Kristin Got Photoshopped To A "Fashion Model Standard" • Ladylike


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  • Alexandra Benton
    Alexandra Benton 10 hours ago

    The natural photograph being used of Kristen to show what the surgeons would do is stunning!

  • Fee Wildweb
    Fee Wildweb 3 days ago

    The pics all look like her but with maybe a bit of a different culture in each one.

  • Iara Galicer
    Iara Galicer 3 days ago

    Hey girl!!! You are beautiful as you are! No changes needed!!!!

  • Erika Miller
    Erika Miller 6 days ago

    I never saw Drew Carey until she said it. And now I’ll never unsee it.

  • Albino Wolf
    Albino Wolf 6 days ago

    I give you alot of credit to you Kristen. I'm way to insecure about myself to that and if I did I'd most likely hate my looks more.

  • Priya Anand
    Priya Anand 7 days ago

    kristen should wear her hair up more often

  • HeyIzU
    HeyIzU 7 days ago +1

    Kristin looks so beautiful in this video! 😍😍

  • Manderzbaby2012
    Manderzbaby2012 8 days ago

    I like the first one the best and then the second one . Not a fan of the third one at all but honestly I think you are beautiful just the way you are !! Love the ladylike girls !!

  • sandwich anxiety
    sandwich anxiety 9 days ago

    Jen and I have the same blanket

  • TheZebraUnicorn
    TheZebraUnicorn 12 days ago

    Fuck that. Kristin is gorgeous! I love seeing actual, real representation of self acceptance and body positivity - not to mention the more important parts like intelligence, wit, humor, and being a generally good person.

  • Jennifer Hansen
    Jennifer Hansen 13 days ago

    I like your prominent chin WAY better!!!

  • Ava Hammett
    Ava Hammett 14 days ago

    Kristin! You are beautiful!

  • SARA Ream
    SARA Ream 15 days ago

    Kristin, you are beautiful just the way you are!!!

  • taesthetic
    taesthetic 15 days ago

    the thumbnail 'after' pic literally looks like her chin has been stretched wayy out of proportion, sorta reminds me of a witch's long sharp chin in cartoons/movies

  • fuckyeahfriday
    fuckyeahfriday 16 days ago

    Well you see, that’s not model standard. If she lost that weight she would be more attractive, and that’s not an impossible beauty standard

  • Sophia Luz
    Sophia Luz 17 days ago

    I think that your beautiful. I think everyone is beautiful in their own way as long that person is happy that’s all that matters! 😊

  • aliseganggang 11
    aliseganggang 11 17 days ago

    kristen is sooo beautifu

  • Jacqueline Duxbury
    Jacqueline Duxbury 19 days ago

    No matter who you are and if you are reading this or not, you are a beautiful person and anything you think is wrong with yourself isn't a flaw, it makes you who you are. If we all had "perfect" faces there would be no individuality or things that make us ourselves. Long story short, we are all different people with different faces, bodies, and personalities, but that's the true beauty of the world.

  • Rainbow Swirl - DIY and Craft

    She technically didn't grow her face her mom grew it

  • Victoria Peay
    Victoria Peay 21 day ago

    Oof i couldn’t do this 😣 I’d be so insecure and salty afterwards

  • Hannah Goold
    Hannah Goold 21 day ago +2

    Surgeon 1 was the best- Very kind, keeps the original charm of your face... If I wanted to get plastic surgery, I'd want someone like him.

  • Guccian Nolan Dolan
    Guccian Nolan Dolan 21 day ago

    Jen and chantel together I ship so much

  • Animalgirl AJ
    Animalgirl AJ 22 days ago +4

    (I know this becuz I'm a farmer) the bigger part of the egg is the top becuz that's where the part of the yolk that's attached to the egg shell

  • foil hat brigade
    foil hat brigade 23 days ago

    I like my face and all its flaws ❤️

  • Terri.K
    Terri.K 23 days ago

    9:26 why she look baked ??? lmaooo

  • A M A R A N T H
    A M A R A N T H 26 days ago

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Curls and Coconuts
    Curls and Coconuts 26 days ago

    Each surgeon made her face more similar to theirs. Like the second surgeon had a more prominent chin herself and so she took the least off Kristen's chin. She also had more prominent cheekbones and she made Kristen's the most prominent. The 3rd surgeon had a overall smaller rounder chin which is what he did

  • pickupyourlaces
    pickupyourlaces 28 days ago

    I didn't see the Drew Carey thing until you said it. But yea like that full happy face with glasses

  • Jo March
    Jo March 29 days ago

    Kristin, you're lovely and beautiful. This video was great for thought, but don't change a thing...

  • Giulia Tronchi
    Giulia Tronchi 29 days ago

    Gurrrrl you are so gorgeous u don’t need to change urself u are so pretty like gurllkk be confident I’m glad u are💞💞💫

  • Random Person
    Random Person Month ago

    I do love your face btw you look better in your classes

  • Stevie Schacht
    Stevie Schacht Month ago

    While this was informative... Kristin if you’re reading this.... you’re beautiful. Screw the negative comments. Screw society standards. You’re beautiful. And if anyone says otherwise throw a shoe at them.

  • Mrs. Zav
    Mrs. Zav Month ago

    Kristin, I think you're lovely, beautiful and soooo FUN!!!! Beauty isn't about perfection and symmetry to me, it's about character and being YOU! I love how awesome and confident you are! THAT is beautiful, my love! Many blessings and much love, sweets! 🙏🕉💋

  • Fal Rae
    Fal Rae Month ago

    Rosacea is not adult acne! that statement right there, makes me doubt his credentials. *LOL*

  • MacKenzie Loberg
    MacKenzie Loberg Month ago

    *here is a lasgana*

  • Ashley The Emo
    Ashley The Emo Month ago

    Kristen u r a beautiful strong intelligent and funny person u do u girl and don’t let anything get in ur way same with the other girls all of u r AMAZING human beings don’t listen to the media love u girls😂😁😘

  • Yolonda Harrington
    Yolonda Harrington Month ago

    I like her face as is.

  • Samantha Pentz
    Samantha Pentz Month ago

    I think that asymmetrical is sexy... I mean everyone loves David Tennant.

  • Augusta Castrodale
    Augusta Castrodale Month ago

    why is jen always the best part of any video even if she's not really in it

  • TheDreamerofdisney
    TheDreamerofdisney Month ago

    By seeing original vs other picture all i can suggest is that..for me, kristin can achieve those look not almost the same but somehow can reach the look by applying makeup. She's gorgeous enough on makeup. Like those pictures that has been photoshopped.

  • TheDreamerofdisney
    TheDreamerofdisney Month ago

    Kristine looks more rich with makeup but with no glasses

  • Maya Whale
    Maya Whale Month ago

    7:17 smh

  • Jessica Miller
    Jessica Miller Month ago

    You are so beautiful, Kristin! I hope your confidence never falters because it inspires me and other plus girls out there. You’re beautiful, trendy, and full of kindness. ❤️

  • Natalia Dunyak
    Natalia Dunyak Month ago

    I love her brows

  • kemicalromanc15
    kemicalromanc15 Month ago

    Im just saying...You are beautiful just the way you are...Inside and out. Also the video was fascinating and kinda sad people think they need this to be happy.

  • Resa Olivares
    Resa Olivares Month ago

    She says she's mad at the patriarchy but there's literally no hint of "patriarchy" in this. This is all just women's vanity. She has a husband so there's no set standard for beauty. I'm sure he finds her beautiful since he's married to her but the bottom line is that this really has nothing to do with any patriarchy.

  • Kayla Hill
    Kayla Hill Month ago

    Why is mia khalifia in the back of the car?

  • Kaylee Lane
    Kaylee Lane Month ago

    5:54 that lady is probably in her late 40s or 50s and her face looks like that from surgery. Crazy

  • Barbara Langford
    Barbara Langford Month ago

    The only thing I slightly agreed on with the surgeons was the under the chin area. Other than that you're beautiful.

  • Hermoine Snape
    Hermoine Snape Month ago

    Change the shape of your brows for super different looks you don't need Photoshop.

  • Harmony C
    Harmony C Month ago

    They all had super sharp chins. I know she already had a sharp chin but they made it look super pointy I felt like. And the last one the chin was a little too short. The photoshop might have just been the problem

  • derpy.doopie
    derpy.doopie Month ago

    I think she looks better in the original than all the others :>

  • Laina Gustafson
    Laina Gustafson Month ago

    Your pony tail in those before and after pics is beautiful, but your before face is even pretter!!! Love you kristin!!!

  • Emmm aa002
    Emmm aa002 Month ago

    I think you have awsome fase 👧❤❤

  • SpamBAT
    SpamBAT Month ago

    The only thing you and I need, Kristin, is weightloss. We would have serious glo ups. If I was in America we could be gym buddies.

  • Rissa Face
    Rissa Face Month ago

    luv Kristin

  • Angie Kidney
    Angie Kidney Month ago +3

    Look youngest in the first one but the airbrushing / photo shop is not accurate as your skin would only look that smooth with thick make up. The chin in the 3rd you don't look like you anymore. Also the nose in 3rd is nice but it is like that one tried to make you look like asian ideals of beauty and you don't look like you anymore. Asians tend to have a very certain kind of view on what is pretty in faces. Just look up the amazing asian transformation youtubes.

    • Gabri'el Alexander
      Gabri'el Alexander Month ago +1

      Exactly! The Photoshop artist was HORRIBLE! Plus as you said Asians have a different standard of beauty than we do. I remember seeing some Asian surgeons comment on American celebrities as looking too masculine because of the shape of their face or jawline and I was like Whaaaat?!!!!

  • Kay C
    Kay C Month ago

    a lot of the stuff the surgeon said can be achieved through weight lost.

  • Nicole Bagniefski
    Nicole Bagniefski Month ago

    I will click any video if Kristen is in the thumb nail

  • Jazelle Inez
    Jazelle Inez Month ago

    Wow. Your face is so much better than these suggested changes. They look scary

  • Trisha Fry
    Trisha Fry Month ago

    Holy Crap, Kristin, please don't listen to this idiot! You do not need a damn thing done!

  • Kawaii Polyglot
    Kawaii Polyglot Month ago +1

    She does look like she could be Drew Carey's sister. Lol I would have never seen that on my own.

  • Cathrine JP
    Cathrine JP Month ago

    Kristin, I donøt even have to click this video to think you are hot, because you just... are. Indeed. Indeedelydoo!

  • Bethany Mellas
    Bethany Mellas Month ago

    You really are incredible, beautiful.. its easy to be a jerk when you can hide behind a screen

  • Barricorn
    Barricorn Month ago

    "we need to"
    no buddy, "we could" but we do not "need" to

  • M G
    M G Month ago

    You look very cute please don’t change!

  • Kimberly Almanza
    Kimberly Almanza Month ago

    3 was my favorite

  • Cameron Noe
    Cameron Noe Month ago

    What the fuuuuuck is up with the photoshop on the third one

  • Ellie Lewin
    Ellie Lewin Month ago

    8:00 I felt the pain

  • Stephanie Pilkinton

    I love this video and love how you look just they way you are, Kristin!! You inspire me to accept myself, all of the Ladylike crew do! ❤️❤️

  • Hey Hennnyyy
    Hey Hennnyyy Month ago

    Not surprised she compared it to ordering at a restaurant 🙄

  • Emma Hinkle
    Emma Hinkle Month ago

    Kristin is beautiful! How could anyone disagree and be so rude!!🤦‍♀️

  • Jazzmin Maspero
    Jazzmin Maspero Month ago

    The third one seemed the most natural. I loved the chin on that one. But I think she’s super pretty without the surgery

  • Alexis Garcia
    Alexis Garcia Month ago

    “It’d be like if they fired half the cast of The Office” lol

  • _ _
    _ _ Month ago

    This was a great video...shows people beauty is subjective and you dont have to change a thing five stars :)

  • Christine Richardson

    You're beautiful as you are!

  • Rosie morrison
    Rosie morrison Month ago

    I think she looks better without all those “plastic stuff”

  • Dakota Martin
    Dakota Martin Month ago

    The people that keep picking on Kristin is very rude because Kristin is beautiful,smart,her hair is gorgeous and she is very confident

  • Mykki Menace
    Mykki Menace Month ago

    "This is my faaace, I grew it myself."

  • Mariposa!
    Mariposa! Month ago

    stumbled upon this video accidentally...very brave of you to let people pick apart what they think you need done.

  • Joie Perez
    Joie Perez Month ago

    I actually think those pictures looked horrible. Looks way better in real life

  • Monika Smarszcz
    Monika Smarszcz Month ago

    i love orginal!

  • lovely love
    lovely love Month ago

    Girl you are as cute as a button

  • M M
    M M Month ago

    reduce the g i r t h

  • Heyy its Nupur!
    Heyy its Nupur! Month ago +3

    I think Kristin would give great hugs ❤

  • Madrenna Griffith
    Madrenna Griffith 2 months ago

    Great closing argument. I hope you knock'em dead

  • Madrenna Griffith
    Madrenna Griffith 2 months ago

    I know this was a thought experiment but I'd choose dr. #1

  • Jessica Reed
    Jessica Reed 2 months ago

    Drew is hot and your beautiful dont ever change a thing. 😍

  • Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

    you look gorgeous ;) xx

  • The Kazoo Queen
    The Kazoo Queen 2 months ago

    "im so mad at the patriarchy right now, it makes me really sad that that's where our money has to go" really? nobody makes women spend thousands on plastic surgery. most guys i've talked to find it unattractive. literally nobody is MAKING you.

  • Cosm 9
    Cosm 9 2 months ago

    My favourite one out of all the doctors changes was the original

  • Ruby Gonzalez
    Ruby Gonzalez 2 months ago

    You are gorgeous just the way you are kristen!

  • MonkeyMooMolly i love pickles

    I think that the photoshopped ones look kinda creepy XD I like your original face much much more!!!

  • ᄉ하하니
    ᄉ하하니 2 months ago

    She does not need to photoshopped. She's already pretty the way she is.

  • Stella Weideman
    Stella Weideman 2 months ago

    “This is the face I have I’ve grown it myself”


  • Judy Loch
    Judy Loch 2 months ago

    I dont like the last doctor........... but your beautiful as u are.

  • kris ohma
    kris ohma 2 months ago


  • Hadeel Faiz
    Hadeel Faiz 2 months ago

    You are beautiful

  • Proud Momma Bee
    Proud Momma Bee 2 months ago

    Great, now Photoshop the rest of her so she is visibly acceptable.

  • Jill Black
    Jill Black 2 months ago

    The first one, if you were going to pick a "better" one, The first one would be better.
    But I love your face the way it is. The others just look wrong.
    You're gorgeous.