how tiktok saved my life


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    THE SIBLINGS Month ago +1449

    I love how alex is so positive and smiling while telling this story if it were me I'd be crying my eyes out and it is awesome that they told you otherwise it could have been real bad

    • April Santiago
      April Santiago 22 days ago

      I mean maybe he did cry, just not in front of the camera

    • Darius Bostic
      Darius Bostic Month ago

      For anyone reading this: Jesus loves you dearly too His Heart, He loves you so much, and if you repent and accept Him into your heart, you will have Everlasting Life!

      THE SIBLINGS Month ago

      @Ryiah King hello???

    • God of the Cripples
      God of the Cripples Month ago

      @Annisa Chery Bot lmao

    • Annisa Chery
      Annisa Chery Month ago

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  • PeekaPeeka
    PeekaPeeka Month ago +5922

    That’s actually incredible. Heard that if you get treated within the first 5 years, survival rate is about 99% but if u wait longer it drops to 66%. I’m so glad you got it checked out early

    • Abel Magaña
      Abel Magaña Day ago

      Its not a mistake ✨ ITS A MASTERPEICE

    • dawid sendecki
      dawid sendecki 10 days ago

      @ナラントフ1 everyone dies it's just how life goes

    • dawid sendecki
      dawid sendecki 10 days ago

      @ナラントフ1 it's okay when I found out it was Super upsetting and the person who died from it has a wife witch has covid so I really feel sorry for his wife :(

    • ナラントフ1
      ナラントフ1  10 days ago

      @dawid sendecki damn sorry

    • dawid sendecki
      dawid sendecki 10 days ago

      One of my neighbours died from skin cancer

  • W
    W 23 hours ago +13

    Just want to say thank you for always bringing great content 😳

  • Lanah Khan
    Lanah Khan Month ago +309

    This dude literally has a resting happy face and it’s making my day. 😃

    • Leah Trebing
      Leah Trebing 5 days ago

      Bro I just read the part where he said crap in my sister literally just farted so loud lol 😂 😆

    • Liam
      Liam 14 days ago

      @X R yep same lol

    • X R
      X R 15 days ago +1

      Wish I looked like that, my resting face looks like I’m eyeing up someone waiting to steal their crap

  • Tori Kempest
    Tori Kempest Month ago

    as someone who lost my mommy to pancreatic cancer, im so happy you got rid of it before it was too late!!!! that is amazing ❤

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Month ago +12544

    Some people in this world are amazing

  • Girl,BYE
    Girl,BYE Month ago +1757

    Everyone should know the ABCDs of melanoma(a style of skin cancer that can look like a mole): Asymmetrical(generally moles are symmetric, if they change shape and become super asymmetric, that’s bad), Boarders( is the boarder smooth(normal) or ragged/notched/blurred), Color(if it changes or becomes multi colored that’s bad), Diameter(if its growing that is bad).

    Notice how his was 2 toned with ofd boarders and asymmetry? If you are worried, there is nothing wrong with getting a mole checked out!

    • K.R Gaming & Animations (aka, a pile of snow)
    • aesthetic._. elli
      aesthetic._. elli 7 days ago

      Its not to worrisome if it gets bigger. Its more worrisome when it gets smaller or the color gets smaller and the bump stays the same. I just got 2/7 moles I have to get removed removed toady.

    • Artsicle
      Artsicle 11 days ago

      I have a mole on my back in like the same spot he did but mine is like a circle and it’s not flat like a freckle we went to the doctor to other day and said they think it’s fine but to get it checked by a specialist just in case so we’re probably going to check it out eventually

    • Lucas_E
      Lucas_E 14 days ago

      Thank you for helping me not freak out

    • Ulti
      Ulti 14 days ago +1

      Tell me that when we can freaking afford going to the doctor in the US

  • Black Cats Tho
    Black Cats Tho Month ago

    Wow!!! That is amazing, good job on those two people!! So glad you're okay!!! My uncle had melanoma but they caught it in time!

  • Mirian Chavez
    Mirian Chavez Month ago

    I’m glad you caught it when you did I just lost my grandma in august from very advanced skin cancer live long! Stay safe

  • ImmaZamasu
    ImmaZamasu 28 days ago +273

    The way he excitedly says "dude, (something something) skin cancer!" killed me. 🤣

    • tamakatchi
      tamakatchi 14 days ago

      This comment made me lol XD

    • no
      no 14 days ago

      @Altaf_1cool dude that is turning into skin cancer

    • Altaf_1cool
      Altaf_1cool 14 days ago

      Dude That migth be skin cancer

  • Anusha Thakur
    Anusha Thakur 11 days ago +1

    Glad for you !!
    Stay healthy everyone :)

  • Chloe
    Chloe 15 days ago

    Props to them! Love your positive side,so happy for you too!

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo Month ago

    I need this guy's positivity in my life

  • _watuluv_
    _watuluv_ 20 days ago +10

    that is incredible! i’m so glad your okay! i would be so sad if you weren’t here anymore :(

  • CentricPlanet
    CentricPlanet Month ago +2523

    I saw this on tiktok a while ago, still brings a warmth to my heart knowing the world could be a pretty good place 💖

    • Tenite
      Tenite Month ago

      @MamaKo so?

    • MamaKo
      MamaKo Month ago

      @Tenite it was skin cancer but they got it before it spread or got worse

    • Tenite
      Tenite Month ago

      Its literally just some guy thinking he has skin cancer

    • British Chap
      British Chap Month ago

      Could, not is

    • Mikesteven Baylon
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  • Neptune☆
    Neptune☆ Month ago

    Good for you Father :D It is great you are doing ok and thank you kind strangers!!!

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy Month ago +54

    That’s so COOL that thanks to people on TikTok, you’re still alive! It’s all too easy for some people to cringe at TikTok, but TikTok still does good! 😁👍

  • Melinda Clark
    Melinda Clark 9 days ago

    The world is filled with love thanks to how saved his life.

  • No
    No 26 days ago +26

    These shorts are so entertaining they always make my day better💕

    • Avation Scott
      Avation Scott 24 days ago

      someone almost died and you just say "THESE SHORTS ARE ENTERTAINING ME SO MUCH LOL XDD"

  • X-Checker- not found

    Woah - that’s insane!!

    I’m happy your better, and I’m so happy for recovery! ❤️‍🩹

    To whoever saved him - you have spared the most amazing dad ever from cancer =D

    • X-Checker- not found
      X-Checker- not found Month ago +5

      @JudeOhHecc They ripped a mole off - and he needed to rip his back up.

      He has recovered from then - therefor he recovered from minor surgery and avoiding of skin cancer

    • JudeOhHecc
      JudeOhHecc Month ago +1

      It wasn’t a recovery?

  • JnJ: Das Krazy Bro
    JnJ: Das Krazy Bro 13 days ago +125

    "The World is a wonderful place"
    That level of genjutsu doesn't work on me.

    • Deidara
      Deidara 11 days ago

      Damn bro

    • pro mon
      pro mon 11 days ago +1

      (Pov) you are a good pauser and you pause it when the flower is gone

  • Anti-Spider
    Anti-Spider 14 days ago +1

    Wow, respect to those two people, they saved his rocking life!

  • Khadija here
    Khadija here 17 days ago

    Thank you kind people for saving my dad's life!❤

  • Yo gurl Aniah
    Yo gurl Aniah 18 days ago

    This makes me have faith in humanity 🙏🏾💙

  • [TB]LilNey
    [TB]LilNey Month ago +407

    Alex: *talking about skin cancer*

    Also Alex: “ The world is a wonderful place!”

    • Jell~y!
      Jell~y! Month ago


    • The Troll Pope
      The Troll Pope Month ago +1

      @Alex Griswold what would happen when your son commited multiple crimes and war crimes?

    • ♡Jellyplays♡
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      @Jelly Popsicle I'm a Friend

    • newbieee
      newbieee Month ago +1

      @Jelly Popsicle horchaco time

    • °jelly°
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  • 1CH1G0
    1CH1G0 14 days ago

    Glad you’re safe, dad ❤️

  • mansexman
    mansexman 6 days ago

    Super glad to hear you're okay, now! The internet is awesome!

  • Depleted of hope
    Depleted of hope Month ago

    This is actually a great example of how the Internet can be used for good. Its a shame that you have to wade through the heaps of sh*t to find one good thing though

  • Jellylily
    Jellylily 13 hours ago

    I’m just glad that there is still faith in humanity and these people are really showing it

  • Spook playz
    Spook playz Month ago +2296

    Holy rocks that's incredible

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      A bot stole your comments and changed it with 3 heartd

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      Have a nice day random original commenter!

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      Someone copied your comment

    • Darius Bostic
      Darius Bostic Month ago

      For anyone reading this: Jesus loves you dearly too His Heart, He loves you so much, and if you repent and accept Him into your heart, you will have Everlasting Life!

    • rawr
      rawr Month ago

      @°•Derffy•° nothing?

  • K
    K 18 days ago

    To the people that told him to get checked out: thank you. You just saved our internet dad

  • Rio Animates
    Rio Animates 9 days ago +1

    "it's not a mistake,"✨ IT'S A MASTERPIECE✨

  • halftlyn
    halftlyn Month ago

    my moms been through almost getting skin cancer. kemo and everything, super glad you got that pointed out

  • alxssia
    alxssia 7 days ago

    He's so positive. I love that.

  • Blue
    Blue Month ago +123

    These shorts are so entertaining they always make my day better🎄

    • ÈibhlinIsWatchingYou
      ÈibhlinIsWatchingYou Month ago

      @Addicted to ftf yes he is

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      TheMcBoy59 Month ago

      @Addicted to ftf this bot just comments the same thing everywhere

    • TheMcBoy59
      TheMcBoy59 Month ago

      @Addicted to ftf any proof
      And also some bots can have videos

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      Paresh Thakker Month ago

      Hi Blue! You definitely commented a lot! For only 10 people!

    • Addicted to ftf
      Addicted to ftf Month ago

      @LIMUEL GALICIA yeah he not a bot

  • ElBetito92
    ElBetito92 Month ago

    I had lumps under my jaw and felt them all my life. Went to a dr who dismissed it when I asked at 23. Got a better dr when I was 28 because of my career and she ordered an ultrasound. They were just lymph nodes but they ultra sounded my throat and found cancer. The first drs lack of due diligence saved my life lol it’s removed and will start rai iodine to kill anything left. :)

  • Zannah Martell
    Zannah Martell Month ago

    Now that is a force for social media good. Glad you're ok.

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue Month ago

    These shorts are so entertaining they always make my day better🎄

  • EmbracingElevation
    EmbracingElevation Month ago

    I'm so glad you took it serious others may have ignored there Tiktok Doctors 🥰.

  • 「Lilly」
    「Lilly」 Month ago +204

    Im so happy your safe, a kind person like you deserves everything!!

    KABALISH 4 days ago

    "Its not a mistake"✨ITS A MASTERPIECE✨

  • Li Xun
    Li Xun 13 days ago

    That's nice that two strangers saved your skin. Also I saw the stitch for a split second and i'm pretty sure others did so too. But nice reminder that the Earth isn't always a horrible place.

  • rainv
    rainv 10 days ago

    that’s awesome dude i’m glad you’re alive

  • Fishy memes
    Fishy memes 13 days ago

    Finally something good came from that app and I’m happy for you

  • enad alotaibi
    enad alotaibi 14 days ago +1

    This is really interesting and impressive!

    I'm starting to developing my graduation project which is an app that identify skin cancer using AI

  • slay
    slay 15 days ago +6

    if they didn’t save him we would have our internet parents. That would be sad as rocks

  • MrBean
    MrBean Month ago

    HOLY ROCK that was a close call I’d owe my life to those strangers.

  • Mellificient
    Mellificient Month ago

    "MY life was saved so the world is a wonderful place"
    .. Yeah right

  • 🐷reed_girls🐸
    🐷reed_girls🐸 Month ago +20

    Please keep making these positive videos! I was crying and 20 mins later after watching your vids I felt human again. Love y’all so much!

    • Jadin Hall
      Jadin Hall Month ago

      @Cristina🔞👇 what the hell......?

  •  28 days ago

    the same thing happened to me when i was in 5th grade, except no one told me until i went to the doctor bc i didnt want it there and they were like “i think this is skin cancer” and i was like……oh😀

  • Claire
    Claire Month ago

    I- wow! Glad you’re okay!!

  • Tala Bubble Double Fun

    I so glad you’re ok these people are heros

  • BossKillaStreamer
    BossKillaStreamer 26 days ago +1

    "The world is a wonderful place"
    You clearly have not been on the internet enough.

  • Branden R
    Branden R Month ago +183

    This honestly made me tear up. We need way more positive people in this world right now

  • Jazz Rae
    Jazz Rae Month ago

    Glad you’re okay!

  • Cinnamon Toast
    Cinnamon Toast 20 days ago +5

    "And here's how the world, is a wonderful place."

    The rest of tiktok:

  • Adwaiy The YT VLOGS
    Adwaiy The YT VLOGS 4 days ago

    It's not a mistake ✨it's a masterpiece

  • harmless potato
    harmless potato 6 days ago

    It's not a mistake ✨ it's a MASTERPIECE ✨.

  • son habib
    son habib 16 days ago +3

    The fact that cancer is on this world ruins the whole thing about that the world is a wonderful place

  • María José Robalino

    Thank you, this tik tok made me feel better

  • Mia GelTon!
    Mia GelTon! 16 days ago

    Shoutout to those 2 lovely, amazing strangers ❤

  • Taylor Cox
    Taylor Cox 15 days ago

    I love this video. So happy you are well.

  • Abigail Gonzalez
    Abigail Gonzalez Month ago +162

    Wow that's amazing! I'm sorry you had to go through that at all, but I can describe how relieved I am that you're healthy. I wishing for more healthy days for you in the future. :)

  • Stonks LV
    Stonks LV Month ago

    Imagine that it actually could have been a roast - gone right. :D

  • Boxjelly plays
    Boxjelly plays 13 days ago +1

    This reminds me of how last night I'm pretty sure that I pulled what looked like a enormous blackhead out of my back- 😬

  • I eat short people and simps

    The fact that I could see it for a split second makes me feel worried and terrified

  • Levi Ackermann
    Levi Ackermann Month ago

    The fact that those 2 people were from tictack just increases my faith in humanity by 0.0001%

  • YourLocalSimp
    YourLocalSimp Month ago +3

    I'm so glad those people told you it might be skin cancer and that you avoided it- I'm just gonna say whoever told you are amazing for warning you ❤

  • Lala
    Lala 13 days ago

    My mom had skin cancer for quite a while and I highly suggest wearing sunscreen every time you go out and if your going to be in the sun for a long time try to stay covered or out of the sun. Also I’ll be praying it won’t get worse I know it can lead to very painful things. However my mom had Melanoma and you may have a different type of skin cancer

    ✨SUNSHINESEOKIE✨ 21 hour ago

    “The world is a wonderful place” I rocking tripped watching this video!!!

  • UniquelyUs Forever
    UniquelyUs Forever 26 days ago

    :D I’m glad your okay!!

  • PisikMisik & Friends
    PisikMisik & Friends 12 days ago +1

    Omg! The world is a AMAZING place!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  • A S
    A S Month ago +582

    I had a mole that kept changing size by becoming more risen but would go back to normal. I had it my whole life and never had an issue with it. It was raised but would only hurt if I hit it wrong with a backscratcher or something. It became more raised twice in a few weeks and I told my dermatologist to remove it. They kept telling me it was nothing, and I don’t need to remove it. A month later I came back because it got even more raised, and began to change shape because of it. They still said it was nothing, I got a call for a negative biopsy, but I am glad to have it removed. It always made me nervous to get my back sunburnt because of that mole so I rarely took my shirt off in the sun. (I’m very fair skinned). Still confused at why my mole was changing size, not diameter, but became more lifted. Almost felt like a bubble, like a blister but still a thick mole texture. If anyone knows anything about it, please comment! Glad it worked out for both him & I so far! Stay healthy everyone :)

    • Puffersaur
      Puffersaur 20 days ago

      @A S I have a mosquito bite and somehow i know have a permanent mole as a scar, so it's kinda weird.

    • Mempler
      Mempler Month ago +1

      @A S Luckily i live in Germany, those are free for us :P

    • dabeast /
      dabeast / Month ago +2

      A boxcutter and some whiskey will fix that

    • Connor
      Connor Month ago +2

      @A S Ohhhh that's such an interesting story!

    • A S
      A S Month ago

      @Mempler I had absolutely thought at one point that it was my hydration and sodium content in my body, which would deal with something like fat reserves. That does make sense. I don’t know enough about it, but it seems possible I had a lot of salt in my diet in those weeks or something and maybe it got bigger? I tried to think of diet and other possibilities at the time, but it had been doing that on & off for a while to where things for myself just didn’t add up. I’m getting around the age to where that shit can pop up, so I was just paying close attention and probably freaked myself out about it lol. Oh well! I’m glad it worked out for you too! My doctor also never explained this to me, just said “No it’s fine” then i was like… just want me to have more expensive bills to come pay you. Which is SUCH a cynical thought 😣

  • TheGnat
    TheGnat Month ago

    Melanoma is SUPER dangerous and scary, I’m glad he got that checked out!

  • Yogurtling
    Yogurtling 15 days ago

    Your ending about the world being a wonderful place is amazingly true. The next video I watch is saying the internet is a scary place

  • Sparkyplayz 95
    Sparkyplayz 95 23 days ago

    Finally, tiktok did something good.

  • Abel Magaña
    Abel Magaña Day ago

    Its not a mistake ✨ ITS A MASTERPEICE ✨

  • •{}•ButlerSamual•{}•

    It makes me happy that strangers care for other strangers still!

    • Family Family
      Family Family Month ago


    • Slay3R_69
      Slay3R_69 Month ago +2

      @Cristina🔞👇 LMFAO

  • KillersEdits
    KillersEdits 15 days ago

    When he covered up his back with a flower I still see it for like 1 second

  • Joetaro kooJoe
    Joetaro kooJoe Month ago

    Alex: *gets skin cancer*

    Alex at the end of the video: the world is a wonderful place!

  • 김김Kim Kim
    김김Kim Kim 13 days ago

    He says that so positively 😂

  • *-Nightmare -*
    *-Nightmare -* Month ago

    Me watching this at 0.25 and finally seeing his back stewed: ooooo man I'm glad you checked that skin cancer out..but doesn't that hurt dad?

  • Ruigi
    Ruigi Month ago +64

    Wow! I'm glad to be a part of the community it's rocking great! I hope you have a good recovery! :)

  • FlashRPS
    FlashRPS 9 days ago

    "Tiktok is a wonderful place"
    Tiktok also telling me to search up *what outer space movie came out in 1992*

  • Jelly Reda El
    Jelly Reda El 8 days ago

    It's not a mistake ✨it's a MASTERPIECE

  • Maximize
    Maximize 17 days ago

    Little did you know they were just making fun of your back 😂

  • iKami
    iKami 16 days ago

    Same happened to my grandma, she went to get her eyelids raised and when she got there they said that the thing next to her eye is skin cancer

  • Xavier Christian Torres

    Incredible actually, glad you’re alive and feeling wonderful!

  • Nika Jarred
    Nika Jarred Month ago

    Thanks, strangers, for saving dad!!!!

  • Suyog Kapileshwar
    Suyog Kapileshwar 10 hours ago

    Imagine someone saving your life and being called stranger😏

  • Sinead Mcmahon
    Sinead Mcmahon Month ago

    Thankfully you listened to them, plenty others wouldn't

  • Blank Steps
    Blank Steps 29 days ago

    Let's this be a lesson to all those "oh lol look at the TheXvid expert" this platform is full of people and a lot actually know their shit.

  • Khloe Moreno
    Khloe Moreno Month ago +3

    Mission passed of saving this man, give a shoutout to those people

  • DuckTruck
    DuckTruck Month ago

    I'm happy for my guy

  • Adhishwar
    Adhishwar Month ago +1

    When TikTok can't tolerate competitor cancer providers.

  • JellyMEvilGurl
    JellyMEvilGurl 17 hours ago

    Him: "The world is a wonderful place! "
    Me having drama in my group chat but finally got rid of my bully of 2 years

  • Kadence Shetler
    Kadence Shetler 26 days ago

    That is incredible I hope you are ok 👍

  • JELLY_Stan
    JELLY_Stan 11 days ago +1

    It’s not a mistake ✨ITS A MASTERPIECE ✨

  • Jelly blu
    Jelly blu 14 days ago

    "It's not a mistake", ✨ITS A MASTERPIECE✨

  • Jakeyboy777
    Jakeyboy777 Day ago

    That’s a blessing!!