DJI Mini 3 Pro - 51 Things You Should Know Before Buying!

  • Published on May 27, 2022

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  • 51 Drones
    51 Drones  12 days ago +15

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      @Sergei Anatolyvich yes sir, it was. Thank you sir

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      @Sergei Anatolyvich thanks sir...what i did was asking to do COD...Hahaha. i declined by the way

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      @3rd.Eye. it's a scam being offered on many channels

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      Sir, I've received en email quoted me as one of the prize winner. Let me know a prize in kind of... any delivery charges or free to malaysia...

    • 51 Drones
      51 Drones  5 days ago +2

      @Alien Pixel Gaming Range tests are very illegal as per the FAA in the U.S. Flying a drone beyond where you can see it in the sky is strictly forbidden. Do I fly beyond? Of course, everyone does, but putting it on TheXvid is asking for an immediate email from the FAA and a possible fine. I'm not willing to put my business at risk to appease others. A spotter is not legal either. The verbiage explicitly states that the spotter MUST be in immediate proximity of the pilot in command. There's no getting around it. Other TheXvidrs will do a true range test, I guarantee it. Dustin Dunhill does one with every drone in Hawaii. Watch his channel if you want to see a real range test. The FAA has ignored range tests up to this point, but I don't plan to be the first one to post evidence online.

  • Mark Larson
    Mark Larson 17 days ago +36

    Very detailed and informative review Russ. Really appreciate the time and dedication you bring to the drone community. Been watching since my first drone and will continue to be a supporter of your work and channel.

    • CarNerd
      CarNerd 13 days ago

      stilted speech ^

  • Charles Perrot-Minot

    A big improvement would clearly be side obstacle detectors. Probably for the 4th version.

  • Steven Carey
    Steven Carey 18 days ago +13

    As usual, one of the best new reviews of the Mini 3 Pro. Just a couple of questions. Does the spherical panorama shot take advantage of the much larger vertical range of the gimbal? And is it possible to output video to an external HDMI monitor via the second USBc port on the new Smart Controller. Looking forward to more of your great videos on the Mini 3

    • Gert van Cappellen
      Gert van Cappellen 14 days ago

      Related to that what is the number of pixels or size of the dJI generated sherical panorama. The mini 2 really gives a very low resolution DJI generated panorama.

  • Lee Shapleigh
    Lee Shapleigh 14 days ago +1

    The 3DR Solo drone had a quick shot called Zipline. If I remember correctly, you could set the zip line vertical, horizontal, all varying degrees of angles, and vary the speed at which the drone ran along the line, and it would keep the subject in frame, even if it was moving. Would like to see DJI add something like that.

  • clocksurfer
    clocksurfer 16 days ago +3

    Thank you for your diligence on this, Russ! You really paid attention to detail and passed it along effectively.
    It looks like the Mini 3 Pro handled flying in the snow just fine, despite its apparent lack of an IP rating. No moisture problems afterwards?

  • Andreas Ober
    Andreas Ober 17 days ago +5

    Thank you, Russ for the great and informative video. I live in ND too and have had very few opportunities to take my Mini 2 out because of the weather conditions lately. That is just a testament to how amazing the Mini 3 is, to be able to keep the image so steady in the wind conditions during our blizzards. Thank you again, and I am looking forward to more of your reviews.

  • Jonathan Allen
    Jonathan Allen 13 days ago +1

    My first thought regarding set filming moves was that it would be great if the programmable buttons could record several moves - like a macro in excel. So press record, do the moves, then repress the button to store a fixed flying combination, Alternatively it would be great if the software was opensource so developers could add functionality. It looks like a great drone and I have pre-ordered. Thanks for the video

  • Lamont Taylor
    Lamont Taylor 13 days ago +1

    In quick shots, a star mode would be amazing in my opinion. It would still circle the subject like in 360 mode but it would also zoom in on the subject in a star pattern.

  • Jim Devlin
    Jim Devlin 18 days ago +3

    Russ, you are the go to guy for honest reviews. You continuously provide well thought out content. Thanks for the hard work and incredible amounts of information. I don't feel I can make really informed choices without watching your content first. Keep up the great work!

  • Misophoniq
    Misophoniq 7 days ago

    I would absolutely love a quickshot mode like rotate around an object where it will rotate a little longer. It would be nice to be able to edit rotations around objects into endless loops without it speeding up and slowing down at the loop point. In other words; it would be nice if you could create a loop point where the speed is constant.

  • Samuel Carr
    Samuel Carr 14 days ago

    Great video, extremely informative. My first DJI was the Inspire 1 Pro, then the Mavic 2 Pro and lastly the Mavic 3. The first two were relatively trouble free and I still use the M2P weekly. My experience with the M3 means I won’t be rushing to get this drone soon. I want it, but will wait for a while when more users post experiences and their thoughts.

  • Phillip Maguire
    Phillip Maguire 17 days ago +1

    This new Mini 3 Pro is one that I may well consider, especially as it packs so much into it, at a good price point. It looks very stable too. I still have the original Mavic Pro, and wanted to upgrade to the Mavic 3, but to me it the Mavic 3 was released with many incomplete features which I did not appreciate.

  • Isaac Davila Photography
    Isaac Davila Photography 17 days ago +1

    I personally LOVED going vertical on my Mavic Pro for my photos. It's great to see it back and this may motivate me to get rid of my Mavic 2 Pro amongst other things. I like making photos for my own personal use and to share with my community as a hobbyist. I've never been interested in going commercial, I honestly fly just to reset from life. Strongly considering this drone...

    • David Kempton
      David Kempton 13 days ago

      Guess I'm too old, i HATE vertical, usually just pass on any video shot like that. You've got all these lovely pixels, why throw them away on bars?

  • SkylerMead
    SkylerMead 14 days ago +1

    I just took my Mavic Mini 1 out on a 20+ MPH day and it not only let me fly, but it did indeed hold it position just fine, I've never flown in it in that type of wind, I was impressed

  • Brian Michael
    Brian Michael 18 days ago +23

    I have the Mavic 2 Pro and been wanting a small drone for some things.
    I'm loving what I'm hearing about this thing.
    It really seems like such a capable drone in a small package.

    • 溫哥華美食
      溫哥華美食 11 days ago +1

      Ah same here ☺️but I'm concern about the windy condition😭

  • Drone Supremacy
    Drone Supremacy 17 days ago +84

    You put in some serious serious work into this video, Russ! Super well done and congrats! 🤛🏼

    • ricardopr54
      ricardopr54 12 days ago

      @51 Drones Find my original comment and check out a response from someone using your same name asking your viewers to send them information pretending is you the one asking for it!...Since this is your channel, I'm telling you, so you can report this impostor...🤦🏾‍♂️🤞🏾

    • Michael D
      Michael D 13 days ago

      @51 Drones pp

    • 51 Drones
      51 Drones  15 days ago +3

      Appreciate that Mike! So happy to see you get one!

  • Darryl H
    Darryl H 12 days ago

    Thank you for your video, very comprehensive. I'm considering this drone for the fact that it's sub 250 grams and yet still has some amazing qualities (considering its size, of course). That said, I'm a bit confused about the geozone. I'm in Canada, and the bottom line here is that a micro drone is "allowed" to fly pretty much anywhere, but for emergencies (forest fire zones etc.), and still not allowed to fly in close proximity to a military base. Barring those few restrictions, you "can" (whether you "should" or not is really THE question!) legally fly almost anywhere. So, why does DJI enforce geozones on a drone that really doesn't have any issues with legal flight? I realize you aren't DJI and may not know the answer, but I'd appreciate your thoughts on this regardless. It makes no sense to me. It defeats the purpose (in my mind) of having a sub 250 gr drone.

  • Anthony Berenato Jr.
    Anthony Berenato Jr. 17 days ago +3

    Watched a ton of Mini 3 Pro videos today, but wanted to say that your video breakdown was the best of the bunch between the personalized sections, unique tips, and great detail. Being a cinematographer with a love for drone work on the side, the technical focus was greatly appreciated.

  • Steve Coutts
    Steve Coutts 18 days ago +6

    Great, thorough review. One question, what megapixel size are the RAW files when you choose JPEG + RAW? Curious if the 48MP RAW option is what DJI is saying. Thanks!

  • Gang Stalking Videos taken in the UK

    The battery life on this is pretty amazing. Some of the larger DJI's have about a 15 minute battery life, which is not enough time to learn to control the thing, set everything up and enough time to fly back.

  • JH RC hobby
    JH RC hobby 17 days ago

    Thank you for the great comprehensive review. One question I still have (might of have missed) is the transmission (quality and or range) for the new remote (os3) noticeably better than the standard remote when paired to the mini 3? You talked about noticing better transmission at the bridge with the new remote, but when you pair the older mini 2 remote was it worse? In other words was the better transmission due to the new mini 3 antenna placement or due to it pairing with the new remote?

  • Zorro
    Zorro 16 days ago +1

    Great job! Thanks for this super informative video! I'd like to know how fast it is at locking onto GPS and setting the home point, especially given that it has the GPS + Galileo + BeiDou system. That's the same GPS system as the Mavic 3 that has been plagued with GPS "lock-on" latency issues for some time now (still not totally resolved IMHO since the more recent firmware attempt to fix it). Can you share your experience with it? Unless I missed it, I didn't note any mention of it in the video.

  • DJI Drone Adventures
    DJI Drone Adventures 9 days ago +1

    It's interesting that you seemed to have a stronger signal in that location, most of the other testers seem to be having problems with a weaker signal than they are used to

  • John Waters
    John Waters 6 days ago

    What a brilliant review! With the authorities always tightening regulations on safety, this is also a serious professional tool if flying in conjested areas. As a commercial pilot, your review has convinced me that I need one. Many thanks!

  • Donal O'Lochlainn
    Donal O'Lochlainn 18 days ago

    Hi Russ, great video. I’m thinking of moving on from my 3DR Solo. With that drone you can mark points in space and at each point you can set the orientation of the drone and the camera angle. When all the points are are recorded you can instruct the drone to fly the exact same path over and over. This was great as I could fly the drone along the same flight path over the course of a year and make a video to watch the seasons change. Can you do this with the DJI mini 3 pro? Thanks

  • Craig Putnam
    Craig Putnam 13 days ago

    Thanks for the wealth of information. This video helped cement my preorder I placed last week. Can’t wait for it to come in. This is my first drone. Pretty stoked to start flying. This drone finally delivers the features that I liked in more professional and more expensive drones at an affordable price.
    I think the longer arms are, from what I’ve seen in several videos, to accommodate the longer props?
    Great info on the controller comparison. I don’t recall who I saw complaining about this new RC compared to the RC PRO but when considering the RC PRO itself is a $300 more than the Mini 3 Pro and RC remote combo I don’t understand the complaints.

  • stavroforosheli
    stavroforosheli 11 days ago +1

    On 5:18 regarding the longer arms , a quick thought is that the’re provide more torque to all axis. Powr x lever length=torque. Due to weight reduction can’t install bigger motors , so may gain a little more torque with larger arms

  • Drone Romandie
    Drone Romandie 10 days ago +2

    Excellent presentation Thank You Russ!
    One of the thing DJI could improve and make their interface even more convenient and fun to work with would be to enhance their programming features for waypoints. Adding 3 key elements: GPS coordinates, point recording while flying and allowing to setup fly altitude lower than 2m.
    Ideally, this could be done on the remote and on a computer through the personal DJI account.
    I am struggling with few requests asking to fly with different constraints and such feature would help tremendously if available.

    • Pascal R
      Pascal R 3 days ago

      @CanidMonkey thank you for the advice. Problem with stepping out of "official" apps is that .....your are stepping out of standards.....not sure if one problem solved would then create 10 others.

    • CanidMonkey
      CanidMonkey 3 days ago +1

      If/when DJI releases an SDK there is the possibility for third party apps to do this: "Litchi" is one that has some of what you're asking for on other DJI platforms, but the dev is waiting for DJI to release an SDK
      "Litchi is compatible with: Mini 2, Mini SE, Air 2S(*), Mavic Mini 1, Mavic Air 2, Mavic 2 (Zoom/Pro), Mavic (Air/Pro), Phantom 4 (Standard/Advanced/Pro/ProV2), Phantom 3 (Standard/4K/Advanced/Professional), Inspire 1 (X3/Z3/Pro/RAW), Inspire 2 and Spark."
      "Litchi is *NOT* compatible with Mini 3 Pro and Mavic 3 as DJI has not released a developer SDK for these drone models yet"

  • Perry Gallagher
    Perry Gallagher 18 days ago

    Thanks for another great review, Russ! I just followed your link and purchased it with all the bells and whistles. From your review, I believe that this drone solves ALL of my issues. I have been hoping for a mini that could create pro-level images that I can easily put in my camera bag with the rest of my gear.

  • Sergei Anatolyvich
    Sergei Anatolyvich 4 days ago

    15:46 Perhaps adding the ability to combine the 6 Q shots modes to give more combinations
    and or, permutations.

  • David Bentz Jr.
    David Bentz Jr. 18 days ago +16

    I still have and fly my og mavic mini. The moni vs the mini 2 wasnt really all that spectacular to me. However, this mini 3 pro looks incredibly enticing. One of my biggest flaws or complaints about flying any drone was needing to use a phone to tether it to the drone remote. I don't know if angels heard me or not but it sure feels weird finally getting something Ive been hoping for for quite a while. Just being able to break this out and go and get up in the air quickly, thats really cool vs having to break out the box, spend a few minutes taking off my phones protective case so it would fit the drone remote, hooking up the cable, etc. I also want to add that I lost a phone (broken charge port) or 2 because of how many flights Ive had with drones and needing to keep using its charge port to connect. I dont like how expensive the mini pro 3 is atm, but all things considered, it really does seem like a premium kit.

    • Chamary stigers
      Chamary stigers 16 days ago

      Hi I have dji mavic mini drone still flying and video recording footage fine

    • David Bentz Jr.
      David Bentz Jr. 17 days ago

      Im sorry I didnt reply sooner but I cant take part in these lottery things because I dont really use phones unless I absolutely have to lol. No smartphone (except for flying drones lol) means no worries but also means I cant verify anything so it is what it is. Thanks anyhow!!!

    • Awkward_Cat321
      Awkward_Cat321 18 days ago +1

      I'm still flying the og one too

  • Leroy Carter
    Leroy Carter 18 days ago +46

    I didn't expect how massive these upgrades on the Mini 3 would be! I'm so close to upgrading

    • Marco Reviews
      Marco Reviews 16 days ago

      DJI have outdone themselves with this drone!

    • Brett St Pierre
      Brett St Pierre 16 days ago

      @Chris G my expectations for the Mini 3 having active tracking and obstacle avoidance is why I stayed with the Mini from late 2019 and skipped the Mini 2.

    • Chris G
      Chris G 16 days ago

      I am gonna sell my mini 2 for this mini3

    • Flying with Stan
      Flying with Stan 17 days ago

      I had ZERO interest in this thing in the weeks leading up to yesterday. Then I saw it. Incredible! Order placed.

    • Brett St Pierre
      Brett St Pierre 18 days ago +2

      Yep. Agreed. I’m in. Mini 1 out

  • Patrik Balian
    Patrik Balian 15 days ago

    Thank you for the superb details. I would love to see a comparison with the Mavic 2 Pro vs the Mini 3 Pro... whenever you get a chance. Again thank you so much for this informative review on the Mini 3 Pro!

  • Wayne Tykocki
    Wayne Tykocki 17 days ago +1

    Another amazing piece of kit from DJI I love the extra sensor’s and additional power from the larger but quieter props. What’s not to like?

    • Vital Ral
      Vital Ral 17 days ago

      what's not to like?
      stupid geo fencing.
      by the way you can't unlock any area unless you are there and if thers no cell service...

  • Clint Yarwood
    Clint Yarwood 5 days ago

    Thanks for this, I was on the fence about whether to upgrade from a Mini 2, after watching I've just pre-ordered one along with the fly more kit. Very helpful video, really appreciated it.

  • Christian Terry
    Christian Terry 17 days ago

    Great video. I really like your photo comparison. Based on that photo, it seems that I should upgrade from an Air 2s, which I always found the photos to be nice, but soft.
    Any thoughts regarding this? Were these photos straight JPEGS, or were they raw and converted? I be curious if the chromatic aberration could better be tamed in your photo from the 2s?

  • Gator FPV
    Gator FPV 5 days ago

    Really nice review, however, as a retired pilot (31 years FedEx) I have a question... When will DJI allow their drones to use the v2 goggles? I fly FPV and love it but, there are many times that I need a stable filming platform that this type of drone provides. Using the v2 goggles with the Mini 3 Pro would be unbelievable.

    • 51 Drones
      51 Drones  5 days ago

      It really would, but the processing power just isn’t there in these smaller drones.

  • David Williams
    David Williams 14 days ago

    A first time buyers guide would be amazing, I feel with this unit there will be a lot of people buying their first drone.

  • Diogenes Devletoglou

    longer motor pylons means higher torque (it's proportional to length) which means higher stability and less energy demands, on the opposite it also means heavier construction, and bigger front surface (aerodynamically)

  • Deeva Massey
    Deeva Massey 16 days ago

    Thank you so much for such a comprehensive review. You never disappoint and I always look to your assessments before purchasing a new product. I’ll definitely be purchasing this as I’ve been waiting to purchase a mini until we saw what this one was capable of. Thanks again

  • wakeywarrior
    wakeywarrior 18 days ago

    The drone is truly amazing. At first I thought it was too expensive but with the standard controller it’s not too bad for all the extra tech on offer.

  • wburkhalter
    wburkhalter Day ago

    Just received my DJI Mini 3 Pro (DJI RC) and looking forward to giving it a go. I have been using the DJI Mini 2 for the last year and it a nice drone. Thanks the time and effort you put into this... It has just confirmed my purchase was a good one.

  • ctfyer
    ctfyer 18 days ago +4

    Thanks! Incredibly valuable, enjoyable to watch, and excellent production values. You are a real credit to the community.

  • Simon-Pierre Dupuis
    Simon-Pierre Dupuis 18 days ago

    Wow, great comprehensive review! I was wondering about the RC battery compared to the RC Pro. Less weight = less battery? Also wondering what you could do with the missing buttons that you could not with the new cheaper RC? Thanks for your resourceful vids!

    • NomadHomad
      NomadHomad 11 days ago

      New rc = ~1 hour battery life

  • Denney Fifield
    Denney Fifield 18 days ago

    Tuss, thank you for the massive amount of good information you provide. I have ordered my drone already, have been wondering which fly more combo I should get and was leaning more to the regular so I didn’t have to register the drone with the FAA. You comments have given me more to think about on that aspect. I know the Plus batteries are not good for Europe, so I asked a quick question already about Mexico. You videos are a great source of wisdom for me. Thank you again.

  • Tex T
    Tex T 11 days ago

    Thanks! This was the most useful drone product video I’ve seen yet. Top notch info, lots of questions answered in just one video. Very well done and candid. I’m looking forward to future videos too (I don’t own a drone - yet).

  • Mike Heller
    Mike Heller 3 days ago

    Thanks for the info, very useful. Disagree that 1/1.3" sensor is nearly a 1". The former is 69mm^2 where the 1" is 116mm^2, nearly double the area. That does make a difference.

  • Markus Hofstätter
    Markus Hofstätter 17 days ago

    Very helpfull, thanks a lot! I am still curious about the 48mpix images. Does the sensor really capture that resolution, or is it done with some kind of pixel shift?

    • Romek Balcar
      Romek Balcar 16 days ago

      Same as in Air2 - it is not one 48mpix image but rather 4x12mpix in one.

  • DotDodd
    DotDodd 18 days ago +37

    Definitely the most comprehensive video so far. Granted the event was half an hour ago, but i appreciate so much detailed information so quickly. Thank you!

    • Wayne Tykocki
      Wayne Tykocki 17 days ago

      This is the guy that’s on it, brilliant how you take it on and push the info out so quickly.
      Well done that man!

    • WayneSnr
      WayneSnr 18 days ago

      @DmProductions has the best and most comprehensive videos to date for the last week for the #Djimini3pro . The only channel for the last week able to post videos while all the big influencers released their videos today.

    • DotDodd
      DotDodd 18 days ago +2

      @RandomPhil86 true. But so did many other outlets. I just found this video in particular to be more detailed and with more testing than the others

    • RandomPhil86
      RandomPhil86 18 days ago

      lol they had the information before the event. (& the product).

  • Ed Vergara
    Ed Vergara 17 days ago

    Nice job covering all the bases for the little drone. I like the way you set the controllers side by side for comparison.
    Dustin Hill from Maui, HI usually does range tests. I haven't seen one pop up yet. But DC Rainmaker does a pretty good job with high wind tests and obstacle avoidance. He released those videos today.

  • Isma Kunst
    Isma Kunst 15 days ago

    Wow, thanks for sharing this awesome review with us, you really put work into it. All the testing and everything just superb, congrats

  • Red Zeppelin
    Red Zeppelin 18 days ago +2

    Best review I've seen all day, including all the other usual YT suspects. Honest, detailed, informative, unguarded and amiable . You have a new subscriber Sir - thanks for the hard work that went in to it 🤘

  • RetroCarGuy530
    RetroCarGuy530 18 days ago +4

    Russ, great video as usual! I was a bit surprised to see that only the "DJI Mini 3 Pro (DJI RC)" for $909 will begin shipping at the end of May 2022. The two other less expensive offerings "DJI Mini 3 Pro" for $759 and the "DJI Mini 3 Pro (No RC)" for $669 won't start shipping until August 2022. The lower banner on the DJI page shows this "DJI Mini 3 Pro (No RC) will be available starting in August of 2022."
    The only way to get a DJI Mini 3 Pro before the late part of summer in North America is to buy one with the DJI RC controller. A bit disappointing.

    • 51 Drones
      51 Drones  18 days ago

      Very disappointing. I did not know this until today.

    • Mr. J
      Mr. J 18 days ago

      I’m willing to bet even the RC bundles will sell out quickly..

  • Paul Hinker
    Paul Hinker 17 days ago +1

    Drive by mode, drone approaches at high speed, drifts by the target sideways, then recedes by reversing. Always keeping the target in frame.

  • Focaltime
    Focaltime 17 days ago

    Awesome everything 🙏👣 would love to hear a bit more about the noise level with actual DB tests perhaps when in hover and then take off or flights.

  • Kenneth G. Jr
    Kenneth G. Jr 18 days ago

    Maybe the longer arms are needed for the antennas to match the radio frequency. Larger antennas at the proper length for frequency harmonics will always work better at longer ranges. Even if the antennas are in the front leglets, having them outside the body of the drone is a plus.

  • Jaime Andres
    Jaime Andres 17 days ago

    This was a GREAT video Russ, thank you. I know I have given you a hard time in the past with some of my comments, but know that I realize how much time and work it takes to make these videos and I appreciate you doing it. I just ordered my mini3 and it was this video that made me pull the trigger. Thanks bro!

  • Ted T
    Ted T 18 days ago +4

    Russ, you're always my first stop relating to all things drone, and no exception here with the release of the Mini3P. I'm looking to upgrade from my Mavic 3 Pro for travelling convenience and it sounds from your vlog that it's time now to "pull the trigger." Thanks for all the time you take to provide me the info I need to make an informed decision. Really, thanks very much.

  • Robert Anderson
    Robert Anderson 17 days ago

    First off, killer job on the review! My first thought on the new design was how vulnerable the camera looked. I crashed my mini and broke the gimble twice. Once i upgraded to the mini 2, i purchased the lens hood for a little more protection. So the question i have is about how the gimble is mounted. Is it rigidly mounted or similar to the mini 2 with the "rubber bands" for shock absorption? Can you foresee any aftermarket protection for the gimble? Thanks for all the effort and hard work!

  • Gary Davies
    Gary Davies 15 days ago

    This is such an awesome overview of the mini 3 pro. I really appreciate all the time you put into the review.

  • The Colonel JJ
    The Colonel JJ 6 days ago

    Nice to watch you do another review. I dropped out of droning from anger at DJI. EOL for Inspire 1v2 and making it almost impossible to get geo unlocks on my Mavic Pro... well... I just got pissed. But, looks like the Mini 3 Pro could win me back. Wish it would work with the CrystalSky!

  • Daausby
    Daausby 18 days ago +15

    Russ you hit it out the park with this review…you covered and answered lot of people’s questions in one video. Thanks

    • Saw Gyi
      Saw Gyi 18 days ago

      He always does it - live by the name.

    • 51 Drones
      51 Drones  18 days ago +1

      That was the goal. Thanks!

  • Mark Lee
    Mark Lee 5 days ago

    Thanks for the great review. I think the prop. arms are extended out much so that the filmed footage would not show annoying props. I'll pass on DJI, though, since my Phantom 4 pro had so many issue with controller, firmware updates, etc., Issues that many people seems to have when you Google them. DJI support would charge hundreds of dollars to have them fixed.... You would expect their help after paying over a thousand $. Now extra batteries, I spent 100s of $, going to be recycled in trash for they have not been used, and won't get 100% charged.

  • Gilbert Guerin
    Gilbert Guerin 14 days ago

    Nice review. Could you give an idea of the size of the files in 4K (30s, 60s)? Which capacity of SD card would you then recommend to buy?
    Any specific requirement in term of card?

  • John McFadden
    John McFadden 18 days ago

    Thanks for a great video Russ. It would be great to see a video comparing the Mini 3 Pro and the Air 2s, including their performance in windy conditions. Cheers!

  • Cheesehead Media
    Cheesehead Media 18 days ago +6

    I'll disagree with needing lateral sensors instead of rear sensors. Both times I've crashed my Mavic Pro is when I was flying backward. I'm looking forward to this drone being available in a few months.

    • Cheesehead Media
      Cheesehead Media 16 days ago

      @EnEmmDub I don't understand what you are trying to say.

    • EnEmmDub
      EnEmmDub 17 days ago

      Are you predicting a Sony style failure?

  • Horrgakx
    Horrgakx 12 days ago

    I have no intention of buying one, I'm an ex-drone pilot, so I was interested in seeing what's new. This is a very thorough review, nice :)

  • Duranafy
    Duranafy 16 days ago +1

    DJI, please make the Mini 3 controller compatible with the Air 2s! Thank you for taking the time to give us a concise analytical review of the Mini 3. Well done Russ!

  • Jack Klachian
    Jack Klachian 15 days ago +1

    16:05 Idea for a new Quickshot would be to start recording in front of you and then fly up over you and down to your backside while tracking you. The picture would have to finish upside down but that should be doable with the new rotating gimbal. It would look good reversed, too.

  • Joe Vanderhoff
    Joe Vanderhoff 17 days ago

    Thank you for the video! Questions - Does it offer a variable aperture and does it have a Cine or Tripod mode for slower flight?

  • 4xoverland
    4xoverland 8 days ago +4

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