Owner Makes the Guests Sign a “Clean Waiver”! | Hotel Hell

  • Published on Nov 30, 2017
  • At least Gordon liked the food truck
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  • blaazes
    blaazes 6 hours ago

    the fact that Gordon liked that food besides of the other sophisticated restaraunts hes been too shows alot

  • Thikron
    Thikron 17 hours ago

    They let him jump the queue?

  • SleepySloth 02
    SleepySloth 02 20 hours ago


    bAnAnA bOi

  • toy Loxy
    toy Loxy 20 hours ago

    Gorden plays Fortnite :D

  • Vaxtin
    Vaxtin Day ago

    wow glov after shake did any1 els see dat

  • NOLA GospelTracts

    Gordon actually likes something?

  • Rose Tyler
    Rose Tyler Day ago

    I came to comment on how the food truck guy changing his glove after he shook hands but everyone beat me to it.

  • Daking Of bing
    Daking Of bing 2 days ago

    People come just to hear her sing ,yeah right (lmao)

  • BlueFoxGaming
    BlueFoxGaming 4 days ago

    0:51 when you get caught digging your booger on camera xD

  • ItsMarley
    ItsMarley 4 days ago

    Is this fast forward or is the audio weird?

  • KHMDarkness
    KHMDarkness 4 days ago +1

    The guy in the food truck should be in charge of the hotel's menu. He has that spark to cook and create delicious meals, and knows how to do it! If they gave him the chance he could really help to improve the hotel itself! Not to mention people would go there for the food as well, and the drinks.
    Imagine drinking that juice he was selling while lying by that pool (a clean version of it at least). The customers would love that!

  • Justinm8n
    Justinm8n 5 days ago +1

    Tfw a food truck taste better than a restaurant

    STAND_UP CREATIVITY 5 days ago

    Makes you sign a clean waiver but doesn’t clean the pool

  • siena C.
    siena C. 7 days ago

    I want to scream cause I live there and i didn’t c him :////

  • Queeen
    Queeen 7 days ago

    *I just felt like I should do this: PRETTIEST EMOJI COMBINATIONS*
    1. 🌺🌼
    2. 🧁🌺
    3. 🌼👑
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    7. 🐱🐯
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    12. 🍍🥭
    13. 💛💚
    14. 🔱💠
    15. 🍩🍦
    16. 🌜🌛
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  • 2sdd
    2sdd 8 days ago

    btw i like how many americans caught this part with replacing hand shake gloveS. wtf america, you guys must have really filthy food biz because as pole i didnt even catch that. seriously, for me its soooo normal to see how people wear glvoes in bakery and removing them to get change etc. its HORRIFIC GUYS YOU ACT LIKE IT WAS GOOD SIGN. ITS FUCKING BASICS OF PREPARING FOOD IN PUBLIC.
    btw i work at drug store and wash my hands like 50 times a day yet people sometimes act like i was construction workers ;)
    in prisons they understand :D

  • 2sdd
    2sdd 8 days ago

    tell me how to do cucumber lime lemonade please. how to extract juice from cucumbers?

  • daAmazin FatB0y
    daAmazin FatB0y 10 days ago

    If you and your food gets a compliment from THE Gordon Ramsey? Your fuckin golden!

  • Mae’s Story
    Mae’s Story 11 days ago

    I love how he change his gloves after shaking Ramsey’s hand 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • The Jackoning
    The Jackoning 12 days ago

    "I would pay you 100 bucks to not sing"
    Holy shit dudes going hard

  • Saint_ D3L3ON
    Saint_ D3L3ON 13 days ago

    @3:11 ...."It's about turning that nigga-tivity into something positive" 😂😂😂

  • Ashley Brace
    Ashley Brace 15 days ago

    David is so wholesome.

  • MERCY Gaming
    MERCY Gaming 16 days ago

    Ramsay: alright everyone, roast sesh on janice, go!

  • gaffnaldo1
    gaffnaldo1 19 days ago

    Express my ideas...
    Shut the fuck up

  • Enchanted1x
    Enchanted1x 20 days ago

    It sounds like it is sped up a little put your playback speed 0.75 so it sounds more normal

  • Rata 4U
    Rata 4U 20 days ago

    After she sold the hotel business began to do well and reviews were all positive.

  • Yuno Gasai x
    Yuno Gasai x 21 day ago

    The guy in the food truck must feel like the most luckiest guy in the world now x

  • Esc Life - UK
    Esc Life - UK 24 days ago

    I didn't know Theresa may owned a hotel

  • Mongo
    Mongo 24 days ago

    Hey this is from my home town

  • Abigail Ross
    Abigail Ross 25 days ago

    He's there to reveiw the hotel... finds and reveiws a food truck instead

  • potato 713
    potato 713 25 days ago

    What if the guy took off the glove so he could cherish the glove he shook Gordon Ramsay’s hand with

  • Mr.500nRunning
    Mr.500nRunning 25 days ago

    Guy said she assaulted his ears 😂

  • Person A
    Person A 25 days ago +3

    But the David dude’s food looks really good. Like seriously.

  • Trr Tell
    Trr Tell 25 days ago

    Man shut the front door

  • TTV Foxy703
    TTV Foxy703 26 days ago

    Top 1p moments gordon liked the food

  • The Yoten
    The Yoten 26 days ago

    How famous do you have to be to skip the line?

  • l s
    l s 26 days ago

    banana hat kid is a legend

  • Derya Sönmez
    Derya Sönmez 27 days ago

    As soon as Gordon likes his food


  • Steve Silvas
    Steve Silvas 27 days ago +2

    The "Land Of Enchantment"..

  • bnenomore
    bnenomore 27 days ago +36

    This woman bought a hotel so she could force her guests into being an audience.... wow, the desperation lol

  • YouTube sensation
    YouTube sensation 27 days ago

    He probably kept that glove as a souvenir

  • .hayden.
    .hayden. 27 days ago

    Damn, that smug smile though. -.-

  • riseofthenerdlab
    riseofthenerdlab 27 days ago +1

    I wanna go to that food truck, it made me smiles

  • Hitler The Stripper
    Hitler The Stripper 28 days ago

    He just skipped the line?

  • Cody Burtch
    Cody Burtch 28 days ago

    Nita very pretty

  • Nicholas Ahlborm
    Nicholas Ahlborm 28 days ago

    Your boy David

  • Elue Lord
    Elue Lord 28 days ago

    Singing makes everyone happier so please alow old lady to sing and be happy not everyone is happy in this world.

  • ThatGuy Mark
    ThatGuy Mark 29 days ago

    I would’ve loved to eat at the food truck

  • Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness

    When Ramsay himself says that the food is delicious. You know it is.

  • Gilded Remi
    Gilded Remi Month ago

    Did you guys see when he shook Gordon’s hand, he immediately took of his glove. When people love their work it shows through.

  • Osama Manan
    Osama Manan Month ago

    The tycoon in every field if appreciates a nobody with respect to television, it is huge props.

  • SilverTheFlame
    SilverTheFlame Month ago

    “So what’s in the quesadilla?”
    “Cheese, green chili, and azeitao cheese”

  • guage
    guage Month ago

    that food truck guy was the most wholesome dude ever he deserves to work at a real restaurant, and that drink sounded really good tbh


    Food truck guy shook Gordons hand and took the glove off straight away, I have NEVER seen anyone do that in an actual store. So rare to see a food person focused on hygiene.

  • Corrupted Hangout
    Corrupted Hangout Month ago

    They really ripping into this old lady rip

  • Kian
    Kian Month ago

    Ramsay made the food truck guy’s week

  • Pikolow1
    Pikolow1 Month ago

    I saw the line- so since I'm Ramsay, I decided to cut it.
    I'm just kiddin'.

  • Oh great
    Oh great Month ago

    Everyone talking about how he changed his glove...where y’all from? Making it seem like you never seen that??

  • Max Densmore
    Max Densmore Month ago

    The lady working for the magazine looks like Mia khalifa

  • Denzel Sunday
    Denzel Sunday Month ago

    Even though it was Gordon Ramsey he still took his gloves off hats off

  • Penguin History Labritories

    love the food tuck, but that ower is so mean

  • Cosmic Café
    Cosmic Café Month ago


  • Owen Shepherd
    Owen Shepherd Month ago

    I’ve been to little taste of New Mexico and Gordon wasn’t wrong there food is GREAT

  • Unknown-Entity •
    Unknown-Entity • Month ago

    Hotel HORROR

  • Iceprincess 518
    Iceprincess 518 Month ago

    The bannana hat is the best part of the video

  • krisjanis kriss
    krisjanis kriss Month ago

    I'll pay you 100$ to fuck off. Lmao

  • Squeakypits
    Squeakypits Month ago

    That quesadilla looked good🐸

  • Dnalei
    Dnalei Month ago

    3:49 looks a bit like Maria Callas!

  • Eli Tries it!
    Eli Tries it! Month ago

    I wanna eat and drink those right now no lie

  • Pastel Plauge
    Pastel Plauge Month ago

    Mexican food is better than any food since we don’t like raw food it’s a disgrace

  • Popped Bubblegum
    Popped Bubblegum Month ago +1

    Gosh I hope Gordon waited in line, I mean, he is polite enough to wait.

  • Fall Out! At my Green Chemical Piløts

    “Quite a lot of people come here just to hear me sing.”

    Inviting your mum there telling her you have a huge singing gig doesn’t count hun.

  • Garrett Merrill
    Garrett Merrill Month ago

    The food truck was good

  • Annonamus Person
    Annonamus Person Month ago

    1:19 I love that...He shook his hang and immediately replaced the gloves

  • Lps_ Role play
    Lps_ Role play Month ago

    I really thought she was about to cry that made me sad I hate to see people cry

  • Danyelle
    Danyelle Month ago +1

    Woohoo! Repping New Mexico!

  • ENT Productions
    ENT Productions Month ago

    Pool's closed.

  • Lili
    Lili Month ago

    This woman is delusional I’m glad she was crying at the criticism

  • HeyCaleb
    HeyCaleb Month ago

    *Satisfying*: when David and Gordon shake hands and David takes off the glove and gets a new one

  • ShadowDemon
    ShadowDemon Month ago

    Love gordon Ramsey

  • Blueberry Pancakes
    Blueberry Pancakes Month ago

    You see, I’d rather sleep in my parents (A van) car.

  • Flying Spaghetti Monster

    Thats what an incidental hold is for. You dont need to make them sign a waiver. If they throw wine on the walls, then charge them, that simple

  • AO Barry
    AO Barry 2 months ago

    If Gordon eats and enjoys food from a food truck then you know it’s healthy.

  • Dillin Coombs
    Dillin Coombs 2 months ago

    Let me hear a bitch singing while im trying to eat ... Old ass would catch a fork with her head

  • Mantiss Toboggan
    Mantiss Toboggan 2 months ago

    David in the food truck took his glove off IMMEDIATELY after Gordon shook it. He knows what hes doing.

    TITAN 2 months ago

    Bro David is the man. I hope he's doing well.

  • Roblox Day
    Roblox Day 2 months ago

    Cucumber lime sounds like god in a cookies and cream hot tub

  • Melly Kidd
    Melly Kidd 2 months ago

    If you open a hotel, you have to accept that you’re going to get the occasional pig that lives like a slob, or simply doesn’t care if they wreck a room that isn’t theirs. You don’t have to like it, but it’s part of what comes with the business.

  • I Make Random Videos
    I Make Random Videos 2 months ago

    Hm.... *sees rest of the video.* *NOPE*

    LEFT4BASS 2 months ago

    That guy who said he would pay her not to sing. I never thought I’d watch one of these videos and see someone be meaner than Gordon.

  • John B
    John B 2 months ago

    changes gloves after shaking hands, next comment, changes gloves after shaking hands, next comment, SO AMAZING HE CHANGED HIS GLOVES AFTER SHAKING RAMSAYSS.... ok

  • kopec82
    kopec82 2 months ago

    That Davis truck looks so good I hope he still open today

  • Blaze The Kid
    Blaze The Kid 2 months ago

    Bro take notes this man took off his gloves to get new ones after he shook hands wit gordan
    Mans hygiene is hella good

  • big bitch
    big bitch 2 months ago

    In 1:14 you see after he shoon Gordon Ramsay's hand, he fucking changed it.
    Now that, makes me very pleased.

  • Trizzle Hizzle
    Trizzle Hizzle 2 months ago

    "theres a reason why hotel schools exist" yea so you can pretend you have a degree.

  • Yuno Gasai x
    Yuno Gasai x 2 months ago

    Now the guy who runs the Mexican food truck is earning his millions because he was positively criticised by Gordon Ramsay

  • lps bear
    lps bear 2 months ago

    i bring the karma you beter run run run yea its coming your way

  • adeline wurzer
    adeline wurzer 2 months ago

    her fucking hairrrrrr

  • Dao Thuy Ha
    Dao Thuy Ha 2 months ago

    Gordon just made that guy in the food truck’s day.

  • Ava Holwerda
    Ava Holwerda 2 months ago

    At 1:00, Ramsay says that is delicious. I'm thinking "He's possessed"