Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Ditches Loot Boxes (For Now) - Inside Gaming Daily

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
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Comments • 700

  • Six_Sho7
    Six_Sho7 6 days ago


  • GreenEggAndSAM2
    GreenEggAndSAM2 21 day ago

    Patrick is really cute and I hope we see him a lot more UwU

  • Voraxe
    Voraxe 27 days ago

    60? 100 ...

  • Wardog1001
    Wardog1001 28 days ago

    After the reviews come in -lootboxes- surprise mechanics will be added mark my words!

  • Rob McCormick
    Rob McCormick 29 days ago

    I will believe it when I see it... which unfortunately for them means I have to wait for the entire life cycle of the game to be sure.

  • Looper Tempo
    Looper Tempo Month ago

    read" we don't want people spilling the beans about how fucked our battle pass is until everyone has bought the game"

    that's why it wont release with launch.

  • thealeksanderh
    thealeksanderh Month ago

    They havent yet said that there is definetly no lootboxes, but something that sounded like it.
    So there will be lootboxes.
    They dont care if you have fun or not, they care about your money.

  • Ryan Fehr
    Ryan Fehr Month ago

    It’s funny to me when Lawrence mentioned the functioning night vision goggles, because I actually have a pair still that came with the MWF2 collectors edition all those years ago. Still mint and working. Quite nice actually

  • Freaky
    Freaky Month ago

    Activision and no Blizzard? Game without lootboxes mechanics? Perfect

  • 0001Stealth
    0001Stealth Month ago

    I really like this new guy

  • Red Scar
    Red Scar Month ago

    I like Patrick

  • - MetropolisKid -
    - MetropolisKid - Month ago

    amazing i had lots of hope and infinity ward has delivered...amen 🙏🏻

  • Kieran Wertheim
    Kieran Wertheim Month ago

    So what’s really sad is that if you got any physical edition (or at least for me the dark edition at GameStop in North America) you’ll get it on the 25th even though everyone else gets to play the day before at 9pm even though I spent 3x the amount most people paid for it digitally. 🙁 big sad

  • Raijin
    Raijin Month ago

    Here is a thought guys. Why don't we unlock the game changing content by progressing though levels in the game? Like say I want mods for a certain gun I can just use that gun until I unlock everything for it. So I don't have to spend *more money* on a *60$* game. Getting cosmetics could be though in game achievements and activities that are weekly. Seems more sensible than having a battle pass where there is the possibility of you buying the pass just as the time is about to expire and pay a fee for only lower tier rewards.

  • 4G64SicKShoT
    4G64SicKShoT Month ago

    Loot boxes were made into the game for fucks sake they were level rewards. 110% they'll be back after the reviews

  • Armando Martinez
    Armando Martinez Month ago

    Maybe ditching the name loot boxes and calling it something else

  • gomthaol
    gomthaol Month ago

    It's a said day when the stupidity of greed that exist in games now, make old common sense look new and enlightening.

  • Axel Shenron
    Axel Shenron Month ago

    Yeah they are phasing out Adam kovic oh poor adam looks like he wants to leave funhaus or they pushing him out well ill unsubscribe once kovic leaves gg funhaus crew it was nice knowing you.

  • inteLLectic
    inteLLectic Month ago

    Is everyone aware that Funhaus uses shadow bans to suppress comments that aren't just empty praise and people that aren't just sycophantic losers?

  • Kissker Venwrath
    Kissker Venwrath Month ago

    oh no, same wording as Bethesda on Fallout 76! Red Alert! Red Alert! pay to win mechanics bound to be introduced within a year of release! Battle Passes? Ok.. fine.. but when those are just "pay monthly"... and it'll probably be $15 for the pass.

  • Burger Muncher
    Burger Muncher Month ago

    I couldn't give 2 shits if they add loot boxes only if they are completely cosmetic but if we get a fucking rainbow bunny for Easter or a santa outfit I'm gonna go to activison and start protesting 😂

  • Super Dad
    Super Dad Month ago

    I can't wait to play this game... eventually. Maybe in about 10-12 months from release.

  • Turretguy
    Turretguy Month ago

    The battle pass is gonna have to be GREAT in order for people to buy it. Look at Apex, season 1s battle pass sucked and it’s a F2P game so they needed it to be good to make money and couldn’t. I feel like modern warfare won’t even try to make it good regardless tho

  • Turretguy
    Turretguy Month ago

    Cool that you got Jude Law on the show with you Lawrence

  • DontTellPike
    DontTellPike Month ago

    The wording on their announcement still seems to suggest that future weapons can be bought in the store, and that you can grind the free battlepass to get cod points to then later buy the weapons/attachments.
    The statement is clear on "base weapons and attachments" for the launch, but really vague on the post release content.
    The only real good thing is that you'll get free maps even if you don't pay for the pass.

  • Richard Reney
    Richard Reney Month ago

    They always say this and then we get the game and BAM LOOTBOXES

  • kavmanproductions
    kavmanproductions Month ago

    1:30 sad to say boss, but this is new to the young gamers.

  • BashtheSaiyan
    BashtheSaiyan Month ago

    Epic YEAAAAAH, Lawrence.

  • JauntyM
    JauntyM Month ago

    Why did you guys change your name I only found it back today!

  • Carston 101
    Carston 101 Month ago

    Is it just me, or does Patrick look like Steve Murphy(Boyd Hollbrook) in Narcos?...

  • Alex MC
    Alex MC Month ago

    Just dont buy it and next year or the next will be better hopfully

  • Kobe Robinov
    Kobe Robinov Month ago

    Their battle pass will prob take 300h to finish and they'll have a skip tier for like 1$"

  • SleepingElite4
    SleepingElite4 Month ago

    A lot of people are salty with this game but I'm honestly stoked about playing a rebooted Modern Warfare with a new engine and everything. 👌

  • Graigoree Jones
    Graigoree Jones Month ago

    So I guess we're done hating Activision Blizzard after they sided with China simply because they haven't finished their loot box system in MW?

  • Jooztin
    Jooztin Month ago

    Nahh they'll be in there soon.

  • L Onifur
    L Onifur Month ago

    It's nice to hear news about CoD from a man that looks like young Captain Price.

  • lilnuggetdude
    lilnuggetdude Month ago

    Let’s be real here... Kodick and all those other idiots at Activision are inevitably going to lock the whole damn game behind ten million dollars worth of loot boxes.

  • andrew obrien
    andrew obrien Month ago +1

    Yes it’s only temporary that Loot boxes has been turned off Like Ea’s Pride and accomplishment 🖕

  • David Kuhn
    David Kuhn Month ago

    Players - "YAAA no microtransactions!!", Activision 1 month after release when reviews and upfront sales done - "just a few microtransactions", Activision 2 months after release when reviews and upfront sales and month 1 uproar are done - "just a few more microtransactions", Activision 3 months after release when reviews and upfront sales and month 1 uproar and month 2 uproar are done -...
    Does ANYONE believe this is not going to happen? ANYONE!?

  • Vallejo Mach
    Vallejo Mach Month ago

    November - Battle pass for sale
    December - Lootboxes added in.

    Watch and see.

  • Alan Chen
    Alan Chen Month ago

    Brian, I know you're a degenerate that doesn't give two shits about Keynesian economics, so stop kidding yourself and buy $ATVI calls like the rest of us

  • Jordan
    Jordan Month ago +3

    "I wonder if that's gonna get us demonitized, let's find out."
    Nope, I had 3 Mcdonalds commercials play, 1 at the beginning, 1 in the middle, and 1 at the end.

  • GreyscaleTV
    GreyscaleTV Month ago

    mustache guy is cool

  • StayAu79
    StayAu79 Month ago

    World of Warcraft required a monthly membership fee to play and people still paid the price, a battle pass doesn't seem any different to that.

  • Fort Knight
    Fort Knight Month ago

    Call of Duty becoming like fortnite :D

  • giovanni figueroa
    giovanni figueroa Month ago

    Hahahaha they've come down from the mountain!

  • King Kool Kattz
    King Kool Kattz Month ago

    its not really much of an in-game economy if u can't trade/sell things u own, Valve games r an example of an actual functioning in-game economy or putting it more broadly any games that allow trading to other players and/or selling on the market

  • Yogurt1701
    Yogurt1701 Month ago

    If the season pass was FREE after you BUY the game, fair enough. If the game was free and you had to buy a season pass, again, fair enough. But paying for a full retail game, then be expected to pay FOR THE CHANCE to unlock stuff has always been crap for the consumer. I'd be happy to pay a reasonable price for fresh monthly content, but to be expected to pay FOR THE CHANCE to unlock something by grinding 90 hours a week for it, after paying for a full price game is frankly, offensive. And if you're happy with that business model, you're part of the problem not the solution. Also you're a bloody idiot. As someone who has been gaming since the 70s, I've seen many ups and downs in the industry. Personally speaking, I hate the way things are in gaming right now. This whole thing of "paying for the chance" to get content is despicable! Whatever happened to just paying for stuff you wanted? Anyway, another good video lads! Keep up the good work! :)

  • Nate R
    Nate R Month ago +1

    Genuinely looks like you guys are having a good time, which is super nice. Love your work & thank you for the free content!

  • isiah f15
    isiah f15 Month ago

    They did this to bo4 Don't listen

  • Mantis Toboggan
    Mantis Toboggan Month ago +2

    Still can’t get pass the mustache.

  • Shawshifter
    Shawshifter Month ago +1

    I live for the EHYEESSS every Friday

  • Dennis Smith
    Dennis Smith Month ago

    This is probably a “rent from redbox to play the campaign for a couple of days” for me

  • Stone Osborne
    Stone Osborne Month ago

    Only here for the campaign and SpecOps mode.

  • Joseph Pedlow
    Joseph Pedlow Month ago

    It looks like Adam was hit in the face with a hot and heavy shovel but I think that is just Lawrence.

  • localpsychosis main

    Not getting it do to getting half a game for $64 as well as it being part of blizzard

  • Kyle Hilton
    Kyle Hilton Month ago

    Yea I'm good their full of shit I quit cod and will never play again I dont care how good it is they will just go back to this shit with the next game

    SWASHUP-GAMES Month ago


  • Jake Doidge
    Jake Doidge Month ago

    $10 battle pass? this is Activision it will be $40+ just watch

    ELMITLON Month ago

    That moustache James grew is on fleek.