UFC Fight Night Recap: Demian Maia submits Ben Askren | ESPN MMA

  • Published on Oct 26, 2019
  • John Gooden, Dan Hardy and Paul Felder recap the action in Singapore from UFC Fight Night, with Demian Maia defeating Ben Askren via submission in Round 3. Hardy and Felder discuss potential future opponents for Maia, including Diego Sanchez or Gilbert Burns. The guys also (3:46) break down Ciryl Gane’s victory vs. Don’Tale Mayes as well as the wins for Stevie Ray and Beneil Dariush.
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Comments • 612

  • L Tttt
    L Tttt 22 days ago

    If it wasnt for rogan and his parrot brendon shwab, ben askren would be unknown in UFC.

  • Chad Freeman
    Chad Freeman Month ago

    Id like to see Dan Hardys last fight be against Matt Brown.

  • mr gwanson
    mr gwanson Month ago

    Like 2 old men fighting over the last parking spot on asda carpark

  • Fidel Gomez
    Fidel Gomez Month ago

    19-2 is not bad I'll take that any day. It's too soon to quit now I think ben should try two more times why because he lost to 2 good fighters. Two more lost is nothing compared to people with 36 wins 13 losts, 34 wins and 13 losts, or 20 wins and 11 losts.

  • Salafi
    Salafi Month ago

    Boom roasted

  • Justin Blayke
    Justin Blayke Month ago

    you sir are a coward and don't believewho asked you that's the thing I don't care what you think I don't care what you think but sorry it could happen just cuz you think it can't it might it may not who cares you just called someone willing to fight for their son cuz he lost his momis retarded wanting to fight for son know so you are who cares you may not be your just stupid I get I don't know who cares don't bother me you can if you want

  • Justin Blayke
    Justin Blayke Month ago

    I'm calling out Conor McGregor go to my page Lord havehave mercy is not impossible task I want this fight and I want it now I am doing it to save my boy he has been through so much he lost his mom a few years ago

  • Arctic Front
    Arctic Front Month ago

    "It was 100% necessary." -Damian Maia

  • AdamantMovies
    AdamantMovies Month ago

    Demian Maia is an absolute LEGEND who is still fighting! It is actually amazing still being able to watch him fight!

  • drumtravelfun
    drumtravelfun Month ago

    Maia vs Burns - make it happen.

  • sonnyblack0870
    sonnyblack0870 Month ago

    Two best grapplers? I’m sure Jake Shields has something to say about that...

  • lando hoth
    lando hoth Month ago

    Satan worshipper in the middle.

  • Rubicel Antonio
    Rubicel Antonio Month ago

    “For more Shports and analysis” 😂

    TRUMPY THE CLOWN Month ago

    No highlights? Just these three stooges yapping the entire time?

  • The Reckless Engineer

    If askren was as smart as he thinks he is he would use his predictability to his advantage

  • Martin Groulx
    Martin Groulx Month ago +1

    I’ll give it to Ben: he didn’t fight safe for a second, he came to give a good show for the fans and ended up paying the price. He made the mistake of underestimating Maya’s game....Great fight from both guys.

  • mrlevrot
    mrlevrot Month ago +1

    Maia really wants his easy last win and to retire with that Sanchez fight

  • Fred Baldwin
    Fred Baldwin Month ago

    Who was winning when the submission happened

  • Kyle Whalen
    Kyle Whalen Month ago

    This commenting team is brutal. Love Dan but John Gooden sounds like someone hit John Oliver with a baseball bat and his terrible awkward humor throughout the broadcast is unbearable.

  • doyoueven
    doyoueven Month ago

    Maia vs Chiesa, Maia vs Pettis, Maia vs Gunnar Nelson, Maia vs Thompson, Maia vs Gilbert

  • Derek Rusher
    Derek Rusher Month ago

    hall of famer without a shadow of a doubt

  • Lee Illman
    Lee Illman Month ago

    Ben should retire

  • VO Transport
    VO Transport Month ago

    Masvidal broke Askrens cherry 🍒

  • Suicide_King
    Suicide_King Month ago

    CM Punk vs Askren let's go

  • harry singh
    harry singh Month ago

    Is this best you got Dana. And now dana need to find someone best who can lose to Ben.

  • Tony Gandara
    Tony Gandara Month ago

    You killed it Damien I am proud of you

  • Hue Jazz
    Hue Jazz Month ago

    This could of definitely been a tie until Ben decided to do what he said he wasn’t gonna do LOL

  • Corwin Clark
    Corwin Clark Month ago

    Where is post fight press conference?

  • Chadwick Mac
    Chadwick Mac Month ago +1

    Maia vs sanchez would be a crazy fight. Two old school legends but I think maia is alot bigger than sanchez.🤔

  • mithun varghese
    mithun varghese Month ago

    Why UFC website is showing Corey Anderson vs Johnny Walker in prelims and Kevin Lee vs Gregor Gillespie in the main card?

  • removal man
    removal man Month ago

    Ben askren is the best example of why mma fighters evolved into all round fighters, not one dimensional. I mean how did anyone believe askrens bullshit, that he would stand a chance in the UFC.

  • VI P
    VI P Month ago

    I would like to see Maia vs Cerrone at 170.

  • Vikotnick
    Vikotnick Month ago

    Bai bai Benny. The end of Sir Flailalot.

  • C K
    C K Month ago

    didnt think anyone could do worse than cm punk.

  • Mike3000
    Mike3000 Month ago +10

    Maia gave us the choke everyone's Benaskren for

  • SK Bruno
    SK Bruno Month ago

    Askren - Dana give me CM PUNK
    Dana - Go to WWE 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • YuSayin Fukery
    YuSayin Fukery Month ago

    Boom Roasted! 2X

  • sparky pogo
    sparky pogo Month ago

    Boom roasted .....

  • Kevin Hawley
    Kevin Hawley Month ago +1

    Ben, you can't lose 2 fights in a row like this. Get your act together, please.

  • mathew pickels
    mathew pickels Month ago +1

    Congrats to both fighters. They both actually impressed me.

  • notsokewl
    notsokewl Month ago +1

    I will never have my wish to see
    Damien Maya vs Shinya Aoki in a MMA cage

    CROOKED CLOWN Month ago

    Ben Askren definitely sucks.

  • jason miller
    jason miller Month ago +2

    Congrads 2 Mia. Ben proved he was a dawg in that fight! He deserves another fight in the ufc! Funky vs ruthless rematch! Make it happen Dana White!

    • T Chien
      T Chien Month ago

      Cut Ben some slack. Do you want him to die?

  • Orfa iarumas
    Orfa iarumas Month ago

    All these internet stone throwers making jokes about Ben in the UFC is just mean. If they only knew that Ben is just experimenting ways he can loose since he is sick of winning all the time. He just wants to know what it feels like to be on a loosing streak okay!. He is already accomplishing it, his first fight he wanted to experience getting concussed, second fight getting KO'd stiff, third fight getting put to sleep. When the time is right and Ben feels the need to win again he will do so.

  • Brian Rose
    Brian Rose Month ago

    Did anyone notice if you watch the replay of the overhead shot of Gane’s heel hook submission, as he falls back prior to grabbing the heel he actually tapped Mayes leg! I think he may have experienced pain in his right leg momentarily causing him to tap. Immediately the pain disappears and then he grabs Mayes heel. I’m surprised the commentary team didn’t notice with all the slo-mo replays that quite clearly show Gane tapping out. I recommend watching a replay and you will see.

  • Informed Islam
    Informed Islam Month ago +2

    Thumbs up for Felders’ commentating skills 👍

  • Kelsey Spencer
    Kelsey Spencer Month ago

    I like ben .but he is not ufc good

  • Luca Tarantino
    Luca Tarantino Month ago

    Still cant believe they traded DJ for Askren... I hope Askren can come back again but DJ is just on a completely different level.

  • John Thomas
    John Thomas Month ago

    If I had to put money on it, i'd say Askren will retire before he further embarrasses himself.

  • Ryan robletto
    Ryan robletto Month ago +1

    Unfortunately I think this is the end of Ben askren career in the UFC he hasn't won a match it's time to get rid of him and send him somewhere else where he'll have more luck

  • Tripper Harrison
    Tripper Harrison Month ago +15

    Hardy’s favorite term “anti clinch”.... As much as I love Ben and his “trolling”, I’m really missing Demetrious on that trade ....

    • therealmo
      therealmo Month ago

      Askren was more popular than DJ

    • Prince
      Prince Month ago

      Best trade ever . Masvidal wouldn't have KO Ben in 5 seconds . Now we have Masvidal vs Diaz because of it .

  • Aaron dude
    Aaron dude Month ago

    I bet there is a Gracie breakdown of the fight with in 3-5 hours and the bjj guys will pretend that they won but it wasn't bjj it was Damians fight ability and his grappling dude gets ko punch everyone who boxers don't get all proud and happy like they did it bjj guys are the biggest lames the ones who don't fight MMA anyway

  • Antwan
    Antwan Month ago

    Mike Perry vs Ben is the fight to make

  • Marlo Hansen
    Marlo Hansen Month ago

    Overpaid for Askren. Rematch with Lawler and if he loses show him the door. Or better yet, feed him to Usman.

  • Joseph Perreault
    Joseph Perreault Month ago

    100% hall of famer. Complete slam dunk... Also I like Dan Hardy in this role.

  • Stealthbomb Smith
    Stealthbomb Smith Month ago

    Maia actually has very good wrestling to compliment his bjj

  • Sig
    Sig Month ago +2

    Maia is a living legend of mma. 41 yr old and still at the top of the game.

  • DC Jiu Jitsu Geelong

    "we dod not know witch way it was going to go" in regards to submission really ?

  • pseudosun
    pseudosun Month ago +1

    I like how maia drove his arm under the chin, it was like a punch

  • J Qarrillo
    J Qarrillo Month ago

    man that was such a great fucking fight!