 7712 No chilled air, just room temp loop, looks like I got a good card :).

  • Snuggle Velocity
    Snuggle Velocity 2 days ago

    This all seems incredibly unnecessary, you could get similar results using a kraken g12...granted 2080 compatible is in question here but still

  • Blei1986
    Blei1986 2 days ago

    just drop ice cubes and ammonia nitrate into the watercooler
    **mission accomplished**

  • Oscar Karlsson
    Oscar Karlsson 3 days ago

    Holy moly. It ran at around 29 degrees C while you were doing a test on a RTX 2080? That is some great cooling i have to say

  • garbo man
    garbo man 3 days ago

    I made my OWN 2080Ti, Waterblock and the results are INSANE!

  • TGI
    TGI 3 days ago

    How about rx 580 8gb ? Water cool

    • TGI
      TGI 7 hours ago

      +Kristóf Soma my fan not working ./

    • Kristóf Soma
      Kristóf Soma 2 days ago

      No need

  • three sixes
    three sixes 5 days ago

    You should have a cold rail and hot rail, not pre heat fluid from the gpu then send that through the second block. You could probably get another 2% more performance if you replumbed it

  • Lucid Sim
    Lucid Sim 7 days ago

    I don’t like this guy. He just creeps me out.

  • Supertaco Elite
    Supertaco Elite 9 days ago

    Does anyone else spend like 5 minutes trying to read the message that phil writes at the end

  • Suttipong Nakken
    Suttipong Nakken 10 days ago

    Well that Awesome man

  • Wong Elfski
    Wong Elfski 10 days ago

    Try using a quadruple stacked Peltier unit rated for 300 W and enclosed water block rated for higher than 300 W on the hot end of the Peltier.

  • Wong Elfski
    Wong Elfski 10 days ago

    Blowing warm air across the surrounding components will eliminate dew from ever forming.

  • Elsa Debroglie
    Elsa Debroglie 11 days ago

    I read the title as "I made my OWN 2080Ti." Then I clicked the video and saw the rest of the title...

  • Paul Bialozor
    Paul Bialozor 11 days ago

    So where's the part where you MAKE YOUR OWN WATERBLOCK??? All you did, is what everyone has been doing for decades, was adapt an off the shelf waterblock to your card and you MADE NOTHING. Wow, how do you get all these followers, I mean seriously??? Either they are all dumb as rocks or they have ROCKS for Brains, take your pick.... Get back to what made your channel strong as you past several videos reek of desperation.... If my comment HURTS good, the truth always DOES...

  • Streaky Bacon Makes Me Moist

    Links don't work

  • madison verger
    madison verger 12 days ago

    Jayforce edition

  • Sam Sawyer
    Sam Sawyer 12 days ago

    It's 2019 and we still don't test rigs after an hour giving time for the liquid to heat up.

    • ryan fisher
      ryan fisher 12 days ago

      heavy gaming wouldn't take the liquid an hour to hit its maximum heat, my cooling hits its max temp after about 5 minutes and only changes when im done gaming and it drops

  • Joseph McGinnis
    Joseph McGinnis 12 days ago

    Is it just me.. or his mic screwed up..

  • Thomas Lucas
    Thomas Lucas 13 days ago +34

    Have you ever considered using a thermal camera to proof the build? I think it would be a powerful visual and tool for these projects and videos.

  • Orlando Souza
    Orlando Souza 13 days ago


  • Flight Therapy
    Flight Therapy 13 days ago

    Why arent there more peltier board based cooling systems for computers.... maybe i just dont know shit about electronics

    • Flight Therapy
      Flight Therapy 12 days ago

      +RavageBullet Aah ok got it... my experience with a peltier generator consists of making a wood stove fan that runs off the heat differential between a piece of steel and a heatsink... soo not exactly a pro lol Thanks for actually answering my question though :)

    • RavageBullet
      RavageBullet 12 days ago

      Peltier cooling is extremely inefficient and requires a lot of electricity for a small result.

  • Torogi_Taraki
    Torogi_Taraki 14 days ago +1

    hahaha i hate Linus too !!!

    BIG CHUNGUS 14 days ago

    Liquid cool a Titan?

    CATETO 14 days ago

    What things needed to do the mod, i look on the description and the links and i cant see the items only the page. Please i want make the mod, because msi ventus 2080 rtx its horribly hot, sorry about my english. Can make a amazon list with the items? 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Røhït Rîkhí
    Røhït Rîkhí 15 days ago

    Like 2080ti costed less and then you add all that cooling mumbo jumbo for the same price of 2080ti, in short just buy 2 2080ti s and you will get double the performance !!! Damn it !!

  • Echo1975
    Echo1975 15 days ago

    Everytime I get a new gpu I mount a cpu cooler to it. A hyper 212 evo can do miracles on a gpu, but you need to cool the memory and vrms

  • Joshua Kilmer
    Joshua Kilmer 15 days ago

    good video i just cant stand all the static from the mic

  • bordアーヴァイン

    so this is what a 1 slot graphics card would look like?

  • Can I bite You
    Can I bite You 15 days ago

    7643 graphic score on a 1.2k 2080ti gainwand phoenix gs with galax bios and very simple cooling solution. I am very amused about all the watercooling voodoo :-)

  • Ѧ
    Ѧ 15 days ago

    i wanna stick my dick in the watercooler tank

  • xys007
    xys007 15 days ago

    Why you didn't use liquid metal? If you go hardcore, go all the way !!!

  • I have a very small penis but,

    You have such a weird looking body shape.

  • DoctorX17
    DoctorX17 16 days ago

    "hmm, I water cooled it... But that's not extreme enough... OH! GRAB THE AC!"

  • bornagainst666
    bornagainst666 16 days ago

    I was always wondering what douchebag would fall for this stupid ‘smart water’ bullshit...now I know 😂

  • Reynier R.A
    Reynier R.A 16 days ago

    Ohhh wait are these the video cards that have memory tear down problems ? why the effort ?

  • Bandicoot803
    Bandicoot803 16 days ago

    Issued "DISLIKE" #862 for starting a video with forced advertising.

  • blech71
    blech71 16 days ago

    I love the friendly competition/camaraderie between the channels.

  • Wesley Mooney
    Wesley Mooney 16 days ago +1

    Made me laugh when you said 35 points to a 7000 plus score was alot hahaha

  • Knight Sepehr
    Knight Sepehr 17 days ago

    well he dropped a rtx 2080ti , ITS WORTHY TO WATCH IF IT WORKS

  • David West
    David West 17 days ago

    Linus won because it was colder where he was in Canada.

  • Dennis Stark
    Dennis Stark 17 days ago

    @11:10 I love how all other cards are Titan V and Jay comes kicking in the front door with a 2080ti 🤣 you just know everyone below him is like "wtf?!"

  • Preacher Gaming
    Preacher Gaming 17 days ago

    "I made my OWN 2080Ti Waterblock" you didnt make shit - you bought the block.

  • Eric Lopez
    Eric Lopez 18 days ago

    How practical would this be for everyday?

  • KURNTECH Douglas
    KURNTECH Douglas 18 days ago

    can u recomend a block that can fit vega 64 that not to expensive

  • KURNTECH Douglas
    KURNTECH Douglas 18 days ago

    can this block work on a powercool vega 64

  • Master Puppet
    Master Puppet 19 days ago +1

    You just gotta love ghetto cooling setups.

  • Connor
    Connor 19 days ago

    is something wrong with the mic in the intro?

  • Vorta
    Vorta 20 days ago

    "It looks like a cruise ship. It's so damn big." - That's what she said.

  • Beba 2
    Beba 2 20 days ago

    What a waste of money and time. LoL. And its still slower, more complicated and very useless then just buying a second card.

  • RavenAegis45
    RavenAegis45 20 days ago

    well even if the vrm waterblock didnt clear the mobo you could have just used a extender cable to relocate the graphics card

  • Phantom
    Phantom 22 days ago

    Dude didnt use there a titan V? And u sit around all these tutans V‘s man wtf 😂😂😂🔥

  • Cary Robert Dean
    Cary Robert Dean 23 days ago

    >made my own
    >snaps 3 pieces together like lego

  • J C
    J C 24 days ago

    Insert MGS reference here...

  • T Lawrence
    T Lawrence 24 days ago

    This video: "All this junk I have laying around just happens to fit perfectly!"

  • messiahksk
    messiahksk 24 days ago +4

    Hey, why You don't use PCI-E riser to test project like this, without risk You flood your MB?

  • zuriel lu han de
    zuriel lu han de 25 days ago

    4:25 Deez nuts

  • Mitch War
    Mitch War 25 days ago

    Great vid, just like a cooking show

  • Keto Triathlete
    Keto Triathlete 26 days ago

    Hi.. I can get your water temp to stay under 15 degrees C under full load. Please reach out

  • reezlaw
    reezlaw 26 days ago

    12:03 Between Paul and Steve and *ME

  • sebastien david Levyne

    GPU -> cuivre 50x50x3mm -> module peltier 12v 50x50mm -> cooling + voltmode

  • Badr Outal
    Badr Outal 27 days ago +1

    is it just me or is the audio too noisy in this video ? Looks like the noise floor is too high Might wanna look into it.

  • Paul Michael
    Paul Michael 27 days ago +1


  • FreeGameplays
    FreeGameplays 28 days ago

    I guess it doesn't cost a cent

  • Ben Tobón
    Ben Tobón 28 days ago

    1:33 That's what she said. :3

  • Michael Blacke
    Michael Blacke 28 days ago

    people if you where a electronic ingenieer and with enugh money you could make far away thing better than industry spits

  • Justis K
    Justis K 29 days ago

    SMART clickbait

  • Paul7mac
    Paul7mac 29 days ago

    Air con plus stock cooler

  • Choice777
    Choice777 Month ago

    these god damn cards these days 2 and even 3 slots....2 slot gpu and nvlink that's gonna take 6 slots out of an already expensive 7 pcie slot motherboard. wtf ? water cooling takes it down from 6 slots to 2...5 slots left for actual sutff.

  • CattleRustler
    CattleRustler Month ago

    Invest in a magnetic tip screwdriver

  • 64nine
    64nine Month ago

    bought not built mate.. how about "frankenstien 2080Ti waterblock"

  • Ethan Tee
    Ethan Tee Month ago

    You only covered half the VRM’s though...

  • RaynbowZ: Strucid Gamer


  • Michael Rudiger
    Michael Rudiger Month ago

    Good effort, not even McGyver could have done better!

  • ryan Hailey
    ryan Hailey Month ago

    Intro song?

  • Wesley Filips
    Wesley Filips Month ago

    wouldnt it be more appropriate if the gpu fluid was green and the cpu was blue, ya know team green team blue

  • Wesley Filips
    Wesley Filips Month ago

    isnt that a lot of thermal paste

    • DaWeeD 109
      DaWeeD 109 Month ago

      On GPU's you rather want too much Paste. Gamers Nexus did an in depth Video about it go check it out

  • Chaz
    Chaz Month ago

    What was the song played over the benchmarks?

  • Black Iron
    Black Iron Month ago +2

    2:16 "farther" lmao

    RABSTER LAB Month ago

    Not bad jay not bad at all

  • Kristian Radin
    Kristian Radin Month ago

    I see yor memory is 8030 … you can get it to 8200 on msi afterburner 4.6.0 beta12 wit no artifacts if your lucky on driver 418.91.

  • mmmh mmh
    mmmh mmh Month ago

    holy to the fuck shit u are thin, i haven't watched this channel for 3 years or some shit, good looks my guy

  • Sapphire Spire
    Sapphire Spire Month ago +3

    I can't believe you just randomly found all those compatible parts. ...well, ya I can.

  • RamB0T
    RamB0T Month ago +1

    Jay "Spare 2080" TwoCents XD

  • Romi Walter Miranda
    Romi Walter Miranda Month ago +1

    Listen - thexvid.com/video/5ooBrjYurbE/video.html

  • Tim Kilpert
    Tim Kilpert Month ago +1

    No wonder NASA needed us for the space program

  • Axel Shark
    Axel Shark Month ago

    Just take a cuboid form of copper drill 4 holes in it, put 8 hose mountings and you've got a water block!

  • Peter Kurek
    Peter Kurek Month ago

    @JayzTwoCents "I made my OWN 2080Ti Waterblock ǂ was like $17 I got off amazon" Liar!

  • Shakdi Dagalimal
    Shakdi Dagalimal Month ago

    F linus - how did he ... well he probably had a real expert doing it on the paycheck...

  • NPC: Drone Class
    NPC: Drone Class Month ago

    what i find hilarious is that there will be a low profile version of the 2080 ti in about 3-5 years and won't require any massive cooling, yet will perform exactly the same as this. how do they do it? i remember my 5870 ran pretty hot, but then they came out with the low profile version and it looked just like an old radeon 9800, but actually performed a LOT better and faster than the original 5870. why not come out with low profile versions in the first place?

    • Chris Season
      Chris Season Month ago

      same reason why in the year 1995 we didn't have processors as powerful as we do now. progression of technology is not instantaneous, only with time and experience can something be improved upon. specifically, over the years processors become smaller because these companies find ways to shrink them while still sustaining and even improving performance and power usage. if they were to turn the 2080 Ti into a low profile card right now, they would have to downclock it so much because the processor die would be too hot for the minimal cooling interface

  • Steven Daniels
    Steven Daniels Month ago

    I used your method on my 2070. Works so far. Thank you for the alternative method.

  • Sang Joon Sim
    Sang Joon Sim Month ago

    깨알 흙수저의 반란

  • ghamzah patel
    ghamzah patel Month ago

    diameter is for circles right?

    • Chris Season
      Chris Season Month ago

      diameter is the measurement of the full span of a circle, yes. radius is exactly half of that.
      if you measure a circle, starting from the absolute center point, in a straight line, to any spot on the outer ring - you'll measure the radius
      if you measure a circle, from any spot on the outer ring, to the absolute center of the circle, then continue in a straight line in the same direction, to the spot on the exact opposing outer ring, you'll measure the diameter

  • The joker
    The joker Month ago

    Wish I could att least have a 1080ti I run 960 lol mi gaming is horrible

  • Spid88PL
    Spid88PL Month ago

    Liquid should flow through VRM block first, then to GPU's don't you think?

    • Chris Season
      Chris Season Month ago

      i would think not... high quality VRM mosfets can handle temperatures up to around 125 degrees C, and under load when adequately air/fin cooled typically do not exceed 70C. i'd imagine they're even cooler in a water loop. a GPU die is much more sensitive to rising temperatures in that they are designed to reduce clock speed gradually as they get warmer. this means you would want the VRM heat moved out of the loop before it hits the GPU die to keep the GPU cooler. VRM mosfets can handle an extra couple degrees that the GPU would share with them

  • massive irrelevance

    ESD nazis are comatose at the sight of this video.

  • rapolas st
    rapolas st Month ago

    Why do you have so much pc parts in those shelves and how you got them?