Forging a Damascus Viking sword part 1.


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  • Ahmed Aljnaibi
    Ahmed Aljnaibi Day ago

    Do you sell these swords

  • Alberto Gh
    Alberto Gh 3 days ago


    KHU CHING GHO RENG 4 days ago

    bubuk apa yang di taburkan?

  • Leonardo Santos
    Leonardo Santos 4 days ago

    Wow, impressive work! Gorgeous pattern.

  • Chris Mac
    Chris Mac 8 days ago

    One man did make verified damscus steel before he died. I'm sick and tired of people using the word Damascus to somehow convey a special quality, when all they are doing is a very poor version of pattern welding.

  • Chris Mac
    Chris Mac 8 days ago +1

    Again using the word Damascus, this is pattern welding. Nothing more pfft

  • Shylock
    Shylock 10 days ago

    Whenever I click on a Freerk Wieringa forge video...
    M, spacebar, control-T, y, enter, 'viking metal,' enter, click, spacebar.
    Formula for a perfect lunch break.

  • Agung Subiyanto
    Agung Subiyanto 10 days ago

    Damascus = syiria?

  • Ronnie Buck
    Ronnie Buck 11 days ago +1


  • Ozzie Wozzie Original
    Ozzie Wozzie Original 11 days ago +1

    At least hammering and lots of heavy works are done by modern equipment, in viking times they would have to use muscles for that

    • Ozzie Wozzie Original
      Ozzie Wozzie Original 8 days ago

      So??? they should be stronger and 10 times more quality than Viking sword, you nincompoop

    • GV
      GV 9 days ago


  • Rell Inc.
    Rell Inc. 12 days ago

    Can you make katana with damascus technique?

  • John Victor 27
    John Victor 27 13 days ago +1

    Go forge
    Sword damasco Lineage 2

  • John Rambo
    John Rambo 13 days ago

    Well i love blacksmith, they are really do a great job...

  • Nikolay Matveev
    Nikolay Matveev 17 days ago


  • Babloo Pandey
    Babloo Pandey 19 days ago

    Very nice bro

  • Officer Onduty
    Officer Onduty 20 days ago

    I know i mights sound dumb here. But do you really need to weld in order to get that many layers? Why does grinding every fold/layer? Ive watched many videos of forging and some of them dont grind and weld their steel. Im just curious, Awesome video tho🤘

  • Little Apple
    Little Apple 22 days ago

    Pamor udan mas

    CTAPbIN_ JIOM 23 days ago

    халтура !

    JOHN WICK 23 days ago


  • Pejey 967
    Pejey 967 23 days ago

    No Damascus

  • Muhammad Halim
    Muhammad Halim 25 days ago


  • Federal Bureau of Investigation

    This makes me wonder how much times it took to make a sword from one iron ingot and with no technology back then

  • Luke Elliott
    Luke Elliott 25 days ago

    That billet weld is as pretty as a picture

  • Sergiy Lyashkevych
    Sergiy Lyashkevych 26 days ago

    Did Vikings have Damascus technology?

  • 爱我中华
    爱我中华 26 days ago


  • Mustofa Ahmad Nambo
    Mustofa Ahmad Nambo 29 days ago

    how week to finishink master...

  • Jadson Feliph
    Jadson Feliph Month ago

    Acho valiriano de Game Of Thrones

  • bejo papua
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  • Skill 907
    Skill 907 Month ago

    Anyone here after valirian steel?

  • a ahmad
    a ahmad Month ago

    🌱🌸🌹🍀🍁🍃🌺🌷🌿 ... How are you, my friend, the maker of the sword? What is the question of the type and name of the solutioners whose sword has been drowned and how long the sword has been in each solution? 🌱🌸🌹🍂🍃🌺🌷🌿🌱

  • a ahmad
    a ahmad Month ago


  • a ahmad
    a ahmad Month ago


  • Numan Anjum
    Numan Anjum Month ago

    Hello Friends, watch knife making new video ==>

  • Bimby Line
    Bimby Line Month ago +1

    Viking never have damascus sword. Are you lie?

    • Night Knight
      Night Knight Month ago

      @Bimby Line yes this sword is a Damascus Viking sword but it does not mean Vikings used Damascus sword

    • Bimby Line
      Bimby Line Month ago

      @Night Knight Damascus Viking sword, that's the written title.. maybe I misunderstood..

    • Night Knight
      Night Knight Month ago

      I don't think he ever said that Vikings used/made swords made out of Damascus steel though this sword is probably what a Damascus Viking sword would look like

  • Jackson Souza
    Jackson Souza Month ago


  • Daniel Barry
    Daniel Barry Month ago

    I enjoyed this video. I just started making knives. But I want to make a sword when I get better. Thank you for sharing and showing us how to be a better blacksmith. I love that sword. Great job

  • 『 AKv〤 』 ADILGF4

    Damascus Is Not Viking Sword . That sword Islam

  • Twisted Scorpion
    Twisted Scorpion Month ago

    Make one for me

  • Johnny Dreday
    Johnny Dreday Month ago

    can you do a video on how to forge a turd from your bumhole

  • ItsAlansky
    ItsAlansky Month ago

    Damascus viking swordss??!.. you have changed the history fact.. Damascus is Salahuddin Al Ayubi Swords.. the leader of Muslim in history . Please changed the title of this video

  • Xerxes ‘
    Xerxes ‘ Month ago

    Smithing 100

  • Scientiae Magicae
    Scientiae Magicae Month ago +1

    Damascus Steel was only made by ancient Arabs from the Iron ore mined out of Saladins Mine, around the time of the crusades. The actual secret technique and method of how to properly smelt the iron ore into Genuine Damascus Wootz steel was lost in the 1800s. Not only is it a special process to properly smelt the rare iron ore in a special crusible. The blacksmith must also possess the exact knowledge of the process of how hard to hammer the steel at the proper temp to cause the steel to form the microscopic molecular structure that creates the iron carbides and structure that gives this unique steel it's flexibility, amazing edge hardness and herculean strength when compared to any other steel swords created. This guy is not only insulting the vikings he's insulting the ancients who pioneered the true Damascus Steel. Wtf is wrong with this guy...

    • Joe Blogs
      Joe Blogs Month ago

      i totaly agree, its like me calling a morris mini a ferrari, so sick of these dreamers calling their crap Damascus steel. blowass's all of them.

  • Marley jorge s de sa barreto jorge

    Que pó é esse que vc jogou em cima do aço

  • Ярослав Коровин

    Отличная работа. Завидую Вашим навыкам

  • ihya' Ulumuddin
    ihya' Ulumuddin Month ago +1

    Damascus viking??? The truth is damascus moslem

  • Veles 63
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  • Patrick Robinson
    Patrick Robinson Month ago

    Looks like a dreamcicle when it's hot. Taste it.

  • Artem Stepanov
    Artem Stepanov Month ago +1

    Class a sight for sore eyes man!!!

  • Lance Burke
    Lance Burke Month ago

    Beautiful Blade!

  • Aryo MY
    Aryo MY Month ago

    What is name that powder.??

    • Aryo MY
      Aryo MY Month ago

      @Tommy Ribs what material is made.? Iron powder or what.?

    • Tommy Ribs
      Tommy Ribs Month ago +1

      It's called flux. It fills gaps in the ladder.

  • Mehmet Han
    Mehmet Han Month ago

    Ancient Turks secret..Thousand thousand of years..Tbh Real recipe lost around 1300 ish after Mongol and Crusader atacks ..They both killed everything.. Specially Mongols destroy every single masters..Scientist-librarys..whatever..To rebuild new history and erase old REAL Damaskus mybe close to this but never will be same..cos real masters and recipe totaly lost..The Turkish Blacksmiths was not even telling the real secret of that metal even their workers like 30-40 year who help em on work...Thats how that special technic can lose in time..That secret of steel was nightmare of Crusaders when they had to fight against Turks..10x lighter sword cut your sword like cheesee..And a bowmans who throw 30-40 arrow in a minute while ride a horse not even stop...Epic days and look now Zzzz...

  • paperdragon64 dfk
    paperdragon64 dfk Month ago

    Amazing to watch it slowly take shape.whats the white liquid you dipped the billet in ? Many thanks Dave

  • Fly-Away
    Fly-Away Month ago

    I think you might be having to hit the blade on the anvil so hard because you're using your left hand. Try your right hand - it might work better LOL 🧐

  • The frog
    The frog Month ago +1

    Mate if l knew you I'd PAY you well for that craftsmenship it's crazy beautiful.👏🏻👏🏻👋👍

  • JohnBMW3xx
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  • Funny Cat
    Funny Cat Month ago

    For sale or not?

  • الیقین
    الیقین Month ago

  • Devera Ravi
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  • Pondart Inc
    Pondart Inc Month ago +2

    Don't make this guy mad. He could build a sword in a day, kill you and come back and turn it into
    a hammer.....

    PTITEMALOUINE Catherine 2 months ago +3

    Each of those in these videos are masterpieces... and they all are so different.
    Need to use them. Nice job ever

  • Сергей Рогозин

    болгарка после шлифовального, а может стоило наоборот?

  • Panther Platform
    Panther Platform 2 months ago +1

    You could just _buy_ one...

    • Panther Platform
      Panther Platform 2 months ago +1

      @God Frosty I'm just JOKING!!!

    • God Frosty
      God Frosty 2 months ago

      And you want something made especially for you, your style.

    • God Frosty
      God Frosty 2 months ago +1

      Panther Platform what’s the fun in that?

  • Ale Goo
    Ale Goo 2 months ago

    Jesus Christ, amazing!!

  • 王玟成
    王玟成 2 months ago

  • Nasir Suddal
    Nasir Suddal 2 months ago +1

    Sir u can make (stonebreak) in avenger infinity war

  • Blues Winny
    Blues Winny 2 months ago +1

    Nö, so haben die Vikinger das nicht geschmiedet, lach.

    • Theo T.
      Theo T. 2 months ago

      Das bestimmt nicht, aber die haben auch, gerade bei den dünnen Lagen, bestimmt nicht schon 10 Lagen weggeschliffen...

  • ill Skillz
    ill Skillz 2 months ago

    кто тут после Леонида Архангельского?😎⚔🔪🗡🗡🗡🗡🗡

  • ohtrueyeahnah
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  • Sunaji Sesa
    Sunaji Sesa 2 months ago

    Keren m9del lipatan nya

  • Марат Шамсутдинов

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