My Sister in Real Life

  • Published on May 9, 2018
  • You guys all wanted to know: Is my sister REALLY evil in real life?
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Comments • 13 974

  • It's Alex Clark
    It's Alex Clark  Year ago +26602


  • Dalia The Purrfect
    Dalia The Purrfect 10 hours ago

    The fact that pink is now really popular on boys 😂 Yes, people, this time has come

  • neal mccullough
    neal mccullough 17 hours ago

    He’s just saying that because she’s captured him

  • pokèbrowserkat
    pokèbrowserkat 19 hours ago

    0:26 “nd so peoplpee aask me all te time and they say h(notoiccanjj):”

  • Avocado Animations

    If I tried the evil sister voice I’ll just drag my sister over here and she’ll probably scare her

  • Yousef Dwaba
    Yousef Dwaba Day ago

    2:45 binging with babish !

  • Rebecca Mills
    Rebecca Mills 2 days ago

    I kinda wish I had a sister

    JESSE HERRERA 2 days ago

    6:50 I know I loved both the movies

  • Trippx
    Trippx 2 days ago

    Who has the glitch where it says he has 4.2 mil subs and not 99999999999999999999999 subs

  • DMan510
    DMan510 3 days ago


  • Epic Kate Bjärgvide

    I just wish I knew how to get the free stuff. Love this channel- there's so much fun stuff to binge!

  • Sebastian Rudas
    Sebastian Rudas 4 days ago

    How did they know it was your sister? They've never seen or heard her

  • ItzAshley ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    I’m only in *4th grade* but I want to go to *highschool* so I can see your sis 😂

  • CandyPlayz XD
    CandyPlayz XD 5 days ago

    One things is hitting your bro

    , 😥

  • jeff The best
    jeff The best 5 days ago

    I now ITS A LIE

  • Sonic Guy
    Sonic Guy 5 days ago

    My sister is evil too Alexclark

    HAYLEE MAKAR 5 days ago

    Subscribers: Is your sister really that evil? Alex: YES HELP ME PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Me: Wow that's me.

  • BRzbazzanx
    BRzbazzanx 6 days ago

    Kids girl evil old. u

  • Alain walker's follower Doctor probe

    I'm happy for myself from subscribe 😊 I'm a Freaking huge fan mate

  • Toon Boy
    Toon Boy 6 days ago

    REAL life

  • Wolfgang The wolf
    Wolfgang The wolf 6 days ago +1

    My big sister is like your sister

  • Doctor Crystal
    Doctor Crystal 7 days ago +2

    Sooooo...she wrote this whole script and bribed you with chocolate to say all of this and animate it and you managed to get in the bad stuff behind her back

  • Buster_ Bryce
    Buster_ Bryce 8 days ago

    I just have a little brother and a big sister

  • Khatoon Bibi
    Khatoon Bibi 9 days ago


  • Mr. Sir Potato
    Mr. Sir Potato 9 days ago

    How much do you care Alex

  • M Wilson
    M Wilson 9 days ago

    :41 the part we they both had a mustache killed me

  • Roblox legend73687
    Roblox legend73687 10 days ago


  • MemeQueen2018
    MemeQueen2018 10 days ago

    I am your sisters student, i almost cried when i found out that she is you sidter.

  • Mayah Nnunu
    Mayah Nnunu 11 days ago +1

    There is a new Mary popins now

  • Blue Ninja Animations
    Blue Ninja Animations 12 days ago +1

    Alex, can you make a video about how your sister became evil

  • Maricela Romero
    Maricela Romero 12 days ago

    5:46 lmao

  • Zaida Barrett
    Zaida Barrett 13 days ago

    She needs your dad be on jackass can we watch happen M&W drum well by all your fault not your fault you got bad trouble yes car we breaking up okay stay a wet address

  • Shenia Hicks
    Shenia Hicks 14 days ago


  • Gwenivear Perius
    Gwenivear Perius 14 days ago

    4:06 I know how u feel my dis is evil to

  • oliver omg
    oliver omg 14 days ago

    i to have an evil sis

  • Lil tormy
    Lil tormy 14 days ago +1

    Dose it still work in 2019?

  • Hannah rose Long
    Hannah rose Long 14 days ago

    im Jackcepticye

  • Yellow Thing
    Yellow Thing 14 days ago

    If People Disrespect Pink..

    You Hate People Who Have Cancer.

  • Eternal Nick
    Eternal Nick 14 days ago +1

    4:28 I’m not kidding me and my brothers do the same thing and we go from kitchen, dining room, then living room all the time 😂

  • Sans dude Gamer in under tale

    You know i had a dream that my sister was trying to nuke me but i look like i was faint and white and i told my mom got my sister in trouble but its a dream

  • Anna Pikachu
    Anna Pikachu 15 days ago


  • Bubbly Jani’Ra
    Bubbly Jani’Ra 15 days ago

    The heck she so evil

  • Magicmarmar Martinez
    Magicmarmar Martinez 15 days ago

    Everybody save alex he’s too young to die!!!!!!! By the way the match between odd1sout vs Alex Clark i like them both

  • HPTheory
    HPTheory 15 days ago

    Your animated character looks good in pink 😂😂😂😂

  • xxxzombie xxx
    xxxzombie xxx 15 days ago

    Lol she wearing pink

  • xxxzombie xxx
    xxxzombie xxx 15 days ago

    Wher ate you I'll save you ahhhhhhhh

  • Charlotte Is a Cat
    Charlotte Is a Cat 15 days ago +1

    *Wait Wait Wait..... why would they know his underwear color anyway? Did they pants him?*

  • Hyper Halo
    Hyper Halo 16 days ago +2

    And your SISTER is evil.

    Hysterically laughs at all the battle scars I had with my brother.

  • Dewin Goris
    Dewin Goris 16 days ago

    I almost died in his sleep walk

  • Dewin Goris
    Dewin Goris 16 days ago

    He makes me in trouble

  • Dewin Goris
    Dewin Goris 16 days ago

    She ls just like my litte brother

  • Motiejaus Valiūno Animacijos

    When your friends take away your underwear so you wont have anything to put on and you would feel weird in class

  • Sylvia Ha
    Sylvia Ha 17 days ago


  • Sylvia Ha
    Sylvia Ha 17 days ago

    i got one

  • Ash Dawg
    Ash Dawg 17 days ago

    4:24 I didn’t have 3 rooms connecting together but both my front door and back door connected to the back yard. So I could run though the back, through the house, and out the front door, along the pathway in the yard that lead to the back, and do the cycle all over again!
    Note: we really didn’t have a front door, we just called it that since the back door lead to a bedroom. Our house is mostly surrounded by fence and the “front” gate lead to a large parking lot for a street of restaurants. We had our own small parking space and we often went though the back door.
    Now only if I had a map to explain it better

  • Rainbow Kitty_MCPE
    Rainbow Kitty_MCPE 17 days ago

    My brother actually ignores me always and he doest listen MEE

    BOD4 SNIPER 17 days ago

    Me and my sister put salt in each others cereal om gosh ahhhhhh

  • hacksty Boy 1091
    hacksty Boy 1091 17 days ago

    Odd1 out is better!

  • Gacha Taco_cat
    Gacha Taco_cat 17 days ago +1

    3:46 fortnite in real life
    Where we jumping boys

  • Sans The Skelton
    Sans The Skelton 17 days ago