Kristin Got Photoshopped To A "Fashion Model Standard" • Ladylike

  • Published on Aug 9, 2017
  • Kristin asked three different plastic surgeons to say what they’d change about her face to turn it into a model’s… and this is what they said.
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    Rose Surnow
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Comments • 5 574

  • Teagan Blout
    Teagan Blout 4 hours ago

    please never ever change kristin

  • C Betts
    C Betts 17 hours ago +1

    That second surgeon was so rude, like in a passive aggressive way

  • Ava Y
    Ava Y 2 days ago

    Kristen : which is good cause this is the face I have, I grew it myself

  • tina madz
    tina madz 2 days ago

    I don't think this was a healthy thing to do...but ya

  • amazingdakota
    amazingdakota 3 days ago +1

    female version of drew carry is a high status compliment because drew carry looks good :/

  • Natalia Dunyak
    Natalia Dunyak 3 days ago +1

    I think Kristin is very beautiful. Just because someone does not conform to one subculture’s standard, doesn’t mean that they are not beautiful.

  • Bujo designs
    Bujo designs 5 days ago +1

    Kristin you are beautiful!! I never think thumb I think goddess! ❤️

  • Elizabeth S.
    Elizabeth S. 6 days ago

    I think you should consider wearing contacts so you can stop hiding your beautiful facial structure under those chunky glasses! Each lady of Ladylike is beautiful in her own unique way, and I think they should flaunt their assets with pride instead of feeling insecure about the flaws they perceive in themselves.

  • brielle ricker
    brielle ricker 6 days ago

    her face after he basicallly told her he was gunna shave off her entire face

  • brielle ricker
    brielle ricker 6 days ago

    the last doctor said we gunna give u ffs like a man becoming a woman lmaooo

  • brielle ricker
    brielle ricker 6 days ago

    4:57 sis said um that isnt possible for u sorry

  • Becca Rush
    Becca Rush 7 days ago

    The second one kinda looked like Nicki Minaj to me, anyone else?

  • Jazz Jennings
    Jazz Jennings 8 days ago

    The 3rd surgeon was the best

  • Elissa Dillard
    Elissa Dillard 8 days ago

    Hey i just gotta say by a very very long shot, the original is by a landslide the prettiest

  • Varsha Patibandla
    Varsha Patibandla 10 days ago +1

    Gosh, she just looked so sad throughout. You're beautiful love.

  • Ghost Face
    Ghost Face 11 days ago

    I recommend liposuction

  • Garden Kiddo
    Garden Kiddo 12 days ago

    I love her necklace

  • tapanga carmack
    tapanga carmack 14 days ago

    I think she looks way better the way she is

  • Creative Caroline
    Creative Caroline 16 days ago

    I think the original photos looked way better than the photoshopped ones.

  • Naidra01
    Naidra01 16 days ago +1

    Oh gosh! I can't believe that people are actually that mean to Kristin. When I heard her talk about how people were so hateful about her look I almost cried.
    She is a c!assic beauty mix with a little Valerie Bertonelli (and who doesn't like her?!)
    Kristin 's style ya gotta luv. She pulls off the retro style so well.

  • Yoyo and Ana Weirdo
    Yoyo and Ana Weirdo 17 days ago

    Kristen you are beautiful just the way you are don’t let hate comments get to you

  • ClaireAmy
    ClaireAmy 19 days ago +1

    Kristin is absolutely beautiful

  • annabel
    annabel 19 days ago +1

    kristin is so annoying

  • courtney moffat
    courtney moffat 20 days ago

    omg kristen you are so beautiful dont let anywon tell you different

  • KC Johnston
    KC Johnston 20 days ago

    Lmao I went to an oral maxillofacial surgeon to get corrective jaw surgery and he told me I'd benefit from a nose job aswell

  • Matthew Farnan
    Matthew Farnan 21 day ago

    Dr amron is on Netflix

  • Maya McKinney
    Maya McKinney 22 days ago

    dr Lee was lowkey tryna make her look asian

  • Simply Bii
    Simply Bii 23 days ago

    Someone said "You look like a THUMB"....... Thats cruel but I am laughing so hard

  • tina trotter
    tina trotter 23 days ago +1

    Don’t worry about what people say about your face they are just jealous of your beauty

  • dan wilson
    dan wilson 24 days ago

    i understand the point of this video, but it hurt my heart

  • Ava Spencer
    Ava Spencer 25 days ago

    Kristin is way cuter than the edits!!

  • Ashley 89
    Ashley 89 27 days ago

    If cristan loses weight she would look bomb🙌👌but it's fine for beautiful the way u are

  • MaggieJewett
    MaggieJewett 28 days ago

    I think she looks better without the changes. Kristin is so pretty how she is now!

  • Maiya Grayson
    Maiya Grayson 28 days ago

    I like her better normal

  • Dew Pew
    Dew Pew 29 days ago

    I think she looked better as normal Kristin lol just me?

  • Tia Schattenkerk
    Tia Schattenkerk Month ago

    My favorite face is the original. That chin? Those brows? Love it! Boldly beautiful. And I'm happily married, so this isn't a come on. 😁

  • faroshscale
    faroshscale Month ago

    They did her so dirty with that chin

  • Rachel Faith Phillips

    Girl, you're naturally beautiful!! You look even better than the photoshopped pics in my opinion...

  • Gabby Alvarez
    Gabby Alvarez Month ago

    Sad that people are complementing Kristin's looks while at the same time judging the second doctor for hers. Looks shouldn't matter, but for the most part, they do. They can determine whether or not we find someone attractive, approachable, smart. We shouldn't judge people for their opinions on beauty whether that means that you find Kristin pretty or not pretty. That being said... just because someone is not naturally pretty (whether they have plastic surgery or not) doesn't mean that they have no worth.

  • kathryn fowler
    kathryn fowler Month ago

    I love Kristen's hair in the cut part of the video of her talking!

  • Lily Anne Morassy
    Lily Anne Morassy Month ago

    Keep your real face girl

  • Clara P. Ovejero
    Clara P. Ovejero Month ago

    Kristin, seeing you go through this made me sad: you had your cute face sadden to a row of comments and i want to tell you that YOU'RE CUTE, YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL AND YOUR PERSONALITY IS GREAT. Period.

  • Issa Prank
    Issa Prank Month ago

    I think Kristen is like the leader of ladylike or the favorite or something

  • Super Kitty
    Super Kitty Month ago

    “This is the face I have, I grew it myself!”
    Same, Kristen, saaaame

  • Home Phone
    Home Phone Month ago

    You are so pretty and asome

  • AbbyNerdzz
    AbbyNerdzz Month ago

    This low key gave me asmr? Anyone else? I’m gonna add the time stamps of each consultation.
    1- 2:14
    2- 5:14
    3- 8:26

  • Siya Maya
    Siya Maya Month ago

    i thought the original one was the photoshepped one wow kristin you are so beautifl ily

  • TheBuggyGamer
    TheBuggyGamer Month ago

    No matter what the comments say you’re beautiful

  • lolfox 101
    lolfox 101 Month ago

    who was that girl lol

  • Rili M
    Rili M Month ago +1

    I think that Kristen irl looked WAY better than the photoshop persons picture

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn Month ago

    You are beautiful the way you are right now.

  • Amelia Bahr
    Amelia Bahr Month ago

    Who's in the back of the car?????

  • Kaitlin Burks
    Kaitlin Burks Month ago

    That last line. Omg Kristin! I lost nearly 100 pounds last year and it drastically changed my face. The body image issues don’t change and I’m consistently looking into the mirror judging myself. That last line though. Wow. Gave me something to really think about. Thank you

  • Dawn Westerbeck
    Dawn Westerbeck 2 months ago +1

    You are absolutely beautiful just the way you are, but thanks for the info. I would not be able to do that three times!

  • Ada Plainaki
    Ada Plainaki 2 months ago +1

    Am I the only one who thinks that the guy was a bit rude to her in some situations?She is such a cute and smart woman !She is my fav!!We love you 😘 Kristin !!U have to know that you have a new fan Klub !! Congrats 🎉🎈🎊🍾

  • JJRAPS Invalid
    JJRAPS Invalid 2 months ago

    Surgeon 3 basically made her a white korean 😂😂

  • Sierra Marie
    Sierra Marie 2 months ago +2

    kristin u are beatiful don't let no one tell you ain't

  • Rose Wilson
    Rose Wilson 2 months ago +1

    I personally think kristin is beautiful!!!!

  • Zelda Main In Smash Ult. Fight me

    What is that Photoshop?? Her chin became way too pointy and it just looked weird...
    Besides, she doesn't need photoshop. She is gorgeous, and so are you. (Or handsome)

  • Carmen Smith
    Carmen Smith 2 months ago +2

    Honestly you are absolutely beautiful and perfect in your own ways. Your flaws add to your perfection and who you are as a person I love you girl and thank you for showing me that I can be me and rock it no matter my size or what other people think.

  • Isabella Betancourt
    Isabella Betancourt 2 months ago

    '' You want some fillers , botox, you want another nose ? throw it in the cart we'll get it '' lol :']

  • Mirielle Zalewski
    Mirielle Zalewski 2 months ago +3

    # of analogies kristin can make in a video just keeps on climbin'

  • Elizabeth MacGillivray
    Elizabeth MacGillivray 2 months ago

    Kristin you are so beautiful just the way you are! Never forget that!!😉

  • Camelia B
    Camelia B 2 months ago

    It’s quite scary to see how much people go through to achieve « the perfect » face shaving the jaw and everything seems really scar for me

  • laney Hesse
    laney Hesse 2 months ago

    ur so fabulous Kristen and we love u!

  • laney Hesse
    laney Hesse 2 months ago

    this is sooooo demoralizing

  • Shelby Smith
    Shelby Smith 2 months ago

    Here is a Lasagna😂😂

  • Why am I here?
    Why am I here? 2 months ago +1

    But if you're beautiful, you're beautiful. Who says you have to be "as beautiful as a model"? Most models I've seen just look like any other woman. And quite frankly, not as beautiful as "normal" women - that is to say, non-models. All of the ladies on Ladylike are beautiful. You are beautiful...we should all strive to just be ourselves. Well, I shouldn't even put that "just" in there. We should all strive to be ourselves.
    edit after seeing the photoshopped photos: Your natural face looks best.

  • Alana Wozniak
    Alana Wozniak 2 months ago +1

    Who else thinks Kristin is so pretty?

  • Bella Coleman
    Bella Coleman 2 months ago

    i prefer regular kristin

  • Anna Thornburgh
    Anna Thornburgh 2 months ago

    I like the original better

  • TikToker2.0 Hehe
    TikToker2.0 Hehe 2 months ago

    I think Kristen is beautiful just like the rest of everybody I hope she never thinks about getting any cosmetic surgery EVER NEVER EVER EVERRRRRRR she is beautiful just like everybody.

  • Sharise
    Sharise 2 months ago

    Oh I love Dr. Linda Li. ❤️

  • Courteney McColgan
    Courteney McColgan 2 months ago

    But Kristen’s face is so beautiful!

  • King of Meatballs
    King of Meatballs 2 months ago +14

    *"This is my face, I grew it myself"*

  • Natasha Sorenson
    Natasha Sorenson 2 months ago

    The more I watch ladylike, the more I notice how beautiful Kristin’s face is. I love her chin and eyes.

  • Abbieq11
    Abbieq11 2 months ago +3

    This is the golden age of insults!!!!

  • Jane Deer
    Jane Deer 2 months ago

    I feel like the cotton thing on your skin like in the first consultation would feel super good 😂😂

  • Joyful Yes
    Joyful Yes 2 months ago

    I love your voice and sense of humor. That 2nd doctor looks like a mummy though.

  • G i a n n n a t h e R a t

    What is wrong with Kristen’s chin in the thumbnail

  • pvrpl313
    pvrpl313 3 months ago

    I wonder how much business was brought in from these interviews.

  • Emma Martin
    Emma Martin 3 months ago

    linda li has a little too much botox

  • Emma Martin
    Emma Martin 3 months ago

    her chin juts out too far in the photoshop from the side

  • Helena M
    Helena M 3 months ago

    Personally, I think Kristen is beautiful just the way she is.

  • Lovi
    Lovi 3 months ago

    Here's a lasagna

  • Ava Karney
    Ava Karney 3 months ago

    the girl in the background at 7:08

  • Bestie Vloggers
    Bestie Vloggers 3 months ago

    Kristin, you shouldn't care what them haters say about your face. You are beautiful and always remember that

  • Sarah MaeSings
    Sarah MaeSings 3 months ago

    This video kinda scares me, your face is so pretty, please dont get surgery to change it!

  • 3 months ago

    I keep thinking there is an angry child strapped into a carseat in the backseat

  • Kassie Wagner
    Kassie Wagner 3 months ago

    Who insulting my wife over here 👊👊👊👊👊😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • ButtlickerBill
    ButtlickerBill 3 months ago

    Just lose weight Kristin, you don’t need to go under surgery!

  • Strawberry Syrup
    Strawberry Syrup 3 months ago

    Kristin is my fave, she's always herself 💓

  • Caroline DeLosSantos
    Caroline DeLosSantos 3 months ago

    People today only hate on people....
    You are beautiful the way you are.....
    😍😍😍 stay true 😍😍😍

  • jordan stocker
    jordan stocker 3 months ago

    Honestly if you really don’t like something on your face then you should change it if it will make you feel better about yourself

  • yoongi had me like
    yoongi had me like 3 months ago +2

    Honestly, I hated the photoshopped version, the standards and etc I think Kristin's looks beautiful the way she is rn

  • life begins at 40
    life begins at 40 3 months ago

    You ladies should totally do a video on botox!

  • Kenyetta Naturally P
    Kenyetta Naturally P 3 months ago

    You are perfect

  • Geraldine Lageu
    Geraldine Lageu 3 months ago +1

    I think your face is great the way it is 😊 no need to change a thing

  • Deborah Collins
    Deborah Collins 3 months ago

    Don't let them touch your beautiful face.

  • Victoria Butler
    Victoria Butler 3 months ago

    So much nicer “ au naturel” -
    With nothing done.