Greta Van Fleet: You're the One (Live) - SNL


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  • emily ataraxia
    emily ataraxia 6 hours ago

    Everyone is ranting about how horrible this band is live, and i agree that this performance is well beyond lackluster, however themselves as a whole and their other live performances are really great. Something was off during this performance for sure, but everyone cant seem to step over the cracks and recognize this is the new classic youve all been asking for. (Although theyre heavily inspired by the old ones)

  • Brittany C.
    Brittany C. 14 hours ago

    The people hating on these guys are the same mfs who eat tide pods. 😂😂 GVF is life

  • Hayden Jacobson
    Hayden Jacobson 15 hours ago

    Say what you will about Rap, but that genre is thriving because fans of the music like listening to the artists and appreciating what each individual artist brings to the collective table. Rock guys just like to eat their own. That's why Rock is dead and never coming back.

  • Hayden Jacobson
    Hayden Jacobson 15 hours ago

    good christ, you people need to pull the stick out your ass. All I see is 4 dudes performing their hearts out, and doing so incredibly well. Do they sound like Zeppelin? Sure. But that's equivalent to saying hey, they sound a lot like one of the best rock bands ever, lol. Music takes inspiration from older music. Rock is dead and it's because the rock fan base is pretentious and divided.

  • Devon Orr
    Devon Orr 15 hours ago

    Hell yeah and they rock the shit out of em

  • Bret Ellis
    Bret Ellis 16 hours ago

    I hate his yodeling and wails

  • Mary_u Anna
    Mary_u Anna 16 hours ago +2

    Fuck off you haters go and listen Bieber if you dont like Rock Music! Youre miserable comments will not stop this young band writing history and entertaining people for the next 50 years

  • Jay Rich
    Jay Rich 17 hours ago +1

    Standing Ovation 💨 ☆0utstanding☆

  • Brent Fogg
    Brent Fogg 18 hours ago

    Sounds like Robert plant,mick jagger,combined.You haters must hate good music

  • a b
    a b 20 hours ago


  • strangebrew420
    strangebrew420 20 hours ago

    Sounds very close to Your Time Is Gonna Come

  • L. Thill
    L. Thill Day ago

    where's the picked guitar, I only see him strumming, is he that good?

  • 195511SM
    195511SM Day ago

    Several years ago, I saw 'Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience' perform here in Reno, NV. was about a week or two before that Kennedy Center Honors thing, that aired on PBS. The surviving members of LZ, David Letterman.....& 2 or 3 others were receiving the award that night. Jason ( being John Bonham's son ) was onstage backing up several guest artists....including Ann Wilson from 'Heart'. I can't recall, but Nancy was probably there also. But when I saw Jason's band in Reno..... even though they nailed it.....the guitarist DIDN'T prance around trying to mimic the great Jimmy Page. This dude in the 2 clips from SNL........comes off as so over-the-top. An exaggerated spoof of Page.....right down to the 'open front' shirt. Preening? Maybe they think that s#@t can fly.....before a large crowd......where the auditorium is big enough, that the audience is some distance from the stage. Actors on a stage tend to over-emphasize & raise their voices in order to project to the back of the house. It just doesn't work as well for the movie screen or TV. The performances are more subtle. I was never a big fan of Robert Plant either. THAT guy liked to prance around & thrust his junk out......& I thought his constant vocalizations ( when Page was playing ) was kind of annoying. This little Hobbit-looking guy in GVF.....with his bizarre facial expressions......leaves me somewhat concerned about his mental stability. The bass player likes to prance about too.....& the drummer looks like he's trying to style his hair like Gene Simmons. I'm sure they'll be around for many years, but they should try to establish their OWN identity & be more original. HEY! I LOVE Pink Floyd......but think THEIR early stuff sucked too.

  • Research
    Research Day ago +1

    It is so funny to listen to you music fucking losers can't even play a harmonica!

  • MissAmazanda
    MissAmazanda Day ago

    People hatin' on this band.... since your so awesome what did you do today take out the trash and go to work lol

  • Peeps Peeps
    Peeps Peeps Day ago

    the bass player even plays keys, i mean come on people 🙄

  • Ken Wagner
    Ken Wagner Day ago

    Why are fuck- stains even here? You obviously don't like rock-n-roll. Go to a rap or Miley Syrus website

  • Paul Vought
    Paul Vought 2 days ago

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  • Michael G
    Michael G 2 days ago

    This is not their best song by any stretch, but sometimes bands have to satisfy producers with candy store rock so they can get more money ... I mean attention.

  • Noah Sotelo
    Noah Sotelo 2 days ago

    Why's he dressed like a fuckin Zelda character

    MR MONSTER 2 days ago

    The singer looks ridiculous... LMAO

  • Steve Wexler, OD
    Steve Wexler, OD 2 days ago +1

    A Big Breath Of Fresh Air. And I had to edit this just to mention that I realized the acoustic guitar player is jamming like he's riding on a wild bronco. Just love it.

    HAIL PROPHECY 2 days ago +1

    These kids getting a lot of hate from people behind screens. 😂

  • Fred Kohler
    Fred Kohler 2 days ago

    Wish I would have seen them at Sokol/Omaha! Amazing talent!

  • erik3579
    erik3579 3 days ago

    I fell asleep mid-way through watching SNL (as I usually do late Saturday night) and when I woke up this band was playing......and I thought it was one of the comedy sketches. Then when it became apparent that it was the actual musical act, I thought, "There's no way this is real?!?!?!"

  • James Schaidt
    James Schaidt 3 days ago

    There is no middle ground with this band, they're either loved or hated...i think they're excellent.

    W ADAMS 3 days ago

    Incredible... This is one of the best and most talented bands I have seen/heard in decades. Fantastic music and a super stage performance. I hope to hear new music from you guys for many years to come. Good luck Greta Van Fleet!

  • David McCalmont
    David McCalmont 3 days ago

    W.T.F. - 2,200 dislikes? Who are these people? Why are they even listening if it's so bad? And a real true-blue organ, to boot. I wish them the best.

  • Cheers Goodtimes
    Cheers Goodtimes 3 days ago

    Cooooool!!!!!! They came from one hr drive from my place.

  • kitchenpan
    kitchenpan 3 days ago

    I like 'em! I'll leave it at that.

  • 1starcrown
    1starcrown 4 days ago +3

    Greta Van Fleet is a stellar Band. Refreshing to hear. A re- birth of the older masters of Rock n Roll !!! . '' It's Only Rock n Roll, and I like It !!''

  • benedryl cumberbatch

    please don’t base your opinion on them off of this performance lmfao go watch some interviews and their austin gig .. i beg of you

  • Gerardo Mata
    Gerardo Mata 4 days ago

    God! Please let these guys be trolling and not actually be taking themselves serious! 🙏🏽

  • Harvey Klinger
    Harvey Klinger 4 days ago

    this has all been done before, are we still trying to live the woodstock dream?

  • berto rodriguez
    berto rodriguez 4 days ago

    these guys really freaking rock!

  • Andres Gliksberg
    Andres Gliksberg 4 days ago

    This is a copy of ‘you’re time is gonna come’ sorry.... cant dig this guys. Sounds too Zeppelin, that just seems like a cover band.

  • Larry Thompson
    Larry Thompson 4 days ago

    The kid has got a lot of range

  • Connie McMullen
    Connie McMullen 4 days ago

    I am a fan too.I didn't think the first song on SNL was their best,but I like them any way.I am going to see them in May .I know GVF says that they are not influenced by Led Zep but their new Album sure sounds a lot like Physical Graffitti.Not so much the vocals but the guitar rifs absolutely.That's O.K Led Zep is the band imho.Good luck to you guys...

  • IanArdel
    IanArdel 5 days ago

    the drummer is all arms looks kinda wack😂love these guys tho

  • Master Debater
    Master Debater 5 days ago

    Is this Mike Myers in disguise doing a Robert Plant rip off?

  • tarin theis
    tarin theis 5 days ago

    Lead singer looks high as fuck😂

  • Austin Epich
    Austin Epich 5 days ago

    I’ve only heard them on the radio and hated now I watch them live finally and love them

  • Please enter a name.

    His way that he does it and sings it is it that kind of sqweessy in that it is ?

  • Simon Ritchie
    Simon Ritchie 5 days ago

    He looks like Roger Daltrey and sounds like Robert Plant.

  • Fuzzka F
    Fuzzka F 5 days ago

    I love greta van fleet! !!!!!
    México los saluda!!!!

  • Willy Olsen
    Willy Olsen 5 days ago

    I dnk anything about the band when saw them on SNL and was BLOWN AWAY! Original, fresh, great sound, I give them 2 THUMBS UP YAH MAN!!! GREAT!!!

  • ORION 72/R.S.M. 144,000

    Sounds alot like ZEPPELIN which I presume is what they are trying to do maybe a little to hard but over all I'm impressed

  • Max Jedwab
    Max Jedwab 5 days ago

    I hope SNL let me use this footage when I'm editing the final scene in my heartfelt comedy about 4 middle-aged dads who work out how to go back in time and live their rock fantasies.

  • Amanda
    Amanda 5 days ago

    Omg how old is he? His voice is amazing, great song

  • White Male
    White Male 5 days ago

    Rock old timers won't let new rock bands rise bc they are like it's not Robert Plant exactly so we aren't going to listen or buy which just shows they only like rock music because it was popular in their youth and if it doesn't involve those artist from that era being back in pop culture then they are against it.

  • Larry Thompson
    Larry Thompson 6 days ago

    Finally a group of young guys playing rock. And pretty dam good. Say what you want about his outfit but if I remember right those 70s and 80s rock groups had some pretty wild outfits too and they do have quite a few established musicians fans

  • Jessica Highland
    Jessica Highland 6 days ago

    I'm a millennial and absolutely adore this band. I was brought up on listening to the great classics. So glad we are bringing it back in this generation. I have not been to a concert in years but will definitely go when they come to Jacksonville this year!

  • Todd Van Winkle
    Todd Van Winkle 6 days ago

    Hah hah HA! I love it when special needs kids have a bankable talent!

  • David Auch
    David Auch 6 days ago

    one of my all-time favorite musical performances. love everything about this and them. there's so much texture and thought and talent. love love love.

  • Justin Reeder
    Justin Reeder 6 days ago

    Despite all the hatred this band has faced, they continue to make great music and keep building their brand. Just wait, they’ll start to develop a more original sound when they get off tour and spend a long amount of time in the studio. They’re all great musicians.

  • Ernest Walker
    Ernest Walker 6 days ago

    is this a deleted scene from Lord of the Rings?

  • Starving Buddha
    Starving Buddha 6 days ago

    I have to admit: the whole package needs to be looked at and reconsidered. The outfits and the posturing is too pretentious. Josh has a great voice, but it is not being utilized effectively. The songwriting needs to go deeper with content and substance. They DO have the potential to really make something original, but at this stage it ain’t happening

  • Jef Morrow
    Jef Morrow 6 days ago

    A bad version of Johnny bravo 😎

  • Jaime Garza
    Jaime Garza 6 days ago

    I tried to listen to the songs but got bored with the singer. He never changed it up. Same screaming over and over again. Honestly if he took some or better singing lessons he might just pull it off. Not be a hater but theres really nothing special about these guys at the moment. With some more time and practice they might pull it off.

  • My Jessie
    My Jessie 6 days ago

    Love you guys ❤❤❤

  • Pedro Hernandez
    Pedro Hernandez 6 days ago

    They won a Grammy so they aren’t as bad as people say they are. Stfu and enjoy. Be happy that the younger generation actually cares about rock still cuz that’s been dead for a good minute

  • Brandon Love
    Brandon Love 6 days ago +1

    This has got to be one of the most awkward performances I've ever seen. Like the band or not, you have to admit this was weird.

  • David Benge
    David Benge 6 days ago

    Fave new band even if everyone says they sound like an old band? I mean I'm happy they jam half the people on here probably have no talent or musical ability anyway. I guess if it's not autuned half naked girls or doped up mumbling rappers it's not good anymore......I dunno maybe I was raised differently even post Malone has more musical skill than half the "popular acts" these days at least he can play his instruments 👍👌

  • Jacob WELLS
    Jacob WELLS 6 days ago

    Officially my new favorite band

  • Mutual Assured Destruction

    the singer strains to find that fake voice. He will not last 10 yearz

  • Jay Switalski
    Jay Switalski 7 days ago

    So fucking much in fact, they won a Grammy. Suck that haters!

  • Rob C
    Rob C 7 days ago SNL ran out of microphones?! Would they make, oh I dont know, Simon and Garfunkel sing harmonies like THAT?! Seriously, there is a lot more going on here than meets the eye.
    I said this on their other SNL video but really, go back and look at some early live Who, Stone, hell even ZEPPELIN. These kids are still learning the ropes. They're a rock band. They don't have handlers like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber Maybe they will as things progress. Or maybe they just want to be weird.
    Again, go look at the Who in their whole "Mod" phase. You dont think people in the 60s saw that and thought "Holy C*ap what the hell are they wearing?!?" How about Daltrys fringe vest from the 70s?!
    I am still just damn impressed that a band that can play their own instruments LIVE are getting airplay and TV exposure!
    But hey, if we keep up the bashing I am sure the networks will stop and we can all go back to watching various Rappers and Pop Stars rant about whatever floats their boat on live TV during a spot that is supposed to have music.... least they LOOK good doing that RIGHT?!? :( Maybe SNL should have booked Maroon 5? Everyone seems to just LOVE them right now also........

  • Todd Van Winkle
    Todd Van Winkle 7 days ago

    OK! Who the fuck is out there cutting the smack with FAIRY DUST???

  • Braden White
    Braden White 7 days ago

    Fucking cringe

  • Glenn Schaal
    Glenn Schaal 7 days ago

    That's a pretty dress

  • LaLaLydia's Life
    LaLaLydia's Life 7 days ago

    I enjoy.

  • eatZeppelin
    eatZeppelin 7 days ago

    This song is almost exactly "Your time is gonna come". I mean come the fuck on

  • Lila & Scruffy
    Lila & Scruffy 7 days ago +2

    I saw them on SNL and their sound and style reminds me of the bands from the 1970's. It's nice to hear some real music again! Thumbs up GVF.

  • Mario Salazar
    Mario Salazar 7 days ago

    This is not music the singer needs to go under his cabinet and take a few bleach shots

  • Carl Freeman
    Carl Freeman 8 days ago

    Guys are fucking terrible.. emphasis on fuckong terrible

  • martron marty 1962
    martron marty 1962 8 days ago

    Led Zeppelin, been there, done that.
    Maybe young listeners will like it but, I’ll pass...
    Every song they do is a LZ song reincarnated.

  • Mr jones And me
    Mr jones And me 8 days ago

    This is just bad......really bad

  • James Askins
    James Askins 8 days ago

    I also thought this was a skit as well. Then listened to them and they are not bad. I think they tried to hard to attempt to impress. They took a Grammy but that shit is so fixed it's crazy!

  • bronco devil
    bronco devil 8 days ago

    These guys just won a Grammy. Who'd a thunk?

  • trulyindiestudios
    trulyindiestudios 8 days ago

    All the hate on here seems to be on their look. How superficial... you don’t have to like their music either but trashing the way someone looks just reflects on you more then anything. Now I will say the vocals on this song were a bit shaky but the rest of the song sounded great. Plus SNL is notorious for making great bands, singers sound like crap.

  • luna a
    luna a 8 days ago

    all these ppl hating but they’re not on snl 🤕

  • Антон Волков

    knockin' on heaven's door

  • gorhamcj1
    gorhamcj1 8 days ago

    Amazing! Real rock is back. Yeah.

  • Roxanne Vicious
    Roxanne Vicious 8 days ago

    This is definitely parody.

  • DL Reacts
    DL Reacts 8 days ago

    Pete Davidson needs to play this singer on SNL! He’s the perfect fit!

  • iceinmyear
    iceinmyear 8 days ago


  • Bill Mall
    Bill Mall 8 days ago

    There are so many better bands doing rock n roll. At least they are playing rock n roll, albeit a rather bland take.

  • Alexis Rodriguez
    Alexis Rodriguez 8 days ago +1

    Is it just me or does the singer look like Pete Davidson with a curly wig?

  • Glenn Johnson
    Glenn Johnson 8 days ago

    A bit out of key Frodo!

  • Barbara Cheeseman
    Barbara Cheeseman 8 days ago

    It's great to see a band that has gotten back to the roots of a classic rock and roll sound...

  • ziggityfriggity
    ziggityfriggity 8 days ago

    “You’re the one I want.. you’re the one I need” ?? Cheese is oozing hard on this one

  • MedSurg420
    MedSurg420 8 days ago +3

    I swear, nobody understands that this band's success was never planned. All small musicians (especially a band of young kids who listened to old music all their life) are going to be so heavily inspired by those artists that they enjoy, that they may constitute a rip-off. GVF just happened to have the right elements to sound extremely similar to their inspirations. If you ask me, GVF probably didn't expect to hit this much success with their music. They just made the same kind of music they enjoyed listening to. And once they got this kind of success, what else would they do but continue to create the kind of music that got them there in the first place?

  • Alan Talamantes
    Alan Talamantes 8 days ago +1

    Omg cringe. The music is alright but the singer

  • George Faile
    George Faile 8 days ago

    I love the breath of fresh air this band brings. About time we have a great breakout band. Good luck in the future guys. BTW..... bought into the fires today.

  • Brimmy Burner
    Brimmy Burner 8 days ago


  • _ _iconoclast
    _ _iconoclast 8 days ago

    Bro what are you fucking wearing, this is the most bafflingly terrible thing i've ever seen.

  • ElectricHellfire
    ElectricHellfire 8 days ago +2

    Hella cool... GVF ROCKS!

  • Jaydoggy531
    Jaydoggy531 8 days ago

    If there's one piece of constructive criticism I could offer to this performance which I otherwise love: I am very annoyed at the sight of the guitarist arching his back to sing into the microphone. We all know you could have gotten a microphone of your own, and we all know you sing the backup vocals in the album track. It doesn't look organic. I'm sorry that that people are shitty. I think you guys are great - I'm glad that the band sounds the same on stage as they do on the album.

  • Roger McCormick
    Roger McCormick 8 days ago +1

    sorry haters these folk rock on their own merits. only will get better

    • Oneness100
      Oneness100 8 days ago

      Yeah, I guess you're right. It can't get much worse so when you are at the bottom, getting better is about the only option. The reason why they won a Grammy is there isn't anyone else spitting out decent rock music. They had little to no competition.

  • Max F
    Max F 8 days ago

    Lolololol awful!!!!