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  • Published on Oct 17, 2018
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  • GRM Daily
    GRM Daily  11 months ago +991

    "I remember playing kirby with a mitre" jeez 💨
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    • Ciaran P
      Ciaran P Month ago

      @raz lia curby was a game people used to play which was people standing on curbs trying to throw a ball onto the curb

    • David Mcateer
      David Mcateer 2 months ago

      @Jammy Dodger type of football

    • The Frank White Show
      The Frank White Show 4 months ago +1

      Yutes don't kick mitres no more all out selling hard food and killing eachother lol that bar got me tho

    • Lil Veguc
      Lil Veguc 5 months ago

      ya think I’m watch him out

    • faris
      faris 6 months ago +1

      @An Eaglsa lool sports direct still sell mitres


    Ban got a nigga wheres the laza whats the laza show him what's cracking I remember playing with moda is like niggas fuck that end if we go my niggas bringing the magic "oh truuun^

  • Gloom
    Gloom 13 hours ago

    He got shot "fuck them guys and them death threat's".

  • Calebmufcthompson
    Calebmufcthompson 8 days ago +1

    Americans bop to this but don’t know what he’s talking about 😂

  • Jalen Berry
    Jalen Berry 9 days ago

    Worst thing that could happen in this country is a slight whopping then tea time

  • Zhiavia Tzieyziaeskavov

    .....A vacuum with a bishops hat on...???....How do you play that???.....😂😂

  • True
    True 15 days ago +2

    *someone shoots mist*
    Mist: 00:07

  • Jamal games For no reason

    No lie but needs ta be on spotfiy

  • Bradley Elves
    Bradley Elves 16 days ago +3

    0:07 when you get a haircut and your brother slaps your head with alcohol.

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 16 days ago

    Has Mist got his IPAF?

  • Piers Baron
    Piers Baron 16 days ago

    Who's where cos of the mist getting shot meme? AHHH

  • Ebony Simone
    Ebony Simone 17 days ago

    thexvid.com/video/W2xFoub4tmc/video.html check that

    REMOS BEATZ 19 days ago

    man said playing Kirby with a mitre 100

  • Karl Walker
    Karl Walker 20 days ago

    Why is this still not on spotify?

  • Narxzire Falcon
    Narxzire Falcon 20 days ago

    Dis guy is. Dat Guy...

  • Olly
    Olly 20 days ago +3

    0:07 when mist got shot

  • Ismail-A. Shulu
    Ismail-A. Shulu 21 day ago


  • Tajul Islam
    Tajul Islam 22 days ago

    0:07 the sound mist made when he got shot😂

  • jamie wild
    jamie wild 22 days ago

    0:07 what noise he made when he got shot

    DIRTTY DiESeLL 22 days ago

    What I wanna know is.. does mist have an IPAF!

  • Real Life
    Real Life 22 days ago

    When you get shot :07

  • Henry Sutcliffe
    Henry Sutcliffe 22 days ago +143

    Someone said 0:07 was the sound mist made when he got shot

    • Only Jarran
      Only Jarran 7 days ago +2

      Omg lol 🤣🤣

    • Boss Man
      Boss Man 17 days ago +1


    • Dagger
      Dagger 18 days ago +2

      Well Fredo did warn him, why you got a ring that's made for a wrist🤷‍♂️

    • Aydilla3kenny
      Aydilla3kenny 18 days ago +1

      Crying cuzzzzzzzzz😭😭😭😭

    • Tahsin. A
      Tahsin. A 19 days ago

      That was me

  • Cerxu
    Cerxu 22 days ago

    0:07 sound mist made when he got shot

  • J Kalla
    J Kalla 22 days ago

    1:43 SNM 🤐

  • Ammaar
    Ammaar 22 days ago +5

    0:07 The noise Mist made when he got shot in the leg

    • ok ay
      ok ay 20 days ago +1

      So original

  • Josh
    Josh 23 days ago +2

    0:07 the second mist made when he got shot

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 23 days ago +1

    0:07 Mist when he got shot😂😂😂

    NO LIMITS URBEX 24 days ago

    Mist has put weight on #pieface

  • Flosman
    Flosman 24 days ago

    0.07 noise mist made when man got shot

  • Tahsin. A
    Tahsin. A 24 days ago +10

    0:07 when you're shot in the leg

  • Rosa Maria Ferreira Silva

    sei que foste baleado no meu pais, as melhoras

  • Baller Life
    Baller Life 25 days ago

    Man got robbed like a bitch. Stop flossing if you wanna stay alive 💯 and you said fuck the death threats.

    RAEES AMJAD 25 days ago +12

    I hope your okay Mist
    He got shot in the leg in Portugal

    • SkankHunt 420
      SkankHunt 420 16 days ago +1

      @RAEES AMJAD, Yeah he got shot because he tried to tickle next mans tackle.....

    • gustav ahr peep
      gustav ahr peep 22 days ago +1

      They are trynna play niggas in Portugal? Smh 💀

      RAEES AMJAD 22 days ago +1

      steen Forster yes

    • steen Forster
      steen Forster 22 days ago +1

      Really boss

  • Dynamic Miah
    Dynamic Miah 27 days ago

    New Mohammed mist

  • Football Wrestling fan

    'I remember playing curvy with a mitre'. I just smiled 😁 That's why I like Mist. I can relate because he's from Brum and we grew up in roughly the same ends.

  • Double_ Aitch Ronaldo


  • pittbike GANG
    pittbike GANG Month ago

    Black max branning

  • Saint George
    Saint George Month ago +1

    Can't go out without *Billy* getting noticed or can't go out with out *really* getting noticed

  • Josh Rush
    Josh Rush Month ago +3

    Why does mist sound like he bangs his toe at the start of every tune🤣

  • Ateeb Vlogs
    Ateeb Vlogs Month ago


  • Brnz
    Brnz Month ago +1

    When rappers only rhyme the last word

  • Juanita Longworth
    Juanita Longworth Month ago

    00:7 when you get hit in primary school

  • softley j
    softley j Month ago

    Mist & ASAP ferg need a song

  • antonia
    antonia Month ago +5

    omg this is so much better than the kodak version

  • HaZe HASSY
    HaZe HASSY 2 months ago +8

    That “ah” at the start scared me out lool

  • S T Powerbuilding
    S T Powerbuilding 2 months ago

    100 times better than the original

  • Austin Fontaine
    Austin Fontaine 2 months ago

    dude is a badass no cap

  • fruit
    fruit 2 months ago

    When the camera went to the camera I said 'Weird flex but ok'

  • leandro richards
    leandro richards 2 months ago

    Black max branning‼

  • Dasa Istankova
    Dasa Istankova 2 months ago

    London ..big king mist💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰 cool..??

  • Gurpreet Singh
    Gurpreet Singh 2 months ago

    No,! Your next move is to get your own beat.

  • Th3 deadly panda
    Th3 deadly panda 2 months ago

    Did i just hear black max branning😂🤣

  • Joanne Whyte
    Joanne Whyte 2 months ago

    I living in Denton and my street is 7 park

  • Joanne Whyte
    Joanne Whyte 2 months ago +1

    sick track I am your bigist fan

  • Steven Dickinson
    Steven Dickinson 3 months ago

    Realy good music why carnt all these hit the charts youll all smash it

  • mertnnatz page
    mertnnatz page 3 months ago

    1:23 when the fiend says "stick it on my tab bro..!!"

  • Ryan 1
    Ryan 1 3 months ago +1

    He looks like he’s in my gta warehouse

  • Sam Newby
    Sam Newby 3 months ago

    Hello, I can't season again cheeze!!

  • MaryAnne Samir
    MaryAnne Samir 3 months ago

    toooooooooo sick

  • luke mccabe
    luke mccabe 3 months ago

    Going in quick with grips maaad ting