Can these smart glasses do what Google couldn’t?

  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
  • Focals smart glasses by North use some of the tech previously seen in Intel’s Vaunt glasses. They project a laser onto your eye and show notifications, map directions, and text messages. Unlike Google Glass though, the Focals do not have any cameras. We reviewed the new smart glasses and found that while the technology might be the best yet, it’s far from perfect.
    Host: Ashley Carman
    Director: Christian Mazza
    Camera: Alix Diaconis
    Sound Recording: Andrew Marino
    Motion Graphics: Grayson Blackmon
    Director of Audience Development: Ruben Salvadori
    Social Media Manager: Dilpreet Kainth
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  • The Verge
    The Verge  7 months ago +951

    Would you use these smart glasses or a smartwatch?

  • Michelle Ortiz
    Michelle Ortiz 8 hours ago


  • callmeMARIO
    callmeMARIO 10 hours ago

    Welcome to the future

  • Switch72nd
    Switch72nd 2 days ago

    I was on the verge (heh) of buying a pair since they added the ability to order them from an iOS app (only on iPhone X or higher). Now I think I’ll wait for the next version or significant os updates

  • Jackzegamr 2001
    Jackzegamr 2001 2 days ago

    WHERE CAN I GET ONE!!????????

  • Hunter -777
    Hunter -777 3 days ago

    So they aren’t perfect but they have the basics that a smart watch has

  • Paul Barr
    Paul Barr 4 days ago

    Good review. Thank you.

  • Action Game Master
    Action Game Master 4 days ago

    It's like inserting a computer into your head. OMG

  • JS Comedy
    JS Comedy 5 days ago

    Can you use it as a teleprompter so you can read your text for a speech? That's what i'm looking for.

  • Zak Sharaz
    Zak Sharaz 9 days ago +1

    I don't need it
    I don't need it
    I definitely don't need it

    *_I NEED IT_*

  • Deni RN
    Deni RN 11 days ago

    Man! Bad new if you’re driving…and don’t say the image is “tiny”…a distraction is a distraction!

  • Matthew Caughey
    Matthew Caughey 14 days ago

    When you find a way to hook these into my car so I don’t have to look at the dash let me know I would love to have a few features. Speed, compass direction, fuel level. And on foggy days an outline of the road. Features like that might make it possible to drive safer

  • CHANNELS 3799 xad
    CHANNELS 3799 xad 15 days ago

    Are it works for nearsighted eye/minus

  • pham ngoctam
    pham ngoctam 18 days ago

    how to buy it?

  • pablo bolaños
    pablo bolaños 20 days ago


  • Weptbadge65 _
    Weptbadge65 _ 21 day ago

    I just want to cheat on test... 🤣

  • Jason Merrone
    Jason Merrone 23 days ago

    I love how some people would call this cheating on exams, but with this tech, maybe combined with Elon musks neural link, this stuff is kind of an extension to our own brains, and therefore isn't cheating


    buy link

  • Czech Matoupeky
    Czech Matoupeky 27 days ago

    This is like the episode from Black Mirror

  • Cno Thelastgreatest
    Cno Thelastgreatest 28 days ago

    Can you get on any website?

  • Per Erik Grønvik
    Per Erik Grønvik 28 days ago

    "it does not take up your whole view" already a fail.

  • Tyson
    Tyson Month ago

    Can i hook these up with gopro live video???

  • SkyCityOasis
    SkyCityOasis Month ago

    You say the word “though” when comparing camera technology. Bruh that’s why google glass was banned. I would buy this in a heartbeat 😁

  • SkyCityOasis
    SkyCityOasis Month ago

    Thanks, now I know how to cheat on my math tests

  • Rkyo Frozen
    Rkyo Frozen Month ago

    Where can I found this thing ? Any website ? I would like to buy for me as driving a car.

  • Jesus Nieto
    Jesus Nieto Month ago

    So if you can't see outside without the shades why are you never using the shades?

  • Rap Boy
    Rap Boy Month ago

    So......... are you telling me.... iron man suit is somewhat possible!!!!!

  • Fyregold
    Fyregold Month ago

    this is rubbish. google did way better. its a knock off.

  • random games
    random games Month ago

    can these glass runs pdf, txt files?

  • Weeaboo Generator
    Weeaboo Generator Month ago

    Walking direction sounds really cool

  • Skersaroony
    Skersaroony Month ago

    Why does she look like she’s constantly about to sneeze

  • LordToty
    LordToty Month ago

    Wait did you say dating app notification😏

  • X boi Boy
    X boi Boy Month ago

    Where I can get this

  • Jason Yang
    Jason Yang Month ago

    Can you watch movies and videos? Watching a movie in privacy would be cool. Or when you're talking to a boring person you dont want to listen to.

  • The Sleeping Cat
    The Sleeping Cat Month ago

    I want them but it's expensive

  • Just_Amir
    Just_Amir Month ago

    She: " Nooww I don't have to drag my phone out my bag to check it"
    Me: *Oohhh because that's soooooo exhausting to do*

  • Mohd Sajid
    Mohd Sajid Month ago

    Create a really @perfect woth smart eyeglasses.
    Thanks gor providing knowledge .

  • Gage Stevens
    Gage Stevens 2 months ago

    When do these go on sale?

  • Yogesh Jain
    Yogesh Jain 2 months ago

    Is it so hard to pick phone from pocket and check notification?? God damn 600$ ...

  • GS Narayan
    GS Narayan 2 months ago

    Neurolink + this glass would be a
    gem 💎

  • omid bayn
    omid bayn 2 months ago

    How can I buy this glass

  • CaptainWafflez
    CaptainWafflez 2 months ago +1

    Negative comment negative comment negative comment

  • Pakistani Boy
    Pakistani Boy 2 months ago

    I m from Pakistan.
    I wanna buy this...
    Plz help me.

  • PokemonCatcher PokemonIsMyLife

    Its getting very close to stark tech

  • LieDetectorMusic
    LieDetectorMusic 2 months ago

    Neuralink would eliminate the ring loop

  • Galaxy Stars
    Galaxy Stars 2 months ago

    I tbink they should mske a gopro version xD

  • SnoSpoken
    SnoSpoken 2 months ago

    Video's great, but the presenter isn't.

  • shinymatts
    shinymatts 2 months ago +1

    Is this EDITH?

  • Zander's Universe
    Zander's Universe 2 months ago

    Can’t you just say “Alexa, text mom _________”?

  • Zander's Universe
    Zander's Universe 2 months ago

    These remind me of “Edith” from Spider-Man: Far From Home.

  • David Maddux
    David Maddux 2 months ago

    Yes this is such a great, not, invention. So many great qualities

  • Ethan Crowley
    Ethan Crowley 2 months ago

    Who wants to go blind?

  • jrjjskfiekskzoeoaoskdkdkwciirjej

    *NeGaTiVe* *CoMEnT*

  • R/SLASH entitle person
    R/SLASH entitle person 2 months ago +2

    Who is here because spider man

  • edwin agustian
    edwin agustian 2 months ago


  • ArraTonks
    ArraTonks 2 months ago

    Your face is similar to Christina Hammock Koch

  • Splash
    Splash 2 months ago

    I just wanted something I could cheat on tests with easier, but 600 bucks is rlly pushing it...

  • Merhaba Merhaba
    Merhaba Merhaba 2 months ago


  • TheKishinhunter
    TheKishinhunter 2 months ago

    Soo... that texting issue is an apple issue. not a north issue. even the apple watch gets a separate phone number.

  • Student 43013
    Student 43013 2 months ago

    My scifi dream come true ... Now i just wan them to implement some sort of transparent solar cells for it