James Corden Flunks Eddie Redmayne's Wizard Test

  • Published on Nov 22, 2018
  • When James heads to the Ministry of Magic for his big wizard test, the instructor cannot comprehend James's idea of magic and proceeds to demonstrate the real power of magic.
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  • Gabriela Garcia
    Gabriela Garcia 23 hours ago +1


  • KNIGHT51488
    KNIGHT51488 Day ago

    Bring back Craig Ferguson.

  • Eeshwar Rupakula

    DUBLY-DOBS....Big beard 😂😂😂

  • conflictpersona8

    Fuckin DEAD😖. 😂😂😂😂

  • Kanari Raspberry

    James in Fantastic Beast 3.
    Don't ask me how.

  • Alison Bronti
    Alison Bronti Day ago

    Eddie as a teacher OMLLLLL

  • Rodayna Salah
    Rodayna Salah Day ago

    Isn't that Harry's wand ??

  • (K12_HN) Nguyễn Phương Anh

    Why Eddie is getting this bad. It's so old fashion joke that disney did in the old day. This is so boring. Even James can't help this.

  • Melody Ann
    Melody Ann Day ago

    he hot🔥

  • XxxlilmizzzxxX
    XxxlilmizzzxxX Day ago

    Can Eddie please be my teacher?????

  • sneha mishra
    sneha mishra 2 days ago

    Another best video of james !

  • Kate Torres
    Kate Torres 2 days ago +2

    We need this type of character for Eddie!

  • 『Hachiko』
    『Hachiko』 2 days ago

    when eddie is my teacher. i’ll day because he’s to fragile to handle 😂 I LOVE EDDIE SOOO MUCH! 💛

  • Draco Malfoy
    Draco Malfoy 2 days ago


  • Cèlia Kone
    Cèlia Kone 3 days ago +2

    Eddie is me everyday in high school lmao

  • Emora 59810
    Emora 59810 3 days ago

    Which is Better?
    A: James’ Magic Tricks
    B: Eddie’s Acting Skills
    *Honestly, he’s more of a Magician than a wizard.*

  • henno hc
    henno hc 3 days ago

    Why does he have Harry’s potter wand

  • Poisoned Ink
    Poisoned Ink 3 days ago

    "By the power of Grey-skull"

  • tazzie2shoos
    tazzie2shoos 3 days ago

    How does Eddie not laugh during this!?! I wouldn't be able to keep a straight face.

  • K-nde Arabel
    K-nde Arabel 3 days ago

    James is so FABULOUS ♡♡♡

  • Lexi Gray AKA Washington DC

    And to think Eddie got turned down from playing Kylo Ren.

  • Virginia Bassu
    Virginia Bassu 3 days ago


  • Ivonne Ornelas
    Ivonne Ornelas 3 days ago

    This is a gem

  • xxwhispersxx
    xxwhispersxx 4 days ago +1

    I love that eddie just takes the girls at the end lol.

  • Natazzaa Krist
    Natazzaa Krist 4 days ago

    If Harry Potter's film was really extra like that.
    I cant imagine it. LOL.

  • Victoria
    Victoria 4 days ago

    That was not Newts wand, it was Harrys....

  • Gianna Aragona
    Gianna Aragona 4 days ago

    It would be a great twist if at the end it was a wizard who put Eddie's greatest fear in his mind!

  • Nimasha Sonali
    Nimasha Sonali 4 days ago

    I definitely would love to see this as a movie😍😱

  • Luis Felipe Costa
    Luis Felipe Costa 4 days ago

    Awesome... Laughing/Crying/Coughing/ out loud

  • Endar Suparto
    Endar Suparto 4 days ago

    British wizard seems to be always serious in doing life, while d american always can find fun things!! 😂

  • 메에
    메에 4 days ago

    Eddie the cutest wizard

  • Hilal Çam
    Hilal Çam 4 days ago +1

    who else thought of gilderoy lockhart?

  • charles southerton
    charles southerton 4 days ago

    can Eddie Redmayne be my tutor please........doesnt have to be magic related lol

  • Jessica Keaton
    Jessica Keaton 4 days ago

    Please keep doing more with him!!!

  • Jin the banana from the left

    Sooo it's American wizard vs a Brittish one?

  • Maria Adelaide Gonçalves Fontainhas

    Love Eddie Redmayne

  • J L
    J L 4 days ago


  • Average Joe
    Average Joe 4 days ago

    Newt would never take that job

  • Foxy Squad
    Foxy Squad 5 days ago

    What the bloody hell did I just watch

  • slytherinsninja
    slytherinsninja 5 days ago


  • Chayanit Deephap
    Chayanit Deephap 5 days ago


  • María Josefina Fernández

    Oh my god this two are magic together

  • Lotus Granger
    Lotus Granger 5 days ago

    I feel like this is what would happen if Newt Scamander was forced to be a Hogwarts professor instead of a magizoologist

  • Olive Lane
    Olive Lane 5 days ago

    Me tryna get into hogwarts

  • Emily Doblanovic
    Emily Doblanovic 5 days ago

    Poor, Poor Eddie

  • socially awkward ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Funny thing I just watched the Crimes or Grindelwald about 4 hours ago I think

  • pamela frew
    pamela frew 5 days ago

    This is just brilliant,funny and dramatic at the same time. :-)

  • Akshara and Akshat
    Akshara and Akshat 5 days ago +2

    No!! The animating spell is- Mįřįýæťà Åńįmæťæ !!!!

  • Shonu A
    Shonu A 5 days ago

    "Is that a, is that a student?"
    "Technically it's a pig."

  • Shonu A
    Shonu A 5 days ago +4

    5:10-5:21 THAT WAS BRILLIANT
    I wonder how many shots it took them before they could keep straight faces

  • Cecilia Josephine
    Cecilia Josephine 5 days ago

    Ohmygod i love eddie act so much

  • Ays
    Ays 5 days ago

    eddie redmayne ❤

  • Abi DeCecco
    Abi DeCecco 6 days ago +1

    Hello everyone! You are beautiful and are so loved! Also, this is literally my 20th time watching this.

  • Originals by The Mario's

    Was anyone else upset he was using Harry Potter’s wand

  • Juju Alh
    Juju Alh 6 days ago

    I died at the dumeldore part 😂

  • Paradox Ace
    Paradox Ace 6 days ago

    I have a question what is the difference of magician and wizzard

  • starting over
    starting over 6 days ago

    James is sexy as !!

  • Saby Martin Frigault

    Never knew I needed this in my life. But I sure do love it 😂 good job every one with this video.

  • Rania Sadiek
    Rania Sadiek 6 days ago

    By the power of grayskull lmao

  • Lady Loki
    Lady Loki 6 days ago +2

    W H E E Z E

  • Weirdo Queen
    Weirdo Queen 6 days ago

    He has s using Harry Potter's wand!

  • Maddi Kemp
    Maddi Kemp 6 days ago +3

    We know he always be Newt. 😂

  • Rose Van Wylich
    Rose Van Wylich 6 days ago

    Almost died laughing. Redmayne imitating the dancing and keeping a straight face. He's a perfect snobby wizard. So different from newt.

  • Rabia Huseynova
    Rabia Huseynova 6 days ago

    Eddie though😂😂Though right

  • Alex Jony
    Alex Jony 6 days ago

    Eddie cute hahaha

  • fatima Sajid
    fatima Sajid 6 days ago

    Whenever i talk about harry potter or magic my muggle friends think about the james cordon magic

  • Maylee Weldt
    Maylee Weldt 6 days ago

    This actually makes me uncomfortable.

  • gn lilu
    gn lilu 6 days ago

    This is awesome!

  • samantha pardini coronado

    OMG is so funny and cute❤😱😂

  • Gecku Gecko
    Gecku Gecko 6 days ago

    I had no clue a Hufflepuff could be sassy

  • Gecku Gecko
    Gecku Gecko 6 days ago

    3:55 is where Eddie gives up on life

  • Gecku Gecko
    Gecku Gecko 6 days ago

    Eddie is so both confused and done

  • Kyara Annadja
    Kyara Annadja 6 days ago


  • Koen Cayabyab
    Koen Cayabyab 7 days ago

    Rocket: Did you just make your voice deeper?

  • BlackAdder665
    BlackAdder665 7 days ago

    To my German ear there is almost no-one sounding more English than Mr. Redmayne.
    Also he's truly a brilliant actor. Not quite in the league of Daniel Day-Lewis, Gary Oldman or Hugo Weaving, but almost.

  • a-wanderingcloud 0-0

    😂😩😂 Amazing

  • Luisa Martinez
    Luisa Martinez 7 days ago


  • Mark Schwarz
    Mark Schwarz 7 days ago

    This is hilarious but will kill serious potter fans at the same time! Lol

  • Evelyn Grace
    Evelyn Grace 7 days ago

    Eddie the entire time: ,*blinks*, ,*blinks* ,*purses lips*

  • なちょす
    なちょす 7 days ago

    By the way .l am Japanese

  • ClockworkHime
    ClockworkHime 7 days ago

    if Hogwarts had an open examination system instead of letters, this would happen...I can't stop laughing imagining Mcgonagall's or Snape's face in this situation..

  • Praw Ph
    Praw Ph 7 days ago

    I just love how on point Eddie's acting even in this late late show is 😍

  • Nova Malfoy
    Nova Malfoy 7 days ago

    5:10 - 5:23 the best part of my life

  • Chloe Barnett
    Chloe Barnett 7 days ago

    i once had a dream eddie redmayne was my teacher, i am glad that this video has made my literal dreams come true

  • Jackson Gin
    Jackson Gin 7 days ago

    Eddie Redmayne is the Gordon Ramsay of wizards in this

  • Joy Lee
    Joy Lee 8 days ago

    Did anyone else catch the reference to Eddie’s past roles? “Time” from The Theory of Everything and the dressing up from Lily

  • Pat Riley
    Pat Riley 8 days ago +1

    Epic fail.

  • Heaven Atsbeha
    Heaven Atsbeha 8 days ago

    That is so funny!!! I love Eddie!!!!!! When he exaggerated James actions was so cute and funny!!! 😂💛

  • Vortius
    Vortius 8 days ago +1

    Hmm, why does he have Harry Potter’s wand? Something I missed here?

  • Wendy Smith
    Wendy Smith 8 days ago

    thexvid.com/video/4Oj_wb1yH9U/video.html anothercrazy smithy!

  • Maxime David
    Maxime David 8 days ago

    As a Ravenclaw, having Redmayne as a teacher made me go from bisexual to full Redmaynesexual. I even wouldn't mind failing everyday if I can have that "very close talk" at 5:24

  • cookie megatron aceti

    Eddie is NOT Amused

  • ana quinn
    ana quinn 8 days ago

    ohdeargod 😂

  • Lilloyu
    Lilloyu 8 days ago

    Its LeviOsa, not levioSa

  • Lisa Martens
    Lisa Martens 8 days ago

    I love that Eddie redmayne at 5:23 sounds like that weird guy from jupiter ascending he plays. That was horrible

  • Alexandra Faraday
    Alexandra Faraday 8 days ago

    eddie redmayne genius, even in the little skatch

  • Snatched
    Snatched 9 days ago

    Damn I wish he was my teacher

  • Vicky Amadea
    Vicky Amadea 9 days ago

    Eddie looked annoyed the whole time

  • stir fry
    stir fry 9 days ago

    eddie redmayne in a suit & glasses could hit me with a chair and i’d thank him

  • Amanda Bonfante
    Amanda Bonfante 9 days ago

    This is the greatest thing ever