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NFL "Knowing the Rules" Moments

  • Published on Feb 16, 2019
  • A compilation of NFL players/coaches understanding obscure rules and using them in games.
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  • MaGro
    MaGro Hour ago

    Can someone explain the rule of the two first plays to me? Is this also legal in college football?

  • Bull Jordan LLC
    Bull Jordan LLC 3 hours ago


  • FU YG
    FU YG 5 hours ago

    Gayest sport eva!

  • Jordyy
    Jordyy 6 hours ago

    10000 iq plays

  • Testy Templar
    Testy Templar 10 hours ago

    1:10 isn't that an nba announcer?

  • mixur12
    mixur12 Day ago

    That Rams TD shouldn't have counted- players and officials were all over the field- refs should've played it dead simply on the basis of that

  • Sincere Stuart
    Sincere Stuart 2 days ago

    That first play with the titans kicking off to Green Bay doesn’t make any sense because everyone knows no matter what YOU CANT BE THE FIRST PERSON TO TOUCH THE BALL WHILE ITS OUT OF BOUNDS PERIOD. So how tf does that work????

  • Naji
    Naji 2 days ago

    100 iq plays

  • Rob Bob
    Rob Bob 3 days ago

    f the nfl

  • Josh Huffman
    Josh Huffman 3 days ago

    Fuckin Packers. Only they would pull some shit like that up 20 to nothing.

  • glbernini0
    glbernini0 5 days ago

    I hope the players that made the good plays got some bonuses!

  • james bobbo
    james bobbo 5 days ago

    That out of bounds rule is so stupid. Yet another reason not to watch this sport live lol. Highlights are great though

  • iPooKaePoo
    iPooKaePoo 5 days ago

    Rugby league got the world's best drop kickers, you should just get them to drop kick instead of the normal field goal

  • Chris
    Chris 5 days ago +4

    Some of these rules are actually very commonly exploited in rugby, especially drop goals, and putting your foot on the sideline before receiving the ball. So as rugby and NFL fan, this is like watching early man discover fire lol

    • Ryan Beeton
      Ryan Beeton 3 days ago

      They are Americans so you have to give them some credit.

  • 305dade8a
    305dade8a 6 days ago

    Liked And subscribed

  • Kyle A
    Kyle A 6 days ago

    I have no idea what's going on in most of these.

  • E STP
    E STP 6 days ago

    I know nothing about football. I don't understand Flutie's play. Can anyone explain? Was probably good because it seemed like it made Belichick smile so..

  • peaceandllov
    peaceandllov 6 days ago

    I don’t understand the free kick thing. Could some kind generous soul explain it?

    • Thomas Jackson
      Thomas Jackson 5 days ago

      After a fair catch, you can decide to kick it instead of taking possession.

  • Yungnetpeso
    Yungnetpeso 6 days ago

    I thought he said “Pettit’s Dick wasn’t even down” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Wicholoco 200
    Wicholoco 200 6 days ago

    I don’t watch football but is just to damm funny how they beat up by knowing the rules

  • roshun eppenger
    roshun eppenger 7 days ago

    That safety thing is confusing. When they were hanging out in the end zone and getting pushed out.

  • rasko tasko
    rasko tasko 7 days ago

    If these are rules why cant i do half of this in madden?

  • Fred
    Fred 8 days ago

    I forgot how popular windbreaker jackets were in the 80's and 90's.

  • NRAman 1776
    NRAman 1776 8 days ago +4

    Best one was Randall Cobb stepping out of bounds first. *GO PACK GO!*

  • NRAman 1776
    NRAman 1776 8 days ago

    🎵Boo doo doo-boo doo doo doo doo🎵
    *GO PACK GO!*

  • Michael Turner
    Michael Turner 8 days ago

    Sorry to say, NFL is and will forever be the shittiest sport to mankind. Thank you and have a nice day

    • Michael Turner
      Michael Turner 8 days ago

      No sir I’m 102% certain I said NFL

    • Yep
      Yep 8 days ago

      I think you meant to say soccer.

  • MORE MacMillan Railfanning

    2:25 That guy sounds like Donald Trump.

    • Qwerty Keyboard
      Qwerty Keyboard 3 days ago

      MORE MacMillan Railfanning
      Who says that guy isn’t?

  • SgtGo
    SgtGo 9 days ago +1

    Now I don't know anything about the sport except these weird rules... great

  • Martin Siljeklint
    Martin Siljeklint 10 days ago

    I’m a Swede who doesn’t know the rules of American fotball (we don’t play it here). Can you EVEN IMAGINE how confusing this video is??

  • Bill T
    Bill T 10 days ago

    I wish you would have showed more of the Ravens blatant holding on the Bengals on the non-punt safety. The whole point of that: a game (or half) cannot end on a defensive penalty, but can (and does) on an offensive penalty. All 10 Ravens (excluding punter obviously) were told to just tackle their man, blatant holding, WWF takedown stuff. It was genius.

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith 10 days ago

    I don’t even watch NF

  • Falco Burke
    Falco Burke 10 days ago +2

    The real crazy thing is that Bill allowed a little fun when the patriots were down

  • Jamari Etherly
    Jamari Etherly 11 days ago

    5:52 is the reason why they changed to rule to if it touches the end zone with anyone touching it, it’s an automatic touchback

  • Lil Tay
    Lil Tay 11 days ago +1

    Wtf is a free kick 😂

  • D Redbud
    D Redbud 11 days ago

    Doug Flutie was awesome. He was a pure athlete.The Bills fucked him ,he could have taken them to the Super Bowl.

  • creekandseminole
    creekandseminole 11 days ago

    It almost seems like football rules were thought up on the spot by a bunch of drunk stoners. Sorta like Baseketball.

  • Awesome Dave
    Awesome Dave 11 days ago


  • IskurBlast
    IskurBlast 11 days ago

    The other interesting rule on the free kick is that if there is a replay the down penalty on the first down after a fair catch he team can elect to free kick after the penalty has been enforced.
    So say their is a fair catch and its about a 60 yard free kick. Coach thinks ah a little too far. SO they elect to run a play. If the down is played and the defense is off-sides. The offense can elect to free kick after the penalty has been enforced. Now its a 55 yard free kick.

  • Henry St.Clair
    Henry St.Clair 11 days ago

    I know I’m SUPER LATE but 1:05, the ball landed in the end zone it’s a touchback

    • TheSilverC
      TheSilverC 11 days ago

      they changed the rule sometime after that season

  • ZBlacktt
    ZBlacktt 11 days ago

    Hence why they change the rules often.... the stupidly is just that.

  • zackag13093
    zackag13093 11 days ago

    A whole 7 minutes and not a single 100 yard inside kick.. I'm disappointed

  • Serenify10
    Serenify10 12 days ago

    When you can end a game based off of dumb rules, or due to a clock, this is exactly why I love baseball. No matter what, it will always have to come down to a 1 on 1 match between two athletes that no clock can stop.

  • Steve Querin
    Steve Querin 12 days ago

    Video #9 - Saints vs Rams - Free Kick Return
    Everybody assumed that the Football bounced Out Of Bounds; because, that is what normally happens when the Football lands in that area.
    RULE: Football is In Play as long as it doesn't go Out Of Bounds.
    RULE: The Play doesn't End until an Official Blows A Whistle to End The Play.
    Always keep your eye on the Football.

  • RockPhonic - VLOGS
    RockPhonic - VLOGS 12 days ago +1

    I like the refs yellow hanky he throws in the air

  • Fandango Brandango
    Fandango Brandango 12 days ago

    The pussies version of rugby.

  • Eazy
    Eazy 12 days ago +2

    Love football and basketball.... Love these kind of moments. Especially the flacco safety play but ultimately the game was up so that was an easy play to literally end the game with a W. The last clip also is very very clever because he not only knew what was going on... He glanced at the other teams players and noticed nobody caught on..... Genius

  • John Fahey
    John Fahey 12 days ago

    Yep. still confused. But I loved watching it. 😂

  • Minino Is hΞrΞ
    Minino Is hΞrΞ 12 days ago

    Im from europe and i know 0 about nfl, but seems to be a pretty toxic sport, almost like eu football 😂

  • Eclipse The Gambling Ocelot

    Where the hell is the best play of the last season? The Miami laterals to win the game against the patriots in the final seconds.

  • The Generalissimo
    The Generalissimo 12 days ago

    Can someone give me why they get a flag when the touch the ball while out of bounds?

  • James Sm
    James Sm 13 days ago

    Tom foolery at its finest

  • Chesscom Support
    Chesscom Support 13 days ago +1

    How about a "Not knowing the rules" compilation?

  • Curtis Jackson
    Curtis Jackson 13 days ago +1

    If you didn't know....... *NOW U KNO!!!*

  • UGkMultiplayer
    UGkMultiplayer 14 days ago

    No matter what play until you hear the whistle

  • Paul Boccuti
    Paul Boccuti 14 days ago

    The first play is a rule that goes back to Rugby.

  • John James
    John James 14 days ago

    That out of bounds rule works in madden.

    NATIVE NOUSE 14 days ago +2

    5:23 LA Rams run the ball back for TD cos' .... this was cool.
    Reminds me of ATL vs. 49ers. QB throws up field, caught and catcher slides to 49ers touches him down. So....

    • Devin Dyquisto
      Devin Dyquisto 13 days ago

      Too bad now if the punt hits the end zone, the ball is dead, touchback.

  • qwerty123123ify
    qwerty123123ify 14 days ago

    The announcer says there is something inherently wrong about that rule.... then says it wouldnt have gone does he know that? the ball never stopped its motion before cobb got it...

  • PotentialWorld
    PotentialWorld 14 days ago

    What the fuck are these rules

  • Luobo Mu
    Luobo Mu 14 days ago

    Some of this is a bit on the low expectation side? "Oh my God, this professional player knows the rules of the game he's been playing virtually his whole life! I can't believe it! I repeat: "He KNEW the rules and USED them to his team's advantage! Let's see a slow motion replay of that three times while I shout excitedly!"

  • HRTVFan2
    HRTVFan2 15 days ago

    If there's a follow-up video to this, maybe one of the clips could be Mike Cofer's fair-catch kick attempt during the 1988 NFC Divisional playoff game vs. Minnesota (in Bill Walsh's last home game as 49ers head coach, no less)

  • PDMU
    PDMU 15 days ago +1

    The no sense sport

  • Darth Buckethead
    Darth Buckethead 15 days ago

    LOL love you Cobb. Go Pack Go.

  • Mark Restivo
    Mark Restivo 15 days ago +1

    1:10 to 1:50 sounds like the 2k commentators

  • Ching Chong
    Ching Chong 15 days ago

    On that Baltimore punt did anyone see that guy getting straight chocked out😂😂lmfao

  • Steven Haskell
    Steven Haskell 15 days ago +1

    Can’t deal with american commentators.. “LOOK AT THES!” “WATCH THIS”
    We are..

  • Carr Rexx
    Carr Rexx 16 days ago

    GREAT, Let's watch stupid assholes not playing their stupid game.

  • Tony Montresor
    Tony Montresor 16 days ago

    SAINTS PLAYER: He kicked the ball from over there and then it went to the other side of the field. So then that guy from the other team ran it from there all the way to there.
    JIM MORA: Playoffs?

  • Henric Carlsson
    Henric Carlsson 16 days ago

    As if this game wasn't confusing before..

  • Saul Goode
    Saul Goode 16 days ago +1

    You learn something new everyday.

  • Petit
    Petit 16 days ago +1

    Such a weird sport lol

    [REDACTED] 16 days ago +1

    That center that hit the goal post half way up is a true pro.

  • Andrew Kappler
    Andrew Kappler 17 days ago

    #1 200iq lol

  • dominattorr
    dominattorr 17 days ago +4

    Can anybody explain how that free kick/field goal attempt works? The one with Crosby and Phil Dawson. What is happening?

    • Andrew Kappler
      Andrew Kappler 17 days ago +3

      The NFL has a little-known rule called the fair catch free kick which allows a team to fair catch a punt and then line up to kick the ball on the next play, without the defense able to rush and block the kick. If the ball goes through the uprights, it's three points, just like a field goal.

    • CharlieChanization
      CharlieChanization 17 days ago +1

      Old rule with its origins going back to rugby. Technically if you make a fair catch you can take a kick from the spot of the catch, its just that a vast majority of fair catches happen significantly outside of field goal range. On top of that, if you make a fair catch in close enough range you'd normally just make a drive.

  • mark o
    mark o 17 days ago

    Ever sense the nfl shit on America’s veterans I stopped watching.🖕🏻

  • Timothy Ball
    Timothy Ball 17 days ago +1

    What state is new england? I know all fifty but, I don't know where this state is, new england! How did this get snuck in, what year? 🤔

    • Timothy Ball
      Timothy Ball 10 days ago

      +Steve Querin Oh!! Intelligence is at a very high level with TheXvidrs. Grammar not so much, my education has been elevated with many TheXvidrs. Thanks! 😊

    • Steve Querin
      Steve Querin 10 days ago

      My Reply was to be informative for Non-Americans who don't understand how the USA divides itself by Regional Names.
      Wisconsin & Michigan & Indiana are both North Central States and Great Lakes States; but, the other North Central States aren't Great Lake States; and, the other Great Lake States aren't North Central States.
      Having lived in Wisconsin, Lake Michigan and Lake Superior are gimmes for me. I always had problems remembering the name Lake Huron.

    • Timothy Ball
      Timothy Ball 12 days ago +1

      +Steve Querin Super thanks Steve. I know all that, my comment was to be funny.
      Remember them this way.
      This is how I got told, H.O.M.E.S.
      If this is a help--good!

    • Steve Querin
      Steve Querin 12 days ago +1

      The USA's New England States is a Region within the USA that makes up a Group Of USA States.
      New England consists of Main and Connicut and Massachusettes and Rhode Island and New Hampshire and Vermont.
      I was born and raised in The North Central States of the USA. Wisconsin and Michigan and Ohio and Kentucky and Indian and Iowa.
      The Great Lake States of the USA include Minnesota and Wisconsin and Indiana and Michigan and Ohio and New York; because, they border Lake Superior and Lake Michigan and Lake Ontario and Lake Erie and I forget the name of the 5th one.

    • Timothy Ball
      Timothy Ball 14 days ago +1

      +NATIVE NOUSE Wow, you surprised me! My comment was to be a funny haha! I know all what you had in your comment, I just had to 'dis' that part of America. Like so much of this nation, east/west get the majority of the attention. But thanks for your help, there just might be one who didn't know that fact. Brownie point to you!

  • LAXLAN27
    LAXLAN27 17 days ago

    1:32 did I just see bill bellocheck smile?!?!

  • ieatcupcakes
    ieatcupcakes 17 days ago +6

    Lmao, I don't even watch anything sports related and this is in my recommended. I didn't know wtf was going on, but I think it was a good video nonetheless.
    EDIT: I honestly don't know why TheXvid does this lol

    • Mister Christopher
      Mister Christopher 16 days ago

      Because you watch random shit...You fucking clicked on the video even though you didn't have to...Da fuck are you idiots always talking about TheXvid recommended for...

  • Pat Downs
    Pat Downs 17 days ago

    The officials are obviously right. But I thought if a player goes out of bounds he's out of the play. I guess not.

    "Re-entering the Field of Play. A player may not run out of bounds and then run back inbounds to make a play. For example, a receiver may not run down the sidelines, step out of bounds and make a catch. If a player makes a catch under those circumstances, a penalty flag is thrown for illegal touching."

  • Michael Farrow
    Michael Farrow 17 days ago

    Flutie's dropkick technique is strange but I guess you can't bounce an nfl ball on its tip.

  • Stephen Bianchi
    Stephen Bianchi 18 days ago

    1:18 Who is the psycho who said, "It might be a dropkick"? Like 3 people in the USA knew that rule.

    • de132
      de132 17 days ago

      It's Kevin Harlan, he's more known as a basketball commentator.

    • OpticPlayz
      OpticPlayz 18 days ago

      Well he was right so...

  • XxYorWrstNigtmre
    XxYorWrstNigtmre 18 days ago

    4:42 Ouch.. left him hanging😂

  • Lord Nem3sis
    Lord Nem3sis 19 days ago

    glitches in real life

  • PaleAlejandro
    PaleAlejandro 20 days ago

    Need some more information, lazy video.

  • Dirty Blond
    Dirty Blond 20 days ago

    I use the same plays on my taxes...

  • Nick Tauro
    Nick Tauro 20 days ago

    Rules are met to be abuse.

  • Brian420687
    Brian420687 20 days ago

    I don't understand this rule because there's another rule that specifically States if you go out of bounds you cannot be the first player to touch the ball so he would have had to have a penalty because he went out of bounds and was the first player to touch the ball you can't do that

    • Mostlyharmless1985
      Mostlyharmless1985 20 days ago

      Brian420687 if you are touching the ball while out of bounds the ball is marked out of bounds from the point you’ve touched the ball. If you go out of bounds, and then go back in bounds you can not be the first person to touch the ball. Touching the ball while out of bounds is allowed.

  • Joey Clemenza
    Joey Clemenza 21 day ago +1

    5:21 ....i remember watching this game live with my uncle. i think i was like 16 or 17? i remember him screaming LIVE BALL!!!! YOU NEED TO DOWN THE BALL!!!! i had no idea what he was yelling about, as neither did my brother, my dad or everyone else in the room with us. he was a hardcore nola fa, so he's nearly throwing furniture around. lol.

  • Douglas Butcher
    Douglas Butcher 21 day ago +21

    I would love to hear Jim Mora in the locker room after none of his players downed the ball.

    • James Brown
      James Brown 11 days ago

      You guys think you know.
      But you really don't know

    • W O K E A F
      W O K E A F 18 days ago


  • Son Gohan
    Son Gohan 21 day ago


  • Tony Scaccia
    Tony Scaccia 21 day ago

    Wouldn't the Randell Cobb one be illegal touching? Since he was out of bounds and first person to touch it

  • Siedler Joe
    Siedler Joe 21 day ago

    That first rule is so dumb hahahahahahahahaha

  • Hockey king8718
    Hockey king8718 22 days ago

    3:33 what is this

  • Blake The Art Potato
    Blake The Art Potato 22 days ago +1

    I now know more about obscure football rules than actual rules

  • Delvin Walton
    Delvin Walton 22 days ago

    cobb is a idiot should of never step out

  • Black Reaper
    Black Reaper 22 days ago

    NFL 1000 IQ moments

  • Jeremy Morin
    Jeremy Morin 22 days ago

    Don't think that "punt not downed in the endzone" td could happen again. They either changed that rule or got way quicker with whistling it dead.

    • Superfan DK
      Superfan DK 21 day ago +1

      It got changed in 2004 now it's dead as soon as it hits the ground in the end zone, back then it needed to be downed by the kicking team like you see when it's in the normal field of play.

  • T. Burke
    T. Burke 22 days ago +1

    Referring to the first clip, i thought that if you were to move out of bounds that you weren't allowed to be the first person to touch the ball?

    • Ben R
      Ben R 21 day ago

      +T. Burke find where it says its against the rules on the nfl site

    • T. Burke
      T. Burke 21 day ago

      +Ben R then they are contradicting rules...

    • Ben R
      Ben R 21 day ago

      +T. Burke 0:43

    • T. Burke
      T. Burke 21 day ago

      +Ben R that doesnt explain the fact that there is literally a rule where if you are to move out of bounds, you cannot be the first person to touch the ball after coming back in.

    • Ben R
      Ben R 21 day ago


  • Some Blue Dude
    Some Blue Dude 22 days ago

    I know it's part of the rules, but if I were the ref in the first clip (Randall Cobb stepping out of bounds and touching the ball) I would still feel like the world's biggest idiot for still calling that penalty.

  • Jedi Knight Jairin Aiki
    Jedi Knight Jairin Aiki 23 days ago +9

    The last one, with the Rams TD is awesome to see. Love it!

    • Superfan DK
      Superfan DK 21 day ago +1

      Funny thing is, it can never happen again because the rule's been changed to the ball is dead as soon as it hits the ground in the end zone, but it wasn't changed until 2004 (10 years after this play).