The Inbertweeners season 1 episode 3 Thorpe park

  • Published on Oct 20, 2017
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  • j davies
    j davies 4 months ago +2

    Jay: Suppose your old man needs the money.
    Neil: He doesn't, actually.
    Simon: But paying for rentboys can't be cheap, Neil.
    Neil: Oi my dad's not bent!
    Jay: Why is he paying for rentboys, then?
    Neil: He's not!
    Simon: What, they give him freebies?!
    Died! 😂😂😂

  • Enzo Radford
    Enzo Radford 5 months ago

    Guys let's be honest, Alton towers is better

  • Max Maximas
    Max Maximas 5 months ago

    si it me nun she said if you need help parking

  • James Thomison
    James Thomison 5 months ago +6

    "You cant shotgun a roller-coaster!"

  • Valiant Thor
    Valiant Thor 6 months ago +1

    “ You fucking what McKenzie!?!?” Hahah I fucking love the cadence of the Uk English language! 8:19

  • Sam Hadders
    Sam Hadders 7 months ago +16

    "He's just jealous, cos his family hasn't discovered fire yet"
    One of the best lines on this episode, hahaha lol !

  • emani donaldson
    emani donaldson 7 months ago

    Outro song?

  • pie app
    pie app 8 months ago

    Why are demons suddenly doing good deeds

  • pie app
    pie app 8 months ago +1

    InbeRtweeners. Moron

  • Leonan Burston
    Leonan Burston 9 months ago +10

    Wait my dad’s not bint 🤣🤣🤣 Neil is my spirit animal

  • Muchacho Sauce
    Muchacho Sauce 9 months ago +1

    *at least they left the tape deck*

  • JoshxIZ
    JoshxIZ Year ago +1

    we dont have anywhere to store car doors lol

  • n popo
    n popo Year ago +3

    Does anyone else not notice the female pedo

  • 2-D K
    2-D K Year ago +1

    Anyone know the song that plays at 11:00

    • Joe Bauers
      Joe Bauers Month ago

      @2-D K Darude - Sandstorm

    • 2-D K
      2-D K Year ago

      @Verx funny
      But for real what's the actual song, I've been humming it in my head, and it sounds super catchy

    • Verx
      Verx Year ago

      I'm blue by eifel 65

  • Xenomorph Biologist - XX121

    “That is the gayest car I’ve ever seen”
    I’m dying

  • Eddie Starship
    Eddie Starship Year ago +5

    On this day . The me too me too movement remembers simon

  • Luca Cesare
    Luca Cesare Year ago +4

    I wonder why Simon didnt fit the door inside the Cinquecento lol

    ANTIQUES & REPLICAS Year ago +2

    Why didnt they try placing the car door in place to at least see if it would click in place, or at least why didnt they put it in front of the back seats, it would have fit. I know, cuz then the episode would be as funny/cringe

    EMPER Year ago +6

    How is this monetised

  • Derrick Langford
    Derrick Langford Year ago +39

    He'll be really jealous of how yellow it is 🤣 I'm dying

  • FrequentHailTV
    FrequentHailTV Year ago +1

    Briefcase banter

    DANIEL WOOD Year ago

    Same as classemates

  • Henry Wright
    Henry Wright Year ago +2

    I love these mates a lot wicked episode

  • gamerizi99
    gamerizi99 Year ago +5

    what's the song at the end?

    • gamerizi99
      gamerizi99 Year ago +2

      Tim Sundholm Thank you so much

    • Tim Sundholm
      Tim Sundholm Year ago +6

      gamerizi99 if you have not found it yet, its called moving to new york by the wombats

  • Banterous
    Banterous Year ago +1


  • Asa Haines
    Asa Haines Year ago

    Fuck that

  • Asa Haines
    Asa Haines Year ago +24

    If you don't like the colour spray paint it

  • Asa Haines
    Asa Haines Year ago +9

    Wow it looks like a block of piss

  • Asa Haines
    Asa Haines Year ago +2

    Jess will

  • John Jones
    John Jones Year ago +7

    Music at 6:00?

    • thomas11566
      thomas11566 Year ago +2

      fluorescent adolescent @John Jones

    • louise scott
      louise scott Year ago +1

      it's called fuck me like a duck me!

  • ur mother
    ur mother Year ago +64

    Like if you noticed how he spelt inbetwenners

    • Troy McLure
      Troy McLure Year ago +4

      I like how you made fun of him for spelling it wrong, and then you proceed to also spell it wrong. Bus wanker.

    • Mr Suicide
      Mr Suicide Year ago

      Shadowspirit 447 *Inbetweeners

    • HudsPoults1
      HudsPoults1 Year ago

      Shadowspirit 447 your correct

    • Avarice Sin
      Avarice Sin Year ago +1

      now it's inbertweeners

    • Harry Young
      Harry Young Year ago +5

      Shadowspirit 447 Inbetweeners*

  • Summa Wakelen
    Summa Wakelen Year ago +28

    it needs better quality but still very entertaining and very good video

  • QuickArt JE
    QuickArt JE Year ago +54

    Im the worst human bein in the world

  • Lanky Bruh
    Lanky Bruh Year ago +4


  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown Year ago +12

    Neils arse stench haha

  • Jaxmie
    Jaxmie Year ago +1


  • Nigel Garage
    Nigel Garage Year ago +5

    You fucking what mckienzie