Blue Coast Brewery | No Brakes Ep 6 presented by Optus

  • Published on Apr 8, 2021
  • ... McLaren GT, tested out the sound system to Martin. Happy times.
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  • Daniel Ricciardo
    Daniel Ricciardo  Year ago +212

  • MasakoX
    MasakoX Year ago +895

    I feel a job as a vlogger after F1 will come naturally for you, Daniel.

  • Man -E
    Man -E Year ago +723

    Danny seems like a guy who can literally befriend everyone in the room

  • la
    la Year ago +611

    Danny Ric learning from mistakes, fully occupied and engaged when reversing!

  • DJ 3than
    DJ 3than Year ago +142

    I love how he gave Martin Garrix a French accent even though he’s Dutch 😂

  • Amit Chauhan
    Amit Chauhan Year ago +243

    In case anyone's wondering which song is Daniel banging in the McLaren, it's Pressure by Martin Garrix!

  • Aaron Anish
    Aaron Anish Year ago +456

    seeing Daniels face makes me happy

  • Nicholas Notovich
    Nicholas Notovich Year ago +108

    He so humble and has a great personality honestly 🤌🏼

  • Christian Goulden
    Christian Goulden Year ago +93

    I went crazy when I saw this video. My parents own a brewery where we live and it really brings people together in my community. I immediately showed my parents this video, and some the circumstances are so relatable. Really happy for you, and even if I can’t drink the beer, I still know that it’s good.

  • SheepRacing
    SheepRacing Year ago +39

    Seeing Dani Ric enjoying pressure from Martijn in his McLaren just made my day for no reasons !

  • Argelis Vasquez
    Argelis Vasquez Year ago +28

    I love Daniel, I love his style he seems like such a nice person.

  • Gezer Carbon
    Gezer Carbon Year ago +19

    Just to see Daniel happy and smiling always have that positive effect!

  • Alvaro De Narváez
    Alvaro De Narváez Year ago +4

    Daniel it is really inspiring to see how a successful man as you invest and develops on much more areas different than their "main job". Best wishes from Colombia🇨🇴

  • Carolina R

    Danny Ricciardo is such a mood! I love his personality. He seems so honest and a genuinely good person 😍🤗🤗🤗. I really admire your drive and determination. One day you will show the world that the amazing smile can win 🏆 the world title!! Go Danny!!!! 👏👏👏

    LYSAA Year ago +21

    Thanks for sharing your day with us daniel. Stay safe!

  • Kerath
    Kerath Year ago +2

    Daniel is my favorite personality in F1, he's always just entertaining and smiling.

  • L.M W
    L.M W Year ago +5

    He always cheers me up with his personality. Watching his videos make me really happy

  • Bomber404
    Bomber404 Year ago +31

    G’day Ricciardo. Have a good F1 season mate!

    NADAV Year ago +4

    Hi Daniel I hope you are reading this I just wanted to say good luck to you at McLaren and you are my favorite driver

  • ibrahim uddin
    ibrahim uddin Year ago +13

    Hats off, one of the best driver in F1🙇‍♂️..keep it up