Half-Life: Alyx - Official Announcement Trailer

  • Published on Nov 21, 2019
  • Set between the events of Half-Life and Half-Life 2, Half-Life: Alyx is a new full-length game built from the ground up by Valve for virtual reality.
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  • slimey 1112
    slimey 1112 10 hours ago

    2020 no half life 3 more half life alyx is a step for a half life 3 do not cry

  • made in England
    made in England 10 days ago

    I finally get over that HL3 is never going to happen.........then they do this!!! Dam it value at least use some lube!!

  • Youtuber123
    Youtuber123 10 days ago

    Its fucking vr? Fuck off

    • Zero001 LP
      Zero001 LP Day ago

      No, it's not fucking VR, it is normal VR, you do not fuck in that VR game.

  • Kazoo for life
    Kazoo for life 15 days ago

    G man in vr!

  • Marc Cognet
    Marc Cognet 17 days ago

    is this a new engine?

    • LieutenantMaster
      LieutenantMaster 16 days ago

      Source 2
      Same engine used for Artifact, Dota Underlords, (new) dota 2, CS:GO user interface

      Hammer will be upgraded to allow users to create new maps for half life alyx as well :)

  • Informatizer
    Informatizer 26 days ago

    This is like a prequel right?

  • JackDanielWithCelery

    Damn, G-man looks hot as fuck now.

  • Станислав Братовский

    блядь, мне походу до пенсии халф 3 ждать

  • netweed09
    netweed09 Month ago

    Valve, have you forgotten abo,,
    Valve: Yes

  • fuse
    fuse Month ago


  • Obsivinity
    Obsivinity Month ago

    Gman watches the competition! I watched the Game Awards and got no smash character reveal so I am here now.

  • Vixtorrr
    Vixtorrr Month ago

    close your eyes honey , that was in episode 2 , OMG , I want play in my PC :")

  • Nigel Drop
    Nigel Drop Month ago

    1:17 the badguy is dragon knight xD

  • ekathe85
    ekathe85 Month ago

    1:38 G-Man looks like Steve Fulbright in Beverly Hills Cop III

  • nTudor
    nTudor Month ago


  • Yolosnip 155
    Yolosnip 155 Month ago

    Only if this was available on ps vr

  • -moth-
    -moth- Month ago

    Wow maybe this will make my valve index look worth it

  • GameFiend06
    GameFiend06 Month ago

    *lifelight intensifies*

  • Hergad
    Hergad Month ago

    I want to...

  • Fake Albert
    Fake Albert Month ago

    I still need a new portal game

  • Deimantas Nikartas
    Deimantas Nikartas Month ago +1

    half life 4 confirmed?

  • Chris BB-81
    Chris BB-81 Month ago

    How much I love HL. I'm not getting a VR headset just for this...

  • Ольга Лойко

    Очень круто

  • punchparty 400
    punchparty 400 Month ago

    Can this be for ps4

  • Beer Market
    Beer Market Month ago

    What a smart choice, this is done to promote the Knuckles.

  • Doge
    Doge Month ago

    Valve: "Alright, the day has come ladies and gentlemen. We have everything we need to make a new half life game, should we finally make half life 3, the sequel the fans have been dying for for over a decade? shall we finally bring this masterpiece home and give the people the closure they so desperately desire ?

    .......hmmm.....OK virtual reality game set before half life 2 it is!"
    me: ".......excuse me what in the actual fuckidy fuck festing what????"

  • MultiTomatojuice
    MultiTomatojuice Month ago +1

    Half Life 3 = Life 1.5

  • Lord Nando
    Lord Nando Month ago

    People already died while waiting for this game, kinda sad... but fuck it im alive WOHO

    • Holake
      Holake Month ago

      @Lord Nando damn... you lucky (┬┬﹏┬┬)

    • Lord Nando
      Lord Nando Month ago

      @Holake Um yes .. why?

    • Holake
      Holake Month ago

      do you have a headset?

  • CIA #
    CIA # Month ago

    Ooooooh shit this gonna be good

  • Cacutor
    Cacutor Month ago +1

    If only Keanu Reeves was in it

  • Pyromaniac soldierr

    Its a miracle its an australian christmas bloody miracle!

  • fly the bandit
    fly the bandit Month ago

    Hafe life 3!!!!!

  • Sechskiller 9345
    Sechskiller 9345 Month ago +1

    There was some people waiting to this new Half-life and died ☹

  • Emre Parakazan
    Emre Parakazan Month ago

    00.40 - 00.46is he Freeman?

  • Omir Laa
    Omir Laa Month ago

    Looks like every shitty modern VR ''action'' game.

  • Никита Мошак

    its vr ? oh shit

  • adrian blade
    adrian blade Month ago

    It's all fun and games until Headcrab jumps while wearing VR

  • Baiatu vrei petarzi??

    Make a normal game for us peasants

  • Saino Blitz
    Saino Blitz Month ago

    Different Eli VA?

  • Mag Hicugi
    Mag Hicugi Month ago

    I can not believe that... Did Gordon Freeman just talk?

  • Ahmed Elselly
    Ahmed Elselly Month ago

    Am soooooooooo excited, Never been excited like that before. I feel I became a child again.

  • Nicolas Asd
    Nicolas Asd Month ago

    al menos lo hubieran avisado antes asi empezaba a ahorrar para las VR

  • Hemic Shark
    Hemic Shark Month ago +1

    Holy shit...

  • Javier Montaño
    Javier Montaño Month ago

    Este pequeño pedazo de mi vida se llama felicidad :)

  • Mamo Altun
    Mamo Altun Month ago +2

    They named it Half Life cuz you need to wait half of your life till another sequel/prequel comes out.

  • dusty lens cap
    dusty lens cap Month ago

    Were is Gordan Freeman?

  • jasewildheart
    jasewildheart Month ago

    VR....Just what everyone wanted.

  • FeelsOkayMan
    FeelsOkayMan Month ago


  • Danil Dobrin
    Danil Dobrin Month ago

    мне одному кажется что сам Гобен кидает пистолет игроку?

  • Gonk Droid
    Gonk Droid Month ago

    portal alyx: the potato story

  • fuckyou guugle
    fuckyou guugle Month ago

    sadly i will never play this because i need a vr set AND a room dedicated to it

    • AskerVR
      AskerVR Month ago

      Why u need a room? 2cm2

  • F Torrado
    F Torrado Month ago

    VR-person "shooter" instead of FPS? No thanks


    Half life 3 confirmed?

  • Clonickk
    Clonickk Month ago

    Даун... Просмотры с официального канала спер

  • Joker Pawn
    Joker Pawn Month ago

    Now that this is VR the game wont sell as much so valve will think there isn't enough interest for this series anymore

  • dejan
    dejan Month ago

    Half life 3 2024

  • My Own Enemy
    My Own Enemy Month ago

    Half life has always been a series that pushes the limits of what we think of as a great game. It might not be the hl3 that we were all waiting for but it's good to see Valve holding up the established pedigree, because this looks like it'll raise the bar for immersive VR

  • Starkey
    Starkey Month ago

    It's just Portal: Bridge Constructor but for Half-Life

  • I'm ConHulio
    I'm ConHulio Month ago

    Yesterday was the best day in my f**** live ;) i found Half-Life: Alyx in my STEAM-LIBARY... THX @ VALVE :* ..... and RIP&TEAR ;)