Forging a Damascus Viking sword part 1.


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  • A J Creedon Sr
    A J Creedon Sr Day ago

    Beautiful !

  • oo oo
    oo oo Day ago

    suprised you're not more jacked! you need to eat meat and stop with the vegan soy.

  • Ренат Мингачев

  • Baron Bar
    Baron Bar 3 days ago

    Have you tried placing titanium foil between each of the metal sheets?

  • Mubeen Mughal
    Mubeen Mughal 3 days ago
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  • Mohammed Khan
    Mohammed Khan 4 days ago

    After seeing Japanese master craftsmen make those incredible swords, I’m afraid this seems rather basic and pedestrian. Although I have to admit that these would be quite effective if you bonked someone on the head with it.

  • Ljuba Nesic
    Ljuba Nesic 4 days ago

    Ti si doktor.!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Orange Macro
    Orange Macro 5 days ago

    Could anyone think of a smartphone or any such shit while watching this?

  • carlos v
    carlos v 5 days ago

    What is that powder you are using brother?

  • Mao Liu
    Mao Liu 5 days ago

    эх жаль,у нас за такую игрушку посадят((

  • Kay Svensson
    Kay Svensson 6 days ago


  • 瑋威雜記
    瑋威雜記 7 days ago

    Did you just forget to quench? Don’t make Sword without soul

  • Alejandro Garcia
    Alejandro Garcia 7 days ago

    Beatiful sword..

  • Alejandro Garcia
    Alejandro Garcia 7 days ago

    Con toda esa herramienta..hasta mi abuelita lo haria...

  • doka stefanos
    doka stefanos 7 days ago

    its my friend and he starts now if you wont help him thanks

  • Ms_Nicole_Leo
    Ms_Nicole_Leo 7 days ago

    And, the story goes, he so brave and pure of heart, reached into the mouth of the fire spitting dragon and yanked out its tooth made of ore. While covered in dragons blood and the knights it devoured, he melded it into the sword of lost souls. Excellent craftsmanship!

  • markspc1
    markspc1 7 days ago

    Great work !

  • 남자이동수
    남자이동수 11 days ago

    야장실력은 이분이 낳네 우리나라 보다

  • Tribe of Reality
    Tribe of Reality 11 days ago

    Beautiful piece of steel

  • sun rise
    sun rise 11 days ago


  • Brady Brown
    Brady Brown 12 days ago

    7:47 missed the spot 😁

  • Goldshake
    Goldshake 12 days ago

    Steel Wood

  • Trevor Mathews
    Trevor Mathews 12 days ago

    Ain’t true “Damascus” that’s just pattern welding

  • Владимир Белов

    Что рубит? Бумагу режет? Или что то серьезное? Где факты ? Или в угол проставить под стекло?

  • Yannick Galvan
    Yannick Galvan 16 days ago

    Superbe, très beau travail

  • Anthony Ryan
    Anthony Ryan 16 days ago

    425 people prefer their swords forged by right-handed makers

  • Салиман Рашид

    Реально викинги не умели делать дамасскую сталь, лишь небольшая часть свеев умела работать с металлом, делая настоящие шедевры из стали, в основном благодаря редкоземельным металлам и очень аккуратной работе. Но ни когда не делали многослойную сталь - это исторический факт, им просто делать это было не за чем - получалось и-так отлично!

  • Алекс Моторный

    How march it cost?

  • Dead Doll
    Dead Doll 19 days ago

    It's nice to see a metal working shop that is clean, organised and well-lit, unlike another sword making channel which uses the dark, dirty, medieval scrap yard aesthetic. Tidy shop, tidy mind.

  • kim alfa
    kim alfa 19 days ago

    hi which is in your point of view difficult to realize a Damascus Viking sword or a katana one ? thanks

  • 長幸 多々良
    長幸 多々良 20 days ago

    Very beautiful!

  • ccmyart
    ccmyart 21 day ago

    How important is the type of fuel for the fire that heats the steel?

  • Леонид Архангельский

    Меч викинга из слоистого дамаска? Ну-ну. Новое слово в истории. Впрочем, он ведь кует, пилит, шлифует, показывает готовое изделие... the rest doesn't matter

  • 60ancka45
    60ancka45 22 days ago

    Qu'elle est belle !
    Très beau travail.

    AYKIRISER 23 days ago


  • Vlad Kudasov
    Vlad Kudasov 23 days ago

    Скоро перекуют все мечи на орала!

  • trevor
    trevor 24 days ago

    Better to make pruning shears than will never learn

    • Elliot White
      Elliot White 22 days ago

      trevor Oh please, it’s a functional work of art, it’s not like he’s going to kill anyone with it.

  • David Ngomdir
    David Ngomdir 24 days ago

    Could you make a tibetian rainbow sword

  • David Ngomdir
    David Ngomdir 24 days ago

    Could you make a tibetian rainbow sword

  • Виталий Падерин

    Разве дол не должен проковываться? Где закалка, отпуск, нормализация? Почему кривой и спуск волнами? Красиво, но не качественно.

  • Dmitry Ivanov
    Dmitry Ivanov 25 days ago


  • Don Armando
    Don Armando 26 days ago

    Wow, very cool. Congrats!

  • izoyt
    izoyt 27 days ago

    this middle section of the blade - shouldn't be forged instead of grinded in, so it get more strength in the core of the blade? just asking, i'm completely noob about this. very nice craftsmanship.

  • Nicky Ovidiu Baiculescu

    Even the viking youtubers are better than normal youtubers I wonder why?! Could it be the simplicity of everything and the precision of work?!

  • Марат Пакалов

    Клинок пропеллером

  • Марат Пакалов

    А где закалка

  • Aracio Plays
    Aracio Plays Month ago +1

    2:54 . eh , yeah.

  • Yula Quade
    Yula Quade Month ago

    Imagine making one of these with no machines

  • aden dika rangga
    aden dika rangga Month ago

    damascus not a viking sword but arabian sword

  • 5u5an /\nT0ni ・ω・

    why u not use flame heart & 2 star crumbs

  • Mc Marcelly
    Mc Marcelly Month ago

    Galera corram lá em nosso canal e de uma confirada no novo vídeo que saiu, , e se-inscrevam, aproveitem e se inscrevam no canal!!!!

  • Matt Kail
    Matt Kail Month ago

    were the vikings in Syria ??

    • Elliot White
      Elliot White 22 days ago

      Matt Kail Is the recreation of free men dictated by history?

  • Mustafa flin
    Mustafa flin Month ago

    Вот так на глазок.. создают шедевры.

  • Jdalaigh2017 Jeremy Dawley

    Viking-vusual information king. Aiking

  • Андрей Кузнецов

    думаю лет 700 назад можно было мешок золота за такой получить.

  • TheFischerMan AKA Gugge

    the iron has to be twisted and then forged together to become a real Viking sword

  • King Bob
    King Bob Month ago

    I wish I have all those tools..

  • Ryan Chen
    Ryan Chen Month ago

    How long to build a sword?

  • جادو جنات اور روخانی علاج

  • M.T.H- D.M
    M.T.H- D.M Month ago

    Where do you the materials from?

  • Fludderlumpagoose Thethird

    You beautiful bastard. I love you

  • Тони четыре пальца

    И нахуй он нужен?Колбасу резать?

  • Дмитрий Хомутский

    Ну как так, ковал- ковал, ковал - ковал, а потом взял и дол вырезал.(
    Well, how so, forged- forged, forged - forged, and then took and cut the recess)

  • BennyCFD
    BennyCFD Month ago

    Too bad it's forge welded and not Damascus. Not unless we missed the part where he smelted raw iron ore in a low temp crucible. Which is how true, authentic, real Damascus (wootz steel) is made.

  • Вячеслав Сергиенко

    У тебя ремень на пневмомолоте начал рваться уже !!!

  • Steven Babb
    Steven Babb Month ago

    damascus /// viking/// pick ONE

    • Elliot White
      Elliot White 22 days ago

      Steven Babb No one said it was going to be period correct. The man can do what he wants

  • Mr. Carrolltucky
    Mr. Carrolltucky Month ago

    Want! Would be guud in my sword room

  • Riddick tonn
    Riddick tonn Month ago +14

    So how much does it cost? I’d buy it. I’ve got 65 ounces of silver.... Trade?

  • Максим Федотов

    Looks like a Woods stile

  • ant-1 -1
    ant-1 -1 Month ago

    didn't show the making of the whole sword. How about the fuller?

  • Head3Shot
    Head3Shot Month ago

    Nothing much to see here, just a modern day Viking making a beautiful Ulfberht! Amazing Work! The finest sword to date #Viking

  • Рашид Гроховский


  • Rias Gremory
    Rias Gremory Month ago


  • Dadan Mulyana
    Dadan Mulyana Month ago

  • حسن الشيخ علي

    The type of white material in which the metal is placed before smelting

  • Ed S
    Ed S Month ago

    Dude,do you even quench?

  • Mikhiel Thorsson
    Mikhiel Thorsson Month ago

    Fucking Amazing Work Dude, just fucking amazing.

  • the tank
    the tank Month ago

    Mais beau travaille !! Belle épée!

  • the tank
    the tank Month ago

    Tu aiguise ta meul comme un retarder!

  • Will Zuidema
    Will Zuidema Month ago

    Someone please show him how to do a hot-cut...

  • TheFastfreddie54
    TheFastfreddie54 Month ago +1


  • Paulo Gomes
    Paulo Gomes Month ago

    for fuck sake imagine doing like thousands of this for your king... and make everything by hand!

  • Алексей Новиков

    РЕСПЕКТ и уважение хотел бы стать кузнецом как мой дед но некому обучить,жаль профессия замечательная ,сам сейчас токарь ну где то поблизости с дедом,но дед был грат мастером эх скучаюпочта

  • Pariah029
    Pariah029 Month ago

    6:35 - nice beat bro

  • Jovan Radojkovic
    Jovan Radojkovic Month ago

    Masterwork, honestly a real masterpiece. Wieringa your skills are brutal. I would love to have one of those artworks in my home.

  • Arif jagaWana
    Arif jagaWana 2 months ago

    Lebih keren pamornya keris Indonesia. Tapi ini keren juga si hihi

  • Torsten Nieswandt
    Torsten Nieswandt 2 months ago

    Hello. I admire this craftmanship. Respect.
    but I have a question. What kind of powder are you doing after firing?

  • alexandre b
    alexandre b 2 months ago

    good job

  • Sander Anocic
    Sander Anocic 2 months ago

    I bet he doesnt make rune platebodies

  • Midia-On Mi-BE
    Midia-On Mi-BE 2 months ago +1

    Exelente. Parabéns. Muito bom mesmo.

  • Tobias
    Tobias 2 months ago

    Very nice indeed, but I find that I must point out that the blood channels LOOK machined rather than hammered. The edges are far too defined.

  • Barış Peace
    Barış Peace 2 months ago

    3:37 is that a Dragon skeleton at backside?

  • jhon humilde aprendiz
    jhon humilde aprendiz 2 months ago

    vc deu um banho de soda caustica certo ??? e depois pos um pó que pó e esse ???(portugues brasil)

  • František ONDRUŠ
    František ONDRUŠ 2 months ago

    WOW I want one.

  • Сергій Міхалков

    Thank you !!!

  • Саша Шахринов

    Amerika -pidori

  • Alex Alex
    Alex Alex 2 months ago

    А руками ковать слабо!?

  • Glen Blanton
    Glen Blanton 2 months ago

    How much for the sword?

  • J R Deckard
    J R Deckard 2 months ago

    7:04 That can't be good for the elbow.

  • 郭楣
    郭楣 2 months ago

    Boy he really dose look like a Viking blacksmith!