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'Worth Is Relative' Ep. 7 Clip | Silicon Valley | Season 5


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  • SidneyBroadshead
    SidneyBroadshead 2 months ago

    *Silicon Valley* (S5 Ep07; 6 May 2018) _Initial Coin Offering_

  • SidneyBroadshead
    SidneyBroadshead 2 months ago

    The weird thing about Richard is that he listens to other people. They posit or inspire an idea and he goes with it. Gavin is surrounded with yes men who he never listens to and pushes his own ideas while ignoring criticism. Richard's also still creative and mentally agile enough to come up with new ideas, while Gavin is focusing all his efforts in trying hard to stay on top.

  • Jaime Alvarez
    Jaime Alvarez 7 months ago +4


  • Tom
    Tom 7 months ago +9

    Now this was a good episode. Favorite of the season. More like this, guys.

  • Joel Vilanilam Zachariah
    Joel Vilanilam Zachariah 7 months ago +40

    Gilfoyle is the best on the show when it comes to calm swag

    • Jaydeep  Bose
      Jaydeep Bose 7 months ago

      Analysta654 that's what makes me like the show where the main character is incorrigible..and not some perfect guy..

    • Analysta654
      Analysta654 7 months ago +3

      Agreed, Conversely, the Richard character is overwhelmingly unwatchable (at least for me) because of his arrogance and overall "twitchiness".

  • Favorite Top List
    Favorite Top List 7 months ago +1

    awesome boss

  • gps kingmona
    gps kingmona 7 months ago

    Eu gostei

  • Neel Moradiya
    Neel Moradiya 7 months ago +3

    I wish I could watch all 10 episode at a time