Owner Makes the Guests Sign a “Clean Waiver”! | Hotel Hell

  • Published on Nov 30, 2017
  • At least Gordon liked the food truck
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  • T J
    T J 4 days ago

    That dude that said, "I'll pay you $100 *not* to sing," is a total douchebag. Some people just don't have any tact and don't know how to talk to people. You can tell he thinks he's the boss of the world; like everywhere he goes and everything he does is probably reproach. I don't care for his attitude.

  • Scarlet O'Hara
    Scarlet O'Hara 4 days ago

    I’d never expect Gordon to like food truck food

  • Viji
    Viji 5 days ago

    Okay the woman is plastic grapes

  • colorblindcuber
    colorblindcuber 5 days ago

    He should have called it hothell

  • Omg_its_Izzy XX
    Omg_its_Izzy XX 6 days ago +1

    Gordon is the new super nanny 😂😂

    KMG PARADOX 6 days ago

    i had an ad at the beginning and gordon ramsey starred in it XD

  • Adrian Vera
    Adrian Vera 7 days ago

    My god that owner is crazy. I dont think i would ever go to hear her sing

  • Danil Manison
    Danil Manison 7 days ago

    Gordon's a boss. Notice how he skipped the line and no one complained? Lol 😂😂

  • Wzrd
    Wzrd 8 days ago

    That banana hat

  • slippery396
    slippery396 8 days ago

    Damn .. I wish we had a food truck like that here in Riverside CA !!


    I would seriously LOVE to fuck Nina!

  • I'm an idiot but ,
    I'm an idiot but , 10 days ago

    Having gordon ramsay tell you that your food is good must be an awesome experience

  • bartonez123
    bartonez123 10 days ago

    Takes glove off to preserve Gordon's DNA for future cloning experiments.

  • HawkeyeSTiGuy
    HawkeyeSTiGuy 11 days ago

    Lmao. I promise you NO ONE is going to listen to that windbag "sing." Lmao. She's horrendous!!!!

  • Etzerdlas Gaudistuben
    Etzerdlas Gaudistuben 12 days ago +1

    I remember this episode, very good m8s

  • M̈är̈k̈ Ḧül̈s̈ë

    I remember this prick

    • Adrian Vera
      Adrian Vera 11 days ago

      M̈är̈k̈ Ḧül̈s̈ë who?

  • David Tafoya
    David Tafoya 15 days ago

    Our food trucks here in New Mexico are awesome! Better than a lot of restaurants.

    • Adrian Vera
      Adrian Vera 11 days ago

      David Tafoya how does the food taste?

  • Lance Washington
    Lance Washington 16 days ago

    Ppl are penalized all the time for one person's actions like where TF has Gordon been all his life

  • Ben Donaghy
    Ben Donaghy 16 days ago

    Yea they come to hear u sing, but notice they dont STAY there...

  • Trinity Schiel
    Trinity Schiel 17 days ago

    Lol I would pay you one hundred dollars not to sing😂😂😂

  • Oliver Murphy
    Oliver Murphy 19 days ago

    Sign of a fantastic chef.
    A. Wore gloves in his food truck.
    B. Removed gloves after shaking GRs hand, that's just decent simple food hygiene that is commonly missed. I like that guy.

  • Ariel Morrison
    Ariel Morrison 19 days ago

    Why would you even stay at the hotel after having to sign a clean waiver? I’d be asking for a refund lol

  • Janine Enriquez
    Janine Enriquez 19 days ago

    Why is gordon is s
    o picky

  • jnie swartz
    jnie swartz 20 days ago

    Wait.... that guy had a wife???🤔

  • Kerry Ducker
    Kerry Ducker 22 days ago

    If You Agree With This Comment Reply Rodon Gamsay.

  • Ardanwin
    Ardanwin 22 days ago

    I hate him cutting in line!

  • ShawnDRuth
    ShawnDRuth 23 days ago

    At her age, lets be honest she has no singing career and if she did it is over.

  • Hahonryuu
    Hahonryuu 23 days ago

    Bitch, if a lot of people come there to hear you sing, you wouldn't need to call Gordon.

  • MarissaMacMarissa
    MarissaMacMarissa 23 days ago

    That quesadilla looked SMACK

  • Kristen
    Kristen 23 days ago

    I want that cucumber lime drink so bad

  • Caitlyn Woodruff
    Caitlyn Woodruff 24 days ago

    Cali: I don't agree, I have people come to hear me sing
    Me: Who? Your imaginary friends?

  • aldin 3103
    aldin 3103 27 days ago +1

    Hotel owner."I dont agree"
    Gordons dedicated viewers. "Shocker"

  • Andres Porras
    Andres Porras 28 days ago

    Mexican my ass

  • Zei tung
    Zei tung 28 days ago

    That's why I'm only in 4-5 star hotels off and I always look at the rooms in advance.

  • Esidara Sun
    Esidara Sun 28 days ago

    Most hotels have a 'damage to the room will have to be paid for' clause in their room rental agreement... why did she put so much emphasis to it?

  • Kim N Channel
    Kim N Channel 29 days ago +4

    The Hotel owner does not have a Business mentality! The food truck guy would succeed way before the lady.

    • Adrian Vera
      Adrian Vera 7 days ago

      Kim N Channel oh yeah. He seems to take a lot of pride with his food truck.

  • I Tuurtley don't even care

    You know when owners and chefs are like "I have tons of people who tell me the food is great" or "they come here just for this". They do realize a lot of people either lie or are just being nice? Who would tell you your singing is bad? They would probably say it's great and never come back because again not everyone is or will be an ass about it, that's just rude.

  • Aidan Sherwood
    Aidan Sherwood Month ago

    I would love to eat at the food stand it looks nice and It must taste great I want to go there but I live in england

  • None Yourbiddness
    None Yourbiddness Month ago

    Fa- la- la-la lala! Now Pay Me And Tell Me Im Great!

  • Dave Kane
    Dave Kane Month ago

    No matter how many times I rewind, at 3:18 all I hear is "she is the fetus aerator".

  • leocraft saucedo
    leocraft saucedo Month ago

    I live there!!!!!!

  • charlie bear
    charlie bear Month ago

    Good he changed gloves after shaking hands I've seen people handle cash then go back to food without changing gloves

  • Awesome Eevee Angel

    I’m hungry now oof

  • SauceMan527
    SauceMan527 Month ago

    Why does that woman have no chin.

  • Fiery Nugget
    Fiery Nugget Month ago

    "I'd pay you $100 to not sing" 🤣

  • itsyaboichard
    itsyaboichard Month ago +1

    The way his face lit up when gordan complimented his food was so pure

  • diCkFLavOrEd ToothpasTe

    *awkwardly jumps an entire line waiting in the sun for food*

  • Rhys Kyser
    Rhys Kyser Month ago

    I was afraid Gordan would come back later to see the full inside but I'm astounded to see him commit to these sanitation procedures 👌 good work food truck man 👌

  • Skeena Green
    Skeena Green Month ago

    The owner looks like a Pokemon

  • Austin A
    Austin A Month ago +1

    "i have people who come here because of my singing"

  • wankydoodle
    wankydoodle Month ago

    This is proof that you need a real love for cooking to make good food

  • NatMyCupofTea
    NatMyCupofTea Month ago

    i see we all appreciate a hygienic food truck owner!

  • Pandas are cool
    Pandas are cool Month ago +7

    "I would pay you a hundred bucks not to sing"

  • Vivi Hamilton
    Vivi Hamilton Month ago

    ramsey is so fricking sexy........i think iam in love💗

  • pizza dog
    pizza dog Month ago +1

    3:16 well she's simply gorgeous

  • Eeriel Constantine
    Eeriel Constantine Month ago

    Damn the leisure magazine woman tore the owner down, well done

  • Akeem
    Akeem Month ago +4

    Let’s be honest, making a quesadilla isn’t exactly science....
    Then again, joe nagy would beg to differ

  • Abby Fisk
    Abby Fisk Month ago +5

    The whole “you can’t punish everyone for one persons mistake” ummm have you ever been to middle school? 😂

    • Dana Karloz
      Dana Karloz 23 days ago

      Abby Fisk I was a victim of that same quote!

  • Starmadien2019
    Starmadien2019 Month ago

    Arrgh! Why couldn't I have been at the farmers market when Gordon was there! I lived in Las Cruces and have been to that Farmers market.

  • Rey Mystery
    Rey Mystery Month ago

    Woman at 0:27, man I’d love to feed her something and it’s not fried calimari

  • QBuild Pro
    QBuild Pro Month ago +3

    I like how the guy changed his gloves

  • miapdx
    miapdx Month ago

    Dayum! Her guests roasted her ass! 😂😂😂 She invested her money...in her. Bad investment. 😜

  • Joe
    Joe Month ago +2

    Every time I watch this episode all I can think back to is when the owner was singing Cher and then Gordon Ramsay thinking "If I could turn back time" I wouldn't have wasted my time here.

  • WRECK 215
    WRECK 215 Month ago +2

    Yo chef Ramsey you should have came to the BLUE MOON hotel in Philadelphia when it was OPEN 😂😂😂😂😂. They getting ready to tear that jawn DOWN...!!!

  • Jazzy 467
    Jazzy 467 Month ago +1

    what city in new mexico is this place at? and what hotel is gordon staying in

  • Unknown
    Unknown Month ago +3

    The food truck guys should definitely start a Mexican restaurant.

  • Lillian Earls
    Lillian Earls Month ago +1

    If your name is David you have a 75% chance of being awsome.

  • D T
    D T Month ago +1

    lol Gordon cut in front of the line lol

  • BloxyBuilds
    BloxyBuilds Month ago

    “Cleaning agreement”
    Would sound a little better

  • Hunter Daniachew
    Hunter Daniachew Month ago

    The first time ive actually seen Ramsay enjoy someone's food

    • Lœa Cläy
      Lœa Cläy Month ago

      Hunter Daniachew look at the momma Sheri or Cheri episode

  • Tightrope
    Tightrope Month ago +45

    "People come to hear me sing."
    When people ask you "When are you singing next?"
    It's so they can avoid the restaurant.

  • valiant_ _Holland
    valiant_ _Holland Month ago +7

    The food truck dude was so wholesome when gordon complemented him omg that was adorablel

  • Mike
    Mike Month ago

    she said i dont agree. bitch no one asked if you did its feed back

  • LJG0022
    LJG0022 Month ago +112

    Customer: "I would pay you 100 bucks for you not to sing"
    Owner: "Deal"

    • Atom-Phyr
      Atom-Phyr 9 days ago

      You could see her thinking about a 'No singing waiver' 🤑

  • James Herrington
    James Herrington Month ago

    Just another stupid and delusional owner.

  • mikey huerta
    mikey huerta Month ago +1

    I was the glove...he sold me for 100 dollars

  • mikey huerta
    mikey huerta Month ago

    No one realized he took off the glove cause he wanted to sell it

  • mikey huerta
    mikey huerta Month ago

    That food truck guy seems really humble and hard working

  • HeyItsEren
    HeyItsEren Month ago

    Gotta love New Mexico

  • blaazes
    blaazes Month ago

    the fact that Gordon liked that food besides of the other sophisticated restaraunts hes been too shows alot

  • Thikron
    Thikron Month ago

    They let him jump the queue?

  • Sleepy Slotho
    Sleepy Slotho Month ago


    bAnAnA bOi

  • Toy Loxy
    Toy Loxy Month ago

    Gorden plays Fortnite :D

  • Vaxtin
    Vaxtin Month ago

    wow glov after shake did any1 els see dat

  • NOLA GospelTracts
    NOLA GospelTracts Month ago

    Gordon actually likes something?

  • Rose Tyler
    Rose Tyler Month ago

    I came to comment on how the food truck guy changing his glove after he shook hands but everyone beat me to it.

  • Decent Bloke
    Decent Bloke 2 months ago

    People come just to hear her sing ,yeah right (lmao)

  • ItsMarley
    ItsMarley 2 months ago

    Is this fast forward or is the audio weird?

  • KHMDarkness
    KHMDarkness 2 months ago +5

    The guy in the food truck should be in charge of the hotel's menu. He has that spark to cook and create delicious meals, and knows how to do it! If they gave him the chance he could really help to improve the hotel itself! Not to mention people would go there for the food as well, and the drinks.
    Imagine drinking that juice he was selling while lying by that pool (a clean version of it at least). The customers would love that!

  • Justinm8n
    Justinm8n 2 months ago +1

    Tfw a food truck taste better than a restaurant

    STAND_UP CREATIVITY 2 months ago

    Makes you sign a clean waiver but doesn’t clean the pool

  • siena C.
    siena C. 2 months ago

    I want to scream cause I live there and i didn’t c him :////

  • Queeen
    Queeen 2 months ago

    *I just felt like I should do this: PRETTIEST EMOJI COMBINATIONS*
    1. 🌺🌼
    2. 🧁🌺
    3. 🌼👑
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    7. 🐱🐯
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    9. 🍒🍓
    10. 🍬🍭
    11. 🍊🍋
    12. 🍍🥭
    13. 💛💚
    14. 🔱💠
    15. 🍩🍦
    16. 🌜🌛
    17. 🌴🌵
    18. 🌳🌲
    19. 🌿🍃
    20. 🍄🍁
    21. 🍍🍩

  • 2sdd
    2sdd 2 months ago

    btw i like how many americans caught this part with replacing hand shake gloveS. wtf america, you guys must have really filthy food biz because as pole i didnt even catch that. seriously, for me its soooo normal to see how people wear glvoes in bakery and removing them to get change etc. its HORRIFIC GUYS YOU ACT LIKE IT WAS GOOD SIGN. ITS FUCKING BASICS OF PREPARING FOOD IN PUBLIC.
    btw i work at drug store and wash my hands like 50 times a day yet people sometimes act like i was construction workers ;)
    in prisons they understand :D

  • 2sdd
    2sdd 2 months ago

    tell me how to do cucumber lime lemonade please. how to extract juice from cucumbers?

  • daAmazin FatB0y
    daAmazin FatB0y 2 months ago

    If you and your food gets a compliment from THE Gordon Ramsey? Your fuckin golden!

  • Mae’s Story
    Mae’s Story 2 months ago

    I love how he change his gloves after shaking Ramsey’s hand 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • The Jackoning
    The Jackoning 2 months ago

    "I would pay you 100 bucks to not sing"
    Holy shit dudes going hard

  • Saint_ D3L3ON
    Saint_ D3L3ON 2 months ago

    @3:11 ...."It's about turning that nigga-tivity into something positive" 😂😂😂

  • Ashley Brace
    Ashley Brace 2 months ago

    David is so wholesome.