• Published on Nov 17, 2019
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  • Infinite
    Infinite  27 days ago +1299

    ^^ Only 2 weeks to get it and then it’s gone forever!!! ^^

    • Muhammad Azeem
      Muhammad Azeem 5 hours ago

      I have

    • Muhammad Azeem
      Muhammad Azeem 5 hours ago

      infinite I Like you 💚💙❤️💜💚❤️💜💚❤️💙💜💚❤️💙💜

    • Dannielle Jones
      Dannielle Jones 18 hours ago


    • Haylei Bond
      Haylei Bond Day ago

      @Lucky bunny when his birthday

    • Julie Miller
      Julie Miller Day ago


  • Jonathan Palafox
    Jonathan Palafox 32 seconds ago

    Oh no I've stubed my toes one million times

  • Josh Hill
    Josh Hill 4 minutes ago

    I pick my nails

  • Movie Lover
    Movie Lover 28 minutes ago

    That's acutely the best thing to happen to you with the Cheeto dust

  • Martin Graves
    Martin Graves 52 minutes ago

    Mike, you aren't stupid🐆👌👍🏻

  • panda scored 100
    panda scored 100 Hour ago

    Can i get a ldhout out

  • Peggy Jordan
    Peggy Jordan Hour ago

    All of this has happened to me

  • Ann Haddrell
    Ann Haddrell Hour ago


  • Teri Kotz
    Teri Kotz Hour ago

    I all ways wanted to be a youtuber.
    And I am Charlee

  • Evan glad
    Evan glad Hour ago

    I really do have to agree on you with the one with the Dorito fingers because I hate when people have those and then they just suck the Doritos right off it's just so disgusting and of course whenever I have that problem I don't have anything to wipe it on

  • April Brysin
    April Brysin 2 hours ago +1

    There was a frown on the cookie

  • Ericka Grin
    Ericka Grin 2 hours ago

    I liked, subscribed and love bang because of you!

  • aboobakr Morris
    aboobakr Morris 2 hours ago +1


  • Maxwoon Paul
    Maxwoon Paul 3 hours ago

    If i hit my toes i will punch the think

  • Alex Smith3
    Alex Smith3 4 hours ago

    Pls keep it kid friendly I have a puppy that watches to so let the puppy encourage uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Adam Fox
    Adam Fox 6 hours ago

    Ay didt

  • Ianis croitoru
    Ianis croitoru 6 hours ago

    When I try to put a cup of water in another cup of water it just doesn’t gos in the cup it goes all over the table/desk and it goes on you and you t-shirt/clothes like if this happened I’m sure it did lots of times

  • Ianis croitoru
    Ianis croitoru 6 hours ago +1

    Yeah that’s what happened to me once so I wanted to charge my phone 📱 then the charger somehow broke then I hade to put my hand on the charger and had to wait till it has battery 🔋 like my comm if that happened to you

  • joeanthem78
    joeanthem78 7 hours ago


  • spider best
    spider best 8 hours ago +1

    # annoying

  • david browning
    david browning 8 hours ago


  • TorunnJ Sutphen
    TorunnJ Sutphen 9 hours ago

    I have hangnails

  • Lucasj258
    Lucasj258 10 hours ago

    I have all these

  • matt Cooper
    matt Cooper 10 hours ago +1

    This reminds me of the time in 5th grade when my teacher bent over and I put my scissors right behind his butt and a kid told him and i got on a lot of trouble. I am now in 7th grade

  • emaad ahmad
    emaad ahmad 11 hours ago


  • Jaq Angeles
    Jaq Angeles 11 hours ago

    Yes i Do

  • Lillian Beth Shortland
    Lillian Beth Shortland 11 hours ago

    When I eat my dinner I drop my fork in the dinner and take it out then I lick it and wash meh hands

  • Callee Schumann
    Callee Schumann 12 hours ago

    litrtally all my fingers at the moment im not even lying 6:48

  • Emanuel Bello-Contreras

    When ever my cookies fall into the milk I get a spoon

  • Shavonne Bolden
    Shavonne Bolden 14 hours ago

    I love your videos so much and you are so funny🥺

  • Steve Andruszko
    Steve Andruszko 14 hours ago +1

    So anoining

  • GachaBLOX_ YT Christine
    GachaBLOX_ YT Christine 14 hours ago +1

    I just noticed the chocolate chip cookie looks sad :( and the i did the charger it happend to me before

  • Lia Sanders
    Lia Sanders 14 hours ago

    Um gloves ?

  • SpideyBoy 2010
    SpideyBoy 2010 15 hours ago

    Yup i do pick it

  • SpideyBoy 2010
    SpideyBoy 2010 15 hours ago


  • Maureen Kludass
    Maureen Kludass 15 hours ago +1

    My most cringed one was the nail cut!... i can't help it either i have a habit of doing it! great vid!!!

  • Bucket Head
    Bucket Head 15 hours ago

    I have a carier like that is so annoing

  • peridot
    peridot 17 hours ago

    The worst pain is burining to death
    (Thank you older sister)

  • Gemma Palmer
    Gemma Palmer 17 hours ago

    Why does he sound like he’s sick 🤢

  • Marie's toy world
    Marie's toy world 18 hours ago +2

    I'm at 2:46 and why can't you just break the cookie 🍪 in half?

  • Afsar Ally Lalloo
    Afsar Ally Lalloo 18 hours ago

    The phone charger one that happens to me all the time I have a tragedy very stressed

  • Alyson Pearson
    Alyson Pearson 18 hours ago


  • Yodeiris Marquez
    Yodeiris Marquez 19 hours ago

    Uhhh that all happens to me and love u videos

  • Jurgita Klimiene
    Jurgita Klimiene 19 hours ago

    Those chicken nuggets actually came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

  • Hey Hi
    Hey Hi 19 hours ago

    My team has never cut in half when I am using it

  • Purrsport
    Purrsport 19 hours ago

    Oof when I go to my grandma's house I ride the scooter oooooooooooof I ded

  • Elias Simmons
    Elias Simmons 19 hours ago

    when you stub your toe under the table uuuuuuug

  • Maura Dodd
    Maura Dodd 19 hours ago

    are you crying or laughing 😂

  • Maura Dodd
    Maura Dodd 19 hours ago


  • Lauren Black
    Lauren Black 21 hour ago +2

    Reply Calus please. Do you like Morgz as a friend/youtuber

  • Tori S
    Tori S 21 hour ago +1

    Your so cute

  • Molly Hendricks
    Molly Hendricks 22 hours ago

    i do

  • Stéphanie Odjick
    Stéphanie Odjick 23 hours ago


  • Hassan Alansari
    Hassan Alansari Day ago

    I have never stub my toeo

  • Ivonne Espinal
    Ivonne Espinal Day ago

    I’m sorry infinite but I love your videos but I can’t buy your merch because my mom won’t get it but it will mean the world if I get it

  • Solomon Ababio
    Solomon Ababio Day ago

    I’ve stubbed my toe

  • Solomon Ababio
    Solomon Ababio Day ago

    I have that bad habbit

  • Aubree Martinez
    Aubree Martinez Day ago

    You can't breathe when you give birth

  • Kevin Hampton
    Kevin Hampton Day ago

    I was eating Doritos while I was watching your video and I got the Dorito dust all over my bed I know myself what I was wearing my PJs

  • Tracy Lewis
    Tracy Lewis Day ago

    I have a habit of making a double-u with my tongue