Old vs New Teen Titans - Nostalgia Critic

  • Published on Aug 29, 2018
  • It’s the action super teens fighting the waffle eating trouble makers. Which one last years after they’re gone though? Old vs New returns with an episode on Teen Titans.
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    Teen Titans is an American animated superhero television series created by Glen Murakami, based on the DC Comics characters of the same name. It is based primarily on the run of stories by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez from the early 1980s New Teen Titans comic book series.
    Teen Titans Go! is an American animated television series airing in the U.S. on Cartoon Network since April 23, 2013 and based on the DC Comics fictional superhero team.
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  • Channel Awesome
    Channel Awesome  4 months ago +1235

    A new kind of bad that will blow Nostalgia Critic away? Next week's episode will be filled with pain! RUUUUUUNNNNNN!!!
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    What other topics should we cover on Old vs New?

  • DubzyWolf
    DubzyWolf 14 hours ago

    The answer was clear before

  • Destiny Murray
    Destiny Murray Day ago

    The Original Teen Titans will always and Forever be the Best!!!! Don’t like Teen Titans Go!!!! #BringBackTheOrginalTeenTitans #RobStar

  • alvaro alas
    alvaro alas 2 days ago

    TTG was totally shit and i wish all the characters would die now

  • Ayanna Watts
    Ayanna Watts 3 days ago

    I'm going to watch an episode of TT Go. Maybe. Probably. Ok maybe not.

  • Normies Re
    Normies Re 3 days ago

    Teen titans all the way

  • Gypsy Squid
    Gypsy Squid 3 days ago

    I get what you're saying, "starve the beast", but I'm just gonna leave this here: tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/AdoredByTheNetwork/TeenTitansGo
    This is why I don't do cable anymore.

  • Dylan Lewis
    Dylan Lewis 3 days ago

    Has Linkara done a video on the Titans cartoon? I know he did a series of videos on the Titans comics, but I can’t remember if he touched on the cartoon.

  • Hannah Papernick-Yudin

    TTG is nothing like the original, and I find it depressing that kids would rather watch it than the original which was beautifully animated, well written, and not just a bubblegum kids' show.

    • E B
      E B 15 hours ago

      A few months ago (or a few years, I can't remember) I asked to one of my friend's little sister which cartoon was better (TT or TTG). The answer was TTG, because she said that TT looks more like a comic rather than a cartoon. Then a few months ago I asked her again which was better and the answer was TT because she actually watched the show. So please CN bring back TT and erase TTG from existence.

  • DreamyDragonyx
    DreamyDragonyx 5 days ago

    Yeah, when it first came out, me and my friend made fun of how stupid it was, but it seemed to be the only thing on when we got home from school, so we watched it anyway to have a clear perspective, and we ended up saying alot of the jokes. In a way, I grew up with it through highschool. So when the possibility that it was ending came around, I was a bit sad.
    But dont get me wrong, I LOOOOOVED watching the original on cartoon network. It was my favorite on Boomerangs block Boomeraction as well.

  • Sam Martina
    Sam Martina 5 days ago

    'If you don't like it why are you watching it?'
    That reminds me of something... The Twilight series. I've heard people list Jacob being a pedophile as a reason they hate the series. That thing where he's attracted to a baby because of how it will grow up to look doesn't happen until the 4th or 5th movie. You watched 4 or 5 movies of something you hate? Why?
    I watched three Twilight movies. I would have only watched one, but people enjoyed my infuriated reactions to it, and I got requests to watch more. I think it's weird that I watched that much of the series. I'm thrown by people who hate it, but have watched even more of it.
    By the way, I've nothing against you if you are a Twilight fan.

  • bonbon aerie
    bonbon aerie 8 days ago

    The original Teen Titans had more respect for its audience through the use of mature writing coupled with steady humor that still fit with the tone of the series and the varied age of the viewers. Teen Titans was a show that proved it was possible to write emotionally mature shows for children and young adults, all while still managing to carry a funny vibe throughout. Avatar accomplished this as well (TLoK thankfully did not lose this magic touch), and shows like Adventure Time and Steven Universe continue this winning approach.
    ...Teen Titans Go not only is a caricature of the original series with its generic comedy and dysfunctional characters, but it insults the new generation of fans by almost suggesting they wouldn't be entertained by clever writing and involved characters (the meta humor is smart, but it doesn't change the fact that Gen Z kids do have a desire to learn and self reflect through media).

  • Brandon Hea
    Brandon Hea 8 days ago

    I do anything to support Khary Payton because meeting him was amazing

  • Brandon Hea
    Brandon Hea 8 days ago

    Well I watched the Original when I was a kid and love it and Teen Titans Go is ok they mix in some pop culture references but the Movie was really good by surprise my favorite is Cyborg and meeting the voice actor Khary Payton who is such a bro and makes me want to watch Teen Titans Go because I want to support him.

  • Jameson Jones
    Jameson Jones 8 days ago

    Gee i wonder wich one will win

  • Billy Rewko
    Billy Rewko 8 days ago


  • D.G. Echo
    D.G. Echo 9 days ago

    Hating is way too much. I’m a fan of the original and I have seen some TTG episodes. I definitely prefer the original, but I think I can ignore TTG without any issue

  • Ej Gravis
    Ej Gravis 9 days ago

    To be fair, i don't care about either, but it's hard to NOT watch it when it's 90% of cartoon network's schedule. I basically just stopped watching CN all together because I got sick of it. It is more frustrating because I pay for cable, unlike kids. So I basically am throwing money at this whether I like it or not by virtue of having access to TV.

  • ZudeXbox360
    ZudeXbox360 10 days ago

    Here's my late bake take on the TTG
    Yes, while the identity of TTG is different enough from TT that it can be its own thing, there's so many basic elements taken from the original TV show that, when you break them down, they're too similar to really differentiate from one another. Both of them involve a five person band of humans of roughly teenage years overlooking a metropolitan area from their isolated headquarters. The individual members are too similar to their counterparts in looks and some of their more latent mannerisms. The setting, while stylized, is obviously the same city as the city from the original. However, I believe that the major problem, from my point of view, are the characters.
    Now, here's the major thing: I oppose shows where comic relief is the major selling point, especially if it degrades the other characters' down to comic relief, too. And the fundamentals that made the Teen Titans who they are were basically dashed away to exaggerate a character's comical presence. Not to say the original Titans didn't have their moments of laughter, sadness, or bitter anger, but their characters lent themselves to help their characters develop and when they did get into those moments, it did feel genuine for the most part. With TTG, however, they were only allowed to deal with the extremities and often gave their emotions over exaggeration, which fits well with TTG as a cartoon. As TTG coming off the heels of the emotionally and mentally mature TT, however, it was an audacious crash and clash.

  • CryingBuddha
    CryingBuddha 10 days ago +1

    The reason I hate TTGO so much, isn't because I am a passionate fan of the original, no. I hate how much it takes from the original, has some genuinely great episodes in it... but bogs itself down with unrelenting piles of stupid bullshit. There is an episode of TTGO that talks about Equity. Like, owning property and creating equity. It's both satire of the system and educational. It's really. REALLY fucking funny. And then there are episodes where they spend most of 15 minute singing about fucking Burritos. And the music is actually not terrible, but in large doses its nauseating. And the fact about a good 80% of the show is burritos and complete nonsense, it makes getting through it enough to make you want to scream. It's a show that you can tell, when they want to be topical... and actually have a topic worth talking about... can be fucking AMAZING. And it can be. I actually really liked the "Night Begins to Shine" special... and I hate myself for liking it. Because it's sorta dumb but that song is actually really good and the episode as a matter of satirizing the 80s Heavy Metal aesthetic... it's actually sort of funny and clever. They also keep in large part the spirit of the characters (except Raven, I don't want to talk about what they did to Raven), Cyborg most especially, while espousing the characteristics in the others that are genuinely their best traits. I actually like how much of an anal retentive "super adult" Robin is... including his intense anxiety, stress, and absolute madness.
    But all of it is wasted by covering most of the episodes in complete nothingness. The "stories" aren't stories they're topics for brightly colored abominations to scream at you about for fifteen minutes. And it's a shame. An incoherent fever dream shame.

  • Maria Zarco
    Maria Zarco 12 days ago

    Yo fans, i am 13. And I love that TTGO. I AMM A REBEL TO ORIGINALITYYYYYYYYYYYY

  • TripleViktor
    TripleViktor 12 days ago

    I don't mind the new one. I just hate the fact CN is riding the fucker into the ground

  • Thuglife Pikachu
    Thuglife Pikachu 13 days ago

    Poseidon Adventure vs Poseidon plz!

  • TheIrish Man
    TheIrish Man 13 days ago

    16:08 I put in the Nintendo cartridge and the nostalgia critic and peter griffin stared at me!

  • TheIrish Man
    TheIrish Man 13 days ago

    DUDE 16:08 Nostalgia Critic Creepy Pasta from OneyPlays!

  • Andrew Kind
    Andrew Kind 14 days ago

    You have chosen....wisely

  • A White
    A White 16 days ago

    YO! We have to watch it because we watch younger kids! siblings, babysitting, heck, cuz birthday parties.

  • trikshot master1021
    trikshot master1021 16 days ago

    do old vs new vs newer on teen titans

  • rocotile 29
    rocotile 29 17 days ago

    You should do an Old vs New on Old vs New, comparing the evolution of Old vs New

  • Erkhes Nadmid
    Erkhes Nadmid 18 days ago

    oh i forgot about titans movie can't wait!!!!!

    by the way its not the *to the movies* tho

    FUTURESQUASH767 19 days ago +1

    TT is better than TTG but TTG to the movie was good

  • Christopher Garrett
    Christopher Garrett 19 days ago

    I feel like the original writers of teen titans gets how to make the humor for the titans works while keeping the characters the same. Teen titans go feel like everybody is trying to beast boy.

  • Ty Roberts
    Ty Roberts 20 days ago

    it's like dc comics broke what their comics with this show and dc titans diden't do anything ether
    were taking about dc here they made shows like justice leage and young justice. shows like this is dameging their rep

  • Peter von Feldt
    Peter von Feldt 21 day ago

    Teen Titans was superior to ttg in every sense of the word.

    • Angela Thomson
      Angela Thomson 18 days ago

      Not comedy-wise. Also, TTG is more successful financially.

  • Young justice Teen titans

    Well I loved The original Teen titans and Still do. I feel some of the reason the Orignial is better was because it was made for kids and teens to learn life lessons. Teen titans Go is more of a joking show.

  • jackpress15
    jackpress15 24 days ago +1

    My biggest issue is that for a while (not sure if it's the same now, haven't watched Cartoon Network in years) it essentially took over the entire channel. There would be multiple days, damn near whole weeks where they would have been Teen Titans Go! marathons and took over tons of blocks that could have went to so many more deserving shows. Adventure Time lost it's blocks, Regular Show lost it's blocks, even Steven Universe (don't really care if you love it or hate it, it's still much better than TTG!) barely was getting blocks.

    • Angela Thomson
      Angela Thomson 18 days ago

      That is the fault of the network, not TTG.

  • white wolf of persia
    white wolf of persia 25 days ago

    OK ... Could you make another video about teen titans vs. Titans series ???

  • Kurly Kayla
    Kurly Kayla 25 days ago

    I agree what you said about not watching TTG if you hate it so much. I personally pretend the show doesn't exist. But I think the key frustration comes from feeling like the original was REPLACED with this new one, and fans are supposed to be okay with that. The anger is further compounded when TTG comprises 90% of Cartoon Network's broadcast schedule. I'm not even exaggerating. From this, I can see why people would feel hate towards the show. There just needs to be better balance.

  • Spectral Shadow
    Spectral Shadow 26 days ago

    Teen Titans vs. Teen Titans GO?

    I like Young Justice

  • Riasiru Neovas
    Riasiru Neovas 26 days ago

    10:05 You summed up the entire reason for the fandom's hate in seconds. To new viewers the Teen Titans are just clowns because they have no foundation. To old fans there is history there. These aren't clowns. These are childhood friends that you spent ages with and know on a deep level. Teen Titans Go is... You remember Edgar from Men in Black? The guy who got killed and then had a bug wear him around as a skin suit?... That is basically every episode of Teen Titans Go. Five Edgars acting like clowns... Heck, Batman the Brave and the Bold was great. It was silly, but it still respected Batman enough to preserve the character. TTG carved them out like a Thanksgiving turkey.
    As for not watching it, they made a commercial calling to old fans saying that they were going to be doing a 'return to form' and got loads of people to tune in only to go psyche!... Then proceeded to mock everyone. Yeah... Oh, do you not like us? Let us put salt in that wound!... Old fans hate TTG because TTG went out of their way to insult them on top of everything else in an episode they advertised in a way specifically to bait them. Imagine if that jerk off from Highschool sends you a postcard inviting you to some get together while extending the olive branch. Yeah, turning over a new leaf. Getting my crap together. Being nice... Oh, you believed that? Nah, I just wanted to give you a swirly for old times sake.
    We mad.

  • Chefcook90
    Chefcook90 27 days ago

    Since when did Teen Titans take place in Metropolis?! You can clearly see the Golden Gate Bridge in that shot!
    Jump City = DC San Francisco
    Metropolis = DC New York (it's within driving distance of Gotham)
    Otherwise, great review - it was really refreshing to see someone do a legitimately impartial and unbiased analysis of the two shows for once :)

    • Angela Thomson
      Angela Thomson 18 days ago

      He said A Metropolis!
      the capital or chief city of a country or region.
      synonyms: capital (city), chief town, county town; More
      a very large and densely populated industrial and commercial city.
      synonyms: capital (city), chief town, county town; More

  • Starman Gaming
    Starman Gaming 28 days ago

    "Creatively wild humor" Oh, you mean like how they mock their critics, their own fans, fans of the original and themselves on near loop? TTHEY RECYCLED A FUCKING STARING CONTEST, FOR CHRIST SAKES!!!

  • Samuel Barber
    Samuel Barber 28 days ago

    I wonder if Teen Titans is one of the DCAU (DC Animated Universe).

  • KeepinTheBSBPride
    KeepinTheBSBPride 29 days ago

    I think my issue with TTG is that they could have made the characters completely original or use characters that are meant to be all idiots and it would be the same show, but instead they reused characters that are meant to, yes, be teens but also BE SUPERHEROES. I havent been watching the newer episodes so maybe I'm biased, but they don't even do what they're meant to do. Nobody asked for this version of the titans. We all just wanted at least a GOOD ending to the og titans.

  • phatcat9000
    phatcat9000 Month ago

    Sees the title. Me: critic, there is a right answer to this, and I swear to god, if you don’t pick the old one, I will rip your heart out and make you eat it... Seeing the result: good... you survive another day

  • Carlos Almonacid
    Carlos Almonacid Month ago

    The critic should really do an old vs new of the Clone wars cartoons; the 2003 shorts by Genndy Tartakovsky and the 2008 CGI Series. Both have tons of fans and are considered some of the best things to come out of the prequel cycle.

  • assbitchfuck6927
    assbitchfuck6927 Month ago

    I just wish that they will drop teen titans go and give the original a season 6.

  • Shot in the Heart
    Shot in the Heart Month ago

    I love both shows

  • The Casual Race
    The Casual Race Month ago

    Old Vs New CN

    AWING64 UFO Month ago

    teen Titans wins

  • regina hayslett
    regina hayslett Month ago

    Cooooooooooool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elder Rusty
    Elder Rusty Month ago

    TTG is both one of the results and causes for cartoon network going down the can. Trying to defend it means you support a cartoon network that puts little to no effort into entertaining you, to the point of it being insulting. Arguing proves me right.

  • blindbuttrue
    blindbuttrue Month ago

    Teen Titans: lasting memories that makes us wanna come back for more.
    Teen Titans Go: tv filler. Laugh and forget.
    In the end Teen Titans is the show that fans will come back over and over to see because of it's amazing story and characters. We feel and love each story of the characters. From Starfires quirky princess story to spades dark evil saga.

  • Mo Flow
    Mo Flow Month ago

    I still love that intro.

  • Dimitris Polimeros
    Dimitris Polimeros Month ago +1

    13:42 don't worry Doug. Your idiotic fans have already forgotten about the scummy and shitty things that you and the rest of the channel awesome crew have done. And yes by the way, the Nostalgia Critic implies the shitty logic of the whole "don't like it, don't watch it" argument onto his show. He's seen how many videos there are that have to do about the channel awesome controversy and he is all like: "Hmm... you know what! If you don't like my shitty TheXvid Channel then don't watch it! Ha! That'll show them those dodamn haters!" But don't worry dear commenters, feel free to to tell me that if I don't like nostalgia critic I shouldn't watch him. That'll just make you look more like a bunch of little kids ;)

  • Foni Vailahi
    Foni Vailahi Month ago +1

    Thanks you too I hope you have

  • Austin Jurgle
    Austin Jurgle Month ago

    TL;DW (Too Long, Didn't Watch): Teen Titans and Teen Titans GO are different genres, but Teen Titans is better because it makes sense to have the characters (Robin, Beast Boy, Raven, Cyborg, Starfire, Terra, Slade, etc) in a dramatic, if sometimes goofy setting cause they play off each other, and Teen Titans GO is fine... kinda... for children, but fails cause the characters are all just reskins of the same personality.

    Or, in my opinion, Teen Titans GO is a bastardization of Teen Titans, which, in and of itself (no matter how good the original series is) was a bastardization of the Teen Titans comics. (AND DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE LIVE ACTION VERSION. Starfire being black isn't the issue [hells, she's not white, she's an orange alien {insert Trump joke here}], it's Starfire looking like a hooker from downtown Chicago that's the issue. Again, not a skin color/race thing, it's an outfit thing. I've seen white hookers in basically the same outfit.)

  • Piper Ramsdale
    Piper Ramsdale Month ago

    I regret not watching the old version before it cancelled

  • Angel Gaming
    Angel Gaming Month ago

    There's no competition
    Teen Titans

  • Gummy Gamer82
    Gummy Gamer82 Month ago

    I hate teen titans go and the only reason i found teen titans is Cartoon Network and well that’s y and btw u can’t change the episode so I HAD to watch it

  • Sanjar Khan
    Sanjar Khan Month ago

    It.... isn't metropolis I don't think. It's Jump City.

  • ShelbyCobra 824
    ShelbyCobra 824 Month ago

    To me, the original Teen Titans seemed like a mix of American animation and anime because of, well what Doug said in the beginning and because there were two versions of the theme song that play in the beginning of each episode. One sung in English, for episodes that have a serious tone, and one sung in Japanese, for episodes that are comedic and funny.

  • Anthony Bahizi
    Anthony Bahizi Month ago

    The real question: is teen titans go really one of the worst cartoons of all time

  • Nick Cadwell
    Nick Cadwell Month ago

    The original Teen Titans cartoon had an 80's feel to it.

  • Anything Agency
    Anything Agency Month ago

    what do you know.
    its like a fair look at the shows

  • Anglia Williams
    Anglia Williams Month ago

    I found out that the studio wanted to sell the toys to the boys an girls were buying them too so they cancelled the show

  • joseph barker
    joseph barker Month ago

    Hmm, With this Thoughts and Opinions of Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go... I wonder what the Nostalgia Critic's thoughts and opinions are for Pokémon Sun and Moon?

  • soulless skyler
    soulless skyler Month ago

    I adored the original, and for a good time I despised the new one. After watching episode or two, Beacuse when you got siblings you don't get the remote, i actually liked it, though I was watching the clever ones, I had found out quickly, most just seemed to be half baked jokes and ideas. Sometimes it just gets disgusting, to a point were even my young sibling find it that way.

  • owlmage
    owlmage Month ago

    Thanks for the input, glad to watch the video. Interesting ideas.

  • Dont Talk To Me
    Dont Talk To Me Month ago +1

    We are talking about the TV Show & not the movie, but Doug keeps on bringing up the movie because he knows the Teen Titians GO has no substance on the show. That's like saying DCEU is better than the MCU because DC animated series are sooooo goooood. 😒

  • sm4carnageihope
    sm4carnageihope Month ago

    3:59 "Fear not, DC's totally fixing this problem as we speak"
    Um, yes..... Yes they did. Because Titans turned pretty fucking good.

  • Unicorn Bunny
    Unicorn Bunny Month ago

    Why do people want this show cancelled? It’s Cartoon Network’s most popular and successful show. Whether you like it or not, TTG is immensely popular with KIDS. It’ll be like complaining about Peppa Pig, The Lion Guard or Paw Patrol for not appealing to adults despite the fact that they’re aimed at little kids. And as long as kids like it, that’s all that matters.

  • caden Macdonald
    caden Macdonald Month ago

    Old one is best, because it was realistic! Well as realistic as it can get considering it’s the DC Universe.

  • Чтица Древних Свитков

    Well, TTG did one good thung: I accidentally watched one episode and remembered I knew the characters from somewhere... So I rediscovered original TT and that was awesome.

  • Ross Walker
    Ross Walker Month ago

    watch daniela sacerdoti she as a good video about books

  • DragonKirby
    DragonKirby Month ago

    The problem to your not watch it solution,CARTOON NETWORK HAS IT ON ALMOST NONSTOP

    • DragonKirby
      DragonKirby Month ago

      Gumballfan 123 that’s better

    • Gumballfan 123
      Gumballfan 123 Month ago

      Well not of the recent two months. Now their now airing more Gumball than TTG.

  • Jareth The Goblin King

    Oh, plz review the teen titans go to the movies sometime, it rocked

  • Jeffrie Turner
    Jeffrie Turner Month ago

    Probably the same reason why you watch horrible movies and then upload videos of yourself talking about how horrible they are. Some people just like sharing their opinions, especially on things they don't like.

  • Amber Rogue
    Amber Rogue Month ago

    I grew up watching the original Teen Titians and I remember liking it so much because it didn't treat it's viewers like idiots. Looking at Go, it makes me feel insulated, both for my childhood and for the kids who I babysit who insist on watching it

  • Kim Warren
    Kim Warren Month ago

    Teen titans go stinks

  • Kim Warren
    Kim Warren Month ago

    No I hate it

  • Stay Tuned
    Stay Tuned Month ago

    It's a Gateway cartoon.

  • VixXstazosJOB
    VixXstazosJOB Month ago

    didn't even need to watch twice at the thumbnail to judge what's clearly more stupid lol... - just my 2 cents -

  • Daniel Moyer
    Daniel Moyer Month ago

    I not like the new one

  • Orbiting Gravity
    Orbiting Gravity Month ago


  • Persona Slates
    Persona Slates Month ago +1

    Both are terrible. The whole idea of children "superheros" is cringy. Although the old one isn't nearly as craptastic as the new one.

    • Schizophrenic Melancholy
      Schizophrenic Melancholy Month ago

      Persona Slates
      Not trying to flame you, but what makes child superheroes cringy?
      Also, are there any exceptions like PPG? (The first one, not the recent one?)

  • The Lockhart Notion

    Which is better? Think about it fans and haters
    Original Teen Titans - 2003
    Action, Adventure, Comdey
    Teen Titans GO! - 2013
    Comdey, Immaturely
    Yeah im the 2003 fan. And if you still like even if you know what good from terrible then you must be that retarded.

  • Shayne R.
    Shayne R. Month ago

    I wouldn't have such a problem with Teen Titans Go if Cartoon Network didn't bombard us with episode after episode after episode. Some weeks it's the only show that they air. Some of the episodes actually not that bad.

    • Gumballfan 123
      Gumballfan 123 Month ago

      Well not in the recent two months. CN have now been airing more Gumball than TTG.

  • Most Deadest Pool of em All.

    TTGO is awful. but i will give credit where credit is due. The night begins to shine episode and its follow up with other bands wasn't terrible. Robin beating the shit out of beast boy never gets old and Senior beast boy talking about all the atrocities he has committed with a copper pipe makes me hate myself for laughing at it. other than that it's awful.

  • wallaby reviews
    wallaby reviews Month ago

    #### batman

  • Ricky Discord
    Ricky Discord Month ago

    I feel sorry for the new kids that don't know the original show.

  • Leonardo DaSilva
    Leonardo DaSilva Month ago

    You know how much better it would sound if you said "it's really, really FLCL" instead of "really really Anime". I know I sound butthurt but for the love of everything holy, all you're doing is adding more stigma to the darn thing. No, not all Anime has dramatic tone shifts or a constantly transforming artstyle. In fact, Anime exists in an abundance of genres(except horror) and artstyles. Anime could be in a serene, washed out watercolor for a more gentle aesthetic like the shows by P.A. works or really heavily etched and inked for a dramatic, badass aesthetic like in a lot of 80's action shows. Sometimes Anime can adopt a style so off the wall, you would mistake it for something different. Like Kaiba, which has an a whimsical artstyle inspired by classic Disney works, akin to the realistic flowing movements of Snow-White and Bambi; or Panty and Stocking, with it's sharp lined etchy shape art, that make for slick, expressive characters. Or the 'on drugs' shit from Tatami Galaxy, or the unnatural beauty of Amnesia- list goes on and on. As for genres, well duh. This kind of ties into the appeal of Anime for a lot of western audiences. Variety. As much as I love Western Cartoons, they almost all unescapingly fit in to the classic genre trappings of Action-Adventure comedy. Animation is a universe of possibilities for creative expression, able to interpret whatever the mind can conceive. But over the years, The West has largely relegated it to a medium specifically for kids. That honestly is a shame, seeing that across the Ocean, Japan's Anime industry has only been striving to innovate animated storytelling (4 or 5 studios atleast). There is Action anime, Drama Anime, Comedy Anime, Romance Anime, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Giant Robots, Giant Robots, Giant Robots, Giant Robots, Shonen Battle, Shonen Battle, Shonen Battle, Shonen Battle, Shonen Battle, cute girls doing cute things, cute girls doing cute things, cute girls doing cute things... I won't even try to tell you how much shitty isekai is out their in the world. Point is, I don't like how you generalized Anime. You clearly don't understand the scope of Anime, so you think it's an acquired taste. Again I sound like a toddler saying what I'm about to say... but saying you don't like Anime is like saying you don't like Movies. It makes more sense if you don't like specific Movies, right. Same goes for Anime. I mean, i'm not forcing you to watch anything, but I am going to reccomend FLCL(pronounced fooli-cooli) because the original Teen Titans is so heavily inspired by it. Also, for generally getting into Anime(if you wan't), I reccomend My Hero Academia, Steins; Gate, Hunter×Hunter, One-Punch Man and Sword Art Online(but only for the online discussions). Toodles.
    -A passionate fan.

  • Sonic Drake The Hedgehog

    The reason why haters watch it is so they have more reasons to hate it

  • Mysticfox2010
    Mysticfox2010 Month ago +1

    The difference between Teen Titans and TTG is that Teen Titans has characters while TTG has Caricatures. Teen Titans took great pains to create real people with complexity dealing with the complications of love, life and fighting crime. TTG uses 1 dimensional exaggerations that can be copy pasted. No depth, no attachment. Just a simple entertainment for a quick laugh that can be repeated each episode. No plot development or character development makes easy writing and a long shelf life. TTG is technically entertainment in the same way Spam is technically food. If you dont expect anything beyond whats on the surface, it will fill you up.

  • Some floor panels
    Some floor panels Month ago

    TTG has the same problem as DMC, if it werent teen titans this show would just be ok

  • Stale Pringles
    Stale Pringles Month ago

    I'm sorry but we have no choice but to watch TTG, Cartoonnetwork shiws the goddamn show every single day!!! We have no other choice!!! Its fountain rules!!!

    • Stale Pringles
      Stale Pringles Month ago

      +Gumballfan 123 the damage has already been done...

    • Gumballfan 123
      Gumballfan 123 Month ago

      Well not in the recent two months. CN have now been airing more Gumball than TTG.

  • Leo The Lion
    Leo The Lion Month ago

    14:03 my answerits up 70% of the networks airtime even adult swim the evening air time of cartoon network has variety specifically on Saturdays with toonami now every week granted really late we can see samurai jack

  • Part of the Pansexual Army

    I hate Teen Titans Go with a fucking burning passion. Oh not because I watched the original show, I didn’t, but because it takes up every square inch of Cartoon Networks time slots. I swear every hour of everyday on that channel is dedicated to TTG! They stopped playing really good shows like Steven Universe and Adventure Time and instead are overflowing it with re-run after re-run of Teen Titans Go

    • Gumballfan 123
      Gumballfan 123 Month ago

      Well not in the recent two months. CN have now been airing more Gumball than TTG.

  • Agentshadowolf
    Agentshadowolf Month ago

    TTG was a stripped down version of the former show, I dont know why tv networks always insist on creating an awesome super hero show then later cancel for a kiddy version of that show.

  • lolbithacked 12
    lolbithacked 12 Month ago

    The only part of the movie liked was the batman joke because it's a bag since batman always gets a new movie and I only like the night beings to shine episodes