New revelations about no deal Brexit ferry firm

  • Published on Jan 3, 2019
  • The Transport Secretary Chris Grayling yesterday assured this programme that his department had done "detailed work" on the financial and operational plans of the British company Seabourne Freight, which has been contracted to supply ferries between Ramsgate and Ostend in the event of a no-deal Brexit.
    But we have been told that Chief Executive Ben Sharp once ran a shipping company that ceased trading - owing more than a million pounds to multiple shipping companies.
    Mr Sharp has denied the allegations. Our Business Editor Siobhan Kennedy has this exclusive report.
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Comments • 907

  • Susan Colquhoun
    Susan Colquhoun Month ago

    At least we now know why the people voted for BREXIT! We have ended up with a government not fit to govern! Time to vote the Labour/conservative careerists out of our lives and bring in some new parties which can do the work of running our country without the use of fear tactics and so-called political correctness, which is merely another excuse to prevent freedom of speech and provide the practice of spying on the population.
    Our Parliament is NOT an audition stage for politicians to use as a springboard to get into the highly lucrative posts that will be vacant within the EU shortly.

  • n miller
    n miller 2 months ago

    SNOW is a lefty remainer . No companies own ships they hire them out like estate agents do not own houses.!

  • Driver2616
    Driver2616 2 months ago

    Seaborne Freight - a shipping company with no ships!! The British Govt. entered into a shipping contract with a company that has NO SHIPS!! You couldn’t make this stuff up!

  • francis lea
    francis lea 2 months ago

    If we were fighting the Nazis today our spiv politicians would be buying Nazi war bonds to make a quick buck whilst sending our navy to "guard" the Falkland Islands.

  • Bill Moore
    Bill Moore 2 months ago

    This shows that the ''government'' ,of elected lackys we pay thousands to, do not run the country the standing bureaucracy of old boys do and always have!

  • Tom Hermens
    Tom Hermens 3 months ago

    Armed escort vessel is not quite a ferry company Mr Sharpe
    McCater I.e. Sharpe are crooks.

  • Tom Hermens
    Tom Hermens 3 months ago

    I have a company available for one million less and with ships.!!!!

  • drunky monkey
    drunky monkey 3 months ago

    Everything this mug gets involved with goes South real quick.

  • Gary Bowman
    Gary Bowman 3 months ago

    John's tie is a bit understated! Grayling again, would you bet your pension on it succeeding?

  • Kris Keeling
    Kris Keeling 3 months ago

    u.k brexit brexit fake news crises cliff edge. austerity poverty mass homelessness food banks payday loans money lending usary servitude on corporate and political. and the cycle starts again

  • Kris Keeling
    Kris Keeling 3 months ago

    ive got an idea how about giving the white working classes whos grandads fought in ww2 . £1million pounds immiedietly. why ?

  • marusak72
    marusak72 3 months ago

    Well as not EU non member country UK can reintroduce a public executions for good measures right?

  • Donald Derp
    Donald Derp 3 months ago

    Meanwhile the poor souls at the bottom get linched for a the slightest mistake. tories out asap, the press are also enabling this societal decline.

  • Jeff Hambleton
    Jeff Hambleton 3 months ago

    The government can't be trusted with our money.
    They should be held accountable.

  • Rich Republican
    Rich Republican 3 months ago

    This is just one of the problem programs. Think of all the others out there that will only be discovered when Brexit ends.

    SUSAN BARTLETT 3 months ago

    An inquiry should be held on Grayling. The man has been all over in Government positions and always a very bad result at that. It’s almost like he’s on a mission to sabotage and derail everything that comes under him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes the next Priminister........

  • ivan ashley
    ivan ashley 3 months ago

    Of coarse they've given the contract to a scam company, it's a scam project, just another attempt by the government to give an impression of preparedness for a no deal Brexit knowing full well that the capitulation to the EU is the only option they will accept. The key phrase in Downing Street is Nudge the cattle. We're being milked of our freedom my friends.

  • Mike the Knight
    Mike the Knight 3 months ago

    Anything that Grayling touches turns to s**t.........this is yet another f**k up, carried out by incompetent and corrupt politicians, dealing with cronies and "friends of friends"........all on the back of a cigarette pack!!! You couldn't make it up. And when it all goes belly-up, Grayling will run for cover and say "nothing to do with me"!! (Remember the railways/airports?) The guy is a clown.

  • Abdul Taha
    Abdul Taha 3 months ago

    Please inform the British Government that I have a nephew with £5.6 million and all I need is 100,000 to release it

  • paul handley
    paul handley 3 months ago

    It must be increasingly obvious since Blair etc. These pawns don't run the country...There all far to dim for that...It's a 5maximum spasm in there life...Then they take the money and run.....That's democracy today.

  • MushroomFleet
    MushroomFleet 3 months ago

    project fear is ineffective.
    businesses go out of business everyday.
    it's not hard to find one.

  • Protestant
    Protestant 3 months ago

    More FEARMONGERING from the elites. Ignore it. WE'LL BE FINE.

  • Spinler Muckflitt
    Spinler Muckflitt 3 months ago


  • ivan jolly
    ivan jolly 3 months ago

    That socks n tie are mwaaaaah mr presenter

  • Jac X
    Jac X 3 months ago£800bn-in-assets-to-europe---ey/ar-BBRUG9O?li=AAnZ9Ug

  • Josh Mason
    Josh Mason 3 months ago

    They are 100 percent brexit supporters otherwise they wouldn't be trying to do such a smear campaign on them

  • Allan Jackson
    Allan Jackson 3 months ago

    As always with Westminster (AKA The Cesspit), it is always a case of a job for the boys, atleast until they get caught out.

  • Sarah Crawford
    Sarah Crawford 3 months ago

    What a boring minister and review.

  • John Moseley
    John Moseley 3 months ago

    It's not often I'm moved to quote Chris de Burgh, but...

  • Kat Rose
    Kat Rose 3 months ago

    Two things that might merit a little more digging:
    A) Albany Shipping Limited (UK company number 08891537) the names of the directors may ring a bell...
    B) John Edmund Paul Sharpe (rather unlucky in the number of businesses which have Dissolved around him).

  • HoleyHouseOfAir
    HoleyHouseOfAir 3 months ago

    Its actually incompetence, not corruption.
    May is led by her ego and fear mixed into a hypertensive milkshake, won't be long till she has a stroke.

  • Welly
    Welly 3 months ago

    another scam that the taxpayers will have to save.....

  • david whiteside
    david whiteside 3 months ago

    just like i though may is trying her best to f this one up as well as the negotiations

  • Restlessnreal107 Xx
    Restlessnreal107 Xx 3 months ago

    We need to pack up and leave.
    I’m sick of going to work and having a whole team of staff speaking Spanish or reading reviews of London’s finest hotels only to read “the staff can not speak English”
    Their destroying our country. Period

  • upintheanti
    upintheanti 3 months ago

    Ramsgate had the road infrastructure direct to the port which was improved years ago and could easily cope with demands, taking the strain off of Dover and could help ease the stranglehold by the french when they hold a strike .It also has an airport which i believe is the second longest in the uk and easily capable of
    taking air freight plus the new roads to support it,This could help to take the strain off of Gatwick and Heathrow These facts seem to be ignored by Thanet council however who have their own agenda namely building development on the site and the dept of transport who seem obsessed with expansion of Gatwick & Heathrow

  • Another Mouse
    Another Mouse 3 months ago

    Excellent, presumably they will be providing much needed supplies to a new international deep water access shipping port being built in Leicester.

  • Kabir Ibco
    Kabir Ibco 3 months ago

    I don't know anything about anything, why can't I have this contract?
    But I have ship's though, yellow ones in the bath tub

  • Didier Lemoine
    Didier Lemoine 3 months ago

    thank u for the british money, we r all waiting for more of course if Britain want to stay hook to EU for business !

  • anon for good
    anon for good 3 months ago

    Why can't existing Ferrys cope after Brexit? Why would you need to re-open Ramsgate?

  • Soviet Union Jack
    Soviet Union Jack 3 months ago

    The real People's Vote rally attendance figures from Met Police = closer to 100,000 rather than MSM reported 700,000. Met Police have also divulged that 5 times as many supporters attended Brexit Betrayal rally and that 3 Left wing anti-brexit betrayal protesters arrested while ZERO Brexit betrayal supporters arrested. This says it all.

  • Soviet Union Jack
    Soviet Union Jack 3 months ago

    Is this company registered at ......
    788-790 Finchley Road ??? I urge all patriots to search this address on youtube and watch all the related videos uploaded at end of December.

  • Les H Mahagow
    Les H Mahagow 3 months ago

    Channel 4 ..... Our Pravda

  • James Bannerman
    James Bannerman 3 months ago

    This is great journalism. The problem is the deal is already done .

  • Karma Bomb
    Karma Bomb 3 months ago

    Lying, corrupt, Tory bastards. A whole new level of criminality.

  • A M
    A M 3 months ago +2

    Must be mates with someone in the!!! Oh no that doesn’t happen anymore?

  • Jean Roch
    Jean Roch 3 months ago

    France here. Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha (breathe) ahahahahahahahahahahahaha !!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Huw Grossmith
    Huw Grossmith 3 months ago

    It's only a contract if a no deal Brexit happens!

  • Miles Farrimond
    Miles Farrimond 3 months ago

    Theresa May's own tawdry, and cynical exercise in 'Project Fear' should be seen clearly for what it is; a harmful, cynically desperate, and costly gamble to 'placate her divided cabinet and 'cling' onto power ! What a disgusting 'scare tactic', to play ultimatum games with our country's future ! 'No deal' Brexit can and must be 'excluded' as a possible outcome by our parliament...anything less would be a cynical and craven (treasonous ?) act of self-harm on a scale unparalleled, comparable only to a national emergency or war preparation !
    This was definitely NOT what we were all told that the Brexit 'dividend' would deliver back in 2016 !, Nor were we offered the likely destruction of the Good Friday agreement ,and all the consequences that would follow ! Nor the 'special measures' necessary were now told to stockpile foodstuffs and medicines, and the return of 'Ration books... They could be 'blue' to match our new British passports...for those privileged to be able to afford foreign air travel after March, and also assuming that our flights into European airspace (and back) are 'permitted' , as our current 'Open Skies' treaty as EU members is one of over 750 agreements with 60 countries (including USA, Canada, Australia, and most recently, Japan) we are set to lose on 29th March !. If in doubt read the third paragraph of Article 50 'Treaty of Lisbon' below...

    3. The (All) Treaties shall cease to apply to the State in question from the date of entry into force of the withdrawal agreement or, failing that, two years after the notification referred to in paragraph 2, unless the European Council, in agreement with the Member State concerned, unanimously decides to extend this period. existing trade agreements and treaty will thereby cease..."

    May's govt. would likely need the 3.500 troops side-lined for 'provisional' riot control stationed around Downing Street to confront the inevitable indignant, (but hopefully peaceful) civil protests that would arise if she were ever to succeed in dragging us thru to March 29th without even an option for a General Election, or a second informed 'people's' vote ! Billions of precious taxpayers' pounds now being squandered needlessly on a totally 'preventable' and 'manufactured' national emergency fiasco. (and now, we're belatedly told, 'emergency supply ferries' !) 'And 'all, it's clear, to scare her own cabinet and divided party to vote for her shambles of a 'half-Brexit' ! 'And' using the Christmas / New Year Parliamentary recess to 'deliberately' delay any meaningful vote on the Withdrawal bill and a possible option for a second vote ! Refusing outright Jeremy Corbyns call for an early return of parliament on January 2nd...'running the clock down' disgraceful as it is indefensible ! And with less than a 90 days to go !...

    Only our nations' enemies and those ready, and prepared to take full advantage of our self-imposed economic and political instability and isolation (ie., Putins' Russia and other predatory competing country's including Trumps' US, and Jacob Rees-Mogg's 'Chaos Capitalism' strategem !) will benefit from our national malaise ! Such an outcome would impact 'all' sections of our economy particularly our Farming and Agricultural industry, Car assembly and Manufacturing sectors, and those companies relying upon 'Just in time' delivery contracts, crippling our major Ports of entry (and import) creating a near permanent 'Operation Stack' that paralyses our road transport system turning vast areas like Kent and the M25 into a Lorry park, impacting those communities ability to operate key services, social care, emergency and police etc., and inevitably leading to a catastrophic loss of businesses and jobs, both directly, and affecting other businesses dependent upon those jobs.(the so-called 'mulitiplier effect').
    The UK 'must' remain at the heart of Europe continuing to play a key role, with all our 27 EU partners, in continuing to help 'shape, reform and influence' the EU for the good of 'all' its citizens, including our existing 'deal' that includes the UKs many hard won concessions and 'opt-outs (ie no euro currency and sectors free of working-time directive and more) thereby protecting 'our' nations security, 'our' environmental protections, food standards and animal welfare laws , 'our' working conditions and economic stability, and much more !

    It follows, of course, that a 'stable' economy serves as a 'bedrock' for the preservation and successful delivery of our vital public services, such as our precious NHS,and social care, and that can provide the necessary economic growth and (Labour) government led investment needed to maintain and improve those services, and consequently, the, life outcomes and welfare of our most vulnerable citizens, who are already suffering grievously, due to 10 or more years of Tory 'Austerity, cuts to vital local government spending, healthcare under-funding. and under-recruitment of key staff to run those services. Under ALL possible forms/models of Brexit, the governments own economic impact assessments clearly show this countrys economy would perform worse than if we remained in the EU, with the most catastrophic outcome reserved for a 'no deal' hard Brexit ! So 'why would a sovereign nation (which we are), with existing powers to enact our own laws (which we already do) and control over our own borders and immigration (which we can do 'if' we chose) needlessly opt to be worse-off , isolated and at the mercy of our enemies ? Most sane, rational and informed citizens would not, of course, choose that path, unless they were convinced ,or deceived into believing that our membership of the EU makes us weak and powerlesto do all those things ! (or a 'Vassal-State' as Rees-Mogg likes to imply !) ...I'm not sure our other 27 EU partners believe that 'their' membership of the EU has undermined 'their' sovereignty, or made 'them' weaker, or unable to enact 'their' own laws.! Quite the opposite in fact ! The stability and protections which our EU membership confers on us allow us to continue to trade friction-less, (and without the World Trade Organisations injurous 'Third country' tariffs) with all our EU partners, and 60 plus other nations, to live and work throughout the EU, and to enable others with the vital skills and dedication we need to work here and pay taxes, and help fill the massive skill shortages and vacancies that currently exist (over 108.000 in our NHS alone !).shortages that are being cruelly and cynically exacerbated by the uncertainty of Brexit for all our EU and UK citizens and their familiies !

    The Electoral Commission, and now crucially the National Crime Agency, are currently investigating evidence that over 9 million pounds of Russian money was illegally used (allegedly), via Aaron Banks and his IOM holding company, to fund the 'leave EU' campaign, and that strongly implicates Russia (and Banks) in crucially influencing (buying) the result of the 2016 vote, an investigation initially led by our MI5 and 'blocked' by...Theresa May as Home Secretary ! This irresponsible, shambolic and self-serving minority govt MUST be defeated in a vote of 'no confidence' and article 50 (and Brexit) suspended, or, at least extended, pending preparation, by parliament for a 'legitimate ' and vital 'informed' People's vote, (presenting two clear options for the ballot: 1/ Mays 'Half-Brexit' Deal,. or 2/ Remain in the EU.) protected 'this time' from foreign (and domestic) malign 'interference by all necessary measures, and as soon as possible, as we literally have no time to spare; a fact which the Prime Minister is all too aware !.

    For all our sakes', especially the younger generation, and those previously dis-enfranchised and denied a say in their own future,,and all UK and EU citizens and their families (3 million plus) living and working here and in the EU and currently 'in limbo' as to their resident status, May's 'Project Fear' must be defeated, and we 'must' put an end to 'any possibility' of this self-destructive' madness that is a 'no deal' Brexit, and work together for a cross-party consensus on an 'informed peoples; vote' as cited above ! ... ...That's my New-Years 'resolution' !...please make it yours ! Write or/and email your MP, whatever Party they belong, to do 'all' in their power to exclude a 'no deal' Brexit, and a Peoples Vote possible while we still can !...

  • Angelo Schincariol
    Angelo Schincariol 3 months ago

    It's amazing what xenophobia did to the UK! The British people decided to lose their economy and social welfare to get rid of foreigners (This is what Brexit actually represents). This is Fascism!

  • superdaddys69
    superdaddys69 3 months ago

    Hahaha.... Can't stop laughing!
    Brexit hasn't even started yet and UK is already turning into a banana republic!
    At least you can't blame the EU for this!

  • usman boota
    usman boota 3 months ago

    All torries do, is this country bit by bit.

  • Peter Stevenson
    Peter Stevenson 3 months ago

    And what mp gave him the contract because they will be getting money for doing it

  • Nicola Kirk
    Nicola Kirk 3 months ago

    Limp opposition v. astonishingly crooked government = the vultures swooping down to feast on Britain's carcass

  • Néstor Abreu Jiménez
    Néstor Abreu Jiménez 3 months ago

    Good job Britain, you made a monkey out of yourselves. Just like we did here on the 13 colonies

  • Archibald Tuttle
    Archibald Tuttle 3 months ago

    Ben Sharp looks like a toad swallowed a toad

  • James Edwards
    James Edwards 3 months ago

    If it's crossed Grayling's desk you can be assured he's had his grubby paws in the cash drawer first, the man is a lying thief spending taxpayers money in a shoddy manner with little or no oversight, Considering the importance of this back-stop ferry route the public needs to take no notice of Grayling and insist that it be placed under non-party political oversight, with teeth and sideline this useless self serving chump once and for all.

  • Marcus W
    Marcus W 3 months ago

    A ferry freight company that has no ferry’s lol 😂

  • chub eye
    chub eye 3 months ago

    Corrupt UK

  • Public Public
    Public Public 3 months ago

    Has Cameron been handed a pistol yet?

  • klausvoor
    klausvoor 3 months ago

    A "Fictional" company with an "Imaginary" fleet of ferries transporting "No existent " goods and commodities traded under "Fantasy New Trade Deals" and paid for by a "Notional " Brexit Dividend.

  • Hans Bjorkman
    Hans Bjorkman 3 months ago

    Wouldn’t a contract of this magnitude be up for bidding from EU companies, after all UK is still part of the EU.

  • Robert Marsh
    Robert Marsh 3 months ago +1

    Its obvious what's going on, They have NO INTENSION WHAT SO EVER, of ever having a No Deal. they intend to betray Brexit. They have no reason to have any form of service running emergency items back and forth from the UK to Europe, or vice-versa.

  • Robert Marsh
    Robert Marsh 3 months ago +1

    There are more people in Britain that wants a NO DEAL, than there are that wants something that the traitor May can dream up. Brexit MEANS Brexit and Leave Means Leave. Leave MEANS leaving in its entirety, NOT HALF LEAVING, or HALF STAYING.LEAVE MEANS LEAVING WITH A NO DEAL.

  • Glen Quinn
    Glen Quinn 3 months ago

    More remoner propaganda thay are loosing and do not like it tuff

  • P0c0man8U
    P0c0man8U 3 months ago

    And that is why the people in charge of the big companies will tell you Brexit is going to be bad and delayed. Moving goods costs money, money they can save and pocket, then tell you its due to Brexit. Typical! Get on with it!

  • Info Me
    Info Me 3 months ago

    what is happening to our country is beyond belief , the uk is sinking fast ! we need a new government that's for all uk people not just for the rich .... this so-called brexit ferry contract stinks of bad management and this is suppose to be the uk government top people ! if that's the case they need to be given p45s .

  • Blame Yourself
    Blame Yourself 3 months ago

    Funny enough, after two years of Brexit, my TheXvid typo-correction program still doesn't recognize it.

  • Peter Linfield
    Peter Linfield 3 months ago

    There is a distinct smell of corruption around all this! Where are the auditors responsible for protecting the public purse?

  • incorrigible delinquent

    WTF. The UK government has been bankrupt since the 1932 gold standards act. Doesn't stop them from trading unlawfully. Seems the kettle is calling the pot black.

  • 1981Mog
    1981Mog 3 months ago

    Ah whatever, why mess with the theme this far in?

  • Joe Wood
    Joe Wood 3 months ago

    I want everybody in the UK to listen to this this man is responsible for the critical supplies of food and medicine, so what is that telling the people of this country.
    if we need outside countries to give us food then what is that telling us there are too many people in this country. think about it. and the government wants more people in the country so the more we are going to be depending on the rest of the world to feed us. is that the situation we want to be is it, relying on the rest of the world to feed us.
    It's time for the people of this country to wake up to reality, the reality of that you live on an island it is not endless space, so how can you base your policies on a system that believes it can endlessly expand into a space that is not endless. There is seriously something wrong in the way you people think and see your country.
    so it's time to wake up to the truth we can't have endless growth because we do not live in an endless space.
    let's have some fun with the people who believe overpopulation is a myth which sadly is about 98% of the human population including all your politicians.

    Overpopulation is not a myth do you know why it cannot be a myth, for the only way it can be myth is if the space you live in is endless , then of course you could never over populate it. so if you live in an endless space and somebody says you are over populating it then that would be a myth. Because you can not over populate a space that is endless only a space that is not endless. are you following me?

    But if the space you live in is not endless then if somebody says we are overpopulated then that can't be a myth.
    because if you live in a confined space and you have a system of endless growth within that confined space then sooner or later your going to overpopulated that confined space that is logic for you basic common sense which apparently is greatly lacking in the human species, he ability to deal with reality.

    Let's break it down to a simple level. A limited space is limited space no matter how big or small it is; it is governed by what you can put in it by its space not your wishes or desires. so take any limited space let's say a cup , If you was pouring water into this cup and it becomes three quarters full and I said you are over populating that cup and you turned round and said no that a myth you can't overpopulated the cup. who would be right. which one of us would be insane which one of us is showing they have no ability to deal with reality. you or me?

    You also have to remember and take into consideration that the limited space of a cup doesn't need to share its limited space with anything other than what you wish to put in it. This planet as an ecosystem it relies on balance it relies on all types of lifeforms to keep this ecosystem in check so it doesn't get destroyed. but the majority of you out there don't understand that either do you.
    it is this inability to understand reality is the reason you are in the mess you are in and for no other reason. you can't get it through your thick skull that you can't endlessly multiplying because you don't have endless space to endlessly multiplying into, the Commons or through TheXvid proves you do not have this capability this ability to act upon what you understand.

  • J L F III
    J L F III 3 months ago

    Ch 4 produces the segment - i don’t believe a word.

  • stuartj1234
    stuartj1234 3 months ago

    Truth bomb for all idiots who voted for Brexit or Remain....yes both. You were lied too. You are still being lied too. The government does not care either way they still make a ton of money out of all of you know matter what. Once you cant give them anymore money you are tossed asside and replaced with a migrant who has no idea they are being lied to and robbed. Simple tactic devide and conquer. Media companies are as corrupt as the government as they are owned by the same people. Its such a shame you cant see it our country is doomed regardless of brexit.

  • Subcomandante73
    Subcomandante73 3 months ago

    Tory donors?

  • Tony
    Tony 3 months ago

    Freemasons helping each other out to make money..... Any firm outside the freemasons will not get a look in on this contract.

  • TheCaster26
    TheCaster26 3 months ago

    The UK is "Leaving the EU" thats why its getting additional ferries to trade with the EU , its a UK kind of "Leaving " !

  • Arthur Bletterman
    Arthur Bletterman 3 months ago

    This is really weird. There must be more going on than meets the eye. In the event of a no deal Brexit, the problem would not be a lack of ferries. There are enough ferries today to handle the flow of people and goods back and forth. An increase of goods and people traveling to and from the UK is not likely after March 29, at least not because of Brexit. The problem would be a lack of customs officers and vets. Existing ferries may be redirected to other ports in order to avoid bottlenecks, but that would only create new bottlenecks if there aren't enough customs officers. Even if there were to be a lack of ferry capacity post Brexit, one cannot open a can of new ferries in order to solve the problem. So either you end up with really old ones that were supposed to be scrapped and may have safety issues (remember the Herald of Free Enterprise?), or you order new ones in South Korea or China and receive them in a year or two. It makes no sense, at least not to me.

  • Ian Muir
    Ian Muir 3 months ago

    The worst transport minister in British history

  • gary dates
    gary dates 3 months ago

    WOW such a none story remoaner moaning

  • daniel crisan
    daniel crisan 3 months ago

    This story smells like corruption!

  • john stroud
    john stroud 3 months ago

    In short our Government Haven't a clue about anything, when I say Government read PARLIAMENT as they're all pretty much DEAD HEAD'S that we should do all we can to get shut of

  • TheSinglePlayer
    TheSinglePlayer 3 months ago

    This is like an episode of "Yes Minister"...

  • Nick Jones
    Nick Jones 3 months ago

    Probably one of the most openly corrupt and incompetent things we've seen from this government and I still see people defending them. It blows my mind.

  • Death Guard Dave Googley
    Death Guard Dave Googley 3 months ago +2

    We’ve had TWO YEARS to prepare. This is deliberate brinkmanship to make leaving a disaster. If the government had prepared in earnest there would have been no serious problems. If we believe project fear that we’re going to go hungry and have no medicines it’s entirely our leadership’s fault, not Brexits. Get out regardless.

  • MJ C
    MJ C 3 months ago

    If you look into this company its pretty easy to uncover what's going on and why....................on paper.............. they have no "experience" with ferry operation, needless to say once you put the dots together it is actually a good deal more troubling, but anyway...

  • GiftGamer
    GiftGamer 3 months ago

    yeah but what about sovereignty and border control that we get back!

  • Jason T
    Jason T 3 months ago

    The development of Ramsgate Port is a great idea and will regenerate Ramsgate. There are some inconsistencies in this rushed contract with Seabourne Freight but are they significant ? Seabourne are known in Ramsgate and are not a 'Startup' as stated by CH4. The port is being currently being dredged and all is required is some ships and port agreements. Ramsgate port, who is local authority owned will agree terms easily as this will regenerate the area and they are obliged to comply as this is good news for the town. The Ostend negotiations may be more problematic. CH4 try and be a bit more balanced.

  • Cat
    Cat 3 months ago


  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith 3 months ago

    how bad were the companies that lost the bid for these idiots to win???

  • cosgrove notts
    cosgrove notts 3 months ago

    Ramsgate is silted up lol, derelict site and no ships or staff. Take away terms and conditions
    Someone's been had lol

  • Marian B.
    Marian B. 3 months ago

    It's unbelievable how one failure after another is showing up in present days, with Britain's political and economical management.

  • JCS
    JCS 3 months ago +1

    More then 2 years to figure out Brexit and all you see is confusion. I never imagined British people were so lazy and bad at managing something.

  • Mr. Be.
    Mr. Be. 3 months ago

    Corrupt matter whether labour or cons- they are the same

  • Emmet Cahill
    Emmet Cahill 3 months ago

    Strong and stable etc ..

  • Peter Magro
    Peter Magro 3 months ago

    These are no scary foreigner, stop picking on British thieves of proper race and moral standards!

  • Ash Muntz
    Ash Muntz 3 months ago

    brexit what brexit...2years in the

  • Ash Muntz
    Ash Muntz 3 months ago

    check australia 30 years ago
    ..pilots went on strike....trucking companies made millions

  • paladro
    paladro 3 months ago

    did they take bids or just hand it over to their chums?

  • d .p
    d .p 3 months ago +1

    Brexit's in a mess because the political classes are in league with the EU trying to stop it. Period..

  • ZigZagHockey
    ZigZagHockey 3 months ago

    It seems to have been overlooked in this report that there will be no need for the discussed ferry service. That should have been the starting point.
    This is planning for 'at an the very worst that might happen scenario' that is extremely unlikely. A waste of money but it is a joke anyway. If the government wasn't preparing in this kind of way C4 would be asking "Why not?" no matter who was offered the contract, but I am unimpressed with the choice made. It stinks.
    How much is it going to cost to unnecessarily disrupt traffic and block the road between London and Dover in the near future to conduct a survey? Another necessary unnecessary waste of money which will placate no one.