I'm Blown Away by Xbox Game Pass

  • Published on Apr 1, 2018
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  • Maul xx
    Maul xx Month ago

    I'd try it with a free trial but IDK about paying for it. I don't have an XB1 but if I did I think I'd prefer just to pay for GOLD, get the free games every month & purchase what I really want to play. Just my preference. It's a good deal though if you don't want to buy games & just play whatever they provide you with every month.

  • Jeremiah Enrile
    Jeremiah Enrile 5 months ago

    If you dont mind owning a game after you finish it then gamepass is for you. But if you want to own games whether digital or physical gamepass is not a good deal since its a subscription based rental.

  • TheInfamous191
    TheInfamous191 8 months ago

    Is it full game or demo on game pass ??

  • Richard Price
    Richard Price 9 months ago

    I wish PlayStation had a competent version of this. I'm really considering getting an Xbox one s since I don't have a 4k tv

  • Tech AT
    Tech AT 9 months ago

    What happened to the games after 30 days which were downloaded by Xbox game pass

  • Asa R.
    Asa R. 11 months ago

    How much is a 4K tv and an Xbox one X?

  • Michael Lonergan
    Michael Lonergan 11 months ago

    There's not always a catch, just with Sony there is. I own ps4, I dont own Xbox one, but I do own 360 and ps3, ps2 and psx, but I gotta say, game pass is the best thing ive seen in gaming in years. I'm getting Xbox one just because of game pass. Sony only care about money. Psnow is a joke! Microsoft care about the experience for the customer. Can you imagine last of us 2 on psnow on day one??? Never happen coz Sony are scumbag money grabbers.

  • Penny Katy
    Penny Katy Year ago

    shit video . Delete video

  • Penny Katy
    Penny Katy Year ago

    shit video

  • Jeff  Hartmann
    Jeff Hartmann Year ago

    Free to play this weekend do u get to keep the games rainbow???

  • PatrickTCAPIreland

    Man I wish PS4 had this especially because of the exclusives appeal to me more on PlayStation, PSnow isn’t the same

  • Daniel Duncan
    Daniel Duncan Year ago

    Many weeks later... So, how do you like that Game Pass now? LOLOLOLOLOL

  • Hyper_Imp
    Hyper_Imp Year ago

    Hey yong - if I don't want game pass do I have to change my gtag

  • MonsterKat
    MonsterKat Year ago +1

    They are phasing the Xbox brand out and it started with play anywhere.

  • Lil Heinz94
    Lil Heinz94 Year ago

    Keep hating sony soibois

  • mike jones
    mike jones Year ago

    Xbox games pass is for $1 for a month trial right now..can't beat that.

  • schakalakadingdong

    Hey, so you have an Xbox now?
    Will you cover State of Decay 2 then??
    Only title I'm a hyped for, apart from RDR2.

  • schakalakadingdong

    I buy maybe two big games a year and get one or two heavily discounted. Since that's all the time I'm willing to sink into gaming, the game pass isn't interesting to me.
    I just don't want to be bound to another subscription and therefore another company. I have enough of those already. :D

  • Bigsteelguy4
    Bigsteelguy4 Year ago

    Bro excellent choice to go with the One X. I bought mine in early March like a few weeks ago but I already had a One S, but I got it for true 4K games. Anyway you can get an entire year of Game pass free through Microsoft rewards program. I don't have to pay the $10 till April 2019. Just sign up, use Bing and take quizzes and surveys to earn points. Also check your emails for other ways to earn.

  • Bigsteelguy4
    Bigsteelguy4 Year ago

    The new update improves it alot and its not as sluggish anymore. I got it on my One S, but not on my One X yet, and you can see and feel the difference.

  • Yeezus b
    Yeezus b Year ago

    When it expires can you still play the game

  • Zachary Law
    Zachary Law Year ago

    A monthly fee...like paying 500 bucks over the span of a console generation just to get a few short deals and old games? 😂 Build or put towards a PC and keep your old games natively and play at max settings, given that you basically own an Xbox if you get PC--because Xbox is obsolete, duh.

  • Black Doom 96
    Black Doom 96 Year ago

    I never gave the bioshock games a go and I got backwards compatibility and seen it had ALL of them so I loaded up the first game and after I beat it boy was I happy there was more bioshock what a fantastic franchise I was saddened when I beat them all.....But wait......Rumours of a new bioshock in development ...... I is happy too 👌

  • Jason Peterson
    Jason Peterson Year ago

    This is awkward and unsettling...usually you’re robotic reading gaming news or ranting...

  • Nathan Rios
    Nathan Rios Year ago

    Uhh, so isn't it basically just like Origin Access..?

    • Nathan Rios
      Nathan Rios Year ago

      A Real Gamer Ohh nice, I always thought Origin Access was a cool idea. Looks like I may have to finally grab an Xbox. Lol.

  • DayWalker THG
    DayWalker THG Year ago

    XBOX ONE X > PScrap

  • Davonte Fordham
    Davonte Fordham Year ago

    So...... why does this video have dislikes?

  • big deezle
    big deezle Year ago

    Lmao this is a joke

  • Diark Lusts
    Diark Lusts Year ago

    can you play the old burnout games

  • Sarthak Pratik
    Sarthak Pratik Year ago +1

    But doesn't the PS4 Pro plays Blu ray? I'm sure mine does. Heck yeah it does.

  • TheLegendInYou
    TheLegendInYou Year ago

    welcome to American Made. There is a catch...When your finally happy and all your gammer dreams come true, Microsoft will change CEOs and fuck it all up. again.

  • bombarded15
    bombarded15 Year ago

    Are you going to cover Sea of Thieves in depth at some point? I'd love to see your take on it

  • RetroSimon
    RetroSimon Year ago

    Me too played snore of thieves and gears 4 for free.

  • shawn meira
    shawn meira Year ago

    NVidia has had this for a long time

  • Mr. Gency
    Mr. Gency Year ago

    I was gonna say that the first name change is free, but I guess you had an account from before that

  • Armaugh Blackwolf

    I really hope this was an April Fools joke, because there's maybe three or four decent games on there. You'd be much better off paying a few bucks more for GameFly than ten bucks a month for the garbage games on Game Pass.
    I have an Xbox and check it periodically to see if they add anything good, and it's usually some bullshit like an EA Lacrosse game or a fishing game. Otherwise it's usually 360 games, most of which you can already buy digitally for ten bucks.
    I canceled it way before my free trial was even up.
    I guess it's all subjective, but it's damn sure not at all worth it, in my opinion. 99 percent of the games on there I wouldn't even download for free with Live Gold.

  • cas cal
    cas cal Year ago

    Your words Yong Yea...'$10 a month...and you get all this crap.' and...'It's free! It's free! Um, I mean it's not free, you know, you gotta pay 10 bucks a month.' Hope you haven't jumped the gun on this one Yong Yea...
    Edit: Hope it really does not turn out to be an April fool's joke.

  • suprshin
    suprshin Year ago

    Is this an April fools video? Cause he’s very excited about it. >_>

  • Wang Computers
    Wang Computers Year ago

    P.S fanboys and the P.C MASTER RACE can't stand hearing anything positive about the Xbox One X.I wonder why?

  • EvaUnit02
    EvaUnit02 Year ago

    This might be an April Fools video but irony is Game Pass is a very pro consumer service that has high value for money!

  • Sandman Fu
    Sandman Fu Year ago

    Video games should be like Netflix longtime ago, it’s the future

  • Juna Zell
    Juna Zell Year ago

    Prediction: A few years from now people will be saying that Game Pass ultimately killed the Xbox brand and was bad for the industry.

  • ebobe123
    ebobe123 Year ago

    Please tell me you played metro 2033 before last light

  • VulLord666
    VulLord666 Year ago

    Gamepass is definitely one of the best things Xbox has right now. Especially compared to PSNow which forces you to stream games which basically means “here’s this list of games you can play with a monthly subscription of 20 bucks. Oh but you can never play them because your internet is too shitty to constantly stream a video game”. It gets even better with the announcement that all xbox exclusives will be on the game pass starting with sea of thieves at release. Hopefully Sony sees the success of game pass and at least the lowers price and lets people download game for a limited time. I can also dream that Nintendo will do something similar with all the exclusives they have with the huge success of the switch.

  • Walter Scott
    Walter Scott Year ago

    I thought Gamepass was utter shit. At least for me as a non Xbox having PC user. The interface was annoying (kept telling me that I needed gamepass when trying to browse games even after I had the subscription) and the selection of games you could actually play on PC was nearly non existent. Sea of Thieves was trash. A complete waste of time.
    My time with it consisted of getting into a random crew, having a blast, wasting 4 hours island hoping and ending with a huge ship battle at a skull island that lasted 2 hours. Then I realized there was nothing to do with my loot and no point ever playing the game again. Uninstalled and cancelled game pass.

  • Nomadski
    Nomadski Year ago

    It's like game rental in effect, which I'm all for. Back in the day used to do the Blockbuster game rental service. Will stand or fall based on continuity of price, and ensuring a balance between old games and newer titles.

  • VileMK69 Z
    VileMK69 Z Year ago

    One of the reasons why Microsoft is doing this is because the have no exclusives. They're desperate to make their consumers feel a sence of happyness and satisfaction LOL!!!!! I'm happy that your happy Yongman!!!!!

  • DES Pc
    DES Pc Year ago

    xbox sucks !

  • ScifiKitty
    ScifiKitty Year ago

    Update: It is indeed from the MArch 2018 Patreon livestream. You have to be a Patreon patron to be able to view it, so I was able to find the spot and it does seem credible now
    While he did say it wasn't a joke in the comments, and this was from a livestream, does anyone have a link to it? YongYea is smart, why would he post something like this, if serious, on april fools day if he wanted us to take it seriously? He could have waited until April 2 and come up with something quick for April 1st just to fill the space.
    I could be wrong too.Otherwise this is some craftful trolling.

  • K Serra
    K Serra Year ago

    EA, Origin has the same thing but at $2.50 a month if you pay for the year, ($30). And they don't remove games from the vault.

  • aasaasino creedo
    aasaasino creedo Year ago

    But the fact that they change the games every month is feels all the game are temporary for free

  • Benjot Sumal
    Benjot Sumal Year ago

    Yong don't you already have a blu ray player with your PS4

  • Blaine Alexander
    Blaine Alexander Year ago

    lol - you are finally happy!

  • NotDWaddler
    NotDWaddler Year ago

    This is disappointing. At least it's $10 a month...

  • du0lol
    du0lol Year ago

    At least Sony doesn't charge you to change your PSN ID. lol

    • du0lol
      du0lol Year ago


  • alphadog708
    alphadog708 Year ago

    i only want backwards compatable nfs the run and hot pursuit and i know that will never happen::D so not intrested

  • do you push bags
    do you push bags Year ago

    wrote that yongyea was a massive ps fanboy next video yongyea owns a xbox lol

  • Aurinkokuningas
    Aurinkokuningas Year ago

    Now I'm just waiting for Steam to do this...

  • Billy Grant
    Billy Grant Year ago

    This is the first positive thing you've said about xbox. You've made it no secret that you prefer PS which is fine but it's nice you put that bias aside and tried it. I think MS has something special with gamepass and it's going to change how we get our games.

  • 123telamon
    123telamon Year ago

    oh damn... how it will impact AAA games... we gonna see a growth of microtransactions of 2000% if the AAA games wants to survive now that we wont have to buy 120$ for a full game 0_0 im a little bit scared

  • Deadringer 80
    Deadringer 80 Year ago

    its 10 bucks a month for now.

  • Chhe Kuoch
    Chhe Kuoch Year ago

    Yeah that's cool, it's perhaps the future of gaming, I really hope so.
    Microsoft deserves to make a come back in the gaming industry, I really enjoy the games I played on the previous version of XBOXS, I really like playing old games.
    But Death Stranding, my god, it's a pity it's an PS4 exclusive.

  • xMetalWindx
    xMetalWindx Year ago

    Definitely try Sea of Thieves. It's a lot of fun, especially with friends.

  • Jai The Guy
    Jai The Guy Year ago

    Yo u gotta play Warframe my guy

  • Chris Meador
    Chris Meador Year ago

    I love it too, it didn’t seem worth it at first but all games like halo 6 and gears of war 5 etc will be on the game pass the day they release. Very consumer friendly system in my opinion

  • Dragondan1987
    Dragondan1987 Year ago

    It sounds cool, but Microsoft made it clear the xbox 360 was for those of us with patchy or unreliable internet. Which is a shame cause Microsoft use to be my preferred platform.

    ICEHAWK LTD Year ago +1

    01.04.2018 - uuffff i was sooo close to unsub. good that I have read the description again to check the date.

    • MendicantBias
      MendicantBias Year ago +1

      ICEHAWK LTD You we’re going to unsubscribe because he’s pleased with an innovative and welcomed service? He commented it’s not an April fools joke. As far as being out of character, this was a video from his Patreon he decided to share on his channel as well.

  • Dhafir Latief Fayadh

    interesting, your happy and optimistic for the first time 😂

  • Teddy
    Teddy Year ago

    If your a gold member don’t buy game pass your being robbed

  • TheCivildecay
    TheCivildecay Year ago

    NINJA GAIDEN BLACK IN 4K... FFS that game is heaven, go play it YongYea

  • HarpoTheVillain
    HarpoTheVillain Year ago

    I'm not looking for mere "access" to games, I'm looking for ownership of a game. I want to pay money for 1 game and keep that game without having to depend on a subscription or a connection or anything like that. Fuck Netflix. In 5 years time, I want to be able to play those games the way I can still plug in my PS3 and play Folklore or MGS4. This new age of always-online, paid subscription and streamed video games is absolute bullshit. In time, this entire console generation will be nothing but a memory and inaccessible in retrospect. Stop thinking using only your wallet! It's easy to get caught on on the sheer knowledge that "I can play ALL THESE GAMES now without paying for them". You won't play them. You're not gonna plow through them. You're gonna play 2 or 3 of them before you get distracted or stuck playing an online game. On top of this, this is bad for retailers and will put a lot of businesses out.
    This is the brave new world of Video Games As A Service. I hate it.
    Also, I watched through the whole thing to try to find the April Fools Joke. Found none. Fuck this

  • Aa Tahya
    Aa Tahya Year ago

    The problem with game pass is that you have to be online all the time. Which is what Microsoft promised when they first announce the first xbox one.

  • Ch4os4ever
    Ch4os4ever Year ago

    I dont mind the existence of such system, but im an oldschool single player, If is not online multiplayer I prefer the hard disc at best and the offline playable download at worst, no such thing as a temporary ownership for me when it comes to single player experiences.

  • masterbrice
    masterbrice Year ago

    Wal-Mart selling 1 month gamepass codes for 4.99.

  • GamerrOgaz
    GamerrOgaz Year ago

    Alright we both took advantage of the GameStop sale.

  • Kaje Ralocse
    Kaje Ralocse Year ago

    Time to buy xbonex then

  • Sinclair
    Sinclair Year ago

    I sold my Xbox One last year as it had become nothing more than a Smite box. Seriously, I was investing more £ into a free-to-play title than I was on new or exclusive titles. With Scalebound's cancellation, I threw in the towel.
    That being said, I don't hate Microsoft and whilst I 100% do not regret my selling of the console and moving to the PS4, there's no denying that Game Pass is great value for money.
    It's not something that'd make me re-invest into the XBL ecosystem (I've been there since the original Xbox launched believe it or not), it's a nice feature to have and it's a shame that Sony doesn't have something on par in that regard.

  • Manic MTG
    Manic MTG Year ago

    Do you actually download each game or is it streaming from the service?
    Do you only have each game for a limited time or is it yours for as long as you have the service?

    • TassadarGR
      TassadarGR Year ago

      the games are removed from the game pass eventually. on February 12 games were removed from game pass. after a game is removed you can't play that game unless you buy it again. with money ofc

    • TheFly212
      TheFly212 Year ago

      Manic MTG No streaming. Full games. Downloaded right to your hard drive with full services of said games (Achievements, BC, X enhanced, full multiplayer support). You have the games as long as you subscribe to the service. It's unlimited too. As much as your hard drive can take.

  • Thundershock
    Thundershock Year ago

    ...I'm confused O.o

  • Mohammad Shebli
    Mohammad Shebli Year ago

    Same thing with origin access, but the collection is relatively small so far. But for €3.99/month and access to trials and early access titles as well as a %10 off on origin store, you can't go wrong :)

  • Den X
    Den X Year ago +1

    It's great and definitely cheaper for gameholics but in some way I fear that this new "games as a service" trend is going to push developpers to make more disposable games than full experiences titles.
    Nowadays, only 10% of players finish their games, with this kind of offers, one day it will be reduced to 1% for sure... that can't be good on the long term...
    I don't want to live in a world where Sea of Thieves and No Man's Sky are the norm ! :/

  • Octo Ventura
    Octo Ventura Year ago

    These adds are getting smarter.

  • Voļ'Skìmmer Eu
    Voļ'Skìmmer Eu Year ago

    He a gaming youtuber that isn't a gamer lol

  • MeechTree
    MeechTree Year ago

    PsNow needa stop trippin. If the price dropped to atleast 15 I may support it.

  • Abi Radithya
    Abi Radithya Year ago

    Where's the usual outro?

  • Silly Siji
    Silly Siji Year ago


  • ARCtrooperblueleader

    I love it. xD I'm strongly tempted to get this pass now.

  • Mantara aratnaM
    Mantara aratnaM Year ago

    Both Metro games ran great on xbox. They are an amazing and underrated series. I cant wait for the next one.

  • Shadow
    Shadow Year ago

    Call me paranoid, but I think the reason its for it being a good deal right now is that in the future Microsoft wants to lean harder on micro transactions and they are hoping that if their games are "free" with the game pass it won't raise as big a stink as EA's mess did. Though that could just be my tin foil hat talking. We'll just have to see how the future shakes out.

  • its the current year

    Congrats for discovering something people who play Xbox known about for years

  • Watchman 01
    Watchman 01 Year ago

    No answer about if its a stupid april fool joke or not, btw how much money microsoft paid you to promote their xbox game pass crap! Like i said if its true or a fake video,you promote their bullcrap anyway, anyway!! With this video,you gonna lose respect and credibility of many people,its so pathetic!! Exactly Like many supposedly "truthers" on the net,,many are fakes or frauds!!

  • Watchman 01
    Watchman 01 Year ago

    I hope its a joke,because if its not,you lose your credibility with this video

  • Amir Sharar
    Amir Sharar Year ago

    It's 170 games right now, and I think that's a good number. They do tell you a month in advance if any games are being swapped out and you can buy the games at a reduced price.
    If MS can get it to a roster of 200 games per month that would be the ideal number.

  • Broken Games
    Broken Games Year ago

    shit ain't free. Nothing is free... also remember microsoft tracking tools that exploit you.

  • GTR24
    GTR24 Year ago

    so how much is Xbox Game Pass + Live per a month?

  • Another Crusader
    Another Crusader Year ago

    Microsoft is adding every new Xbox exclusive to gamepass and are working on getting already released exclusives on it as well, for crackdown 3 is said to be added in release date

  • Matias Moya
    Matias Moya Year ago

    This is so weird I'm scary

  • Dinkolish
    Dinkolish Year ago

    What's with the boring shirt man? You got the best shirts.


    I would consider it a good deal but you still have to pay for gold for multiplayer games...

  • Snudion
    Snudion Year ago

    This one isn't scripted