James Corden Flunks Eddie Redmayne's Wizard Test

  • Published on Nov 22, 2018
  • When James heads to the Ministry of Magic for his big wizard test, the instructor cannot comprehend James's idea of magic and proceeds to demonstrate the real power of magic.
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Comments • 1 735

  • Tanisha Agarwal
    Tanisha Agarwal 2 days ago

    Damn. Eddie looks so freaking hot.

  • Ray Malfoy
    Ray Malfoy 2 days ago

    mUgGLeS! -__- XD

  • Kylyn Lindamood
    Kylyn Lindamood 3 days ago

    Why is James me 24/7? 😂

  • No*1 CookieRusher
    No*1 CookieRusher 5 days ago

    Eddie u shpuld know playing the handsome Newt. That the spell is Vera verto.

  • No*1 CookieRusher
    No*1 CookieRusher 5 days ago +1

    Eddie was using Harry's wand ❤

  • Ax W
    Ax W 5 days ago

    Why hello there, wizard viewing comments while cringing :)

  • Faith Wu
    Faith Wu 7 days ago


  • ailishally
    ailishally 8 days ago

    OMG Eddie just stop to try to teach muggles, you didn´t learn nothing after babbity rabbity???

  • Confused in China
    Confused in China 8 days ago

    I wish Eddie wasn't trying to fake an American Accent, and why was he using Harry's wand?

  • Jenny Shull
    Jenny Shull 9 days ago

    I’m sorry but they need to make school desks for tall people. I went to school with people who were really tall and they couldn’t fit comfortably in a desk. Why haven’t people made school desks for tall people? Make school desks that are adjustable how hard can that be. it’s 2019 we should have better school desks.

  • roxy lib
    roxy lib 11 days ago

    When you are a squib but got that wizarding spirit

  • Kate S
    Kate S 11 days ago

    such amazing acting on eddies part, wasted on such a dumb sketch. i love it.

  • Sandra Holm
    Sandra Holm 12 days ago

    This concept was amazing. I can't believe no one has thought of it before. Top acting on all parts!

  • Luna Lestrange
    Luna Lestrange 13 days ago

    This is a muggle vs wizard

  • iSophieOreo
    iSophieOreo 13 days ago


  • Alley Kim
    Alley Kim 13 days ago

    Dan dan dan dan chya!!!!♥

  • Jade
    Jade 14 days ago +1

    If McGonagall had a son....
    A very hot one at that.

  • Mpg Foo
    Mpg Foo 14 days ago


  • Chloe Anthony
    Chloe Anthony 14 days ago

    This is one of the most awesome throngs I've ever seen in my life

  • Richard Nixon
    Richard Nixon 14 days ago

    Eddie just doesn’t care, he will gladly jump around in a serious teacher costume.

  • Yeomyeong Park
    Yeomyeong Park 15 days ago

    다 못 알아 듣는데도 존웃ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Kenia Liseth
    Kenia Liseth 16 days ago

    "weird-beardy guy" HAHA

  • Morgan Parsons
    Morgan Parsons 16 days ago

    Eddie is lookin fiiiiine

  • Helena Milosevic
    Helena Milosevic 16 days ago

    Am i the only one who thought that Eddie and a little bit of a Severus Snape accent in here

  • Ismael Waheed
    Ismael Waheed 17 days ago

    Eddie Redmayne must be very disturbed
    don't take this in a bad way, hilarious

  • Ananya Gupta
    Ananya Gupta 17 days ago


  • Alan Cook
    Alan Cook 17 days ago

    I think that Newt is not really angry at James Corden . Just a little shy . That’s all .

  • 13 belief
    13 belief 18 days ago

    poor dove.

  • kljsfid18
    kljsfid18 19 days ago

    James is just the best, really magnificent nad magical xd hahah we love you😍❤️❤️ the face when he destroyed the bird hahah

  • Mei Kaplan
    Mei Kaplan 19 days ago +1

    They must be great actors if they are able 2 not laugh at hilarious moments like Eddie Redmayne dancing in front of James Corden. HAHAHAHA🤣😂🤣😂🤣!! That was Hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing ever since I first saw him doing it.

    • Angela M.
      Angela M. 15 days ago

      James and Eddie actually went to the same acting school (Eddie was about three years below James, but they still saw each other there)

  • LiziLLusioN
    LiziLLusioN 20 days ago

    Would've been a great opportunity for a reference if Eddie turned James into a rabbit with a blue waistcoat.

  • Emily M
    Emily M 20 days ago


  • Ploketo Awomi
    Ploketo Awomi 21 day ago

    Eddie's suits are so cool.

  • Emily M
    Emily M 21 day ago

    Now i have a crush on eddie lol

  • Emily M
    Emily M 21 day ago

    In can,t stop watching this !!!!! Lol

  • Emily M
    Emily M 21 day ago

    This is my favorite movie and James cordon is sooo funny lol

  • Hansy
    Hansy 22 days ago

    Who are the girls?

    THE SHIRE FOREVER 22 days ago


  • Jeraldine Zuñiga
    Jeraldine Zuñiga 23 days ago

    ho dios , con un profe asi yo no falto ni los sabados XDD
    alv con james haciendo el ridiculo Xdd jajama como rei

  • Trevor Storm
    Trevor Storm 24 days ago +1

    Is Mr. Magnificent The Master of Mystery available for birthday parties?

  • bolotoca2
    bolotoca2 24 days ago


  • Luxsword29
    Luxsword29 25 days ago

    What a lovely young pig, though ^^

  • Danielle Lou
    Danielle Lou 25 days ago

    When they didn't have newt's wand in stock

  • Phenomenal Woman
    Phenomenal Woman 26 days ago

    he is a CUTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOTTIE!!!!!

  • Anshu Oraon
    Anshu Oraon 27 days ago

    James you are best!!!!!!!

  • Simara Razzaghipour
    Simara Razzaghipour 28 days ago

    Is that Harry or Ron's wand? I know its not Newt's

  • Emil Dahl
    Emil Dahl Month ago

    A great example of why people needs to stop mixing up the words 'magician' and 'illusionist'!

  • Geometry Dash Smilez

    There are 2 weird cuts with Eddie..
    At 4:11 he leans on the table and after the cut he is just standing there.
    In 5:57 he had no Glasses on but after the cut he did.

  • Moony Ltd
    Moony Ltd Month ago

    Eddie in glasses reminds me of how Stephen Hawking could've looked like if he didn't get this illness:(

  • Helen D Ravenklaw
    Helen D Ravenklaw Month ago


  • Helen D Ravenklaw
    Helen D Ravenklaw Month ago


  • dinah
    dinah Month ago

    newt looks like dumbledore in fantastic beasts with this suit

  • Mooshi Mello
    Mooshi Mello Month ago +1

    Eddie: Ooh dance! Ooh dance! Sparkle sparkle sparkle!
    James: Well that was embarrassing.
    Is it just me or is that a perfect imitation of what my friends say after I do something even the tiniest bit weird?

  • Holly Johns
    Holly Johns Month ago

    “Flexing the old magic muscles” LMAOO

  • chara eevee
    chara eevee Month ago


  • NoiseBat Official
    NoiseBat Official Month ago

    For the power of grayskull! Any she ra fans ?

  • Owl Girl
    Owl Girl Month ago +2

    something inside of Eddie snapped when the bird died....

  • Aleena Joseph
    Aleena Joseph Month ago +2

    Newts outfit is pretty much Dumbledore outfit in Crimes of Grindelwald.

  • 空汰
    空汰 Month ago


  • サクマ式ドロップス

    I’d fail the whole test just to see an angry Eddie cuz boi he is HOT

  • ArgChica
    ArgChica Month ago

    Oh god..totally snorted😂😂😂

  • feRluci Roze
    feRluci Roze Month ago

    How your not laugh plz tell me Eddie? LoL how many take to film this?

  • Geometry Dash Smilez

    I don't know why but i like it when he shouts at anyone 😂

  • maulinda putri
    maulinda putri Month ago +2

    whyd eddie look so cute???

  • Hypnotic Poison
    Hypnotic Poison Month ago +1


  • Tal the wandaress
    Tal the wandaress Month ago

    At the beginning of the vid:
    James: Abra cadabra
    Hermione be like:
    " I dont think that's a real spell. Well its not very good is it?"

  • Iman Aisar
    Iman Aisar Month ago

    If I was Eddie I would’ve just Petrificus Totalus him and left

  • Emily why do I need a surname

    i’ve got two words for this

    hot eddie

  • Giada Burlinetto
    Giada Burlinetto Month ago +1

    Eddy is very amazing actor

  • nele F.
    nele F. Month ago

    Eddie würde ich ja mal so gerne als Lehrer haben: er ist ultra hübsch, kann gut singen, und ist ultra lustig und alles 😂😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Natalia Edges
    Natalia Edges Month ago


  • Pauleen Guevarra
    Pauleen Guevarra Month ago

    I can't imagine how many takes it took for Eddie to not laugh at any of the scenes James did

  • Winona Daphne
    Winona Daphne Month ago

    that was so good hahahah
    eddie looks like a smoker
    where are his lips

  • Kent Patrick
    Kent Patrick Month ago

    A little bit too cringey for me but fabulous performance by Eddie can’t wait for the next fantastic beasts movie :)

  • Kelly Potter
    Kelly Potter Month ago +2

    OMG I LOVE YOU EDDIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Lol dobly dob

  • Ninja Toe
    Ninja Toe Month ago

    Professor Redmayne... we NEVER use transfiguaration as a form of punishment.... surely professor Dumbledore told you that?

  • Jayleigh
    Jayleigh Month ago

    LOL James= the Potterheads, he wants to be a wizard so freaking bad lolllll

  • Hey Luke I'm your father, don't you know German?

    Can someone tell me what song is played during the glitzy montage?

  • Chris Batton
    Chris Batton Month ago

    Cuz that looks like Harry's wand

  • Chris Batton
    Chris Batton Month ago

    Did Eddie defeat Harry and got his wand

  • achanwahn
    achanwahn Month ago

    Lmao. How did he keep a straight face. So ridiculous

  • Anja Huber
    Anja Huber Month ago

    best thing i´ve seen in ages

  • Snoozii1
    Snoozii1 Month ago

    So many Eddie comments...I just wanna say that James is brilliant! His sketches are some of the most creative clips and he's always so good with his timing and delivery!! And how smart it is to mash magic (as in the magic show tricks) and magic (as in Harry Potter's magical world stuff) together!

  • Aimee Robinson
    Aimee Robinson Month ago +1


  • spideywoo
    spideywoo Month ago +2

    The way Eddie's voice changes at 5:19 is INSANE

  • Chimchim Kookie
    Chimchim Kookie Month ago +2

    Omg ! I wonder how many times he laughed during the takes

  • Lexi Playz
    Lexi Playz Month ago

    Did he mean dumbledore

  • Bomb Ass Bish
    Bomb Ass Bish Month ago +1

    Throughout my entire childhood I never realized how fucking hot Eddie redmayne is. And now as a 25 year old lady I can say GOD DAYYUMM BOIII YOU SEXY MOTHA

  • M A
    M A Month ago +3

    that pig is sooo cute!!

  • Movie Girl
    Movie Girl Month ago

    My heart just swelled with glee !!😆❤️

  • [Firstname] [Lastname]


  • Jonathan .A
    Jonathan .A Month ago

    newt scamander

  • Nerdy Nerdz
    Nerdy Nerdz Month ago

    Harry Potter fans are cringing........

  • Joseph
    Joseph Month ago

    I'm fairly sure this would be breaking the statute of secrecy...

  • Sharlyn 44036359
    Sharlyn 44036359 Month ago

    I'M DEAD 😂😂😂

  • edgelady mel
    edgelady mel Month ago +1

    eddie please be my teacher 😍❤️

  • Frenzio Alberto
    Frenzio Alberto Month ago +1

    my brain: wizard Marius Pontmercy

  • Екатерина Аристова

    is dove okey?

  • CLoui3 Skybie
    CLoui3 Skybie Month ago

    Poor Eddie XD
    He's literally too professional for James
    Human magic vs Wizardry Magic is brilliant

  • minionGi
    minionGi Month ago

    *bY tHe pOWeR oF gRaYSkULl*