Why I Don't Use the Pixel!

  • Published on Aug 1, 2018
  • For now. Things change. A lot. And they're hard to predict.
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  • Mahesh Raju
    Mahesh Raju 28 minutes ago

    Use Nokia

  • DerpyDoge
    DerpyDoge 15 hours ago

    So who's watching this after the pixel 4 event

  • Austin Ahern
    Austin Ahern 19 hours ago

    This is a very informative video talking about why you did not use the Pixel. Some of your points do make some sense. Keep up the good work, Marques.

  • ittotaq
    ittotaq 21 hour ago

    I feel like he switched phones all the time where he doesn't really have a "daily" like the rest of us where we put it to more use than Marquez can.

  • people reaction
    people reaction Day ago


    You are apple fanboy

  • Chris Richfield
    Chris Richfield Day ago

    Is a colored button really a feature? Why not just paint the button on any other phone?

  • poetmm
    poetmm 2 days ago

    Why I Don't Use the Pixel!

    Because its cost under $500

  • CrashArenaTurboFan
    CrashArenaTurboFan 3 days ago

    I want the Samsung galaxy A9 the most. Quad camera, practically flagship. A win win

  • X11KYX
    X11KYX 6 days ago

    Best intro to a tech review 👌🏾

  • EsteBandido4444
    EsteBandido4444 7 days ago

    I bet if he stood with the Pixel XL (2016), he would not have made this video

  • jammy man
    jammy man 9 days ago

    My 2XL has just started shutting down whenever i plug it in to charge and randomly during charging. Also seeing slight performance issues with apps crashing between multitasking.

  • An Keyri
    An Keyri 10 days ago +1

    Sad to realize he was excited about every phone but OnePlus, the one he actually used ._.

  • The Beaver
    The Beaver 11 days ago

    Woooooow hot oneees shirt 😍😍😍

  • Nemanja Javorac
    Nemanja Javorac 11 days ago

    I stumbled upon this video a bit late. Got my first android phone in years (Pixel 2XL, a month ago), after owning iPhones for years, and I have to say I fell in love with it. Super fast, camera blows my mind, all the options and customisations (especially after Android 10)... will buy the Pixel 4 when its out!

  • Eagle Chiu
    Eagle Chiu 12 days ago +1

    Use 0.5x animation. SOLVED.

  • jerzy p
    jerzy p 12 days ago

    you are great! thanks

  • Sam H
    Sam H 13 days ago

    Massive advantage of pixel: coloured power button.....

  • coolman sayan
    coolman sayan 20 days ago

    That u can change from animation scale

  • Joshua Mwaniki
    Joshua Mwaniki 21 day ago

    Lol, he finds a snapdragon 835/845 slow 😂🤣 Haaaa

  • Amiel Gibs
    Amiel Gibs 24 days ago

    if you dont like it just dont use it.

  • frazer9
    frazer9 25 days ago

    yeah, performance drops, gotta do a factory reset every couple months..... back to new! still running pie in sept 2019 snappy AF!

  • William Matar
    William Matar 25 days ago

    Pixel is the best

  • joe kramer
    joe kramer 26 days ago

    Why I don’t use pixel.....cause they are crap and a poor person phone lol

  • Cedric Beasley
    Cedric Beasley 27 days ago

    so, why is it lagging, storage, apps monopolizing ram...considering this phone and the hauwei pro 30 lite

  • ONI
    ONI 27 days ago +21

    "My apps load 0.1 seconds slower, it's a world of difference"
    Wow, first world problems lmao

  • Tyler Hankel
    Tyler Hankel 28 days ago

    Because it sucks. End of video.

  • Shibby120
    Shibby120 29 days ago +1

    I'm on my second Google pixel 2XL and I really don't see any reason to switch to the 4

  • ginarto setiawan
    ginarto setiawan Month ago +1

    Just like jerry I'll stick with samsung s8

  • Pawel Wroniecki
    Pawel Wroniecki Month ago

    Go back to this music in intro. It was the reason i started watching you channel

  • Rahul Kumar
    Rahul Kumar Month ago +1

    This should be the smoothest, fastest android phone right??? Umm Google, PLEASE TAKE NOTE. We don’t us Apple apps a whole lot, but we still like to use an iPhone, because it delivers....

  • Lloyd Miller
    Lloyd Miller Month ago

    yup Pixel 2 been slowing down for a while now

  • Girish Nair
    Girish Nair Month ago +8

    Pixel 4 coming soon 🔜. Anywys iPhone 11 pro sucks

  • Spicy Meatball
    Spicy Meatball Month ago

    You can't compare pixel 2 to the oneplus 6 because oneplus 6 has snapdragon 845 and pixel 2 snapdragon 835. This performance comparison is BS.

  • David Kranenburg
    David Kranenburg Month ago +4

    Any pixel is faster than my current phone, and that's what I care about

  • Aditya Jaiswal
    Aditya Jaiswal Month ago

    Mkbhd ,if you are reading this can you use an entry level phone with 2 gigs of ram , older processor and 16 gigs internal storage for a week, that's actually a challenge.

  • Tech Orange
    Tech Orange Month ago +6

    Why i use Pixel: Pixel is Fast and no Lag 👍
    My previous Phone: Nokia 1

    • Jesse Oseribhor Maigret
      Jesse Oseribhor Maigret 10 days ago

      @Tech Orange oh okay but you made a good choice to use a google pixel. I would want a google pixel 3a but i am stuck with a samsung j3 2016....

    • Tech Orange
      Tech Orange 10 days ago

      @Jesse Oseribhor Maigret : Nokia 1 smooth in my opinion.

    • Tech Orange
      Tech Orange 10 days ago

      @Jesse Oseribhor Maigret : Because Nokia 1 is cheap in here. I switch because Pixel Gen 1 used hand is cheap now in here.

    • Jesse Oseribhor Maigret
      Jesse Oseribhor Maigret 10 days ago +1

      Wow you had the first nokia phone after its revival
      How did it feel and why did you switch?

  • Corey Hondzinski
    Corey Hondzinski Month ago

    My dad on his push button Blackberry says "oh go buy another phone and cry some more about slightly delayed animation, since you can obviously afford to carry 6 phones with you and switch back and forth at will just to get the features you want."

    • Corey Hondzinski
      Corey Hondzinski Month ago

      He also says "send me one of those Pixel 2s if you don't want them. It's a hell of a lot better than a Blackberry! Since you can buy 2 just to test one against the one you already own."

  • BBE : Belajar Bersama Endi

    Sorry Marques, the hot one shirt is dope😎😎

  • Mike Savage
    Mike Savage Month ago

    That HOT ONES shirt tho!

  • Max Pinner
    Max Pinner Month ago

    My camera messed up after I dropped my phone. Kept flickering and jumping around the image. Went to the iPhone XS Max in the end.

      ASHCROFT Month ago

      Max Pinner flex harder m8

  • meir p.
    meir p. Month ago

    Hot ones🔥🔥🔥

  • FaZe_Catfish_
    FaZe_Catfish_ Month ago +2

    Specs of OnePlus
    Camera of Pixel
    Optimization of Apple
    Display of Samsung
    Battery of Huawei
    Refresh Rate of Razer

  • Abhishek Datta
    Abhishek Datta Month ago +1

    Can't do anything about the RAM. But you could enable Developer Options and set animation speed (all 3) to 0.5x.
    I tried, now my UI animations are as good as my OP6.

  • Jonathan Kroiss
    Jonathan Kroiss Month ago

    Sony 4k oled phone

  • Will Herman
    Will Herman Month ago +1

    Why I don't use Pixel...
    Because it's Google and Google is beyond EVIL.
    They already have enough of our money and they definitely have to much power and influence! They certainly don't need more.
    Google is on its way to becoming SkyNet!

  • Shadow
    Shadow Month ago +2

    Yo so I've had my pixel 2 since launch, it's fine. No slowdown or anything????? I'm baffled

  • Maulintya
    Maulintya Month ago +1

    Тупой негр не понимает пиздатость пикселя

  • Hassan Salman
    Hassan Salman Month ago

    What the fudge change this ads

  • WTFahim
    WTFahim Month ago


  • Mc P
    Mc P Month ago +1

    To me all fone are very much the same minor diffs not worth taking about or making a vid fones a fone bla & bla

  • M Frusciante
    M Frusciante Month ago +1

    It's insane how rapid the smartphone tech is evolving.. I mean just ten years ago I purchased my first smartphone. Meaning it was only a little over ten years ago that we didn't have the internet in our hands 24/7. 10 years... That's nothing. Where are we going to be in ten more..

    • Aaron Jude DZ
      Aaron Jude DZ Month ago +2

      Our kids will start with hologram sex. Scared bruhh !

  • Pablo Caballero
    Pablo Caballero Month ago +1

    Pixel 2Xl with Havoc OS...Lineage OS...Dirty Unicorns...CarbonRom...each one of them will be smoother than the OP6...plus the best F***ng camera ever...Written from a Pixel 2Xl with Havoc OS

  • LotsOfLogan49
    LotsOfLogan49 Month ago +1

    My Pixel 2 performance has been dissapointing recently, but it might be because of how much storage I'm using up.

    • Aaron Jude DZ
      Aaron Jude DZ Month ago

      It's good to format the phone or clear the cache from recovery. 👍

  • Nor Easter
    Nor Easter Month ago

    Had PIxel, then PIxel 2, then 3 and returned the 3 in a couple days, back to the 2. Over time, have had bugs and bugs and wonky'ness, and laggy'ness... Optimization on Pixel is not at al good. I've never used iPhone ever but I'm gonna switch to iPhone for first time ever.. we'll see.

  • Behind the Brick
    Behind the Brick Month ago

    Flexing the razer blade I see..

  • mardrawings
    mardrawings Month ago

    in 2019 should i switch my iphone x to the pixel 2 xl or 3 xl? im apple fan but im seriously need a change.... what you all think?

    • abraham mbiba
      abraham mbiba Month ago

      Just got my pixel 2xl, love it like hell

  • 78hooman
    78hooman Month ago +3

    I'm on the pixel 2xl on Android 9 and no lag issues like my galaxy s8. The ram i occasionally have issues with but nothing that bugs me

  • Rajab Ali
    Rajab Ali Month ago +1

    When will you put giveaway of used extra device's

  • will Brown
    will Brown Month ago +1

    Got my 2 XL when it first dropped, and I'm pleased to say, other than it dropping recent apps, it's still operating extremely well.

  • João Carlos Fernandes Rodrigues

    The Best Phone ever:
    Camera from Huawei P30 Pro
    Display from Samsung Note 10+
    Speaker quality and loudness from iPad Pro
    Performance from Asus ROG Phone 2
    Battery durability from Huawei P30 Pro