i'm taking a break and addressing all the hate


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  • proud introvert
    proud introvert 5 days ago

    They hate you cause you successful ! Keep doing your thing you have an army that will always support you no matter what ♥️♥️♥️

  • Michelle Magnuson
    Michelle Magnuson 18 days ago

    You don't deserve hate & cruel... you deserve the greatest life! I subscribed to you & I love your videos. You're a LEGEND!!!

  • V r
    V r Month ago +1

    I have watched your videos the whole day... they are amazing...you have a beautiful energy....

  • ilove comics2
    ilove comics2 Month ago +3

    I think your videos are great i watch them every single night when i go to sleep

  • Ghost Rose
    Ghost Rose Month ago +1

    I know I’m late on this video but you are a great TheXvidr and a funny TheXvid also I always get hungry when I watch your Food video

  • Raza Pahlavi
    Raza Pahlavi Month ago +1

    Hi, I just want to say that I think that you are YTer with most respect for your audience. Your channel and yourself make YT better place. You are incandescent. Thank you for all these years of making videos that we enjoy. Simply said - kiddo - you are GREAT 😊.

  • Aneta Zawadzka
    Aneta Zawadzka 2 months ago +1

    Stupid hate
    I feel sorry for you I am a loial viewer of your channel my name is dawid

  • Hannah C.
    Hannah C. 2 months ago +2

    Lets get him to 10 million subscribers i love u Raphael ive been watching u for a year now ❤😇

  • Brenda Bautista
    Brenda Bautista 2 months ago +1

    (HI FROM RENO NEVADA). Been watching ur videos for some months now if not a year and I love ur vibes ur super chill and just fun to watch ☺

  • Suman Kugadasan
    Suman Kugadasan 4 months ago +13

    Your real fans support you and what you love doing! Your cooking videos are fun - my wife and I love watching!

  • RMSnemesis
    RMSnemesis 4 months ago +5

    Bro! Gordon Ramzi is a chef!! Which means he cooks, I just discovered your channel because you cook in a fun way, and cooking is my favorite thing to do "side note ik a guy too"
    Ramadan Kareem 😊

    • RMSnemesis
      RMSnemesis 2 months ago

      Oh OK, I did a Google search and guess what I found : "fuck you"

    • PriusTurtle27
      PriusTurtle27 2 months ago

      Ramsay. It's Ramsay not ramzi. At least do a google search before you write something online

    • cuts dotx
      cuts dotx 4 months ago +1

      رمضان كريمRamadan Kareem😀

  • Mehvish Jhetam
    Mehvish Jhetam 4 months ago +3

    I love you all ready 💕 *hugs*

  • Kim Staley
    Kim Staley 4 months ago +1

    I've loved all your videos. If the cooking videos make you happy then you should make more! You try to please us so much. You do you Rapha!

  • 3D ANDREI VALMADRID vlog and gaming

    I'm really shock there's no hate comments I know their watching this video they are scared too make a hate comments because Raphael and us know the profiles of them we knew we love you rap I always worry if you not make videos lately God bless you Raphael ❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️❣️💌💌💌👼👼👼 And I almost cried

  • Tina SG
    Tina SG 4 months ago +4

    you r not trash!!!!!!

  • Game stream
    Game stream 4 months ago +7

    Haters are only jealous of your success.

  • Akinyemi Ogunleye
    Akinyemi Ogunleye 4 months ago +4

    Don't listen to all the hate comments rahp

  • TheMorrigan13
    TheMorrigan13 4 months ago +3

    U are adorable and we love you ❣

  • Crazyperson Vlog
    Crazyperson Vlog 5 months ago +2

    Aaww poor baby): you’re so sweet

  • ⭐🌟Holly Mae🌟⭐
    ⭐🌟Holly Mae🌟⭐ 5 months ago +4

    You have made my life so much better 😃🤗💕❤💕

  • Savannah Bailey
    Savannah Bailey 5 months ago +4

    Dude you have 1.7M subscribers

  • Kew Lisa
    Kew Lisa 5 months ago +5

    Haters don’t mean anything

  • popcornjinx
    popcornjinx 5 months ago +6

    Hello Raphael,
    I am so sorry that some people are being so cruel, I really think that you are an amazing, funny kind TheXvidr and your my fav youtuber of all time. Keep making amaing funny content and I will always see your newest videos.
    All love, a viewer!

  • James Sadoway
    James Sadoway 5 months ago +3

    Hey Mr.
    Im sorry people on the internet suck. But I like your videos, i love to cook, lots of stuff I make fails too, its nice to watch someone who screws up too.

  • Moonchild Mn
    Moonchild Mn 5 months ago +1

    i love you❤

  • Nisa Summer
    Nisa Summer 5 months ago +3

    May our god bless you always ❤🙏🏼

  • T-boy
    T-boy 6 months ago

    My slime

  • David
    David 6 months ago +2

    Just stop reading the comments. I guarantee you'll keep getting just as many views.

  • Seher
    Seher 6 months ago +4

    Please please please don´t stop making cooking videos!!! I love those so much!!! You are giving your best, and we know that! So don´t let those hateful comments get to your head :(

  • Seher
    Seher 6 months ago +4

    I really love you Raphael and if you need a break and you should just take it! It´s sooo amazing that you can travel all those cool places and you should just enjoy those and live your life to the fullest, like every person on this planet should do it :) Don´t stress yourself too much ♥

  • rasinella
    rasinella 6 months ago +4

    Raphael, Ilysm, please don't listen to the haters they don't have brains. You are such a precious soul and me and my friends love you. Don't let the haters bring you down because you are the sweetest person ever.

  • Muhammad Akram
    Muhammad Akram 6 months ago +4

    Your videos are truly realistic and we all do this what you do to food and gadgets for the first time... We can relate to this and those who hate you I WANNA SAY THAT THAT YOU ARE NOT PERFECT AND YOU ALSO MAKE MISTAKES BUT ONLY HE HAS THE COURAGE TO FILMS THEM AND YOU DON'T...

  • Muhammad Akram
    Muhammad Akram 6 months ago +4

    I love your videos
    I can see a very bright future for you God bless you

  • Frank Gonzalez Official
    Frank Gonzalez Official 6 months ago +6

    Darling I have my own TV in a local TV station in Houston Texas. Do not pay attention to the haters. I get hate everyday. But I laugh all the way to the bank.

  • MrsQuietMusic
    MrsQuietMusic 6 months ago +4

    Hi. I am impressed by you. I do not dare to post videos of myself on youtube. I agree that it might be jealousy or as you say: maybe some people want to test you to see if they get a reaction from you. Maybe your positive attitude provokes them because they are actually jealous. I have not seen ONE bad attitude from you. I like your attitude, your positive attitude♡

  • Selly Angel
    Selly Angel 6 months ago +4

    You are amazing

  • Selly Angel
    Selly Angel 6 months ago +4

    Ralph, you are such a good person with a good personality. I love you, i love your videos, i love your positiveness. You need to know that we can't please everyone. There's always someone who doesnt like us. Haters gonna hate. But most importantly, there's so much people who loves you. Im proud of you ralph ❤ take your time and enjoy yourlife

  • Nicky Griffiths
    Nicky Griffiths 6 months ago

    I hate your videos

    • RMSnemesis
      RMSnemesis 4 months ago

      Do you know a Bobby Griffith?

    • Electricgaming Lowgo
      Electricgaming Lowgo 5 months ago

      what did you get after saying that?

    • Justice for Diggory
      Justice for Diggory 6 months ago +2

      And? Did you want a ribbon or something?

    • Suhasa Arora
      Suhasa Arora 6 months ago +4

      You are the worst person if you so openly are ready to hurt people. If you dont like it move on and not be a jackass about it

    • Ankit Karmakar
      Ankit Karmakar 6 months ago +5

      Hate his videos or his guts that u lack?

  • brian law
    brian law 6 months ago +4

    i can feel you have a sweet seoul , i just love you

  • Paola Bueso
    Paola Bueso 6 months ago +3

    I love your cooking videos! They always make me laugh, inspire me to try new things in the kitchen and even remind me not to take things so seriously all the time. Thank you for to continuing to create such positive and creative videos! It’s always such a joy to watch!

  • Hussain Alzaabi
    Hussain Alzaabi 7 months ago +3

    Love u it’s okay w

  • btsx armyyy
    btsx armyyy 7 months ago +4

    Love you Raphael stay strong don’t let anyone bring you down I have just started watching you’re videos and you have amazing content people will hate and they might say nasty things to you but just don’t let that get to you and I know it’s hard but you’re doing such an incredible job with you’re videos and you’ve made me laugh and smile more than I ever have this year and I thank you for putting a smile on my face, stay strong be yourself and don’t let them people let you down because at the end of the day you are you’re own person and you’re doing what you love that’s all that matters, love you and stay positive xx

  • Abdul Hameed
    Abdul Hameed 7 months ago +9

    You are such a positive person

  • Roaa A.J
    Roaa A.J 7 months ago +7

    I knew your channel in the last month and I tried to watch all of your videos because you make me happy and you give me a lot of positive energy and I loved everything about your videos especially when you're cooking .. Please don't listen to those nigative people because there are a lot of people that really love you and they love everything that you do just do what you want and don't listen to them 💜💜 I know I'm so bad in English 😂💔 but I wanted to write this because I felt so sad when I watched this video

  • Elaine Phipps
    Elaine Phipps 7 months ago +4

    I love your channel so much and miss your cooking videos! You should definitely do what makes you happy. I used to care so much about what others thought about and still do. It’s why even tho I’d love to make videos I don’t because I’m too afraid. Stay true to who you are and you won’t go wrong.

  • Maureen Kristelle Macaraig

    im a new fan but i cried in this video😭☹

  • Sayaka See
    Sayaka See 7 months ago +8

    I just wanna hug you 😥😢 this breaks my heart. Please don’t stop doing what you love Raphael 💗 these are my favorite videos too I binge watch so many of your videos!!

  • Vladimir Coe
    Vladimir Coe 7 months ago +4

    You should be able to do whatever you want and not listen to those "haters." Don't let anyone get to you because of others' negative opinions of you. You cannot make everyone happy. Some people are real a--holes. (**Sorry. Please excuse my language but there is no other way to put it.) Just delete it and block them. They can go scr-w themselves. It shouldn't be your problem. Its their problem. Keep it up. Be well. God bless.

  • Hamidah Nur Husna
    Hamidah Nur Husna 7 months ago


  • Zara Zara
    Zara Zara 7 months ago +4

    You are amaizing person

  • Cara McQuaid
    Cara McQuaid 8 months ago +6

    You are one of my favourite youtubers, keep doing what your doing❤️

  • Mohra Sami
    Mohra Sami 8 months ago +10

    Omg I don’t understand why would anyone hate on you. You are so sweet and nice and your videos very entertaining and you deserve way more than this.

  • Music 0830
    Music 0830 8 months ago +6

    Rapha your videos are amazing I love your cooking videos your videos have gotten me through hard times and has made me laugh when I needed to the most, make the videos you want to make you love making cooking videos make them that’s you that’s what you love you have many supporters that love your videos believe in that and forget the haters

  • GianaMichelleMusic
    GianaMichelleMusic 8 months ago +6

    i’m late on watching this. personally i think your cooking videos are funny and interesting and you seem like a really cool person who’s nice and isn’t afraid to try new things. you seem like a nice guy so please don’t let what people say get to you. you know who and what you are and people can just be jealous, but it isn’t worth your time trying to impress people just keep being you , i really like your videos !! i just found you recently and your channel is really fun to watch sooo keep it up ! ❤️

  • Emily Kajaia
    Emily Kajaia 8 months ago +4

    Baby we love you so much😭 please never ever leave us. Ignore all the hate love u

  • Mahima Mohan
    Mahima Mohan 8 months ago +2

    We all love your videos! Please don’t EVER quit again. I love you😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    You’re one of my favorite TheXvidr and i love the way you talk💕
    Love from South Africa 🇿🇦❤️

  • Carolina Scaciotti Victor
    Carolina Scaciotti Victor 8 months ago +2

    Love your videos and also your personality! Keep up with your work!!

  • Cooking with Shoma
    Cooking with Shoma 8 months ago +2

    i luv you

  • Cayla Casimir
    Cayla Casimir 8 months ago +2

    If u need to take a break tho, that’s fine everyone needs a break luv uuu 💕💕☺️☺️💋

  • Cayla Casimir
    Cayla Casimir 8 months ago +2

    Rapha Ur the cutest please don’t stop bc u always keep a smile on my face and make me so happy after a long day 💕💕😩