An American Tail: Fievel Goes West - Nostalgia Critic

  • Published on Apr 19, 2018
  • Everybody loves An American Tail, but it's sequel had a lot of people scratching their heads. Can the Nostalgia Critic figure out why?
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    An American Tail: Fievel Goes West (also known as An American Tail II: Fievel Goes West or An American Tail II) is a 1991 American animated comedy western film produced by Steven Spielberg's Amblimation animation studio.
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Comments • 8 401

  • جارمين كيل
    جارمين كيل 2 days ago

    wow what's with the dislikes? ^^

  • Michael Mack
    Michael Mack 5 days ago

    My night mares dont have sound

  • MrPhilsterable
    MrPhilsterable 6 days ago

    Fievel Goes West was awesome! A great movie from my childhood and one I still enjoy.

  • Thë ñêrdŷ ñïghtfüry

    Yesss Cactus juice refrence!

  • Soulvei
    Soulvei 11 days ago

    You should review the one where Fievel meets some native American mice living under the subway. There's a part where this native American princess mouse's lines obviously had to be rerecorded and were just shoved back into the scene without cleaning up the background noise from the mic. It's a cringey movie for so many reasons. I think it's called The Treasure of Manhattan Island?

  • BC Nation
    BC Nation 12 days ago

    Now we must add 'UN-ECK-IBLE' to the urban dictionary.

  • BC Nation
    BC Nation 12 days ago

    Actually, when Lewis and Clark went on their expedition, Clark brought his black slave along (Don't fuss, he was treated just like any other travel assistant at the time), and some of the native tribes who never saw an african man before thought he might've been a god. It's not exactly a cliche it it bares historical accuracy.

  • Princess Pixel
    Princess Pixel 13 days ago

    Ever since I learned the innuendo of the un-ECK-ible moment, I laughed hard. Now I'm laughing even harder with Doug's reaction!

  • Al Payne
    Al Payne 14 days ago

    I forgot that this existed,

  • magicscar16
    magicscar16 14 days ago

    😂 if the critic thought this was bad, I can’t wait to see what he thinks of American Tale: The Mystery of the Night Monster and American Tale: The Treasure of Manhattan Island

  • FutureBoyEXE
    FutureBoyEXE 14 days ago

    I don't know if this is comforting or just putting salt in the wound, but the third movie pretty much retcons this whole thing. Yeah, Fievel just wakes up and it turns out it was all a dream.

  • Dokkan Dialogue
    Dokkan Dialogue 16 days ago

    To anyone that actually cares to know, Fievel Goes West is actually a dream sequence. This is told in the third movie when Fievel says he had a dream about being a western gunslinger.

  • Maui Randall
    Maui Randall 19 days ago

    It's so red

  • whitebasicmammal
    whitebasicmammal 20 days ago

    Legitimate commentary.
    Legitimate commentary about how the evil Anglos in America tricked jews into forced labor camps before slaughtering them and putting them in mass graves.
    You know, I'm starting to suspect that cats only really come into existence because of the actions of mice.

  • Mylon Hembree
    Mylon Hembree 21 day ago

    I loved fifel goes west the first one was so depressing

  • lava _pizza
    lava _pizza 21 day ago +1

    The dogs voice reminds me of my uncle i miss that man so much

  • domidium
    domidium 23 days ago +1

    Its astounding just how un-phased I was as a kid of a woman plunging a cat into her cleavage...

  • Darth c
    Darth c 25 days ago


  • DanRage47
    DanRage47 Month ago


  • Marvin the Maniac
    Marvin the Maniac Month ago

    Fun fact: this movie came out in theaters the same day Freddie Mercury died.

  • Nicholas Boyles
    Nicholas Boyles Month ago

    I actually owned this movie. End me.

  • rectal prolapse
    rectal prolapse Month ago

    don't worry........

    Fievel has a plan

  • A Doctor
    A Doctor Month ago


  • Movie Maniac
    Movie Maniac Month ago

    How did the humans understand Tanya's singing? Wouldn't they not be able to hear her because, well, she's a mouse?

  • Olivia Sneed
    Olivia Sneed Month ago

    there's like 5 squels

  • Hans Solo
    Hans Solo Month ago

    Unekkecable, adjective: a word that is made up when one cannot think of words to describe the uncomfortableness of a movie scene.

  • Barry Smith
    Barry Smith Month ago

    I kinda wish he used the "Who gives a shit" line with the fast forwards.

  • Johnny Pimpinz
    Johnny Pimpinz Month ago

    Just knew Feifel wasn't under the oath of sacrilege lol still love this beloved movie. All 4 of them. Regardless of the uncannon-esque

  • NeoAnimeFreak _
    NeoAnimeFreak _ Month ago

    Oh sad sad man, not loving this beautiful movie.

  • The Smart-Casual Gamer.

    I love James Stewart, he's such a good actor. I feel so sorry for him, just due to his character's name.

  • haylestormable
    haylestormable Month ago

    I used to watch this all the time with my mom and sister. The first one was always too much for me growing up (even as a kid I cried) so I always preferred this one. The parts us 3 would always laugh the hardest were tiger getting chased by the dogs and the entire training scene

  • Emilio Manuel De Pedro

    Dear Nostalgia:
    -If you don't like the film, that's your opinion. But it doesn't make it bad.

  • Wolfmarian
    Wolfmarian Month ago

    The final scene on this movie (the one where they are looking at the sunset), its so nostalgic to me (and a bit sad).

  • I'm making this face at your comment.

    11:38 Personally i think i speak for everyone that scene needs to be added into the special edition.

  • Tommy Lellan
    Tommy Lellan Month ago

    The music in this sequel is amazing imo.

  • AriochStarr
    AriochStarr Month ago

    You know, as much as I love this film and the original, I've never really associated them with each other even down to the main character of Feival. I'm not entirely sure how I saw it, just characters with the same names in Western times.

  • ARC the Clarinet Master

    Remember when this was supposed to be the last _Nostalgia Critic_ episode?

  • Joseph Womer
    Joseph Womer Month ago

    I will give the film credit....The character designs are really good. Especially for Miss Kitty.

    VAPOR Month ago +2

    I still can’t get over that scene of that woman trying to shove a cat into her breasts

  • ShadowChaotix
    ShadowChaotix Month ago

    Don't nobody tell him about the Manhatten one.

    • SuperSwordman1
      SuperSwordman1 Month ago

      Counter opinion...we tell him about it. So he will review it.

  • Mod Mysterio
    Mod Mysterio Month ago

    I love Jon Cleese in everything. I can see why he did this instead of BB cogsworth. And i love this movie!10/10

  • Forever-Dreaming
    Forever-Dreaming Month ago +4

    I never noticed the look of horror on Cat R. Wauls face before after the p***y scene, omg lol
    Also, was that lady made of rubber? He should have clawed tf out of her.. and why is he the size of a kitten compared to her?

  • gamer orp
    gamer orp 2 months ago +1

    (1) disturbing and sexual

  • K Cook
    K Cook 2 months ago

    The only thing that kills me (KILLS ME) about this movie is the fact that the sequels from this point on ruined "Fievel Goes West!" I really liked the second movie, even a little bit more than the first. It was campy fun without a lot of the harsher edges of the first film that I think kids enjoyed better.

    But the success of the first two films caused its own destruction. As a way to capitalize on how popular the first two films were, they started pumping out sequels about all kinds of different topics, from news hoaxes to the persecution of Native American tribes. But the one thing I couldn't really get over was the fact that An American Tail 3 literally opens with the revelation that Fievel Goes West WAS A DREAM!!! It was all a dream?!?! They pulled the cliche film cop out by making the entire second movie a DREAM SEQUENCE, thus erasing it from canon! I just could never take any of the sequels seriously after that.

  • gartner10112
    gartner10112 2 months ago

    Your videos are awesome, critic! However, your theme song is a violation of my ears due to the total high end treble :(

  • Rkiller20
    Rkiller20 2 months ago

    tbh as a little kid I liked this one more cuz certain scenes in the original scared me at the time

  • Diego Diaz
    Diego Diaz 2 months ago

    Full Voice Actor List
    Phillip Glasser: Fievel - Catherine Cavadini: Tanya - Nehemiah Persoff: Papa Mousekewitz - Erica Yohn: Mama Mousekewitz - James Stewart: Wylie Burp - Dom DeLuise: Tiger - Amy Irving: Miss Kitty - John Cleese: Cat R Wuhl - John Lovitz: T.R. Chula - Peter Cullen: Multiple Males - Frank Welker: Multiple Males - Pat Musick: Multiple Females - Maurice Lamarche: Multiple Males - Jack Angel: Multiple Males - Patrick Pinney: Multiple Males - Susan Blu: Multiple Females

  • Diego Diaz
    Diego Diaz 2 months ago

    I can tell you were trying to be nice to this movie, and I respect it. I for one, love Fievel Goes West. One reason why I love it is because it's a western, I love westerns. If I told you how many John Wayne movies I have seen, you would not believe it. I love westerns, and I find it unbelievable that there are so few animated westerns. Yes, I know about Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron, Rango, Disney's Home on the Range, and I have even seen the obscure Man from Button Willow, but apparently Fievel Goes West is the most famous animated western. Still another reason why I like this movie goes back to the original An American Tale being on my list of favorite Non-Disney animated movies. Most of what I liked about that movie came down to Fievel, and that fact is no different in this movie. Not only is Fievel still voiced by a real child like he should, but he even gives child actor time to such new adult actors as John Lovitz and Catherine Cavadini. Speaking of actors, I too am aware that this was James Stewart's last role before his death. If you ask me, this movie is perfect closure for him; getting to share voice-acting time with the next generation of animation actors, and those final words he gave to Fievel you talk about. I for one, love Fievel Goes, West. I for one see this as a fine sequel to An American Tale.

  • George Barbosa
    George Barbosa 2 months ago

    ok this movie is bad, but not bad as the direct DVD sequels American tail got.

  • Killjoy45
    Killjoy45 2 months ago

    I actually saw this movie before the original film.
    I must say, for some reason I like this one better.
    Is it weird? Yeah.
    Is it dumb at times? Definitely.
    But still: This movie is so entertaining from the start til the finish line that I just can't call it bad. And the animation: I seriously think that there are VERY few movies that can even hope to compete with the animation we are shown here. And all the little details they have added there. Everytime I watch it I find something new.
    Critic has the right for his opinion, but I must disagree with him with this one.

  • Mael Strom
    Mael Strom 2 months ago

    It sounds like you had try hard to find more than a couple of bad moments, compared to the overall awesomeness that was this childhood memory.

  • Isaac Truex
    Isaac Truex 2 months ago +4

    8:27 Um…can I order some ear bleach so I don’t have to hear that?

  • DragonDave LTD
    DragonDave LTD 2 months ago +1

    I'll always remember James Stewart in Vertigo and Rear Window and his last words from this...

  • Amber Lightvale
    Amber Lightvale 2 months ago

    I remember ones watching another version of this where it takes place in france, i was arround 8 back then and in that movie a song most people consider coming from wander over yonder was sung back then.
    Keep in mind i was 8 back then, the wander show didn't exist at all back then.
    The song in question is called: i'm the bad guy

    Yeah let that sink in.

  • Swoooze
    Swoooze 2 months ago

    Better than Don Bluth's 90's movies, Anastasia aside.

  • ThatOneGingeGames
    ThatOneGingeGames 2 months ago +2

    My animation teacher helped animate Cat R Waul.

  • Koji Katsuya
    Koji Katsuya 2 months ago +1

    "How in the Sam hell did you do that."

  • Andrew Maurer
    Andrew Maurer 2 months ago

    An American Fail...that's what this movie is

  • rdphoenix07
    rdphoenix07 2 months ago

    Review the other two American Tail movies.

  • Nikolas Mace
    Nikolas Mace 2 months ago

    Can you look at Godzilla Planet of the Monsters????????????

  • obsidian shard
    obsidian shard 2 months ago +6

    "Is there a word that describes how uncomfortable that was "
    Yes comicly aquard

  • Astro Wolvez
    Astro Wolvez 2 months ago

    Now review the other sequels!

  • beatrix the great
    beatrix the great 2 months ago

    there's a third one, it renders this movie as a dream... which explains the hat thing....

  • Big Iron1229
    Big Iron1229 2 months ago

    Nice fallout new Vegas joke
    Sunset saprilla

  • Frogpool553
    Frogpool553 2 months ago

    so, they mad another squeal after this that they showed at school, and it plays off this flim as a dream Fievel had.

  • Hydra Star
    Hydra Star 2 months ago

    And that's why if I (somehow) make a fantasy-and-own-mind-based story of mine, I won't give it to any movie company. I know they would make it more SJW and Family Friendly, and ruin it with non-sense-to-the-original-story jokes and plot.

  • potterinu
    potterinu 2 months ago

    I could take or leave Fievels storyline. I was always here for Tanyas songs. Even the best part of the original was their cute little offkey duet.

  • Andrew Viewtieful Tachibana

    9:17 not pretty? tanya you are down right adorbs

  • Jodee Rebecca Davey
    Jodee Rebecca Davey 2 months ago

    I Saw Both Movies When I Was a Kid,I Didn’t Like Either

  • The Lent
    The Lent 2 months ago +1


  • Melissa Cooper
    Melissa Cooper 2 months ago

    They even made a Saturday morning cartoon series based on this sequel.

  • Endboi
    Endboi 2 months ago +2

    I just want a cat...
    Who's more like a Do(u)g
    They knew he was gonna review this even before Channel Awesome existed!

  • Beautiful Meeses
    Beautiful Meeses 3 months ago

    This is without a doubt the single most nostalgiac movie for me of all time. I've watched it for like, 9 years.

  • Emilio Manuel De Pedro
    Emilio Manuel De Pedro 3 months ago

    Did you knew Wylie Burp was the last role James Stewart (Mr. Smith Goes to Washington; Vertigo; It's a Wonderful Life) did before his death?

  • Yasmine Ali
    Yasmine Ali 3 months ago +2

    When I was a child I didn’t even notice the p u s s y scene this ruined my childhood 😤😭😭😭😭

  • FourthDerivative
    FourthDerivative 3 months ago +1

    Oh c'mon Doug, this movie is great and you know it.

  • klimmr3021
    klimmr3021 3 months ago

    Speaking of Don Bluth sequels, are you ever going to do the Land Before Time sequels?

  • Nathan Spencer
    Nathan Spencer 3 months ago

    This wasnt a sequil, it was like the 4th movie.

  • NickDaGamer1998
    NickDaGamer1998 3 months ago

    *I don't know what lies beyond those hills. But if you ride yonder, head up, eyes forward, heart open, I think one day you'll find that you're the hero you've been looking for.*

  • Maniac From the Doomed Planet

    What contravosry. Srlsy. Whats up, I'm extremely confused. Is this recent or a while ago? What the heck happened?

  • Omnicidal Clown
    Omnicidal Clown 3 months ago

    I remember owning the VHS version of the movie and watching the hell out of it. Hell, I didn't even know that this was a sequel to another movie until I saw the Nostalgia Critic's Top 11 Saddest Nostalgic Moments.

  • Fazscare87 Fazscare
    Fazscare87 Fazscare 3 months ago

    9:36 XD, I've watched this for years and I never noticed the dress thing.... and I'm 16!

  • Mark Guerrero
    Mark Guerrero 3 months ago

    fievel is also older, just isnt as noticeable considering he is probably a few years away from puberty

  • Invictus Gardener
    Invictus Gardener 3 months ago

    I loved this movie as a kid and it WAS in the theater.

  • Sean Perkins
    Sean Perkins 3 months ago


  • BLZ231 231
    BLZ231 231 3 months ago +1

    Honestly, as a kid, and as an adult, I liked Fieval Goes West more then the first movie. Why? Because the first one is so fucking depressing. In fact, that's the main reason why I can't get into a lot of Don Bluth movies, they're too depressing. The one exception is Land Before Time, because while it was also depressing, it wasn't quite as depressing, and it had the cool factor of being about dinosaurs.

  • Rosann Francis
    Rosann Francis 3 months ago

    Will you review the 3rd one

  • Teaninja
    Teaninja 3 months ago

    I have always loved goes west more than an American tail.

    FFXIII 3 months ago

    Made me want to rewatch this masterpiece again)

    FFXIII 3 months ago

    This one was super cool and its NOT made for whiny bald old men)))

  • Mari Campari
    Mari Campari 3 months ago

    Oh shut up the sheriff dog is amazing

  • Nesseight
    Nesseight 3 months ago

    8:46 "That was an accident. That was a very unequal scene. I'm a cannibal"
    I'm not making this up, that's what the closed captions actually say.

  • MinnowClaw
    MinnowClaw 3 months ago

    The word for that uncomfortable scene is *OOF*

  • Mr. Monster
    Mr. Monster 3 months ago

    Wow 9000 + dislikes. Is it because people don't like Fievel Goes west or is there something I'm missing here?

  • Patricia Bussell
    Patricia Bussell 3 months ago +2

    12:39 *Legend has it that he died from suffocation by the same woman's ridiculous sized breasts...*

  • PTMWontDie2
    PTMWontDie2 3 months ago +1

    Anyone remember the animated series based on this sequel?

  • Danz McNabb
    Danz McNabb 3 months ago

    This was one of my favourite movies as a child.

  • Oscar the Milkman
    Oscar the Milkman 3 months ago

    pause at 3:22