10 Football Daily Predictions For Next Season!

  • Published on Jul 27, 2019
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    The season kicks off in 2 weeks time so we've decided to take a risk and give you our predictions for next season so when it's May you can use them against us.
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  • Cian McLoughlin123

    They recorded this before the premier league window closed. How long does it take to edit come on.@footballdaily

  • matty hatton
    matty hatton Day ago

    "Arsenal to finally return since 2015/2016" do you not remember 10-2 bayern in 2017

  • matty hatton
    matty hatton Day ago

    Expected goals 🙄

  • Asim Malik
    Asim Malik 6 days ago +1

    Hope Toronto FC wins the shield & MLS cup plus the Canadian Championship.... I💖🇨🇦💖⚽️⚽️ #AllforOne

  • Henrique Fernandes
    Henrique Fernandes 7 days ago

    This is the only video I have actually been disappointed with... smh

  • ImRekib Wouhib
    ImRekib Wouhib 9 days ago

    This is gonna make a lot people MAD! 😬
    Barcelona win UCLmad

  • Sx_JoNas
    Sx_JoNas 10 days ago

    You kone IT is Ole Gunnar Solskjær right? Not gonar

  • Sinead Brown
    Sinead Brown 13 days ago

    Newcastle defo won't go down Liverpool to will win the prem man city or barca for champions league wodnt right Liverpool off just depends if der leading the prem at semi final stage

  • Juhis01
    Juhis01 19 days ago

    In BvB fan and im kinda scared to Face Bayern and Rb's attack

  • Player
    Player 20 days ago

    Guys anybody bought forecasts from joyfootball.org?

  • Lars Griffioen
    Lars Griffioen 21 day ago

    leipzig wont finish above bvb... but still may come second...

  • QuanBo (David) Lu
    QuanBo (David) Lu 23 days ago +1

    Dortmund 5-1 Augsburg

  • Wessel Nijhuis
    Wessel Nijhuis 24 days ago

    Maybe should have made this video after the whole transferperiod xd

  • dazzaburger
    dazzaburger 25 days ago

    Barcelona will lose to Man City in the CL final and Pep will celebrate in front of the Spanish fans.

  • Amlan Dutta
    Amlan Dutta 25 days ago

    Barca will win UCL!!!!!
    Are you kidding me ???

  • wolfaagman
    wolfaagman 26 days ago

    RB Leipzig will top Dortmund. Lol
    You guys dont don't even follow them or Bundesliga properly. Talking stupid and bold for views or do you really believe it.

  • Rui Jardim
    Rui Jardim 26 days ago

    Ahahahahaahahh Barca to win the champions league, are you joking right? RIGHT?????

  • Tyler Foster
    Tyler Foster 26 days ago

    Liverpool are gonna win the Premier League.

  • Dino
    Dino 27 days ago

    It would be a joke for a energy drink Company to be winning over big historic teams. Smh

  • Lukáš Margul
    Lukáš Margul 27 days ago

    GL with OGS

  • Brandon Barlow
    Brandon Barlow 27 days ago

    My 10 predictions are the following:
    1. BVD to win the Bundesliga
    2. Napoli to win Serie A
    3. AS Monaco to get relegated
    4. Barcelona and Man city will play in the UCL final
    5. Liverpool to finish 4th
    6. Man city win the EPL
    7. Hazard to have a bad season
    8. Lyon to stay within 15 points of PSG
    9. Raheem Sterling to win golden boot
    10. Sheffield United to avoid relegation
    Tell me what you think about it.

  • vijay raj
    vijay raj 28 days ago

    Trust me your prediction all out

  • ManU Ferguson
    ManU Ferguson 28 days ago

    🤭 I'm about to unsubscribe

  • Sonny Dunn
    Sonny Dunn 29 days ago

    Liverpool win league

  • BenE Samuel
    BenE Samuel 29 days ago

    Just saw the thumbnail

    10 times Football Daily got it wrong

  • Lyle Brown
    Lyle Brown Month ago

    Pmsl gave all us united fans shit for only making 2 signings and saying they aren't up to par we silence all and they bag a goal against Chelsea

  • Lyle Brown
    Lyle Brown Month ago

    Liverpools defence this year is shite

  • Joefish 1812
    Joefish 1812 Month ago

    last year United had shit defenders in valencia young jones and smalling this year we have wan bissaka maguire lindleof and Shaw United have a good squad now OGS won't get sacked

  • Normunds Paserns
    Normunds Paserns Month ago

    I think that Ed Woodward will leave Man Utd faster that Solskjaer because Solskjaer cares about the team and fans and he is loved by fans as well in the other hand Woodward is being hated by Manchester United fans

  • Janet Snakehole
    Janet Snakehole Month ago

    Sorry lads, awful predictions.. most predictions just based on transfers.. not other factors.

  • iamphyomaung
    iamphyomaung Month ago

    I bet City won’t win

  • Sven
    Sven Month ago +1

    Inter will end Juventus’ dominance, mark my words!

  • Ko Toe Pyae
    Ko Toe Pyae Month ago

    Idiots dogs football daily gays

  • Alex Joynes
    Alex Joynes Month ago

    Still can't spell "surprise" though can you...


    7:30 "Man united are no close to bringing in the required centre-back"
    Harry Maguire: "Am i a joke to you?"

  • Shiv Puri
    Shiv Puri Month ago

    Soleskjaers main problem was depth too many players got injured+ cl fixtures.If they have depth like the likes of city/Juventus or even Liverpool for their midfield and attack I'd say United would be up there with spurs

  • Godie gooves
    Godie gooves Month ago

    False prediction,try again next season.

  • Noki Aaa
    Noki Aaa Month ago

    Aggravating predictions

  • Ahmad Tijani
    Ahmad Tijani Month ago

    Barca to blow a three goal league again

  • Elias Ward
    Elias Ward Month ago

    What is it with football daily consantly sucking Nagelsmann's dick? what has he accomplished really?

  • iddaaparayap
    iddaaparayap Month ago

    Free football predictions ready for you... Go and get easy money

  • Narel Phillips
    Narel Phillips Month ago +2

    Southampton to rustle some feathers
    1st game and lose 3-0 to Brighton

  • Taylor AFC
    Taylor AFC Month ago +4

    Why would you make this video before deadline day? 😂 miss out on so much

  • whoisme
    whoisme Month ago

    Man Utd will win the league

  • MnA
    MnA Month ago +1

    So much bs, all of these predictions became false just two weeks after this release

  • de Havilland William

    Who else watches this after united beat chelsea 4-0?

  • Emil Rene Nilsen Jakobsen

    Solskjaer is getting sacked. Wins 4-0 over Chelsea in the first leafue round😎

  • Yousuf Rustam
    Yousuf Rustam Month ago

    Dear Football Daily Is Maguire a joke to you?

  • christian molina
    christian molina Month ago


  • Herakon
    Herakon Month ago +7

    Well, Atleti just beat Barca 7-4, United just beat Chelsea 4-0 and Southampton just lost 3-0 to Burnley. Nice one lads!

    • Hady Morgz
      Hady Morgz Month ago

      Lost to barca wtffff? Real pussy u idiot plz dont reply

  • Kadeem Brown
    Kadeem Brown Month ago

    This channel knows nothing about football

  • Matt Matthews
    Matt Matthews Month ago +1

    You lot really don’t have a clue do you

  • Matt Matthews
    Matt Matthews Month ago +1

    Nah Southampton are getting relegated son

  • Zaki
    Zaki Month ago +1

    Southampton to surprise? Well we lost 3-0 To Burnley, who are shite

  • John Girard
    John Girard Month ago

    Liverpool will win the cl

  • Shibasish Mukherjee


  • Sparky Dude
    Sparky Dude Month ago

    Ole won't make it to Xmas.

  • Patricia Payne
    Patricia Payne Month ago

    Barca to win the CL HAHAHAHHH that was a good one😂😂

  • Jure Barić
    Jure Barić Month ago +1

    Rb over BVB? Yall can’t be serius...

  • Dowin Elliot
    Dowin Elliot Month ago

    This dude's predictions are simply trash. DORTMUND TO FINISH THIRD???? AND ATLETICO TO DROP TO THIRD?? Madness don't know anything bro