Do kyungsoo kissing scene compilation | 2015 - 2018

  • Published on Feb 10, 2019
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    Movies/Drama titles in order
    1. Be Positive Web Drama
    2. 100 Days My Prince
    3. Swing Kids
    4. Pure Love

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Comments • 36

  • Monika G
    Monika G 2 months ago +168

    "Kissing compilation" = kissing anything, even an umbrella😂😂

    • Pop
      Pop Month ago +1

      I want to be that umbrella

    • bharti r
      bharti r Month ago +2

      Yess yess kissing wall ..... wait it was d.o's 'joke' right😋😂he practiced kiss scenes with wall😂

    • mermaid.o
      mermaid.o  2 months ago +2

      I laughed so hard 😂😂

  • Elis hwi Karawang95
    Elis hwi Karawang95 3 days ago


  • ehe
    ehe 7 days ago +4

    umbrella luckier than us :(

  • Baraboom Choogiwa
    Baraboom Choogiwa 9 days ago +7

    27 dislike is KAI Fake Accounts

  • Farkana S. ANGGOT
    Farkana S. ANGGOT 10 days ago

    He kiss the umbrella

  • Nayla Putri
    Nayla Putri 13 days ago

    OMG 😲😂😅

  • Jen Leaño
    Jen Leaño 20 days ago +4

    Shet kyungsoo amputa selos is me

  • fearlessbobohu
    fearlessbobohu 22 days ago +10

    duuude actually watching him kissing in swing kids in the theater making the entire audience go wild was worth it like YOU GO KSOO GET UR GIRL!

  • uzzal barua
    uzzal barua 25 days ago

    how stupid girl who kiss my boyfriend 👿👿

  • JenChu LiChaeng
    JenChu LiChaeng Month ago +18

    our kyungsoo!!! how did you became like that?

  • Chiena A
    Chiena A Month ago +28

    That umbrella kiss scene seems funny. It's actually heartbreaking.

  • bos yapma kralicesi
    bos yapma kralicesi Month ago +7

    The first kiss was not a kiss i guess she kissed her finger

  • kyungsoos bae
    kyungsoos bae Month ago +41

    those lips... that umbrella is shook™️

  • K - TUBS
    K - TUBS Month ago +5

    The last one got me shocked

  • Senpai Nc.
    Senpai Nc. Month ago +1

    End :V

  • Mary Joy Lusuegro
    Mary Joy Lusuegro Month ago +33

    Do kyungsoo: kisses an umbrella
    Me: omo i still have hope

  • Jodie Mullan
    Jodie Mullan Month ago +8

    The scenes from swing kids made me cry just remembering that film

  • Sarah Zahara
    Sarah Zahara Month ago

    Yang bonus apa judulnya kasih tw dong

  • 도경수EXO
    도경수EXO Month ago +7

    unforgettable made me cry so bad
    anyways i'm waiting for mine Lmao XD

    • my reply is
      my reply is Day ago +1


    BLACK PINK Month ago +3

    oppa mending kiss aku 😍😟

  • si patrik
    si patrik Month ago +5


  • Kyuhyun's Lips
    Kyuhyun's Lips Month ago +55

    He even kissed an umbrella and I'm still waiting for my kiss 😂

  • Gulzar Kenjebaeva
    Gulzar Kenjebaeva Month ago

    Woow wow

  • bharti r
    bharti r Month ago +1

    The most cute and hot was swing was just awww😍😍😍

  • bangtanvelvet is real
    bangtanvelvet is real 2 months ago +18

    the last one wtf xd

  • Charish de Mello
    Charish de Mello 2 months ago +79

    This piano cover of “the eve” has me shooked

  • Nazwa Nurul Aulia
    Nazwa Nurul Aulia 2 months ago +1

    ouwhhh so cute

  • hyenn lovely
    hyenn lovely 2 months ago +3


  • ShakiesproYT
    ShakiesproYT 2 months ago +2


  • fatıma gül
    fatıma gül 3 months ago +1

    Oh my heart!!