Mike Brown says Jorge Masvidal vs. Nate Diaz could be fight of the year | UFC 244 | ESPN MMA

  • Published on Nov 1, 2019
  • American Top Team coach Mike Brown joins Ariel Helwani and Brett Okamoto at the UFC 244 Official Weigh-Ins to preview Saturday’s main event between Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz. Brown says he’s known “Gamebred” since 2007 and explains why he’s so happy for Masvidal’s rise in popularity in 2019. Brown adds that Masvidal has been handling his media responsibilities well and (6:39) describes the key to beating Diaz.
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Comments • 286

  • Tyler Stanier
    Tyler Stanier 5 days ago

    as kicking of the year, lol

  • Boston Chris
    Boston Chris Month ago

    Wonder who Mike will choose when Covington and Jorge are fighting each other for the title next year

  • Reality Bites
    Reality Bites Month ago

    It would have been fight of the year or beatdown of the year if the fight was not stopped

  • John Lucca
    John Lucca Month ago

    Nate Diaz still king

  • trey trey
    trey trey Month ago

    Boy was Matt Brown wrong, UFC 244 was one of the worse cards.

  • Rebin Zakholi
    Rebin Zakholi Month ago

    Brett "low energy" Okamoto

  • Derrick Terry
    Derrick Terry Month ago

    Mike Brown has made a monster! His name is Street Jesus and he’s here to put you on the shadow realm.

  • JR GEE
    JR GEE Month ago


  • John Tatum
    John Tatum Month ago

    Mostly hype Masvidal will win...too much pot smoking by Nate...he is out of shape...just saying....mostly hype.

  • indi living
    indi living Month ago

    Has Nate ever been ko'd?

  • The Weasel
    The Weasel Month ago

    The greatest fight of all time.

  • Xion Temoc
    Xion Temoc Month ago

    Ariel's math is off AF!!!!! Hahahahah what a douchebag

  • User
    User Month ago +1


  • me me
    me me Month ago

    I’m gonna pay for this fight and illegally watch Colby/Marty. Those chumps don’t deserve my money.

  • Cameron Herald
    Cameron Herald Month ago

    Am I the only one who dislikes Brett 😑

  • DewkChronic
    DewkChronic Month ago

    Brett "Dont say a word" Okomoto

  • MK Wedemeyer
    MK Wedemeyer Month ago

    Nate and Jorge getting their comeuppance, much deserved!! Hopefully Mr. Diaz is getting the credit he deserves for making this happen, period

  • whole27
    whole27 Month ago +1

    I could not care less about both fighters. 2 guys, each with so many losses, neither going to get a title shot and cannot compete with the elite guys like Colby and Usman. Both will get ragdolled easily. Let's be honest, hispanics are going to buy this PPV.

  • fadedP
    fadedP Month ago

    i hope all of you die in a terrorist attack

  • Uncle Roy
    Uncle Roy Month ago

    Neither Jorge or Nate has said/done anything to really stir up hype for this fight, but it's still super anticipated based on the reputation of both men. Pretty cool.

  • inad jensen
    inad jensen Month ago

    that other guy who is trying to be ariel a little to much, really needs to stop

  • i nick
    i nick Month ago

    great coach

  • User Q
    User Q Month ago

    Brett 's mind : one day I'll end you Ariel

  • Brandon Taylor
    Brandon Taylor Month ago +2

    Nate Diaz all the way

  • Ranger Davis
    Ranger Davis Month ago +3

    Ariel looks like he cannot wait to say something stupid.

  • Dakota Clarke
    Dakota Clarke Month ago

    “It could be the fight of the year” IT IS THE FIGHT OF THE YEAR DUMBASS

  • Joshua M.
    Joshua M. Month ago +1

    Mike Brown > Greg Jackson

  • Norm
    Norm Month ago

    Going to be a awesome card tonight cant wait

  • Guachale
    Guachale Month ago

    Jalapeno/Pineapple/Pepperoni pizza 🍕 the Latinos pizza.

  • Official VKVDM
    Official VKVDM Month ago

    What people aint talking about is......what happens with the loser, someones gonna win and someones gonna lose.....its gonna be hard for that dude.
    The loser will find it very hard to deal with.

  • Keith
    Keith Month ago

    Got a feeling it won't go to the 3rd round

  • dave m
    dave m Month ago +1

    Hard to pick a winner. The longer it goes favors Nate tho.

  • dave m
    dave m Month ago

    You know it’s bad when the people watching are more nervous for the fight then the fighters

  • Sovan San
    Sovan San Month ago

    Round 2 TKO

  • Forest Whitaker's Eye
    Forest Whitaker's Eye Month ago +9

    Imagine it's a first round eye poke no contest after all that waiting

    • Steven Ryan
      Steven Ryan Month ago

      Forest Whitaker's Eye ha, imagine a double eyepoke when they engage each other, the fans would be so disappointed

  • adnation g
    adnation g Month ago

    "What if I told you..........would you believe me"

  • Richard Lester
    Richard Lester Month ago

    They needed to change the rules for this fight. It’s the one ☝️ thing they forgot to do. I see this fight going the distance and when your fighting for the BMF Title it can’t go to a decision that’s kinda what this title represents and not having any bad decisions. If you go the distance in a BMF fight both fighters should win no matter the punch stats or who dominated the fight. Street Fight rules can’t believe nobody thought about this before the fight with a left then a right.

  • Uncle AL
    Uncle AL Month ago +1

    This is hopefully going to be the best fight of UFC. I love both these fighters, but I know of Nate and Nick better than Jorge. However, I did my research I can't wait yeeesssssss great fight :)

  • Arturo Gatti
    Arturo Gatti Month ago +1

    Where the fek is Ariels hair ? Is he a cross dresser lol

  • Gelato 33
    Gelato 33 Month ago +1

    Hopefully is not like Daley vs MVP,

  • Alex Dee
    Alex Dee Month ago

    Fights over early. Nate with the TKO, 2-3 min first round.

    • uno dose
      uno dose Month ago

      Alex Dee you don’t believe that, if the fight is over in the 1st round it’d be masvidal with the KO

  • Theo Gate
    Theo Gate Month ago +2

    I always get pine apple with the Canadian bacon and jalapeños

    • Guachale
      Guachale Month ago

      Anything meet with pineapple and jalapeno makes a good pizza. Sabrosa!!!!

  • yorke wallace
    yorke wallace Month ago +1

    who thinks Jorge will brutalize and Knocks Nate out before 2nd rd??

  • Byron Da Lord
    Byron Da Lord Month ago +3

    You can tell Brett is mad Ariel took his spot as ESPNs main MMA guy

    • elc
      elc Month ago

      Byron Da Lord Lol no... you see what you want to 🙄

  • makarion 1600
    makarion 1600 Month ago

    nate diaz wins deciseively.

    VIVEK REDDY Month ago

    Whether Diaz wins or Masvidal wins.....It's a Win-Win situation for Fans...☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

      VIVEK REDDY Month ago

      @Nikhil Chaubey tu apni maa ka chuchi chus wa le mere se 😁😁

    • Nikhil Chaubey
      Nikhil Chaubey Month ago +1

      देदे अपनी bhen की choot इसी बात पर

  • KeepitMoving
    KeepitMoving Month ago

    IS fight of the year.

  • Anon
    Anon Month ago +1

    Team Diaz 👊

  • tyawesome johnson
    tyawesome johnson Month ago +2

    Honestly this is going to be one of the top ten fights of this decade....

    • Baltimore Fan
      Baltimore Fan Month ago

      Don't jinx it....part of me think bc everyone says it's gonna be FOTY canidate it'll be 5 Rd decision with few moments....

  • The Son of the BattleCry

    I am happy have met Mike back In Boston 2013 he was super cool humble guy

  • mikey joe
    mikey joe Month ago

    Love both fighters, but jorge gets caught a lot. Till got him in the first round a couple times. Wonderboy put him down like 4 or 5 times. He is gonna have a long night with nate. Nate is gonna take this one.

  • SaintsWrestler135
    SaintsWrestler135 Month ago +9

    “Brett Okamoto was never my friend” -Ariel

  • Gladys Wildgoose
    Gladys Wildgoose Month ago +1

    Jeorge by close line 1st round

  • Youtuber2020
    Youtuber2020 Month ago +1

    Of the year??
    Possibly the decade!

  • Bob alloo
    Bob alloo Month ago +1

    my prediction. Masvidal by KO, third round.

    • Ray Brozzo
      Ray Brozzo Month ago

      Why do you say NO WAY like when has Masvidal ever faded in a fight

    • Bob alloo
      Bob alloo Month ago

      @Arian Sanders Well, he Ko'd Till late in the 2nd, so I don't know why he couldn't still have the power in the 3rd. It's just a guess on my part. But Masvidal seems to get more fired up as the fight goes on. Don't be surprised if it happens. You heard it here first.

    • Arian Sanders
      Arian Sanders Month ago

      No way he still has the power in his arms to ko Diaz in the 3rd. Maybe by headkick but I still doubt it will be a ko win if it gets past the first.

  • Sir Nasty
    Sir Nasty Month ago +1

    What happened to Hairiel Hairlwani? 😂😂😂

  • Sean Anonymous
    Sean Anonymous Month ago +7

    Ariel & Brett a.k.a “Ariel & The Good Guy”

  • illuzion Me
    illuzion Me Month ago +8

    I can't miss this fight and at the same time a part of me wishes they weren't fighting man...

    • elc
      elc Month ago

      illuzion Me Exactly!

  • Watcher
    Watcher Month ago

    ariel and brett are related

  • Assyriankid Tv
    Assyriankid Tv Month ago +2

    Thats what they said about me 1:39